First try of Chaga Mushroom Tea (Yum + Health Benefits)

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Some of my ebay items arrived today. Last week I ordered more natural supplements to add to my collection of “things I should do…” :) instead of the things I actually do :( .

One that just arrived and that I just tried for the first time is Chaga Mushroom. I made 1tsp of Chaga extract with hot water and it actually tastes good… what the? (I thought if it was this good for me, that it would probably taste terrible and stay in the bottom of the cupboard but I might even be able to recommend this to my “anti-anything-that-is-good-for-you friends and relatives”.. *happy dance*

This is the low-down (basic notes) on the benefits, but there’s much more if you do your own research:

  • age reversal through organ and gland regrowth
  • deep immune restoration
  • ulcers
  • fights helicobacter pylori bacteria
  • normalizes blood pressure & cholesterol levels
  • antioxidant
  • antimicrobial
  • antiviral
  • skin blemishes
  • mood improver
  • energy
  • intestinal & liver health
  • halts oxidation
  • cancer fighter
  • immune system modulator
  • anti-tumor agent
  • gastrointestinal tonifier
  • longevity tonic and genoprotective agent (DNA-shielding)
  • increases longevity and boosts ‘chi’ (life energy)
  • rid kidney stones
  • highly alkaline and detoxing
  • blood cleansing
  • nutrient dense & especially rich in B-vitamins (energy/stamina)
  • great for pineal gland / dreams, etc.
  • and … did I mention that it actually tastes good? Maybe a great alternative to coffee first thing in the morning – I’m really looking for a tasty coffee-alternative.

Unfortunately the PDF option doesn't print citations or any text that needs expanding. Will find another PDF solution another day - I've already lost half the day trying to get it to work. ~ May 9th, 2023

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Penny... on Health
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