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Melbourne Organic Food
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I currently live in Melbourne, and was looking at where I can purchase Locally-Grown, In-Season, Organic Fruit & Vegetables.

Since I’ve created my own list, I thought I’d post it here to share with anyone else who lives in this area.

Important: Please double-check the dates/times of the markets, as they may have changed/updated their details after the writing of this post (15th, June, 2013) 

Melbourne “Online” Ordering of Organic Food:

  • Organic Empire http://www.organicempire.com.au/
    Purchase “Seasonal Boxes” from $20 (Fruit Bag) – $125 (Family)
    or Purchase items individually
    $8.95 delivery charge ($45 minimum order) or free delivery for orders over $100
    FARM to DOOR service
    Supports “community buying” (i.e. if you want to form a group from a handful of people, clubs, workplaces, etc, then you will get a wholesale price list.
  • CERES Fair Foodhttp://www.ceresfairfood.org.au/
    Doesn’t deliver in all areas, but has lots of places all over Melbourne that are designated “pick-up” areas (‘Food Host’ Volunteers who are willing to get it delivered to them and you to pick it up from them)
    Purchase “Seasonal Boxes” from $25 (juicer’s box) – $75 (Suitable for 2-3 people)
    or Purchase items separately (by the kilogram)
    Delivery is $6.75 for most Melbourne suburbs. Zone 2 costs $12.95.
    Deliveries are made between 1pm-7pm, Wednesdays, else on various days for Local Pickup (each ‘Food Host’ has set their own preferred days/times)

Queen Victoria Market Stalls that are Certified Organic:

Melbourne Farmer’s Markets with Certified Organic Produce:

  • Altona Farmer’s Market
    9am – 1pm, 3rd Saturday of the month
    109 Bylth St, Altona.
    0415 754 666
  • CERES Organic Food & Craft Market
    9am-1pm (craft market 2pm), Saturdays & Wednesdays
    CERES Community Environment Park, 8 Lee St, East Brunswick
    (03) 9389 0100

Melbourne Farmer’s Markets – local grower’s, Organic ‘unconfirmed’ as of writing

  • Coburg Farmer’s Market
    8am-1pm, 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month
    Coburg Nth Primary School, 180 O’Hea St, Coburg
    (03) 9419 0826
  • Collingwood Farmer’s Market
    8am-1pm, 2nd Saturday of the month
    Collingwood Children’s Farm, St Heliers Rd, Abbotsford
  • Croydon Farmer’s Market – http://www.rfm.net.au/
    8am-1pm, 2nd Saturday of the month
    Croydon Park, Hewish Rd, Croydon
    (03) 5664 0096
  • Fairfield Farmer’s Market
    9am-1pm, 3rd Saturday of the month
    Fairfield Primary School, Langridge St, Fairfield
    (03) 9553 0601
  • Fitzroy Street Farmer’s Market St Kilda – http://www.rfm.net.au/
    9am-2pm, 4th Saturday of the month
    Cnr Fitzroy Street & Lakeside Drive, St Kilda
    (03) 5664 0096
  • Flemington Farmer’s Market
    9am-1pm, Sundays (except September)
    Debney Park Secondary College, 169-175 Mt Alexander Rd, Flemington
    0407 411 198
  • Gasworks Farmer’s Market
    8.30am – 1pm, 3rd Saturday of the month
    Gasworks Arts Park, Port Melbourne
    (03) 5657 2337
  • Monash Farmer’s Market
    8am-1pm, 4th Saturday of the month
    Monash University, Main Entrance, Wellington Rd, Clayton
    (03_ 5664 0096
  • North Essendon Farmer’s Market – http://www.rfm.net.au/
    8am-1pm, 2nd Saturday of the month
    Thompson Reserve, Keilor Rd, between Collins & McCracken Sts, Essendon
    (03) 5664 0096
  • Williamstown Farmer’s Market – http://www.rfm.net.au/
    9am – 2pm, 2nd Sunday of the month
    Robertson Reserve, Cnr Cole & Hamner Sts, Williamstown

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