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Immune system = if functioning well, promotes detox, enhances health

in cancer = typically.. if I hear:

“I haven’t been sick a day in my life”  = “we have to work on cancer here”

  • Supplying your body with the right Nutrients
  • keeping & maintaining hydration
  • keeping iodine levels up
  • maintaining right amounts of salt intake


Cancer = compromised immune system

Cancer = disease of the immune system


Help the immune system

    • Remove stresses
    • All inflammatory in nature


  • Chemicals, pesticides, pollutants


    • Heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead) highly inflammatory
    • Unburden the immune system
    • Emotions can be inflammatory too (sad/depressed, etc) = Very crucial element in cancer


  • Anything inflammatory = bad for cancer



Antioxidants, Phytonutrients = anti-inflammatory

Remove triggers

Any good health measure is an anti-cancer measure – Dr Keith Scott Manby

Chemoradiation = devastate the immune system



= Big problem.

Within 15 mins of eating sugar, immune system down to just 10% capacity (immune compromised for hours)

Sugar used to be a delicacy.. “Every now and then”

Today … people are eating their weight in sugar per year


Sugar = fuels cancer cells


Cancer survives on sugar

Cancer does not like oxygen

Cancer is an acidic process, so an alkaline process, cancer doesn’t do well


Reduce amount of simple sugars = reducing food supply to cancer




Dramatic uptake of glucose in tumour cells


Cancer patients die of starvation / malnutrition


Altered physiology


When we take the sugar out, we are taking out the preferred food source for those cancer cells


Sugar weakens immune system

Strengthens cancer cells


Feed immune system or feed your cancer cells?


Average amount of sugar in 1 can (12oz) of coke.. 9-10 tsps of sugar

Shut downs immune system for 4 hours

Can a cancer patient afford that?


Acid & inflammation is main problem


Oncologists use sugar to show up in radiology scan.. thats why he uses it.. as a trojan horse.. he knows it feeds cancer.

these oncologists are guilty of crimes against humanity, they are KILLING their patients.


To overcome cancer, to prevent it or reverse it

immune system is the only thing that stands between you and all those things around you trying to get you all the time


When you go get your blood work, the majority of your immune system cannot see cancer..


Your immune army = your white blood cells


Think of the immune system as having 2 arms..


1 arm = non-specific, these cells are basically front-line and they deal with simply one question, are you self? if answer is not yes, their job is to get rid of it

1 arm = specific, things like b-cells


1 cubic centre of a tumor = 1 billion approx cancer cells

65% dormant / 35% active


99% is non-cancerous stem cells

1% is cancerous stem cells


When someone has chemoradiation, they are making cancer cells more active, more aggressive..

Cancerous stem cells survive in the bloodstream, they are immortal

Chemo/radiation, reduces the “non-cancerous” stem cells, but leaves the cancerous stem cells

Cancer stem cells, they are going to metastasize

Non-cancer stem cells cannot metastasize

The immune system cannot recognize cancer stem cells

(They have a protein that shields/cloaks them from the immune system)


This is not an alternative thought, this is well-recognized & well described in conventional medical scientific research / literature.



Immune system = cannot see cancer stem cells
(otherwise known as: the 5-star Generals which are “directing the invasion”)


So what can we do to make those cells “visible” to our immune system?

There are substances that have been shown to attack cancerous stem cells, scientifically.


Like Metformin, Ellagic acid, green tea extract


The list is very small, because first of all it’s very difficult to extract cancer stem cells from a human and keep them alive in the lab for them to be studied. There’s only a few labs that do that. And this is a very expensive process, millions of dollars to study cancerous stem cells.



= oral antidiabetic drug


Ellagic Acid

= fresh berries like raspberries, blackberries and strawberries


Green Tea

= Contains high amounts of Ellagic Acid


Cellular communication // Chemical Messages   (like emails/faxes)

There is more wisdom in one of these cells, than there has been in all the libraries that have ever been or ever will be.



Immune cell = as a general in the army

Soldiers… dropped out there in Timbuktu

And the enemy is firing.. and advancing….

And all of a sudden.. here comes the garbage truck..

And dumps all of this garbage in the foxhole with you..


Are you gonna fight and shoot? .. or are you gonna tote garbage?


(If you can get your head around that.)


  • This is why you need to learn not to consume sugar.
  • This is why you need to not be around all the things we’ve come to learn are not good for you.


Because the burdens we are putting on the immune system, prevent it from digging in and fighting against the enemy and protecting you.


If your immune system has got to make its living toting garbage, you’re not gonna live very long.  You’re gonna be constantly beceived with disease and pestilence. And if that’s how you wanna live? keep doing what you’ve been doing.


Are you sick? Change some habits.


Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Einstein


The immune system is powerful. First line of defence against bacteria, viruses, pathogens, cancer cells, etc. Hundreds of functions in the body. Billions of immune cells at your bodies disposal.


Think of a star wars galactic battle going on.

Immune cells will shoot out specific particles that will blast open a virus and a cancer cell.

Other immune cells will secrete specific chemicals poisons to cause pathogens to die.

Other immune cells will send out long, sticky, gooey pods and engulf the pathogen and the cancer cell and recycle it and use it’s body parts.

80% of your immune system is in the lining of your intestinal tract.


So, if you don’t have a healthy intestinal tract, if you’re feeding your body a lot of junk, the typical diet, etc… your immune system is going to be compromised.


No doctor has ever healed anybody of anything, in the history of the world. The human immune system heals. And that’s the only thing that heals. Doctors sometimes can alleviate symptoms enough so the body can go back and heal itself, thus the doctor gets the credit for the healing,  but we need to stop dealing with symptoms, and start dealing with causation. – Bob Wright


With a weakened immune system, allows cancer cells to grow better.

One of the protocols for many physicians that treat cancer is to.. bring down fungal load.. if you bring down fungal load, immune system gets stronger.

One thing that does cure cancer = immune system



Chemotherapy, radiation, these things right, if you go to Cancer 101 it will tell you that they can’t cure cancer; the cell kinetics are just against it. That will never happen….


…it’s basically the same effect as when we give antibiotics…


Antibiotics can’t cure anything.

They can bring down the number, the cell count..

such as then the immune system can take over.

but it’s your immune system that does the curing.


We have to understand that THE thing that cures cancer is your immune system.


If we stay with the bacterial overgrowth analogy..


I might need to give a bit of an antibiotic to get the number down… so that your immune system is not overwhelmed..


and then your immune system can takeover


There may be a role for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, in THAT sense.


The overwhelming majority of physicians that treat cancer though with those therapies, depend solely on the radiation or chemo. And the consequence of that, is a weakened immune system.

So the very system that you are depending on to cure cancer, we kill that off, and that’s why so many people with cancer die of the treatment (rather than the cancer)


Everyone has cancer cells in their body.

The only permanent cure to cancer is your immune system.

And nutrition gives your immune system the fire power it needs to keep you well…. so… without nutrition, you are fighting with no weapons…. without your immune system, you are fighting with no army.


Chemotherapy destroys your army / destroys your immune system.

Not only that, it causes secondary cancers in the body, it makes existing cancer stem cells more aggressive, and it causes a host of potentially life long damages to the body (from brain damage to hearing loss, to loss of the use of your hands & feet, to kidney and bladder damage, bone damage, heart damage, lung damage.. its just total collateral damage)


So a lot of times you give a patient chemotherapy and the tumor goes away but you also destroy the immune system, then the cancer comes back with avengence. You get rid of cancer through your immune system.


You get cancer because your immune system has failed, so what we have to do is get them to work again and that difference has made a tremendous difference in the results.


Radiation is bad for any healthy person. Why, because it suppresses the immune system and causes DNA (??? adap puncture??) so that cells mutate and you end up getting cancer.


So now that somebody has cancer, what do you do? You put them into that very same thing that you know is going to cause cancer. Now radiation is supposed to kill the cancer – that’s the philosophy – but you’re also gonna cause more mutations to the healthy cells and cause a worsening of the effects. Like pouring gasoline onto a fire.


People are curing cancer everyday without the use of toxic drugs. There are literally thousands and thousands of published studies that prove the effectiveness of natural medicine….

….but, you can’t “patent” a plant, and you can’t patent an earth, therefore there is no money, no financial gain in teaching people about these things, and the sad thing is that millions of people are being sacrificed & they are dying horrific deaths & having horrific symptoms as a result of these treatments. And often times, they die as a result of the cancer treatment & not so much the cancer.


Cancer Industry system:

  1. there’s a young woman who feels a breast lump..

she goes to a dr…

gets sent for a mammogram…they pick up something..

she goes for a biopsy… they pick up something..

now she’s gotta go for an incision..

tell her she’s got cancer..

next she’s gonna get chemo and radiation..


there’s this whole system setup to treat cancer, and it’s a multi-trillion dollar industry right now.


And the problem is.. people aren’t living longer from these therapies.


There’s very few cancers that we’ve done well with. We’ve done well with some of the blood cancers, some of the leukemia’s and lymphomas and testicular cancer.


The rest of them? The mortality rate has not changed much over the last 70-80 years.


We have 1 in 7 women with breast cancer in the United States.

1 in 3 men with prostate cancer.

We’ve got lung cancer and colon cancer – more than we know what to do with.

And really, the conventional therapies for ‘most’ types of cancer, are pretty bad. If you look at the cancer statistics from 1930, the mortality rate is really unchanged for most of the hard tumors, which is breast, lung, prostate, colon.


And it’s really sad, because we’re spending billions and trillions of dollars – on therapies that aren’t working.


We really need to go back to work to figure out what’s the underlying cause of these illnesses… and I can tell you the underlying cause of cancer is multifactorial, there’s not one single cause for everybody but I think that..


  • Toxicity is part of the problem with it..
  • Poor nutrition is part of it..
  • Poor diet is part of it..
  • Dehydration is part of it..
  • Lack of Iodine is a ‘big’ part of it..


And, there’s a whole bunch of things going on and we need to start to treat these underlying causes, that I think are part of the underlying causes of cancer, or we’re going to keep continuing going on with so many people suffering from it.


Get to the root cause of it instead of treating the symptoms.


Thyroid / Hormones

The thyroid is the battery to the body.

A lot more people are low-thyroid today because of wheat and radiation (i.e. Fukushima).

And if you’ve got any other kind of hormonal imbalances, for example.. when do guys get prostate cancer? They don’t get it when they’re 25 when they’re in great shape – they get it after 50 because that’s when the ‘hormones’ start changing.


Both women & men have estrogen / testosterone.

Women have a higher amount of estrogen and estrogen receptors

Men have a higher amount of testosterone and testosterone receptors


It’s important that we understand that these estrogens, they make cells multiply.. this is important in pregnancy, because that fetus has to grow so much. So during pregnancy, estrogen levels go way up.. and we get exponential growth of a fetus

Other cells, if they get exposed to higher levels of estrogen, then they can grow faster also.. so in breast cancer, in prostate cancer, other cancers.. if estrogen levels are elevated or if we’re exposed to a more potent estrogen, (environmental estrogens), then that cancer can grow faster.

It’s not that estrogens ’cause’ cancer, like insulin right, (thats the other cancer-promoting hormone), they can make the fire burn hotter.


That’s one of the reasons we’re seeing cancer more in the West, because we are exposed to environmental and pharmaceutical estrogens.. some of the insecticides, pesticides, fungicides that we use, have an estrogen effect.


Long term exposure, so we have to think about estrogen-exposure in ‘lifetime’ exposure as we do like in radiation exposure..


.. so if you’re like a radiation technologist, you wear like a little badge, on you, that gives you a guide or counter amount of radiation that you are being exposed to in your lifetime, and you get to “here” and you can’t be exposed to anymore radiation..  

same thing with these estrogens right..

…there is a lifetime-exposure of estrogen that dictates your risk for different cancers.


So, you are producing estrogen as a human, as a man you are producing estrogen, as a woman you are producing estrogen (more than a man), so if we go “adding” on TOP of that – environmental estrogens – then that increases your lifetime exposure of estrogen.

If you take birth-control pills, that increases your lifetime exposure of estrogen. If you take synthetic hormone replacement after menopause, if you stay overweight with these fat cells that are born of inflammation, these ‘growth factors’ are all increasing your lifetime exposure of estrogen.


So it’s really an accumulative effect.


Obesity & Cancer


Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension, colon and breast cancer, gallstones, alzheimers, the list goes on..

…and yet, the more we focus on obesity, the more nutritional supplements that become available for it, and a big part of that was also a lot of the misinformation that came out… in the 70’s, it was “don’t eat fat – if you don’t eat fat, you won’t get fat”.. so we loaded the food with sugar, and now we’ve got more obesity than ever..


Every cancer diet is a weight-loss diet.

Because every cancer diet is low in sugar because we don’t want to fuel the cancer cell.

Cancer cells only thrive on simple sugars, not complex carbs, not fats or proteins.


Conventional oncologists completely ignore that.. you’ll see a big bowl of candy and soft drinks. They totally ignore the properties of a cancer cell.


Fat cells and cancers.


We have to delineate fat cells to fat cells that are caused by inflammation.

Normal fat cells are not carcinogenic.

Fat cells that are born from inflammation is carcinogenic.


The immune system has some really powerful weapons.

In a condition less benign than anaphylactic shock.. where you’ve got fever and that type of thing, then it’s just, you know.. spitting out some chemicals that make the environment not so hospitable (not so hospitable for the bacteria.. but ALSO.. not so hospitable for human cells either!) .. and so this is what creates that toxic situation .. that over a long period of time.. the human cell will try and protect itself from.


One of the things.. the chemicals that’s produced.. during this inflammatory process… are called growth factors.. so growth factors have an estrogenic effect, (and estrogens in general makes cells go into what.. (hyperplasia?) we talked about before.. so making one cell faster than normal to change to 2, change to 4, change to 8.. exponential growth).. so those fat cells that are born from an inflammatory situation, those then are linked to the formation of cancer.


A recurring theme that we are hearing from the doctors so far interviewed is:

“Cancer can’t exist if the immune system is functioning properly.” so talk about that..


Well the toxins impact the liver..

The liver is your main organ for detoxification… bind, eliminate, excrete through the colon the solid waste or sending to the kidneys as a liquid waste.

If the liver’s not doing it’s job.. what gets to the kidneys is often a form that the kidneys can’t handle very well and then the toxins then circulate through the system, & the body tries to find a way to tuck it away somewhere else.


Now, a big way that we interact with these toxins is through the gastrointestinal tract at the elementary canal, and these toxins are going to impact on the microflora.


Microflora is the seed of the immune system. (Along with the liver but in the intestines are 70% or so of the immune system is there) and we impact our healthy flora, we impact negatively the ability to interact normally with the outside world because technically that gastrointestinal tract, that elementary canal, is from your mouth out through your anus – you have these tube that is technically ‘outside’ of your body, even though its “in”, its the outside environment carried through, and there’s that barrier, that protects things that shouldn’t get in, including these toxic poisons or even metabolic waste.. and when that barrier is corrupted by toxins, additives, preservatives, colourings, flavourings, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMO’s, heavy metals especially like mercury, you PIERCE that barrier – you IMPACT – you CREATE INFLAMMATION – and now you have leaky gut.

And the bacteria themselves are no longer in a hospitable environment, so you have dysbiotic organisms growing, candida yeast, and there’s so many things that go wrong, that it’s amazing that we survive it all.. but that’s a testament to the creator, that we’ve been created to withstand so much assault.. but we have a limit, and that limit of course is when the toxins overwhelm our ability to heal, the accumulation can no longer be withheld in check, then we have this .. our cells proliferate and our immune system no longer  has the strength or integrity to be that barrier, to fight it off, to keep it in check.


SO this is where our immune system is primarily corrupted – the gut primarily along with the liver. I always start my focal point of healing for any body.. by working with the liver and the gut. And then, we are not even necessarily chasing a symptom, we are correcting the terrain: you or the environment at it’s source.


Health does not come from within a needle. Health is an inside out phenomena. You have an intact immune system, good nutrition, adequate detoxification (liver / kidney / colon / skin), you’ve got all of the appropriate nutrients (B vitamins / Vitamin D / Vitamin C, etc.) … that you could be swimming in bugs.. and will not be succumbing to all these viruses & bacteria that are all around you.. (i.e. if you are healthy from the inside out).


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