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The US Department of Commerce (DOC), and the National Science Foundation (NSF) came together in 2002 to bring together industry leaders to discuss converging technologies for improving human performance (CTIHP): nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science. Over time, they have now blossomed into a thriving billion-dollar industry, collaborating with the US Department of Defence (DOD), the US Army Research Lab, BigTech, the US Government, and Universities, and spending a substantial amount on AI, COVID-19, 5G, and the Sustainable Development agenda…


Converging technologies for improving human performance: nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science. NSFDOC Report in 2002, Washington D.C.

US Department of Commerce (DOC), and the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Report discusses ideas for the integration and synergy of four technologies:

  1. Nanotechnology (NANO)
  2. Biotechnology (BIO)
  3. Information Technology (INFO)
  4. Cognitive Science (COGNO)

Basically, ideas for inventions of future-technology of everything they were either dreaming-up, or had already started working on—[ 22 years ago ]—governments, academia, scientists, BigTech, BigpHARMa, investors, inventors, non-profits, industry, and defence/military think-tanks.


  • Gene-therapy, viral and non-viral vectors, “emerging technologies in the area of gene therapies: the use of recombinant DNA as a biologic substance for therapeutics, using “viruses” and other means to modify cellular DNA and proteins for a “desired purpose”
  • Nanotechnology in the frontal lobe,
  • Remote surveillance of our bodies “to measure health”,
  • Brain-Machine Interfacing,
  • Downloading and storing human memories,
  • Artificial brains, artificial organs
  • Touching on the infancy of “carbon nanotube-based materials”,
  • Wearable monitoring,
  • Embedded Biofluidic Chips,
  • DARPA programs for the military to “augment human performance to increase the lethality of the war fighter by providing for super physiological and cognitive capabilities,
  • “Nanostructures to disrupt biological function”,
  • Biotechnology and nanotechnology / “Lab-on-a-chip” and national medical surveillance network to benefit counterterrorism,
  • Sensors that discharge after an attack, retrofitting high-value buildings, nanotechnology to impact practically all areas of defence and war fighting,
  • Biochemical sensors to monitor the environment,
  • Electromagnetic pulses to carry messages to the cells and neurons,
  • Intelligence systems to anticipate threats from adversaries – “due to military threats”, (which is a very real & present-day threat, they say, because, you know, look at what was “observed on 11 September 2001”),
  • Nano circuitry to enhance Special Forces,
  • Nanoscale delivery systems for nervous systems/neurotransmitters,
  • Nanoscale sensors for stimulating/recording electrical activity,
  • Hive minds,
  • Download yourself new hardware,
  • “Smart-clotting” that adjusts to wearer’s activities and social environment,
  • Smart Dust,
  • Micromechanical Flying Insects,
  • “Smart buildings” that inform about their contents and inhabitants,
  • Implantable sensors or “Smart” patches to monitor patient and early-disease detection and incorporated into a closed-loop that would dispense a drug/agent that would counteract the detected anomaly,
  • “Smart weapons” and “Smart bombs”,
  • Biosurveillance in the area of bioterrorism – early detection requires smart sensors at the biological level in the air, water, ground, and on humans, integrated with geographic, demographic, and social information, (and the pesky privacy laws that would need to be dealt with for that to become a desirable and necessary reality “for our security”)
  • Nano-bio-sensors that are embedded in the body (that report on health, stress-level, and location),
  • Auto-sensors that create a memory of what is said, when people cough or sneeze (!?!), air and water sensors that sense contaminants,
  • Simulation tools that estimate the change in social outcomes
  • And more…
  • (this is just what I found scrolling through the document in the early hours of the morning)

So the above report was the first collaboration of bringing broad ideas together, bringing all these different sectors together, to merge science, education, bigtech, pharma, government, security, surveillance, investors, industry, etc, to present ideas and what they were already working on, to collaborate and “move things forward faster”.

Fast Forward to 2021 for a second, just to confirm the above claim.

NSF/DOD Convergence Accelerator 2021

National Science Foundation presents:

NSF Convergence Accelerator [Research Funding] (4min)

“Research is often driven by a compelling societal or scientific challenge, but developing solutions can take years. To deliver tangible solutions that have a nation-wide societal impact and at a faster pace, the NSF launched the Convergence Accelerator program. Leveraging a use-inspired convergence approach to transition basic research and discovery into practice, the program uses innovation processes like human-centered design, user discovery, team science; and integration of multidisciplinary research and cross-cutting partnerships to solve high impact societal challenges.”

Launched in 2019, the NSF Convergence Accelerator builds upon basic research and discovery to accelerate solutions toward societal impact. The program funds teams to solve societal challenges through convergence research and innovation. To enhance its impact, the Accelerator also places teams together in cohorts, synergizing their work through facilitated collaboration.

2022 DOD/NSF > 5G

One of the Funding Opportunities on the NSF link above, is a Joint Venture with the Department of Defense (DoD) on 5G projects…

“Supports use-inspired research to enhance end devices and augment 5G infrastructure so that military, government and critical infrastructure operators can operate through public 5G networks.

“This solicitation is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Defense (DOD) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense – Research and Engineering (OUSD(R&E)) 5G Initiative and the Army Research Laboratory (ARL).  For this track, DOD OUSD(R&E) is partnering with NSF to develop joint strategic interests that simultaneously address convergence research and serve mission needs of the 5G to NextG Initiative.”

“Anticipated funding for FY2022 is $12,500,000, to support Phase 1 awards in FY 2022. Proposers may request up to $750,000 for Phase 1. Phase 2 awards will be made in FY2023. Phase 2 proposals may request up to $3,000,000 for year 1 and up to $5,000,000 in total for the 24-month Phase 2 project.”


Propaganda Awards go to:

One of the awards was £4,994,542 to “MIT” for “COVID-19 Science

Another, again to “MIT” – £750,000 for “Adapting/Scaling Educational Programs to Combat Inauthenticity and Instill Trust in Information… targeted towards those who are more vulnerable to misinformation campaigns, such as rural and indigenous communities with limited access to high-speed internet, military veterans, older adults, and military families.

£750,000 to the Temple University to rebuild trust in mainstream media propaganda for journalists by tracking the life-cycle of their crap to see if they evolve into positive or negative unintended outcomes or trigger “false narratives/conspiracy theories“.

£749,997 to Rutgers University for the development of the offshore ocean economy with projections of climate impacts on wind energy, fisheries, and conservation, and make a web tool for the community to integrate climate information into their decision-making.

Another $750k went to the George Washington University in 2021 for “Building Trust in Communication Systems by Addressing Misinformation-Driven Online Abuse and Harassment

Two Million went to the Columbia University for the CIC COVID Pandemic Recovery: “The COVID Information Commons, CIC (http://covidinfocommons.datascience.columbia.edu/), which was established in May 2020 via an NSF COVID Rapid Response Research (RAPID) award to “facilitate information sharing and collaboration” across NSF-funded COVID research efforts.

Another $750K to the University of New York for “A Disinformation Range to Improve User Awareness and Resilience to Online Disinformation

Synthetic Biology & Tracking/Surveillance Awards to:

University of Florida – £750,000 aiming to make the US a leader in E-MC2 Sustainable semiconductor chips that operate in the millimeter wave frequencies, consisting of engineered multiple nanoscopic nonferromagnetic and ferromagnetic metals, and that it’s important because the US electronics industry is suffering an unsustainable situation & faces a “major economic and national security threat”, and it will work with governments in US/Korea and the private sector (Cisco, Intel, Apple, Applied Materials, Samsung, and SkyWater). (Description also brought up the CHIPS Act)

This one adds sensors to Indigenous and other coastal communities Buoys to collect and use ocean data for large scale scientific research predictions & climate change, for the bargain price of only £4,981,779 to University of Washington

Interconnecting Quantum Computers and Quantum Engineering

Oh here’s one… £5,000,000 to the University of Maryland for “The QuaNeCQT project” which “aims to create quantum interconnects that can connect quantum computers that are physically located several kilometers apart.”

This one gave £4,989,414 to Ohio State University to develop the QuSTEAM curriculum for undergraduates for the creation of a quantum smart workforce.

£5,000,000 to the University of Washington for Photonic Engine Accelerating Atomic Quantum Engineering (PEAQUE) project to develop an integrated photonic control engine to power a NISQ-scale cold atom quantum computer with more than 1000 qubits.

You get the point, there’s hundreds of these awards. Thousands of people just from this one fund, that are involved in the destruction of humanity. Check them out:

See also: Synthetic Biology Sitemap


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