Free Books to Recruit (Brainwash) Your Children into Life-long Pharma Slavery!

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Wow, whilst researching my last Pfizer post, I stumbled upon this book for 6-year olds on the Pfizer Clinical Trials site (I kid you not), and decided to check out where it was authored and found the mother-load of free propaganda books for kids.

It looks like this is where the big money is spent on creating pretty books to fool our future generations at the earliest possible age so that, like us, they grow up thinking something is true, and fall in line with the “Hive Mind”. Particularly of the medical establishment, but they cover all the others too – climate change, gender equality, history, space…

Anyway, they are promoted as “Free Educational Children’s Books” (Kudo’s to the Illustrator though – love your work!)

First, let’s look at the book I found on the Pfizer Clinical Sites url: (

(ooh, published right about the time they were rolling out certain experimental still-in-clinical-trial poison shots?… June 2021?… What a coinquidink!…)

The title is: “Shaman’s Magic Dream — The Development of Medicines“—brought to you by Pfizer.

Which not only gives you a complete false history of modern medicine, but, slips in the promotion of nanomedicine and mini-robots as an exciting invention that will “attack BAD cells that are RESPONSIBLE for disease“. (01)

(I hope people who are visiting my site are now at least semi-awake and looking into the whole Contagion Myth, as well as the Synthetic Biology agenda by now).

But it doesn’t stop there. “Shaman’s grandfather, the ‘Great Witch Doctor’ gets sick, and they need to press the red button, and “men of the Modern world” — (“Pfizer Scientists”) — who coincidentally have the same logo as the UN/WHO/WMO and the Soviet Union Coat of Arms(02)

— come to the rainforest to “save him” with “advanced science“, which of course, is brought to you by Pfizer’s helicopter.

Thank you “$cience”. Thank you “Pfizer”.

Wonder how much money Pfizer gave these guys for this marketing material. Sicko psychopaths.

Here’s another Pfizer for kiddies book:

The Indigo Stork — The dream of a little girl who lives with a rare disease. Brought to you by Pfizer. (03)

This one is about a girl’s little sister that has a “rare disease” because “babies are delivered by storks”, and the little sister was delivered by an “Indigo Stork” instead of a normal stork, which makes the little sister “special”. (04)

I actually don’t know if I should be happy that they are lying to kids in this book (especially considering these days they are literally exposing kids to porn, sodomy, and drag queens come in for story time).

Ponder. Yeah, I think I’d rather the stork story (if these were the only two options), even though I’m anti-lying by nature… because that’s how they got us.

Anyway, here’s another Pfizer special edition for kids:

“Brought to you by Pfizer” books wouldn’t be complete of course, without “invisible deadly viruses and bacteria that you can’t see but are disgusting and will make others sick“, that the Pfizer authors hope will “reinforce the key message from the ONE HEALTH perspective to SAVE MILLIONS OF LIVES, to AVOID the NEXT PANDEMIC of MULTI-DRUG RESISTANT BACTERIA“.


#YouCantMakeThisUp #YouReallyCant.

Title: Through Martin’s Microscopic World — brought to you by Pfizer

So, we start with a kid sneezing on his little brother (because he was in the garden) and his “educated” (because she has a laptop and a pointed know-it-all finger) mum starts spinning the narrative that bacteria, viruses, tonsillitis, covid-19, and flu would probably “infect” his little brother.

Then you have the father looking absolutely horrified or dare I say “scared” of the little brother, holding him away from him as if he is this disgusting thing that could make him sick. And the “sneezy kid” with a finger up his nose—just for the extra propaganda on top to trigger your social-“disgusted”-conditioning with the “dirty, sneezy, un-clean kid, that picks his nose”.

Is this how we get got so brainwashed as a society?

Next, you have a “Fascinating” Farce, that your sneeze can “INFECT ALL THE CHILDREN IN A ROOM!”. Let’s lay on the guilt-trip, and lay on the fear, mask and inject our kids….

… and Let’s Make Some $ERIOU$ Money!! $$$$ Cha-Ching!

Then, the kid goes to sleep and he journey’s through his brothers body as the size of bacteria and is filled with more propaganda that viruses “cause” flu and “Covid-19”.

And after the book has ended, and you’re full of fear of “invisible things that make you sick”, they couldn’t resist adding a pop-quiz at the end.


Just un-freaking-believable.

Well, that’s why Pfizer earns the big bucks, and is never accountable for any of the damage their products cause; no one ever goes to jail, they just sometimes pay a fine, and it’s “back to business“. (06) (07)

If you’re triggered by my commentary, and you have no idea why I’m saying such things (i.e. you think the book is telling the truth), and you haven’t got the time to read the thousands of studies and papers and evidence I’ve shared so far (as I’ve also been trying to get caught up and figure it out), then do yourself a favour and go watch the series “The End of Covid” to fill in most of the gaps regarding the contagion myth.

Once you’re done over there, and feeling good that everything they told you is a lie and now you are safe from the boogie man and know the real causes of dis-eases, when you are curious to explore a bit deeper about how we got here, go watch the series “The Cult of the Medics” to learn a lot about the history of the medical industry.

Then, see where you’re up to and decide what to learn/un-learn next, because this history of ours, this reality we live in, is a complete farce—propaganda, lies, mind-control, population-control—everything we think is true is almost the inverse in nearly every way, and there’s not just “one” enemy who has done this to us, it’s literally like a Game of Thrones + system-setup + complicated, twisted situation—many have their hands in this pie, and some of this has been going on for thousands of years.

The “Hive Mind” is that reality that we live in when you don’t know that we’re being messed with. In that hive-mind, we are like little pawns being played with, and are scrawling around this world trying to live up to this “tv” version of what they tell us we are, but when you start to open your mind up to the possibility that this world isn’t what we have been told, there’s a lot to learn (and un-learn), and things that are happening actually start to make a bit more sense; and you can start moving towards rectifying the situation we’ve found ourselves in.

Anyway, back to the Propaganda books…

When you visit the site, there is an entire catalogue of propaganda material disguised as “education”, ready to serve their current tyrannical agenda’s. (Not all of it is propaganda, but there’s enough there to justify that I’m not just “cherry-picking” only the “bad”)… so far they have covered

Gender equality



Classic literature






Emotional education

Here’s another one from Pfizer, but it’s only in Spanish:

Pfizer isn’t the only one who came to the party with their kiddy marketing dollars… here’s another pharma-sponsored book called… (08)

We’re Asthmatics, What’s the Problem?” — Sponsored by GSK — about “normalizing asthma and daily asthma medication”

GSK, surprise, surprise, is part of the Asthma-Drug Cartel (& injections)…

What a great marketing tool!

Convince parents and kids that the child has asthma from an early age, and recruit them to take their medication, daily, for their rest of their lives, and think that it’s “normal”.

This was me! Damnit. (Diagnosed at around 8-years old, and spent the first 3 decades in and out of hospital, and on endless amounts of “new and improved” asthma drugs, oxygen tanks, inhalers, tablets, ointments, nebulizers, and there was no “normality” in my life since I didn’t ever deal with the mysterious “cause” because I was conditioned to believe that “I was born with it”.)

Whereas, if you can instead figure out what is causing your breathlessness and wheezing—most likely a room dampness, food allergen/toxin (Like Store-Bought BREAD, CEREAL, and SYNTHETIC FOOD!!!), or some kind of chemical exposure—once you remove the culprit, then you can be free of their money-trap and actually have a life.

(This also applies to all the other life-style dis-eases they blame on genes).

By the way, ignore all my early posts about asthma, I grew up worshipping the medical industry and didn’t know any better until I did. Life is an ever-awakening… ‘daily’-awakening experience! :)

Here, they normalize hospital, doctors visits, an asthma diagnosis, and a “normal life”…”as long as he receives the right treatment“.

Then, they change his hay fever symptoms into a permanent life-long diagnosis of asthma, and say it’s very normal, over 300 million asthmatics (have been duped)… but it’s chronic!… you’ll “HAVE IT FOR LIFE”. Just NEVER FORGET to take our medicine!

Sidenote: They also normalized eating sandwiches throughout the book. Do they know bread is a known respiratory and allergen trigger since they’ve screwed our wheat with their GMO-Eugenics crops and messed with the ingredients in a lab by adding synthetic elements? I’m going to guess they actually do know this, as it literally is a marketing campaign for asthma medication, dressed up as a children’s book.

Finally, they recruit the kid to become “Big Pharma Billboards” with their friends (something we’re all familiar with over the past 3 years!).

The main kid in the book (that was just diagnosed with asthma and now has his daily asthma medication and a regular doctor), now tells his friend, Ava, that she should go to the doctor to get a tailored asthma plan too, and now they live happily ever after, regularly visiting doctors, talking about asthma almost every day, and taking GSK’s asthma medication, daily, for the rest of their lives, whilst never dealing with the cause.

Cha-Ching $$$$ Bravo. Well Played Psycho’s, Well Played.

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