Take ownership of your Medication: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. It’s Your body, it’s Your life, it’s IMPORTANT!

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Take Ownership of your Medication

People who favour natural therapies over medical therapies and vice versa can and do kill their patients. When I’m asked whether I believe that someone should choose a natural health remedy over a medical recommendation, I say a resounding “No”.

Medical treatments can keep you alive – those natural health practitioners who brainwash their patients into giving up their medications or treatments to go solely the natural way could be endangering that person’s life.

You are in control of your own life, but you need to be ALIVE to be able to control anything, so ANYTHING that is going to keep you alive long enough to cure the problem, is what you should be looking into.

You are also responsible for any drug that goes into your body, whether it be prescribed from a medical practitioner, alternative practitioner or nutritionist, and so on. You need to be the one that decides ultimately what does or does not go into your body. It’s your life, it’s your health. If an alternative therapist gives you reason to believe that the drugs the medical practitioner is giving you, could in fact be making you sicker, you need to judge what the right thing is to do – only you. It’s your health. Why did they suggest that, does it make sense, what other information do you know about it – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. It’s your body, it’s your life, it’s IMPORTANT.

If a medication can keep you from death or severe illness or risk of death, then my belief is that you should absolutely take the medication and “let the doctors do their part” to help you the best way they know how.

Conversely, I also believe that you don’t go home and damage your cells further by doing the very thing that put you at risk of death in the first place. Don’t “pop a pill” for something if removing ‘refined foods’ from your diet in it’s stead will give you  the same result. Don’t choose medical shortcuts unless it’s going to keep you alive long enough to address the cause.

Do all you can to help cell-level healing from within your own home/environment, and let the health experts do all they can to help cell-level healing. But you need to become knowledgeable about it, it’s so dangerous to trust blindly what anyone is saying, there is a lot of mis-diagnosis and a lot of mis-information and confusion, and although you might get a little bit more confused by doing your own research, you will also have a much broader understanding of the possible underlying ’causes’ to your unique illness, and therefore get knowledge about what “YOU” can do to eradicate it.


Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)
Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)

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