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AstraZeneca’s Executive Director of Global Compliance is on the Ethical Board of EU’s Graphene Flagship.

Instead of just putting a tiny reference on one of my many graphene posts, I thought I’d make this one a little bit more obvious for those who don’t read my footnotes, and add a few more notes along the way for my own research.

Ethical Advisory Board of the Graphene Flagship

AstraZeneca, Sweden

Executive Director Global Compliance of AstraZeneca. Ursula Hohlneicher; Sweden.

Former Dupont, Sweden

GMO Expert, former Dupont chemical company, former bioherbicide/biofungicide developer, and blogger to ‘counteract agriculture disinformation’ who says glyphosate is safe and the EPA is trustworthy. Steve Savage; Sweden.

IGI Global: Beijing, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford…

Norberto Patrignani; Italy

IGI Global = HQ in USA, Operating in Beijing, China, and works in ‘close collaboration’ with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Tsinghua University, and Australian National University.

“Graphene is Safe”, says 100 billion dollar Graphene Flagship

The Graphene Flagship, with a budget of €95.5 billion says graphene is safe for long-term lung exposure (based on their “modelling”), does not cause skin inflammation (admits further studies needed), that it’s toxic to “some” species in the environment, and that it’s biodegradable “from enzymes in the human gut“, but don’t worry about the gastrointestinal inflammation, that will subside over time…

Graphene Flagship Director Jari Kinaret; Sweden.


In 2022, the European Commission announced the European Chips Act at the World Economic Forum’s DAVOS 2022

20 Jan 2022 Rumble-Clip | YouTube-Full-Address | YouTube-Full-Commentary

Two unelected parasites (Nut-Job Schwab & Ursula von der Leyen) congratulate themselves: “Just would like to highlight what you said about the European Chips Act because it’s an important step to create a physical brain for digitalization and to have it located to a certain extent in Europe.”

European Chips Act:

2022 Graphene Flagship Speakers included students from:

Trinity College, Harvard, Ratheon, Imperial College, Graphmatec & Catalan Institute.


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