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Reiner Fuellmich from ICIC discusses the fake pandemic with Dr. Mike Yeadon, Meredith Miller, and Professor Joseph Molitorisz.

The only thing we need to fear – is fear itself

April 10, 2023 ICIC | Rumble

  1. The interview centres around the idea that there has never been a pandemic and that the current situation is a grand illusion created through psychological terrorism.
  2. The PCR test has been misused to create fake cases, and untested drugs are being used on people.
  3. The talk about gain of function experiments is also dismissed as a way to create the perception of a dangerous and novel coronavirus.
  4. Guests are Meredith Miller, Professor Joseph Molitorisz, and Dr. Mike Yeadon.

Mike Yeadon

I have a degree in biochemistry and toxicology, research-based PhD in respiratory pharmacology, with a focus on opiates and respiration. 32 years experience in biopharmaceutical research and I was a senior Vice President at Pfizer, worldwide research head for Respiratory, 10 years in the independent sector consulting to 30 biotechs. I also founded and led and was CEO of my own biotech, which was acquired by Novartis in 2017. So, I think I’m a credible person, and for the record, I’ve received no payments nor received any donations during the last three years and four months, and have gained nothing other than trying to tell the truth from speaking out.

“They exaggerated the extent of the health threats.”

I would just ask this rhetorical question, “How many is the right number of times for senior health advisors and government officials to lie to you about something that could affect your family’s life or even your family’s health or your life?” Now, that’s a rhetorical question. Surely the answer is zero.

“They lied about the necessity for lockdowns, the effectiveness of lockdowns, of masking, of social distancing, border closures, business closures, mass testing as a necessity, and the methods used for it – the PCR.”

Every single one of those things is a lie. Even if it was genuinely an ongoing infectious disease pandemic, not one of those things, is appropriate. It references to a very large document from WHO scientists written in 2019, sent to all member states. A few months after that, all public health officials in every country I’ve looked at, simultaneously began to do unprecedented bizarre and frightening things, like telling you, “you have to stay at home unless you have a reserved occupation”.

Governments ignored their own pandemic preparedness plans and went into bizarre lockstep:

So again, the next rhetorical question, “How is it that scores of countries all at the same time, decided to do things that were not in their own pandemic preparedness plans?” Why would they do bizarre things, all at the same time? That’s an impossible mechanism – other than super national agreements. That’s exactly what has happened.

Straight away, I would say, once you realize that people whose job it is to try and help you stay fit and well, whilst balancing the needs of industry to continue, have lied and lied and lied again, why would you believe a single thing they tell you?

“I became infamous first by attacking the PCR test. I knew it was unsuitable.”

I became infamous first by attacking the PCR test, and I did so sincerely, on the grounds that it looked like people were trying to use a forensic science method, to do a clinical diagnosis, and I knew it was unsuitable.

I was a minor co-author on a very important document for the Corman-Drosten Review, where the basic methods put together by Professor Christian Drosten in Berlin, actually fired the starting gun for the pandemic. It is the basic method that underscored all these so-called COVID-19 PCR tests.

So that review is available online, and we pulled its arms and legs off. It’s a ridiculous approach to clinical diagnosis.

But as time went on, one by one, it’s funny, they say if they’re going to tell a lie, you have to tell a big one. So I could tell that they were lying about PCR, exaggerating about the extent of the healthcare, and the threats to people’s health, but it never occurred to me that EVERYTHING they said was a lie.

Literally, every major narrative point that’s come through your TV or newspapers for the last three years and four months pertaining to the viral pandemic, the necessary countermeasures, and even the so-called vaccines, every single one of those points is a flat-out lie. So it took me a while to get there.

“I hadn’t said anything about the virus itself.”

Partly because I was quite quickly contacted by people who don’t believe viruses exist at all, and as far as I can tell, I’m one of the very few senior scientists that gave them some house-room, I said, ‘Well, persuade me,’ and after about an hour and a half, I said, ‘You’ve so badly rattled my culture that’s in virology, that I really, I, one thing I can tell you is I no longer believe the things I used to believe, but I’m an empirical scientist, and so I said, “…but you’ve not provided me with sufficient information that I can confidently say that no virus exists and explain it to other people.” So I do not adopt that position.

I’m not saying I agree with what we’re told, I’m saying the opposite, that I don’t know enough to adopt the position of those who spent 10, 15, 20 years in the field. But it made me think all the time now, I’ve got to have very high standard, before I just accept there is a virus, you need to look very closely at the science. By the way, I have very sincere doubts about them. I’m just not prepared to go as far as to say they don’t exist at all.

So I’ve left untouched the issue of the virus because it seemed to me a lightning rod. Every time you get anywhere near that, people would shout at you, even people on my own side, and I thought after a while, this is so important, I’m going to have to dig in.

There never was a new Covid virus:

And I will credit Denis Rancourt, a Canadian scientist. (01) (02) He’s an iconoclast, really. He’s originally a physicist, I think. So he’s skillful with numbers and statistics, but in particular, he’s good at the sort of foundational beliefs in numerous scientific areas.

He said, ‘Without exception, when I’ve been required to look into a new area, I go and find the best people in the field, and I ask them to tell me what are the foundational things that you kind of have to believe in order to operate in this area,‘ and he said that always one or more of those is wrong, and science doesn’t proceed by experiments and disputes, as a physicist famously said, “it proceeds one funeral at a time“.

So when a person champions a particular way of looking at a scientific discipline and eventually passes on, that’s the moment where people think, ‘Well, you know, say Professor Sally or Professor David was wonderful, but not sure they were quite right about X,’ and so that’s usually how things change. It’s when people feel free to have another look at the subject, like a new root and branch review, and so I decided anyway, I was going to consider what was going on with the whole vaccine story.

Dr Mike Yeadon. Former VP Pfizer ‘There was No Virus’ May 9 2023

May 9 2023 – short clip with Dr Mike Yeadon – Rumble | Brighteon (3min)

Denis Rancourt – to his credit and my demerit – several times sent me information but I didn’t read it thoroughly, but last year, eventually, I was listening to him giving an interview with Jeremy Nell, a guy who’s a South African investigative journalist and cartoonist, who runs a podcast called “Jerm Warfare“, and Professor Rancourt explained it, and as I listened, (and I had to go back over it two or three times), I said to my wife, ‘There’s never been a virus.(03) (04) (05) (06) (07) (08)

The thing about science, it’s not a voting system. It’s not a popularity contest. Nor does it require 18 pieces of evidence. If one piece of evidence is sufficiently clear and undermines the prior theory, then the prior theories were wrong even if you don’t understand what is right.

Some of the things he said, I went over them again, I went and looked at the raw data, and then I checked in another country, and it was absolutely right, so in that moment, I knew that there hadn’t ever been a virus.

So I’m just going to quickly step through these 5 or 6 bits of information, and I’m going to give them as a human being, not a scientist, because I don’t want you as the listener to need to be a scientist to try and understand this. I just want you to listen to it, as if we were talking; having a conversation. You can decide whether to trust my scientific credentials or not.

1.) Our Leaders were not Frightened.

Here’s the first thing. Everyone knows this. Did you notice something folks? Our leaders were not frightened. They didn’t exhibit any fearful behaviour at all. They didn’t modify their own lifestyles. Famously in Britain, our prime minister, Boris Johnson, eventually had to resign over something called ‘partygate’, like Watergate. We had to be locked-down to avoid a potentially fatal disease – but they were sharing wine, listening to music, and telling each other jokes. Does that sound consistent with the behaviour of people whose solitude was to warn you of a potentially faithful infectious disease? Is that behaviour consistent with what they told you? The answer is, of course it’s not.

“It’s consistent with the behaviour of people who knew there was no new health threat in their environments, and they all did it in every country. Without any science at all, they were not afraid.”

2.) No authentic sample of the virus, from any laboratory in the world.

The next thing is, and this one is a matter of record. I’ve not done this, but I’ve seen some valiant, persistent groups under the Freedom of Information Act request, write to public health officials all around the world. They keep a table, a rolling table, of who they’ve written to and the response of the public health officials on it. (09)

All they asked them for was an authentic sample of the virus, from a laboratory, from a culture, from a patient, whatever. “Do you have one? And if so, can you supply it?” So the answer to the first question is, “No, we don’t have one.” Not a single one. They’ve written to over 200 and they haven’t got it.

They could have always responded to the “Can we have a sample?” question, “No, it’s too hazardous to send to you.” But the first question was, “Do you have it?,” and they all replied, “No.” (if they replied at all).

Now, there are loads of papers that claim to ‘sort of’ “isolate the virus” but I would point out to you that the public health departments of your state, your nation, doesn’t have any of it. Why would they lie to someone who’s written in? They haven’t got it. That’s quite interesting.

3.) The disappearing Flu…

Here’s something that is very practical: Did you notice that flu disappeared in early 2020? I mean, come on. We were never given an adequate explanation for this, but this point is very important, whether you believe in viruses or not.

Influenza is a syndrome of symptoms. People can feel they’re going to have a cough, they can have a high temperature, they may have muscle aches and so on. It’s a real disorder. It doesn’t matter what it causes it. You shouldn’t even think about that. Most people have had the flu or know someone who’s had the flu. It’s a real clinical description.

Two things now.

One, it disappeared. All the cases went into the floor everywhere (I’ve got an explanation for that in a moment), but at the same time, a new disease called COVID-19 popped up everywhere.

Although you may be shouted at if you suggest they’re even vaguely related, the official position of the National Health Service in the UK is that the symptoms of COVID-19 and flu are almost identical. They are identical.

There’s a long list of symptoms, some of which are often seen in people with the flu, and some that are seen almost always, and some that are just very rare.

For example, the idea that you might lose your sense of smell. I remember when I was told that was a unique property of this virus, I thought, “That’s what happens almost every time I have a cold.” I asked other people, and half of them said, “Yes, of course. Your sense of smell and taste is damaged after an upper-respiratory tract infection.

But why – you, the public – you didn’t really believe that loss of smell was something new and unique? You’ve had that happen to you or other people around you.

And then every single one of the symptoms is seen in at least some people who have influenza-like illnesses. In fact, that’s the official way that states record flu. They don’t report flu; they record influenza-like illnesses. If you look up I-L-I, that’s what’s meant by flu because no one really knows what causes it. Even when they attempted to type it as influenza A or influenza B, the majority of cases of people with influenza-like illnesses had neither flu A nor flu B. The honest truth is, and I didn’t realize this until the last few years, we don’t know what it is that precipitates these symptoms in most cases. We just had this model that it was a virus, but it doesn’t quite fit the data.

So, flu disappears, and a new disease, COVID-19, arrived, and the symptoms are absolutely identical.

Despite journalists telling you that’s not the case, if you go back and look at medical journals, public health departments, they say it’s very difficult to distinguish those. Of course, it’s very difficult to distinguish because they are the same thing.

All-Cause Mortality data & the Missing Flu

Here’s the killer data, if you want to be scientific about it, what we know is that if you study what’s called all-cause mortality, that is, the number of people who die, their sex and age in a particular community in the normal hemisphere winter, rises every year, and then it falls back again.

So, you get summer low death rates and winter high death rates.

Now, it’s not all caused by influenza-like illnesses, but it’s thought that the majority of that increase in winter in all-cause mortality is caused by whatever it is that causes flu-like illnesses. They have a characteristic pattern which is always seen. What is that pattern? It is that whatever the rate of death for each age group, it’s increased during this winter peak, but it’s increased much more the older the age group. So, whatever the death rate in 60 to 70-year-olds goes up somewhat over winter, but it goes up much more in the 70 to 80-year-olds and even more proportionately in 80 to 90.

In other words, it’s the most elderly and most frail who succumb to whatever it is that goes on in every winter peak. The all-cause mortality rises with an unbelievably crisp, clear, unambiguous fingerprint. That is what we always see for 50 years in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s been studied in North America by every state. That’s what they see.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is not the pattern of increased all-cause mortality in North America. It’s been studied for 150 weeks now, state by state by Rank Horse and colleagues and other groups now, and they don’t see the biggest increase in the most frail and elderly. I think the biggest increase is in the 60 to 70-year-old group. So, whatever is going on, it’s not the typical winter all-cause mortality elevation. That evidence cannot be got round. The fingerprint that is present in every winter season and influenza-like illness is missing from the COVID-19 era of death.

PCR test for so-called COVID-19 is completely fraudulent

Flu disappeared, and flu is generally diagnosed, at least officially, using a rotten PCR test. So it would be a trivial job to alter that test by agreement with the manufacturer so that it malfunctions. It would be easy. I think there are two major manufacturers in the world. It would be easily possible to modify that kit because it comes as a kit. People don’t do new research. They get a flu kit and they use it. So, if it’s been deliberately tampered with by arrangement, that would explain where flu went, and, as Reiner mentions, and I and many others have gone over it, the PCR test for so-called COVID-19 is completely fraudulent. It’s not suitable for making clinical diagnoses, and the symptoms are the same between flu and COVID.

4.) Lockdown Deaths: Mistreatment, Aged-Care, & Dangerous Protocols

So, nothing actually happens until we get to the so-called lockdown. The first time people were told to stay at home, that’s when deaths started rising. I think that’s the moment they started mistreating people in hospitals by “following the protocol”.


I think they were all following instructions from the public health departments. If someone comes in who’s a suspected COVID case, for example, I’ve heard from a friend, “the best chance of survival comes from prompt sedation, intubation, and ventilation“. Well, I’ve been in respiratory, physiology, and pharmacology for multiple decades. I can tell you that’s definitely an inappropriate course of treatment. Someone who has an open airway, no chest injury, no obstruction of their airway, if can breathe in and out on their own, if they were short of breath, thought of blood-oxygen, you’d give them an oxygen mask. You definitely would not put them on a machine, a ventilated machine, which is quite an aggressive procedure. It comes with all sorts of injurious complexities.

If you get a frail elderly person and you ventilate them, I think you wouldn’t need to do much else to result in a very high proportion of deaths.


But they did do other things, unfortunately, in America at least, they were given an intravenous, so-called antiviral called Remdesivir that doesn’t work very well and is toxic to people’s kidneys. That combination, just imagine your relative lying helpless on a bed sedated and unconscious, and then someone comes up and injects them with this antiviral that shuts their kidneys down.

A couple of days later, they say, “You’re loved one’s fading, better come and hold their hand.” I believe very large numbers of people have been murdered.

I don’t think people giving them the treatment always knew what they were doing was dangerous. They might have thought, “This is unusual. We didn’t do this in the past,” but they were told by their senior doctor, “of course, it’s unusual, we don’t get pandemics every other year, get back to your workstation.” So that’s what they did.

End of Life Euthanasia: Midazolam & Morphine

In my country, people in care homes and old age facilities were injected with both sedative and respiratory-depressant drugs. So midazolam – it’s basically an anxiolytic; it relates to Valium, but it lowers your likelihood of breathing, and then they were further given morphine, opiates, a painkiller.

I did my PhD in this area – they have been known forever as powerful depressants of respiratory efforts. If you take a small amount, you might not notice it, but if you take a bigger dose, your breathing will become shallow. If you take an even bigger dose, you will just stop breathing.

The combination of midazolam and morphine is contraindicated. That is, doctors are told not to do it – unless the patient is subject to close monitoring, the way they would be in intensive care. A machine is going to beat every few seconds when you breathe in and out and so on.

That’s not what happened to your elderly relatives in care homes. They were given a subcutaneous dose of midazolam and morphine, and then they walked off and went down to the next room. When they would come back, the person would be cold under their blanket. They’d just been given a dose of something that would stop their breathing.

By the way, those two drugs are two-thirds of the chemical cocktail we put in lethal injections in America. There’s only one extra drug they add, and it’s something that actually stops the heart. Your relatives were given two-thirds of lethal injection.

Reiner: That is exactly what Dr. Peter Breggin told me last night when I spoke to him.

Everything they told us was a lie – including any Pathogen

Here’s the point. The evidence is stark and unequivocal.

  1. I’ve not heard anyone rebuts Denis Rancourt’s work. I’ve seen lots of people insult him… if you’re wrong, they just tell you why you’re wrong, but if they can’t rebut, they just call you a crank.
    • I’ve seen reports from at least two other research groups, that arrived at the same shocking conclusion that the elevated deaths were in the wrong age group for this to be a classic respiratory interaction the way they claim.
  2. Our leaders were not scared…They had parties in the HQ headquarters that made the National newspapers, but certainly in 10 Dowling Street, and that was one of the reasons the prime minister lost public confidence and had to go.
    • Queen Elizabeth II…arrived and was a guest at one of the meetings…and I was thinking “she’s 94, I can’t think if a more vulnerable person to COVID if it was real”… up to 50 people flew in… and nobody was screened, nobody had quarantined, and nobody was wearing masks.
    • Do you think the medical team that looks after the Queen would have allowed her to be in an environment in which – according to its narrative – might acquire a lethal virus from any one of the people around her? They also knew there was nothing new in terms of a new health hazard in the environment or they would not of allowed the Queen to be there.
  3. Nobody can supply an authentic example of the virus…they don’t have it.
  4. The symptoms of this new disease are the same symptoms we’ve known about forever, which we call influenza, and at the same time “Flu disappears”.
  5. The PCR tests are completely untrustworthy and are being used in a mendacious way all the way around the world – that’s because there was no new virus.
    • Why would you cheat? Why would you lie? If you had a genuine health emergency, you’d be busy measuring it accurately and warning people, and the leaders would also take precautions to not die themselves. No, they lied to you.
    • They applied broken, unscientific, untrustworthy tests where even the original inventor, Dr Kary Mullis said is not a suitable tool for clinical diagnosis.
  6. We did not see the typical fingerprints of respiratory winter deaths that we’ve seen every prior year, simply absence in 2020, and nothing much happened until lockdown where bad medical practices started being applied.
  7. Finally, as a drug discovery scientist, when I looked at the design of so-called vaccines, I was actually horrified and wrote with Wolfgang Wodarg a public letter – before any of these so-called vaccines had regulatory approval authorization – we put it on record before the EUA‘s our concerns, and we were right about our concerns and we even missed some – there was some additional toxicity we did not guess. (10)

There it is, folks, that you were lied to, our leaders’ acted, as they would if there was nothing going on. Pseudo-scientific tests were applied to frighten you. The media of course, have been in on it. And when you go and look at the actual public record of who died, it’s simply not consistent with what they were telling you. And so, that’s about as far as I can go, everything they’ve told us is a lie, including the ways that there was a new pathogen. That wasn’t true either.

If there is no virus, why did my grandparent die?

Timestamp 32:48 – 34:00

“If there was no virus, what did my grandmother or grandfather die of?” And it’s like, well, they almost certainly died of the same things they would have died of in 2019 or earlier. It’s bizarre that people seem to have forgotten that you can get ill in the winter, or indeed at any time, but with a higher frequency in winter.

So, I am not denying COVID-19, I just think it’s not the right label for the clinical presentation. I think these people have influenza. If they had anything at all. Lots of people had nothing but fear and they turned up panicked, and then were treated with mechanical ventilation that killed them in the hospital. That’s how bad it was.

So, yeah, I am not saying people weren’t ill. I’m not saying people didn’t die. Both of those things happened. I’m only telling you, that you’ve been lied to about the cause. That’s all I’m saying.

Gain of Function Lab-Leak Story also a lie

Timestamp 34:00 – 41:00

Believes that the story of gain of function experiments was pushed on the media to make people target fixate on the idea that the virus either came from a lab or was natural, and not to consider any other possibility.

Nothing accidentally ends up on the telly, so why did the story of gain of function repeatedly come up?

“They wanted to make sure that you would think one of only two possible things about this, in terms of origins. Either it was a natural thing that jumped from a pangolin or bat into humans, or it came out of a lab. You weren’t allowed to think, “Well, is there any evidence that there is a new pathogen at all?“”

He believes the purpose of this story was to get the people to target-fixate on deciding between whether there are bad people in the government and their scientists are up to no good, or it’s something that emerged out of a lab, and not think the unthinkable – was there really a new virus at all?

There’s no virus, no lab-leak, there’s just a story about it, and a bad test.

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