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My fave downloads from Tony Pantalleresco (Canadian Herbalist and in my words: anti-psychopath & anti-democide inventor). (Website) I’m currently transcribing an old 2015 interview from him and spent hours going through and reading all the docs in one of his free download folders. I was just going to link a couple of relevant ones to the interview, but as it turns out, I liked a lot more than I thought and since I took all that time to categorize, read, and take notes, I thought I’d list them on a dedicated, separate post. The more people who get this information, the more we may be able to help.

Downloads from Tony

Toxins & Poisons:

  1. Aspartame – The World’s Best Ant Poison (Wow interesting story – you’ll never touch Nutrisweet again – except if you want to use the packets as a free pest killer…~ P) PDF
    • Aspartame… the BAD news! (wow, the history of Aspartame is dark! and familiar to current times… ~ P) DOC
  2. HAARP (small video showing HAARP clouds over Japan before earthquake ~P) FLV
  3. Nanotechnology – Solutions to Assist in the removal of the Nanopoisoning or restoration of the DNA – His post with references and data downloads.
    • Anti-Nano Device instructions (bucket/chamber to submerge feet – he has others on his YouTube & BitChute channels ~P) DOC | Video
    • Nanoproductions-manifestations – Resolutions and Protections (huge PDF that I’ve renamed “Synthetic Biology” on my computer – 358 pages that includes studies that have been highlighted, with comments from Tony on the side – p.1 “Viruses can be made to churn out high-tech nanomaterials: “In this case, we took advantage of the viruses’ genetic makeup and physical shape to not only grow the material but also to help them assemble themselves into liquid crystal structures that are several centimeters long. (wow, what really is going on in these labs that we thought was ‘gain of function’.. the mind boggles) – p.43 “nano-enabled synthetic biology. ~ P) PDF | Post
    • Clinical toxicities of nanocarrier systems (6 pages going through toxicity studies that Tony has highlighted and commented on that shows that forced-vaccinations are already happening to us via the SiO2 & TiO2 nanoparticles being sprayed on the food (acting like a drug-delivery system), FDA doesn’t require labels deemed “GRAS” (see my other post) – and the dangers of diatomaceous earth, silicon dioxide, silica gel, nano-silicon dioxide, & Silicon dioxide nanoparticles (n-SiO2) ~P) PDF | Post
    • Neurotoxicity of nanoscale materials and Nanoplastics-polymer (53 pages of studies with Tony’s highlights & comments on the side, explains why some people can no longer seem to think, also once accumulated in the brain, it doesn’t degrade ~P) PDF | Post
    • Methods of reducing toxic heavy metals (38 pages, dense read ~P) DOC | Post
  4. Polio vaccine: a critical assessment of its arcane history, efficacy, and long-term health-related consequences (paper) PDF
  5. Radiation Exposure Response and Natural Detoxification (Presentation by Dr. Bill Deagle MD,AAEM,ACOEM,DABFP,FCFP,CCFP,AASM,AAPM, 2006) PDFDangers of Ionizing Radiation by Gary Null (62 pages on the cover-up including CT scans ~ P) PDF
  6. Soy – Excerpts from a Soy report DOC
    • Health conditions associated with Soy Products (1p doc listing all the diseases, ailments, problems people have after consuming Soy ~P) DOC
    • History of Soy Side Effects (16page article which includes Studies Showing Adverse Effects of Dietary Soy from 1971-2003 ~P) DOC
    • Israeli Health Ministry Issues Soy Warning (2page doc that recommended halting soy consumption due to adverse effects, including cancer promotion and reproductive problems ~P) DOC
    • Soy by any other name is still a Toxin (1page that lists some of the common names/aliases used by the FDA to disguise Soy on labels ~P) DOC
    • The Processing of soy “milk” (2p that compares “old-fashioned” soy milk making vs modern processing ~P) DOC
  7. VETOM (GMO Probiotic) (Experimental evaluation of the biological risks of introduction of the genetically modified microorganism (GMM) B. subtilis VKPM B-7092 into the environment, Study – English-translated ~P) DOC (01)

My Fave Picks (~Penny)

  1. Herbal First Aid for Large Groups (5page reference survival guide that includes Herbs, Essential Oils, & non-Herbal items that can be used to treat common conditions ~ P) PDF
  2. Everything you wanted to know about Nano but did not know to ask (includes diseases associated with Nanoparticle & Self-Assembling nanotechnology exposure, foods, photos, illustrations, studies that have been highlighted/coloured/bolded and includes Tony’s comments to the side to point out certain connections/info, instructions for anti-nano bucket, so full of info that it would be best to print and study slowly – 364 pages ~ P) PDF | Post
  3. Natural Anti-Biofilm Agents DOC | Post
  4. Remington’s practice of pharmacy by Remington, Joseph P. (Joseph Price), 1847-1918 (WOW what a FIND! This old Bible of a Book contains the pharmaceutical chemistry formulations of the old medicines they used in the late 1800’s! Tony’s link is corrupt, but I’m so glad I did a hunt and found it on ~P) Read on | PDF (72Mb)
  5. 17 May 2020 Coronavirus – Part Nine: 5g, Terahertz, Tony Pantalleresco, Nano PDF


  1. IODINE Solution to Health problems (slideshow presentation) PDF
  2. Evidence that Vitamin C Increases Iodine Uptake (paper) PDF (02)
  3. See also: The Iodine Supplementation Protocol Not Just For Breast Cancer (~ P) Read
  4. The History of Iodine in Medicine (paper, 16 pages ~P) PDF
  5. Make your own Potassium Iodide (KI) Solution (17 pages, useful to keep in our records in case we ever need to know, but definitely not worth the effort while we can still buy it ready-made ~P) DOC
  6. Iodine – Bring Back the Universal Nutrient Medicine (Fully-referenced article by Mark Sircus, 17 pages, history of Iodine in medical use, why we need it, and includes useful table containing Microbiological Efficacy Activity of PVP­Iodine versus Bacteria, Yeasts and Molds, Actinomycetes and Ricketts ~ P) PDF
  7. Iodine and Cancer (Fully-referenced, highlighted & bolded article ~P) DOC
  8. Iodine Benefits (article, must-read, includes list of health affected by Iodine deficiency as well as “Iodine chelates: Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Aluminum, Bromide” ~P) PDF
  9. Optimum Levels of Iodine for Greatest Mental and Physical Health (paper) PDF


  1. Amino acids DOC (Brain Remedies DOC)
  2. Anti-racidity properties of Rosemary (protects seeds and nuts from oxidation and extends shelf life up to 70%) DOC
  3. Antibacterial activity of essential oils against respiratory tract pathogens by gaseous contact (paper) PDF (03)
  4. Antioxidants DOC
  5. Ascorbic Acid and Other Modern Analogs of the Germ Theory (paper) PDF
    • Note: I found this very interesting paper whilst looking up the above paper that is a must-read ~P: A Unity of Science, Especially Among Physicists, Is Urgently Needed to End Medicine’s Lethal Misdirection PDF
  6. Black Berries (Cyanidin-3-glucoside) (vision, diabetes, circulation, cancer, anit-aging, memory and motor skills) DOC
  7. Brandy (beneficial antioxidants that come mainly from copper during the distilling process) DOC
  8. Coconuts & Coconut Oil (Health Benefits of, 40p book ~P) DOC
  9. The Importance of Coconut Oil in the diet (9p full-referenced, bolded, article including how to make coconut cream & milk ~P) DOC
  10. Colostrum Health Benefits DOC
  11. DMG Dimethyl Glycine Benefits DOC
    • Recent Findings on N,N-Dimethylgycine (DMG) Part 1 (like a draft paper ~P) DOC
  12. GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract Benefits (3p document listing health benefits, 2 pages are in CAPITAL LETTERS lol ~ P) DOC
  13. H₂O₂ Hydrogen Peroxide (Lists the many, many uses for 3-4.5% H₂O₂ ~P) DOC
    • Hydrogen Peroxide H₂O₂ Medical Miracle (Book, 179p) PDF
  14. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Alliin, L-Cysteine, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) (benefits, 3pages ~P) DOC
  15. Nutraceuticals (449 pages, Book ~P) PDF
  16. Prussian Blue (Antidotes for Poisoning by Metals and Metalloids – WOW! ~P) PDF
  17. Rhodiola rosea: A Phytomedicinal Overview. (27 pages, fully-referenced paper on Golden Root that has been highlighted/bolded – by Tony I assume – brain/memory/cognitive, etc ~ P) PDF (04)
  18. Serrapatise Enzymine (badly-formatted 1page doc that contains lists of conditions helped by this enzyme that includes pain & inflammation of any kind ~P) DOC
  19. Where There Is No Doctor – a village health care handbook by David Werner (Book) PDF

B Vitamins:

  • Vitamin B1 Thiamine (Forms of) DOC
  • Vitamin B2 Riboflavin (Health Benefits of Vitamin B2) DOC
  • Vitamin B3 Niacin or Niacinamide DOC
  • Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid (water soluble Organic Acid that is present in all living Cells) a.k.a. Anti-Grey Hair; Anti-Dermatitis DOC
  • Vitamin B7 Biotin (Health Benefits; Cardiovascular) DOC
  • Vitamin B12 Methlcobalamin (biological function and its therapeutic effects) DOC
  • Vitamin B13 (Health Benefits of Orotic Acid) DOC
  • Vitamin B15 (Health Benefits of Pangamic Acid) DOC
  • Vitamin B17 (i.e. Apple seeds, Apricot kernels, etc.) Laetrile as a highly controversial therapeutic agent DOC

Survival tips & grow your own remedies:

  1. Backyard Composting PDF (good straight-forward summary tips for beginners regarding ratios and how composting works, but note the PDF tries to connect to a website upon opening ~P)
    • Composting (Book) (more advanced & lengthy – 125pages ~ P) PDF
    • Composting at Home (Book) (Great tables for ratios – 33 pages ~ P) PDF
    • Secret is in the Soil (small video file showing how to super-charge your garden with a compost tea unique invention) FLV
  2. How to grow garlic PDF
  3. Cannabis Grow Bible for Medical Use (Book) PDF
  4. Canning Vegetables (Book) PDF
  5. Cheese Making Made Easy (Book) PDF
  6. Collecting and Storing Seeds (Article) PDF
  7. Combat Survival and Evasion (very useful tips, some I’ve never thought about before, but the font used is just awful! ~ P) PDF
  8. Nuclear weapons effects PDF
    • The Dangers of Nuclear War (Press Conference, Helen Caldicott, 2011, small video ~P) FLV
  9. Disease Control in Vegetables (Book) PDF
  10. Disease and Insect Control in Fruit (Book) PDF
  11. Disease Tolerant Vegetables (Chart, 2pages) PDF
  12. Drying Fruits & Vegetables (Book) PDF
  13. Edible Flowers (List, 2pages) PDF
  14. Food Labels (6page document on how to read food labels, what they really mean when they say “x”, and the worst food additives & what health problems they are linked to ~P) DOC
  15. Fresh Vegetable Storage for the Homeowner (2page document that sorts foods into 4 groups & what temperature to store them at – in USA temperatures ~ P) PDF
  16. Tumbleweed Houses (cute 8p PDF containing cool Tiny House Designs & Dimensions ~P) PDF
  17. When Technology Fails – A manual for Self-Reliance & Planetary Survival (Book) PDF


  • Cancer:
    • Anti-Cancer Remedies DOC
    • Natural Cancer Remedies That Work (Book) PDF
    • Natural compounds in Cancer therapy (Book) PDF
  • AIDS Symptoms:
    • Micronutrients Reverse the Course of AIDS (Conference Fact Sheet) (i.e. nutrient deficiency as cause, particularly: vitamins B6, B12, vitamin C, folic acid ~P) PDF

Traditional Chinese Medicine:

  • An Illustrated – Chinese Materia Medica by Jing-Nuan Wu (TCM Book) PDF
  • Herbs Promoting Blood Formation (TCM Herbs, 4pages ~ P) PDF

Old Audio Podcasts:

  • 2011 Raw milk (interview, BigAg corruption, vaccines, salt-deficiency, Dangers of Soy/Canola/Grains/GMOs, & other very interesting info ~P) MP3
  • 2011 The Remedy (combatting geo-engineering and radioactive antidotes ~P) MP31 | MP32 | MP33 | MP34

Solutions – Health | Downloads | Tony Pantalleresco


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