Breville Juice Fountain

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Breville Juice Fountain

I suggest getting a Breville Juice Fountain Professional for all your juicing, it’s quick, you can put whole apples in, put up to 5 carrots at once in, and it can come out clean or frothy depending on your needs. 

The healthiest juicers are the hydraulic press & grinder juices but if you are just starting out juicing, they are also the most expensive and the hardest to cleanup. I suggest starting with a Breville.

You can get it from your local electrical goods store, or from loads of places on the internet (I have listed some at the end of this page).


  • unique extra wide feed chute
  • large capacity pulp container and efficient stainless steel micro mesh filter
  • is designed to make preparing fresh vegetable and fruit juices easier and more efficient. 
  • heavy duty juice extractor with easy clean design
  • patented extra wide feed tube, fits whole carrots, tomatoes, and apples.
  • 600 watt motor base (note, it’s really loud!)
  • includes one litre juice catch jug, and attachment to remove froth! 
  • easy clean design for hassle free cleaning. 
  • large capacity slide-out pulp container. 
  • food pusher for pushing whole fruit and vegetables down the wide feed tube. 
  • stainless steel micro mesh filter basket. 
  • 1 year limited warranty. 

Easy clean design for hassle free cleaning.brecarrot.jpg (8267 bytes)

The juice fountain professional is not only designed to make juicing faster and easier but its new easy clean design makes it one of the easiest to clean. Designed with less parts and smooth round surfaces, it can be quickly and easily rinsed after use. Making it a breeze to clean. 

Juice whole fruit and vegetables in seconds. 
The Juice Fountain patented extra large feed chute combined with it’s highly efficient stainless steel micro mesh filter design means you can now juice whole fruit and vegetables. No messy preparation, cutting and slicing.

Large capacity slide out pulp container.
brebin.jpg (8368 bytes)Removable for easy cleaning and non-stop operation. No need to disassemble the Juice Fountain to empty the pulp container. Simply slide out for non-stop operation. You can also put a medium freezer-bag in the large pulp container and it will catch all of the pulp (one less thing to clean!)

Stainless Steel micro mesh filter.
brecutter.jpg (17879 bytes)High efficient stainless steel filter, plus powerful 600 watt motor, separates juice from seeds and fiber to maximize the juice content. The special micro mesh filter does not allow build up, or requires continual cleaning. 

Professional 600 watt motor.

Featuring a powerful 600 watt motor the Juice Fountain Professional Delivers superior performance to make juicing quicker and more efficient. Ideal for people who enjoy the taste and benefits of fresh juice every day.

Includes one litre juice jug and brush

brepulpbin.jpg (10588 bytes)
With the purchase of the Juice Fountain Professional, you also receive a one litre juice jug that is dishwasher safe.

The juice jug also includes an attachment to remove the froth from your juice. The juicer also includes a nylon bristle brush to assist in cleaning the micro mesh screen.

Juice Fountain Speeds Prep Time
Juice a whole apple, tomato or 5 carrots at once, so you can cut your prep time.
brefeedchute.jpg (12974 bytes)

Juice Fountain Speeds Juice Time
Juice 5 carrots in seconds, so you can spend your time drinking juice, not making it. 

Juice Fountain Speeds Cleanup Time
Pulp bin, pusher, and lid are easy to clean with no food traps. Juice jug is dishwasher safe. 

Healthy Drink Ideas Included
40 drink and food recipes 

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