Hawaii “Build Back Better” Shenanigans

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I can’t know for sure what happened in Hawaii, but you have to be a little bit skeptical when the fires benefit agenda’s that enslave humanity further… and the ‘lock-step media’ immediately blame “Climate Change” before they’ve done any kind of investigation.

Main Theories:

  1. Land Grab / Great Reset “Build Back Better” Agenda / Smart Cities
  2. Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) (01) (02) (03) (04)
    • Due to DEW’s causing buildings to burn into their own footprint, disintegrated, turned to ashes in their own footprint, but the trees around them remain intact and unburned. Fire destroys anything flammable, DEWs in general, have a different look than a typical forest fire. It has a different heat. Normal fire leaves things charred. DEWs even vaporize glass. The heat of DEWs are more intense. Things like plastic might survive a DEW attack due to being “microwave oven safe”.
    • We know the powerlines went down; but locals reported an instantaneous shutting down of everything; not just cell phones and power, but GPS, traffic lights, and stores, and that the power was shut down before the winds came, and that the night before, at least one family in Maui had very restless sleep that they described as a strange feeling of a wave of energy, that continued the next morning and felt stronger in Lahaina. (Need to find a verifiable source of this claim; because the electric company is being sued for “NOT” shutting off the power…)
  3. Criminal Negligence:
    • Grass Fires / Power Lines + Wind from deliberate/scandalous or by mismanagement (05)
    • Power Lines and Emergency Measures that weren’t properly executed i.e. Residents were told the fires were contained and while some got a door knock just before the fires, the other residents didn’t get any notification of the fires, no smart-phone notifications, no sirens, etc. They didn’t know there was a fire until they smelled the smoke at their doorstep. (Ed Dowd, Former BlackRock, resident of Maui) (06)
      • Apparently they have hurricane siren and other emergency testing every week, so it’s really suspicious that they didn’t use the same equipment to warn residents.
      • Escape routes were blocked by police. Who ordered this? Why did the police follow “orders” that would trap residents in a fire blaze?
      • Trees weren’t trimmed near power-lines, but the CEO’s make millions, and it’s in their wildfire management plans to keep the powerlines away from trees.
      • Water was cut-off. So those who were fighting the fires had to give up.

Official Story:

  1. Climate Change (07) (08)
  2. Unknown“/”Yet to be Determined”
  3. Glitch” in Emergency Response
    • Maui’s emergency management director, Herman Andaya, who was not on the island at the time of the fires, chose not to use sirens as he thought people were stupid and would head towards the fire. Really? He resigned the next day effective immediately citing health reasons. (09) (10) (11)

Locals say:

  • FISH says Police blockaded the cars in the car park and wouldn’t allow people to evacuate (video in this post)
  • Supply Chain is blocked & that the mainstream media is lying about the looters; they aren’t getting food or supplies and the people are having to loot to survive (12)
  • Many more dead than reported. (every video is saying this)
  • It wasn’t a natural disaster, it was a Direct Energy Attack and said “If you know what descendants live there, you know why & why it happened on 8-8(13)
  • My mum barely escaped. The whole place was engulfed. The wind normally comes from the ocean side. Police were allowing people to come into the town. People were jumping into the ocean to run away from the flames. Someone she knows spent 8 hours in the water before being picked up by a coast guard. First-hand account of them tagging hundreds of bodies. They’re not letting coverage in, and they’re not letting people with supplies in. None of us are allowed to go help them. Trees still standing, buildings vaporized. (14) (15)
  • The goal of Maui is to make it the first Smart Island. (I’ll need to upload because I didn’t save the url)
  • Maui fires coincidentally hit all the homes that BlackRock and super-rich were trying to buy up from residents that wouldn’t sell. (16)
  • Hurricane, Wind, Powerlines down, Happened super fast. My house is gone. (17)
  • More at end of post.

Others are saying:

  1. People were being cornered into the city instead of being let out (18)
  2. The same person managing the Maui fires, John Pelletier, the chief of police, is the same person that was the incident commander during the Las Vegas massacre in 2017, the worst mass shooting in American history. (19) (20) (21)
  3. Verified: High-Ranking government officials were not on the island when the fire broke out.
    • Maui Island Governor Josh Green not on the island when the fire broke out.
      • Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke was Acting Governor while Josh Green was off-island. (22)
    • Maui County Fire Chief Bradford Ventura was off the island at the time.
  4. Smart Meters (24)
  5. Mass child-sacrifice to the fires of Moloch — they’re all satanists and have to sacrifice children to appease their Ruler (Mike Adams theory) (25)
    • (schools closed, kids home alone with no warning, many think the majority of the dead will be school children but there is a media-blackout on the true amount of dead reported due to not being able to identify the bodies; although that shouldn’t be the case for those who died in their own homes, but here we are).
    • Clip from the Editor of the Maui Times says there is radio silence, and she is being denied access to the town or any information.
  6. Canadian woman in Alberta says she believes that the fires where she lives and in Hawaii are simply land grabs. (26)
  7. There was one website that said the whole thing didn’t happen at all (you would have to disregard all the witness accounts to believe that site)
  8. There are actually a few talking about the Banyan tree and the history of Maui and the Ancient Civilization of Lemuria. Something about a vortex, and the volcano passing through the heart chakra and that it matches the Schuman Resonance; the earth’s heartbeat, and the site is known as the “House of the Sun”, and is connected to our DNA. (27) (28)
    • I still have these videos open and haven’t watched them all nor understood exactly what they are saying.

Really Sick…

  • Books already published and available to order on Amazon about the Hawaii Fires & Climate Change (chatGPT vultures?)

Anonymous Vultures using AI or chatGPT to write and sell books on the Hawaii Disaster on Amazon.

Hawaii “Build Back Better” Shenanigans

Rumble-clip-compilation | Download on Telegram

What’s also interesting about the governor was he passed this executive order just before this in July, which could take away the land from the people based on if they need to “re-zone”. (29)

Not that long ago, Hawaiian government officials in the areas that were just affected by the “wildfires” passed a law saying that that land could not be redistricted for new building permits unless some sort of a serious natural disaster occurred.

Serious “natural” disaster occurred, and what did we have happen through those three districts of very sacred land to the Hawaiians, a very serious “natural” disaster. I’m not going to get into space lasers and all of that shit… but…

People called their insurance companies after the fire and the insurance companies for the first time informed them that there was zoning infractions on their land so they would not honour their insurance policies, and within 24 hours of these people losing their homes, the same developers who the Hawaiian elders fought in court to have that law passed, are already calling these people and making them offers for their homes.

This is what happens when the government sticks their fingers in everything. The governments in the insurance industry, they’re talking to people who are paying for their campaigns, which are the buyers of this land, and they say to these people, “Hey, let us know when they call you to get their insurance plans and let us know when you deny them so we can then give them a call right away and scoop in and swoop in and be the heroes.

So they’re going to get this land that they’re going to develop into millions of dollars worth of property and the Hawaiian elders are going to get fuck all. They’re going to get screwed over, and this happens everywhere. There’s too many coincidences for this not to be shady. Wake up. (30)

Listen to what Governor Josh Green had to say along with the FEMA director about preserving Lahaina moving forward:

“I’m already thinking about ways for the state to acquire that land so that we can put it into workforce housing, put it back into families or to make it open spaces and perpetuity as a memorial to people who were lost. We want this to be something that we remember after the pain passes as a magic place. And, Lahaina will rebuild, the tragedy right now is the loss of life. The buildings can be rebuilt over time, even the banyan tree may survive. But we don’t want this to become a clear space where then, yes, people from overseas just come and decide they’re going to take it. The state will take it and preserve it first.” (31)

So today we’re going to give a little update on the Hawaiian fires. Now I want you to look at this footage and this surely doesn’t look like a fire to me. It looks like something almost exploded or something went off. Now what’s interesting is certain things are still standing while other things are not. Now the governor did say this is “climate change” doing this. Interesting. (32)

What they don’t talk about is in January how they had in Maui a “Smart City Conference” to turn Maui into an entire smart island, changing everything to electric, renewables, solar panels and pushing everybody into electric vehicles: 15 minute smart cities. (33) (34)

So now what’s also interesting is next month in September, Hawaii is hosting the “Digital Government Summit” utilizing AI to ‘govern’ the island. (35) (36) (37)

It’s almost like they’re resetting something to start rebuilding for this in which they’re trying to push. (38) (39) (40)

Now when we look at all the climate change in Arizona that they’re going to try to push but they’re not going to talk about the Weather Modification Act of 1976. (41) (42) (43)

I highly recommend everybody look into this Act because who is involved in the weather modification activities? Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, Department of Interior, EPA and NASA. (44) (45)

So if they’re modifying the weather then could they have caused this event? So if we see that the Department of Defense and other factions are responsible for modifying the weather, well then if we look at direct energy weapons we can maybe see how this can all relate to this event. (46) (47) (48)

Hitachi Ad: “… But how do you do it in a way that’s going to benefit the most people? That was the question Hitachi asked before initiating the JUMPSmartMaui project. This initiative demonstrates how electric vehicles, smart grids and renewable energy like wind and sun can benefit Maui’s residents and it underlines the positive impact that Hitachi is making on the environment. It’s our Future.” (49)

  • “Hitachi recently announced that it has begun operations on the demonstration site for the “Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project” (commonly referred to as the “JUMPSmartMaui”) on the island of Maui, Hawaii, in collaboration with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Cyber Defense Institute, Inc. An opening ceremony was held on Maui to coincide with the launch of site operations.” (50)

Take a real close listen what the governor of Hawaii had to say about the fires:

“Of the destruction of the island it does appear like a bomb and fire went off. All of those buildings virtually are going to have to be rebuilt. It will be a new line, in its own image, its own values. It’s going to be billions of dollars. You’re so coordinated with state, county and federal support, that it took less than a quarter of a day, six hours to get the approval from the president to bring those resources in. This was of course a shock to see a hurricane and its winds. I think that we’re seeing this for the first time in many different parts of the world. I’ve been contacted by several governors across the country to share their experiences. In a time where global warming is combined with strengthening.” (51)

So let’s just go over a few of the red flags that he said:

  • Very coordinated.
  • Bomb and fire went off.
  • All we will need to rebuild is billions of dollars in its own likeness and own image with its own values.

What does that even mean?

  • And it’s so coordinated with state, county and federal support that within less than six hours they got approval from the president to bring resources.
  • Hurricane type winds that just happened to be the same time as the bomb-like fire.
  • Governors calling to share their experience.

So we start the press conference out with bombs and explosions then set up how we’re going to get some smart cities in Hawaii and then we end it with 2030 propaganda of global warming. Right.

What’s going on in Maui? There is a lot to unpack. So try to keep up.

Several wildfires have broken out on the island of Maui creating mass devastation and destruction, most notably the town of Lahaina. This is not the people’s fault and our hearts go out to those affected.

Why is Lahaina significant? It was once the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii, prior to the forced U.S. annexation and the eventual move to Honolulu.

Lahaina is filled with native property and business owners that have dug their heels in and have refused to sell their properties to conglomerates such as BlackRock, Vanguard and Oprah. Unglobalized prime oceanfront property still owned and managed by the natives.

So what caused this destruction? Short answer? No one knows. All government agencies, local and federal have vehemently stated that it is unknown. However, there are two competing theories online.

  1. Environmental.
    • The perfect combination of a major hurricane 200 miles off the southern shore of Maui combined with northern pressure to create massive dryness and winds.
  2. Diabolical.

What? I had the same response so I started googling. The first article that pops up when you google Maui DEW is from Newsweek. It starts like this:

“The devastating wildfires in Hawaii have brought a new conspiracy theory from climate change deniers who suggest that the destruction was orchestrated by the federal government’s direct energy weapons.”

Uhh. Anytime a propaganda media article starts with “conspiracy theory by climate change deniers” makes me want to believe it more.

Next article:

“Fact checked. False.”

Wait, what? I thought the facts were unknown, but how can we rule out trending theories as impossible already?

  • AP (Associated Press) gets $8 million to push climate alarm (56) (57) (58)

Joe Biden just announced that the federal government will provide aid to those that lost their homes. That means homeowners who lost their houses and properties can now loan money from the federal government at a low interest rate. Your super valuable property that is skyrocketing in value, you can now get a new mortgage courtesy of Uncle Sam.

There are also countless efforts by the people to send aid and support to devastated areas. This would be great, except local residents are now saying that they are having difficulty delivering such aid and only FEMA and Red Cross Aid is being allowed in. Roadblocks everywhere. No one allowed in or out.

Hmm, and Maui is an island surrounded by water next to one of the largest US military bases. Local residents are saying that they received no advanced warning and that they only evacuated once they saw the thick black smoke at their doors. Why was the federal response so slow on this matter? Waiting until the fire had overtaken this area prior to action?

I don’t know what’s going on in Maui. Our hearts go out to all those affected and we pray for your safety. What I do know is that there are more questions than answers, and any time that’s the case, especially when global self interest benefits and people suffer, well, you know, “conspiracy theory”.

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement on the Maui fires this morning. He blamed the government for being ill prepared and he also blamed you for a poor response, saying quote, “With the governor of the island wanting to do nothing but blame it on global warming and other things that pop into his head”… end quote, do you have a response?

“I don’t have any time for divisive comments. I’m only here to help people, uh, honestly, that’s all; I’ll have more to say later, but I don’t have any time for divisive comments from anyone.”

Simpsons Episode: … “The time for morning and blaming our mayors has passed. We will rebuild. We will rebuild. We will rebuild. Six months later…. S…ING..E..D… “We will rebuild. We will rebuild.”

So, the other way that we can tell that the narrative is fake, is every single title here. See them? They all say the same thing. It’s all repetitious garbage. It’s all the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, which allows the U.S. government to disseminate society by way of propaganda. This is propaganda. This is an attack on American soil. This is an attack on the American people, and this right here is the Smith-Mundt Act being played out. It is to disseminate and destroy society. (59) (60) (61)

Only article that I did come across that had any little bit of information which I found to be interesting was this one right here, and the reason that I did find it interesting was it didn’t have the same verbiage as some of the other ones, but what I do find interesting is down here. Let’s see. It seems a little suspect to me, so I’m going to stick with my suspicions right here: (62)

“Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke, who is serving as acting governor because Gov. Josh Green was out of state,”

Woah. Almost…. that leaves a whole door open of questions, doesn’t it? The governor just happens to be gone when the entire area gets hit with direct energy weapons, and in fact, the lieutenant governor is now acting governor? I just found it to be interesting, and then here, right down here, see where it says:

The Lahaina fire is not yet under control, Bissen said, and officials have not determined what started the wildfires. “I can tell you that we did not anticipate having this many fires simultaneously”.

This is an attack. Are you mad yet?

“This is going to be a multi year recovery. It’s going to take essentially years to rebuild Lahaina, which was destroyed, but we will build it back better and we’ll build it back proudly.” ~ Governor Green

Build Back Better. Where have we heard that before? (63) (64) (65) (66) (67) (68) (69) (70) (71) (72) (73)

  • Build back better. ~ Bill Clinton
  • It’s a very pertinent question to ask, how do we build back better? ~ Tony Blair
  • To build back better or whatever. ~ Greta Thunberg
  • Do you have a chance to reset the clock and build back better than before?
  • To build back better than before.
  • Remember the terrible damage of COVID as we try to build back from this global pandemic. ~ Hillary Clinton
  • Building back better. ~ Justin Trudeau
  • To do things differently. To build back better. ~ Boris Johnson
  • We’re going to build it back better. ~ Senator Elizabeth Warren
  • And build it back better. ~ Obama
  • To my plan to build back better. ~ Joe Biden (74) (75) (76) (77) (78) (79)
  • Start taking all the problems that have been created in education, mental health, and start to build back in a positive way. ~ Bill Gates
  • I have launched a booklet called Build Back Better. Britain after coronavirus. ~ Layla Moran (80)
  • It’s about building this country back better. ~ Kamala Harris (81)
  • Growing conspiracy following it. It is called the Great Reset. (82)
  • Unprecedented opportunity to rethink and reset the ways in which we live. ~ Prince Charles (83)
  • The great opportunity for reset. ~ IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva (84)
  • The theory even calls Mr. Biden’s campaign slogan Build Back Better. A front for the conspiracy.
  • To build back better. ~ Prince Harry
  • Building back better our economy. ~ Chancellor Rishi Sunak (85)
  • Build back better. ~ Jacinda Ardern (86)
  • All elements of the great reset are fundamental to building the future we need. ~ Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations (87)
  • This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. ~ Justin Trudeau (88)
  • It’s a big effort to … some would say to build back better. We would say to really have a reason to create reset. ~ Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive, World Economic Forum (89)
  • Conspiracy. Conspiracy. Conspiracy.
  • See also others I found whilst trying to source the above quotes:
    1. Deputy Secretary for the Department of Commerce, Nov 2021 (90)
    2. Resilient Cities, Australia, 2015 (91)
    3. Interviewing CEO’s on how the Covid crises can help businesses “build back better”, Aug 2020 (92)
    4. JSE Group CEO, Jun 2020 (93)
    5. Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair, Nov 2021 (94)
    6. Greenpeace Australia, Apr 2020 (95)

FISH: “Cars blockaded in by Police during Hawaii Fires”

Rumble-Clip | Download Clip on Telegram | Full Livestream: YouTube

Well, I went to Safeway late because the wind was blowing so I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave that night, and the electricity was off, and so it took me about an hour and a half to just get some orange juice, and so it was about four o’clock and I went out and I saw the fire and you couldn’t even see the gateway because it was covered with smoke and everyone’s standing around just looking and I said, “I think we should get out of here because of the speed of this wind it could be here in two minutes.”

So I went around back to Front Street and all the cars were lined up, but none of them were moving, and I walked all the way from Safeway to the Chart House and not one car had moved and I was wondering what was stopping the traffic.

It was a policeman and I got to the end and I looked up north, there were no obstructions. There was no reason to keep those cars there. Are you serious? I’m serious as a heart attack and I said, “What are you doing?” He goes, “I’m under orders to keep them here.” and I said, “The fire is is right around Safeway, it’s going to hit Front Street. You know, these people have gotta get out of here,” and he said, “I’m following orders”, and that’s why I just kept walking and I thought well maybe he knows something I don’t, you know?

I keep walking down the highway and I look behind — no cars are coming out I walked all the way to Wailua Beach, still no cars coming out and I started hearing boom boom boom! And then I heard people screaming and stuff.

You’re saying they were blockaded in by the police?

At the end of Front Street, like where that restaurant is?

Yeah, where the Chart House used to be.

I walked all the way from Safeway to there, not one car had moved, and people walking in front of me, people and the cars are saying, “Would you like a ride?” and they go, “Okay”, and they’d get in. They asked me—No! You better get out of here, you know? and people were saying “Well, we were told you evacuate by car.”

Okay? So I just kept walking and I got all the way to like I said the Civic Center and then I started hearing all the explosions and there was no one walking behind me or on bicycles or anything. I had no idea, you know until the next day when I walked down there, about what had happened.

More Videos

I ended up downloading over 100 videos, I wanted to categorize them into the various theories, but I stopped after making the above two because they take too long to make on my computer. I may put a clip together of the stories on the ground, but even then, it’s not complete because they are cut off from the internet, so we’re only getting a small selection of people who have access to satellites or who are rich and have their own views on the world and I really want to know what the locals are saying.

Local video footage:

News Footage:


Directed Energy Weapons and other Theories:

I have learnt more about DEWs than I ever knew before and realize just how little I know about them and how long they’ve actually been used, which has at least been disclosed publicly since the 1960s. This is something I really need to learn more about, and have started to look more deeper into it. (126) (127) (128) (129) (130) (131) (132) (133) (134) (135)

Being that I’m fairly ignorant about DEWs, I am leaning towards wind and dry grass – intentions about a deliberate arson I’m not quite sure about, but it seems as though the agenda wins regardless; so it also seems as though there are some nefarious people that actually via their greed or policies or whatever their end-goal is, ended up being the enablers behind people dying by allowing it to burn, by blocking traffic from leaving, by ‘not’ blocking traffic from coming in, by refusing supply drops by the locals, by refusing to allow local media to report, by not setting off the emergency system.

It’s a bit dodgy that they require everyone’s dna… I don’t like that. Yet, I understand it might be the only way to verify the remains, but I wish there was another way.

Who else benefits? The Smart Island agenda, the Climate-Hysteria narrative, the town is wiped out so all the businesses are no longer operating, the millionaires can come in and extort these people because this island is still going to be somewhere that the millionaires want to live and the locals won’t be able to afford to re-build without an income. The insurance agencies refusing to pay up. The previous laws being changed that benefit the globalists to take-over this island. There are a lot of nefarious groups that benefit and yet the locals will be the ones that suffer.

If this hadn’t happened time and time and time again throughout history, then maybe we can consider it to be a horrible accident, a horrible random act of God, but this has happened over and over and over again. In the US, listen to Catherine Austin-Fitts who explains how they funded looters and protests to devalue certain areas and then go in and buy off all the high-end property at a bargain price. In the US also, you have Gates who is now the largest owner of all the farmland. All wars are funded by “them”. These ‘wildfires’, ‘floods’, and the endless other agenda’s seem to be the new warfare. The “Voice” in Australia will enslave the aboriginals and the general public probably think they are ‘helping’ them. We also had almost the entire country in flames prior to the pandemic. You have Blackstone (as well as Vanguard/BlackRock/StateStreet) buying up all the real estate.

Land is actually the only thing of value in this world; everything else is slavery; and it’s the enslavement system, so I don’t trust that this was ‘natural’, particularly when they have the ability via their arsenal of weather-weapons to put out fires. There is some psychopaths running the world that want us dead, that want us enslaved, that want to control everything. We can’t take that particular fact off the table. They also want to wipe out the middle class, I’ve provided enough evidence of that which should leave you with no question marks there. Anyway, there are some mad, crazy psychopaths in the world and corporations are psychopathic by law, and unfortunately between them, they are the ones that own it all, including every government, and when all devastating things happening around the world benefits “them”, we need to hurry up and get up to speed on what’s coming next, and figure out how to counteract them or create-anew an escape route as they are reaching all of our doorsteps.


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