They warned us 20+ years ago & we called them fringe conspiracy theorists

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David Icke in 1997 and Alex Jones in 2002 shared truth bombs about “the New World Order” that have come to fruition in this dystopian nightmare we now find ourselves in. Back then, they were lone conspiracy voices – compare what they said then, to what is happening now…

[1997] David Icke on the created virus-vaccines to cull the population (25 years ago)

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25 years ago, David Icke said:

They were going to create new viruses in laboratories, that were resistant to drugs, that they were going to use that to cull the population, that they were going to use vaccinations to cull the population, and also that they were going to change the way that healthcare treated old people so that more and more old people died and didn’t go long into life, because from their extraordinarily sick perspective “old people are useless to them”.

And what we’re looking at now, very clearly, is this attempt, to play that card, of mass global immunization, with an excuse of this manufactured virus, to get access to the bodies, the body computer systems, as I would say, of almost everyone on the planet.

They’re not doing that because they want to protect people; crikey, the force that’s saying “be vaccinated” is the force that created the virus, which they’re saying be vaccinated against!

They’re doing this to get access to the global population for very, very malevolent reasons, and what people need to realize is that these families, do not come from the same perspective of life and respect that we do. They see humans like cattle. Nothing more than cattle as most humans see cattle. They therefore have no empathy with the consequences for the human population of their actions.

So if people say “they’d never do that, mate”—no, “you” would never do that—they do it all the time.

[2002] Alex Jones on the NWO (20 years ago)

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20 years ago, Alex Jones said:

Facts and common sense are in…

  • Yes, there have been corrupt empires.
  • Yes, they manipulate.
  • Yes, there are secret societies.
  • Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history.

And Yes, today, in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling ITSELF “The New World Order” pushing for:

  • One Worldwide Government
  • Cashless Society
  • Open Borders
  • Total and Complete Tyranny
  • Where Human Beings are Absolutely Worthless

There are six and a quarter plus billion of us, and the globalists have said many times, “There are too many of us; they’re causing a problem, we need to be culled to the tune of 80%.” It’s amazing to talk about this, but it’s the globalists—the United Nations—in their own public statements. They convinced a lot of liberals, elitist conservatives, and others that by going along with this, “We’re intelligent members of society.”

  • It’s the ultimate Mohist worldview.
  • It is this radical, virulent, form of social Darwinism.
  • It’s the excuse of tyrants.
  • And by creating open borders— there’ll be no national sovereignty—only global bodies, and they control all the resources.
  • By centralizing and socializing Health Care, the state becomes “God” basically when it comes to your health, and then by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues upon us, we then basically get shoved into their system.

[2008] David Icke | Population Control (14 years ago)

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So if you want, and that’s what they do want, a world government, a world central bank, a world army (NATO/UN Peacekeeping operation), a world currency (electronic, no cash), and a microchipped population…then what you’ve got to do – and this is the way they work – a process I call:

Problem > Reaction > Solution

You’ve got to keep creating the problems, get the people to react “do something, in fear, in outrage “oh what’s happening, what they going to do about it”…
… and then “they” – who covertly created the problem offer the Solutions to the problems they’ve created, which is the constant centralization of power, which is what all the solutions are, and we’re seeing such a wonderful example now with what’s happening in the financial industry…

… and if we don’t wake up, we’re going to live in a global, fascist, dictatorship within 5-10 years.

[1993+] David Icke Predictions (from 29 years ago)

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  • 1993 – The whole basis of the manipulation is to divide and get us to judge each other, to hate each other, to envy each other, to compete with each other
  • 1998 – A currency that wouldn’t be cash, it would be merely electronic, which have fundamental implications for human freedom
  • 2009 – Stage one, you create the problem, could be a manufactured virus. You want a reaction, and you want them to say “Do something”, or you want them to accept what the authorities suggest what must be done.
  • 2009 – One of the agendas, is to massively cull the population, they want to reduce the numbers.
  • 2015 – The United States is preparing for a war against Russia through Ukraine, and what they plan, is to try and take Crimea back. The idea for this third world war, is to involve Russia and China, against the West.
  • 2017 – It’s to confuse people, especially the young, about their gender, who weren’t confused before. That’s what it’s about.

[2021] Gareth Icke (David’s Son)


Gareth Icke – London – BigPharma and Vaccines

[2022] David Icke banned in 26 countries simultaneously

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David Icke – We Are All One (Nov 16, 2022)

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We Are All One – David Icke on The Ludicrous Claims That Got Him Banned From 26 European Countries (and the rest)

Just set the record straight here, what is your message to the Jewish fraternity in the light of you being accused of being an anti-Semite?

Well, it’s this: We are all one consciousness, having different experiences, and as I’ve said for 30 years or more, the labels of a human life are not who you are, they’re what you’re experiencing briefly in what we call the human world, and therefore whether you call yourself Jewish, Black, Islam, or Christian, or this sexuality or that sexuality — that’s not who you are, that’s what you’re experiencing.

What you are is the great forever – a expression of an infinite state of consciousness of which we are all expressions, and the irony is, that I’m saying “We’re all one”, at the same time as being presented and demonized, for seeing the labels of a human life in terms of ‘some good, some bad’.

What I’ve said over the years, Sasha, is this:

Show me any group of people, show me any nation, any culture, any sexuality, any race, any group of human beings, anywhere, and I’ll show you nice people, I’ll show you okay people, and I’ll show you psychopaths.

And the vehicle, whatever it’s colour, creed, or culture, or religious belief, is irrelevant to that.

What makes you a nice person, okay person, or a psychopath, is your state of consciousness.

I’m not going until this transformation is over – I’ve invested too much of my life in this.

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