If it were bad for us, they would tell us [RANT] Medical Industry, Natural Healing & Ignorance!

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If it were bad for us, they would tell us [RANT] Medical Industry, Natural Healing & Ignorance!

After I posted some of the notes from the “Truth About Cancer” episodes to my Facebook last year.. one of my “friends” commented 2 things that really pissed me off :)  I can’t find it now because it’s been so long – but I found my response to it tonight on my computer and I’m going to post it here to let you all know what I think about people who ‘attack’ me for my natural healing beliefs and who think: “if it was bad for us, they would make it illegal”, and “get out the tin foil hat” comments… and other similar ignorant b.s.

Nutshell version: This research that I do is the only reason I’m alive today. I have a great passion for sharing how I healed myself with others who are interested – I have no interest in sharing with people who are closed-minded… be part of the solution – share your knowledge, research, genuine questions, and ideas… or rack off!

I have no problem having a discussion about health especially as I learn more about cancer, so would happily share anything I learn as I go (as per my websites) and be eager to learn from others who have knowledge/interest in this area.

My problem is your tone – your “tin foil hat” comment. Unkind, insulting, insinuating, and unnecessary. Is that anyway to talk to a friend? I don’t want to be rude with my friends who are not researching this stuff or not interested in this stuff. I’m happy to talk to anyone that has a genuine interest in natural healing – that is my interest.

I disagree with off the cuff comments of “if it was bad for us, they would make it illegal”, but I didn’t choose to engage in that particular dialogue as I didn’t see the point, I believe that some things are not right or wrong – black or white… some knowledge is in the grey area, where you don’t have to “pick a side” – where both have merit worth thinking about – worth considering – worth asking the question and worth making people aware of. I don’t believe everything that is bad for you automatically becomes illegal – and I also thought you might be joking a bit with that comment.. sarcasm maybe, but apparently not if you thought it was a crazy discussion to be having in the first place.

Personally, I just look at what could possibly help people, myself included, what could help make us more conscious about what we are doing to their bodies that could be causing harm, and what solutions are out there that are working. I have an interest in anything that I might not yet know about optimal living; about optimal health.

My interest in natural therapies stem from what you already know about me when you first met me – I have been sick my entire life and I’m not a huge fan of “doctors” because I have only been able to heal all my ailments and get off my medication from doing my own research. 10 years carrying around an oxygen tank, in and out of hospitals from 8yo to 30yo, and the rest of my life chronically sick – so much ‘true living’ was lost because I didn’t have a clue about natural healing – because I didn’t know that I was poisoning my body, because I was clueless about nutrition, and all the other aspects. And unfortunately so were my doctors – or at least, it was never part of the protocol to share such gems with the patient, just keep writing prescriptions.

I’m ONLY free of my ailments now just in the past year. 37 years to finally get a clue. But not from any doctor – the medications kept me “stable” – “alive” and the antibiotics and steroids they prescribed destroyed my immune system and will take years to fully repair.

But this journey towards optimal living – this is the legacy that I will leave when I die, this is like – you have no idea how passionate I am about this type of healing – I have somewhat of a LIFE back. And when a miracle happens that turns out not to be a miracle at all – but just education about what the doctors don’t tell you (they never told me ANY of the stuff that healed me). If I were still listening to my doctors – I would most likely be dead now or close to it. That’s the unfortunate truth. I don’t want to be anti-doctors, I just am when it comes to everything they couldn’t heal in me that I was able to heal within a few months of research.

When you attack with a “tin foil hat” comment on my page… when I know what I have personally experienced, where ideas like those that were shared here is the same type of methods that helped heal me and has actually “given” me a life (a lifetime of being sick and depressed is not much of a life). This research that I do – they are the only reason I’m alive today. I have a great passion for sharing how I healed myself with others who are interested – I have no interest in sharing with people who are closed-minded, it’s just too frustrating, they at least need to be in an open-minded place to have a dialogue.

You are mocking me by asking in your derogative tone sounding similar to a “ok, smarty pants.. ” type of sarcasm – and I do not want to engage with you on that level. We are friends, not enemies. If you have no interest in this subject as I do, it’s not ‘adding’ to the conversation or knowledge-banks – it’s not helping me grow – it’s not helping you grow – it’s just an attack. Bring in your solutions, knowledge, research, genuine questions, and ideas, but you know – in a friendly way – leave the ‘tude :P for your enemies, not your friends.

We are all humans, we’re (hopefully) trying to help each other here, and not attack our friends when we just have a difference of opinion – which we “all” do, as no-one has the same thinking because we have all researched different things, and we have all individually experienced everything in our lives to get to the point of where we are at now. To get to the beliefs that we have now. There is just where we are at in this moment.

Some of my own research conflicts with some of the research in these episodes (as I’ve mentioned earlier) but the reason I am giving these episodes any time of day at all and taking notes, is because it includes cancer doctors & scientists and is (mostly) in alignment to what I have already figured out – hoping that maybe there is information that I don’t know – maybe something useful that I can share. We all know people with cancer or most definitely will in our lifetime, so maybe there will be some little nugget in there that might help save a life of someone I care about someday. It’s worth it to me to listen to, to take notes, to investigate, to upturn any knowledge that might be useful.

So in answer to your question, what I would personally do if “I” was diagnosed is research that particular disease and then make rational decisions based on which way I believed would give me the best chance of survival. Specialized doctors would be a part of that decision making process most likely, and alternative treatments would absolutely be my first choice, but most likely it wouldn’t be an “either/or” type of answer – BOTH might need to be utilized for some diseases, who knows – you need to look at an individual situation and decide. Many alternative treatments do no harm and aid to support the immune system, so they can be be done safely whilst also getting treated by standard medical practices. It’s not black or white, it’s grey. Any decision would depend on what research about that particular diagnosis came up, on what I knew at that moment in time. (I basically cannot answer that particular question as a “this or that” way that you want me to, because I have no knowledge yet on that particular diagnosis.) But ultimately doctors do not heal you – your body heals you – so no matter what, I would be doing natural therapies and I ‘might’ use conventional medicine to buy my body some more time should that be a logical option to me after getting all the information.

Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)
Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)

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