Nutritional Value for Fruit & Vegies

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Fruit & Veg Nutritional Value
apples dietary fibre, vit c, vit e
apricots dietary fibre, potassium, vit a, beta-carotene,
artichoke vit c, beta-carotene,
asparagus vit b3, vit e, vit k, vit k, vit c, beta-carotene,
avocado vit e, vit f,
banana inositol, vit c, beta-carotene, b6,
beans vit b1, b9, beta-carotene, b5,
beetroot folate, dietary fibre, vit c, potassium
berries vit c, vit p,
blackberries vit e,
black currents beta-carotene,
blueberries vit c, beta-carotene,
broccoli vit c, folate, b2, b5, e, b6, dietary fibre, b9, vit k, beta-carotene, calcium,
brussels sprouts vit c, b2, b6, vit e, folate, dietary fibre, vit k, beta-carotene,
cabbage vit c, folate, potassium, b6, dietary fibre, vit u, vit k, vit e, beta-carotene,
cantaloupe vit a
capsicum vit c, b-complex, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vit p,
carrots vit a, vit c, b6, dietary fibre, vit e, potassium, beta-carotene,
cauliflower vit c, b5, b6, folate, vit k, potassium, vit h, choline,
celery vit c, potassium, vit e, beta-carotene,
cherries vit c,
chilli – red vit a
citrus peel vit p
coconut vit c,
cranberries beta-carotene,
cucumber vit c, beta-carotene,
eggs selenium, vit a, vit b5, vit b1, vit b12, vit d, vit h, choline
fennel vit c, dietary fibre, vit a
figs vit c, beta-carotene,
garlic vit p, vit c, selenium,
ginger acrid resins, bisabolene, borneal, camphene, choline, cineole, citral, folic acid, gingerol, inositol, manganese, pantothenic acid, PABA, phellandrene, sequiterpene, shogoals, silicon, zingerone, zingiberene and vit B3
grape vit c, b6, potassium, vit p,
grapefruit vit c, high fibre,
kiwi fruit vit c, potassium
leeks vit a, beta-carotene,
lemons vit c,
lettuce beta-carotene,
limes vit c,
mango vit a, vit c, b1, b6, potassium, vit e, beta-carotene,
melon vit c, folate, dietary fibre, vit a
mushrooms vit b5, vit h, PABA
nectarines vit c, b3, potassium, dietary fibre
olives beta-carotene,
onions vit p, vit c, selenium, beta-carotene,
oranges vit c, beta-carotene,
papayas vit c
parsley beta-carotene,
passionfruit beta-carotene,
peaches vit c, b3, potassium, dietary fibre, vit a, beta-carotene,
pears dietary fibre, beta-carotene,
peas vit b6, vit c, folate, beta-carotene, b1
pineapples vit c, beta-carotene,
plums dietary fibre, beta-carotene,
potato vit c
pumpkin vit a, beta-carotene,
radish vit c, beta-carotene,
raspberries vit c, iron, potassium, magnesium
rhubarb calcium, fiber, vit c, vit a
spinach vit a, b9, vit e, vit h, PABA, vit k, vit c, folate, beta-carotene, calcium, choline,
squash beta-carotene,
strawberry vit a, vit c, beta-carotene,
sweet potatoes vit a, vit c, vit e, beta-carotene,
tomatoes vit c, dietary fibre, vit e, folate, vit a, beta-carotene,
turnip vit c,
watermelon vit c,




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