[1988] Regaining Power By The People | Eric D. Butler

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This lecture by Eric Butler in 1988, addresses points to where the Westminster system has broken down, and why we should be looking at the Swiss System of: Initiative Referendum. He emphasises that all Major Political Parties in Australia are introducing the New World Order, and just like Jeremy Lee, speaks how they came in through the back-door to remove the rights of Australians and give our rights over to Foreign power via the United Nations International agreements.

Regaining Power By The People | Eric D. Butler

Regaining Power by the People – An Essential Bicentennial Project – Eric Butler – the National Director of Australia’s League of Rights

I believe we’re on the eve of developments that can either swing this country back onto a sane course, or if we fail to do that then regretfully, the future looks extremely bleak.

The politicians elected by the Australian people are engaged, through International Conventions, in handing this country over.

Court case between QLD Govt & Fraser Govt.
High Court gave a ruling which signalled the end of free Australia unless we can reverse what has taken place:

Ruled: Because Australia had signed an International Convention, that gave the government almost unlimited power inside Australia.

No one saw the significance at that time.

1983 Fed Elections Bob Hawke threatened Tasmanian government that if he got elected he would stop them from building a dam.

States have the rights to do it – but Mr Hawke said if he was elected, he would stop it, and he did exactly that.

The TAS govt took Hawke govt to High Court, and again the High Court ruled that because we’d signed another International Convention, we put part of our country under something called the World Heritage Commission, closely linked to United Nations – a Marxist dominated organisation.

That because we’d signed that Convention, the Federal government could do what it liked concerning the waterways in Australia – irrespective of what the written Constitution says.

When Govt puts any land under the Heritage Commission, they can do whatever they like with that land.

List of over 100 potential areas in Australia to be put under the World Heritage Commission.

Shark Bay – WA
Murray River
Kakadu Park

We can now give the whole of Australia away, and the Australian people can’t do one thing to stop it.

Keynote by Prince Charles at Bicentennial celebration said what we really should be celebrating this year is our Constitution. How can we celebrate our constitution if we don’t understand our constitution? At least 50% of Australians under 40 years of age don’t even know they have a constitution. That shows how mangled our education system is when young Australians are growing up without any understanding – they’ve been cut off from their roots, and if they don’t know where they came from, it’s not surprising that large numbers don’t know where they’re going. Our society is breaking down.

In human affairs, there are absolutes. There’s right and wrong. All power tends to corrupt.

It’s the natural tendency of all governments to increase it’s power.

Christianity brought in the idea of every individual was a value. Everyone counted. Individuals are born to be free. Man’s institutions were created to serve that individual. Love your neighbour as yourself. Any society that uses that truth is one of harmony. When you could leave your things around and didn’t need to lock anything up because you did trust and respect one another and when a man’s handshake and man’s word was his bond.

We’ve degenerated. We don’t even get married without signing a contract. Don’t trust anybody – not even the person you’re going to marry. That’s the state we’ve reached. The law of loving one another has been undermined.

English Common Law valued each individual. Innocent until proven guilty.

Magna Carta. A restatement of these basic truths and principles which we are grappling to defend today.
The right of each individual. The right to own property. Limit to how much taxation to impose. Everyone counted. Right to defend themselves. Protecting the individual.

“Perhaps it would of advantage if we had one Federal government to look after those matters common to all of us” Afraid of the Federal government becoming a monster, they searched the world for answers, because that was their greatest fear.

They went to Switzerland where they got a constitutional concept.

The Senate
All states represented.
The Governor-General representing the Crown.
Nothing could be changed concerning the use of power, without consulting the people by referendum.

All federal governments started to nibble – a little more power here, a little more power there. The only way they could get it was to go to the people, but every time they went to the people – the people said no. That was the position right up until the second world war.

During the world war, Dr Evatt. Fabian Society. Take-over government from the inside, permeate government, and eventually to operate legally. Diabolically clever. The Fabian movement.

If you control propaganda, you can get people to vote for their own destruction.
Had a referendum, people said no, other than the servicemen who got their info from the Army education, so Dr Evatt said we need to find some way to get past where people get to have a say.

Dr Evatt looked at the Constitution Section 51 Subsection 29 and said that the Federal Government should deal with External Affairs.

Section 51(xxix) of the Constitution of Australia

Section 51(xxix) of the Australian Constitution is a subsection of Section 51 of the Australian Constitution that gives the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia the right to legislate with respect to “external affairs”.

The frame was never supposed to be used for the purposes I’m about to outline – they saw it as a way in which a federal government would regulate its relationships with other governments.

But, Dr Evatt and his Fabian friends thought they could use that to enter into specific International Agreements – we can now sign agreements with the United Nations, and then we will argue, as we have signed an international agreement, legally, then we’ve got the right to legislate inside of Australia, over the top of the constitution.

The idea that Australians would reach the point where we wouldn’t have a say was deemed ridiculous. But here we are.

As years went on, more and more conventions were signed, and when they reach the High Court they rule exactly as we’ve seen, with the International agreements.

In this ruling in the famous Kawana case, in the High Court, Dr Evatt said something we should remember:

He said it’s absolutely essential that Federal government has these powers, because if we couldn’t use the eternal powers, it would “cripple Australia from entering into the emerging New World Order” – that’s one of the most revealing statements you could ever read.

Romanian Communist leader arrived in Australia promoting New International Economic Order.

It is no exaggeration to society that what is emerging is a sophisticated network of International arrangements directed to the person economic, social and cultural development of all human beings.

Transfer to the commonwealth unlimited power in almost every conceivable aspect of life in Australia, including health and hospitals, the workplace, law and order, education, recreation, and cultural activities.

In other words, the way has been cleared to establish the complete totalitarian state without the Australian people’s vote.

More and more areas being put under the Heritage commission.
Labour, Liberal, Greens, Nationals, all subscribe to the New International Economic Order.

1974 – The United Nations formally agreed to the establishment of the New International Economic Order and every government voted for it, and the Australian representative put his hand up. We are formally committed to it.

We “restructured” our primary industries – got rid of a lot of farms using the debt-system to persuade them that the best way is to swap whatever equity you’ve got in your property to a trust of some kind, and they might even let you stay on your property. Hand over the equity – cancel the debt – you can stay there til you die. “Restructuring”.

Closer economic relations with New Zealand.
Phase-out some of our primary industries –
Number one, the dairy industry.

The Constitution was protecting Australia, but now it’s been shattered by this devious technique – and there’s no good looking at the opposition, because they subscribe. That’s where we are.

What can we do?

We’ve got to go back to our basic principles, our roots, and we’ve got to understand why we evolved the system of government we had, and can we restore them.

Westminster system was an excellent system in the sense that before the parties got so controlled, there was a degree of independence amongst the members of parliament. Occasionally even cross the floor against their own party. That’s all gone. Big Money now controls parties. The individual member is basically a bought-man. There’s a great tendency not to rock the boat.

The Westminster is broken down.

They create a totalitarian state through International agreements, and they don’t even need to talk to you about it.

Swiss System is essential if we’re going to get us out of here.

Bob Hawke: ID Card.
Australia: you’re going to have this ID card whether you like it or not.
Australia said no – movements created – People who called themselves left wing were on the same side as those who called themselves right wing.
No individual wants to be the victim of this.
Reached the stage where Mr Hawke had to back-away, but doesn’t mean he’s given up, because they will try it through the back door.
Australians started to detect danger.

Gun Control Legislation
55,000 people marched through Melbourne who weren’t the type of people – the weirdy-beardy types you associate with marching, this was the authentic face of Real Australia. Concerned citizens. They weren’t going to be pushed around and had deep suspicion.

Seminar Ends at 1:11:00


Questions and Answers

Old Labour Party vs New Party that’s hijacked Labour Party

SA Don Dunston

Audio a bit rough and I don’t want to listen to the rest lol

But skipped through and grabbed the following points:


Something about all cash transactions in Australia excess of $10,000 will be properly recorded into a Central Reporting system. Once established, they can just keep dropping the $10k limit to every transaction in Australia. Well on way to getting ID Card

Bill of Rights – International Convention
Equity, Discrimination, Everything Regulated.

Gun Control, Swiss Society
You don’t prevent crime by controlling guns, you don’t make people better by passing new laws, the only way in which we get harmonious relations with individuals is by going back to basic principles.

Educational practice changes.
National Service training.

Constitutional Commission which the government appointed, stacked with Fabian Socialists – spending our tax-payers money as part of a propaganda exercise – all designed to convince you that ‘what is wrong, is just “change”, we’re always changing’.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the Major Parties may even run Phoney Independents in an attempt to siphon off what is now taking place.

Ground Swell Movement.

Property Rates

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