“If vaccines aren’t the answer, what can I do to protect myself?” [Dr Andrew Kaufman]

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Dr. Andrew Kaufman sits down with Dan Dicks and answers the question about how to understand medical-propaganda and what people can do to protect themselves from serious illness.

“If vaccines aren’t the answer, what can I do to protect myself?” [Dr Andrew Kaufman]

Feb 23, 2023 | Rumble-Clip | Telegram-Clip | Watch Full Interview

Dan: The vaccines – not good, stay away. Flus can get bad and I can potentially die from them. Now what do I do? What are some of the things you think people ought to be focused on moving forward? If vaccines aren’t the answer, and this is really just the flu run amok, how should people be protecting their immunity and themselves moving forward?”

Andy: I spent about 5 years researching what contributes to good health and how the human body really works in nature. What can we learn from ancient cultures and that knowledge? What has been done with clear evidence? I’ve been able to learn amazing things about how to improve your health.

I think if you focus on becoming as healthy as you can, then you’ll be resilient to whatever thing is out there that might contribute to your illness. Of course, this involves making changes in your life. You’ll have to start being honest with yourself that those little tweaks that you experience are a warning sign.

If you have problems with your dental health, for example, that’s a very strong indication that you have disease elsewhere in your body, and it provides an opportunity to do something about it.

Mostly, it involves:

  1. Drinking enough water, and water that is free of poison. Much of tap water is poison, even with pharmaceuticals like anti-depressants and blood-pressure pills.
  2. Eating real foods, like foods that look like they did in nature. A piece of fruit, a piece of meat, a vegetable, and preparing it without processed chemical ingredients. Not buying and eating junk.
  3. Spending some time with nature, moving, being out in the sun in a natural environment, and exercising.
  4. Developing strong relationships with your family and loved ones, and bonds with your community.

If you approach things that way, you’ll find that even if you do get a seasonal illness, it will be milder. Then you might reach a point where you don’t get ill at all.

Dan: It used to be considered normal to get the sniffles.

Andy: Yeah, even like the full flu like muscle aches, and vomiting, or have gastroenteritis, where you have vomiting and diarrhoea. Like there were a couple of people here in Mexico that developed that when they came.

That’s your body actually healing itself. When your body puts stuff out of it, like diarrhoea is a great example, that’s your body taking the pressure washer, and washing out the inside of your colon for the crap you’ve been eating that’s been building up there, right? I say crap because literally that’s what it is.

And if you look at it that way, and say, “Oh my gosh, thank you to my body for doing this”, I should probably drink some extra water to make up for it but that’s the body ridding you of what was making you ill or having the potential to make you ill, and if you look at it that way, then you have a different experience. It’s not so miserable. Right?

There could be gratitude and hope that when you emerge from that, and your body completes the healing cycle, you’ll be stronger, and have more energy and be more vibrant.

Dan: So, focus on the immune system, eat real foods, get back to nature, and do a little bit of exercise. In closing, with so much propaganda, it’s tough for people to decipher what’s right. Do you have any final thoughts for people who are like “Man, I’m hearing new things every day, how do I continue to follow the right answers here?”

Andy: This is exactly what my talk is about on Friday. It’s intimidating for most people to look at science and technology. However, it’s quite simple to understand if you’re able to “learn their language.”

A lot of what I do is help translate that for individuals, but you have to have a little bit of basic knowledge that’s very simple, like understanding the scientific method. This is something that they teach in grade school.

This came up in my daughter’s 3rd grade curriculum, and I think we all remember a little bit about it. To develop a hypothesis, test it with an experiment, and have results and conclusions.

If you learn the basic rules of that, you’ll be much better able to look at a news report about a medical device or a treatment for an illness and say, “Ok, where does this come from? Ok, it comes from this scientist at Georgetown University.” A lot of times, they link directly to the scientific paper, and you can read how they do the experiment and say, “Is that a scientific experiment?”

To your astonishment, you’ll find out that, as was pointed out in a famous published paper, more than half the time, these published papers aren’t scientific, and the results are not supported. That comes from Professor Ioannidis at Stanford.

Once you’re able to look at that and say which one is real science and which one is bunk, then you’ll be able to figure out so much, not just about health and biology, but in all areas technology-related. We are in a more and more technological society, so this is really like a survival skill in my opinion.

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