A Unique Look at Personal and Cellular Nutrition ~ Dr. Jack Kruse [Notes]

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Dr. Jack Kruse

My notes from A Unique Look at Personal and Cellular Nutrition ~ Dr. Jack Kruse

Dr. Jack Kruse
Dr. Jack Kruse


// Talks about Quantum physics & epigenetics for first 20 mins (I didn’t take notes on this as it’s something I’m already familiar with and it would be a lot of typing lol)

Your heart generates a huge electric field.
We can also generate magnetic fields in our heart, just like the sun does… about 22 feet out from the human chest.
Foods are all broken down into electrons and on the backs of every electron is a photon.
For example, things that are made in long-light cycles (in the summertime) are carbohydrates, which have the electron but the amount of photonic power on that is much higher than something that grows in the wintertime.
Your microbiome pays attention to that. The amount of light that’s emitted during the seasonal change varies.

The gut is loaded with DHA, it takes that light and turns it into an electric current. Some seasons it’s strong, some seasons it’s not.
What sits right behind your gut is the GALT which is the gut lymphatic tissue – that’s where most auto-immunity starts because those electrons are designed to activate t-regulator cells to tell it what to do properly.
(when it can’t be told what to do properly because signalling is broken-down, you have a mis-match)

We are fundamentally unaware of how important circadian biology is.

Most important food for everybody to eat is seafood. Bad-seafood is better than the best grass-fed meat you can get. And the reason why is for one reason: DHA

DHA is something that everyone needs to know about. DHA in a pill never equals DHA from an oyster.

How does DHA get into our brain, get into our nerves, get into our gut? It has to be in a position on a carbon-backbone (all fats in the animal kingdom are based on a glycerole backbone). There’s 3 carbons. For DHA to get into the brain & nervous systems & tissues, it has to be in the SN2 position – that makes it paramagnetic (drawn to magnetic fields).

If you have high levels of DHA in tissues, they function better. DHA turns light into an electric current.

The #1 main problem is modern life (blue light is the single #1 thing that destroys DHA – iphones, ipods, ipads, computers, etc – we are demolishing the DHA in our body). If we do not replace it, then we have a fundamental problem.

We’re swimming in a microwave-world now. Everything that we do, believe, everything we think is a luxury are the things that are creating the circadian mis-matches within us.

1.) You have to have great water-chemistry
2.) You have to pay proper attention to the appropriate light-signals
3.) You have to improve magnetism

Most people know that inflammation is a major source of problems. We make these free-radicals.

People think they need a balanced diet of food, when what they really need is a balanced diet of ‘light’. “Eat sunlight” Food is really just a proxy for light. Life was built from light.

Foods are ultimately devised – all their energy – from the power of the sun.

UV light has to be looked at like the caffeine or nicotine, it can help or hurt you depending on how the proteins are folded in our cells, to determine the frequency of light that is used.

Certain frequencies like Gamma-rays and X-rays are always poisons.
Radio-waves and microwaves when present in excess begin to affect our cellular signalling & causes a light-indigestion. Leaky-gut is a light-indigestion problem.

Manage the frequency of light-intake in your balanced diet.

Mark tries to re-word what he has learnt: So whether you eat plants/animals, etc. they are essentially “light-capturing vehicles” from the sun. The animal ate the plants at some phase…

Jack: Correct.




Source: http://futureofhealingconference.com/

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