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Randomly checked my old Instagram account out last night and wow. At that time, I was the most healthiest and positive and full of energy than I had ever been in my life. I do not eat like this anymore and haven’t for years and if I compare the difference between myself now – in health, in happiness, in looks, in energy – I look and feel like a completely different person and not in a good way.

If people think diets don’t make a difference, they only need to look at me now compared to then by looking at my old Instagram account to see a massive difference. And even if you look at me 1 year before I started eating fresh, you’ll see the same thing.

Even my personality is different and whilst some of that is not diet related, seeing myself back then – I know that diet made a huge difference to every aspect of my life. I actually thought I ate pretty healthy now but my meals look nothing like this. Back then this was my ‘normal. Lots of fresh fruit & vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds, dates, smoothies, juices and stir fries.

I’ve decided to dedicate this page to those posts to re-motivate and re-inspire myself to eat the exact same thing that I know works – the proof is literally staring at me in the mirror, seen in my personality and in my energy levels. I want to be able to open this page often to remind myself that it really truly does make a huge difference… and it might even motivate someone else at the same time.

Nature’s Medicine. Simple. Tasty. Miraculous.

Not a photographer, not a diet expert, not a foodie, not a chef, didn’t even always choose right, but chose to eat fresh as much as possible and my body healed, my energy-levels were up, & was positive & motivated.

So much to be said for good health – it really is and should be our number 1 priority since we live in a country where this is available – that is not true for many of the malnourished in our world. We really have no excuse. (Talking to myself here as much as anyone!) :)

Today, I will just upload the photos – it will take too long to add ingredients/titles and I don’t have time to do it for about 5-6 weeks (but I will – some of them definitely need a description lol). If you are curious about any in the meantime though, you can always find it on my old Instagram account in the meantime. And I have a lot more posts from back in those days but I need to sleep now and will link to them another day.

Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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