Intra Body Nano Network – Part 5/5 (Selective genocide)

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Part 5 of 5 of the Intra Body Nano Network by Mik Andersen. Part five continues hypothesizing if this technology is in us, what it could be used for on a more devastating level regarding population control, selective genocide, and eugenics. This post also contains the references he listed in his presentation.

Intra-body nano-network – Part 5 of 5 – Possible Uses: Social Credit System, Eugenics, Targeted traceless weapon


3.) Possible Consequences, Applications and Uses (Continued from Part Four)

  • 5.) The individual as livestock. Social Credit System; calculate your value

An intracorporal network would turn the individual into feedstock. (P.B. He says feedstock but I think he means livestock, being that he’s used an auto-translator to make this video from Spanish to English).

This is an inexhaustible source of information, generating data to be recorded, evaluated and processed for social, economic, scientific and political use. Perhaps partly for this reason, inoculated individuals could receive a universal minimum income in exchange for handing over the data they may generate in the course of their lives. However, becoming a source of information subject to continuous monitoring would make it possible to calculate or weight the value of each person according to their capabilities, their capacity for thought, reasoning, analysis, behaviour, and loyalty to the system, and thus determine which people are more suitable, profitable and beneficial to society.

This coefficient, which would measure the value of a person, could be used to determine his success in society and in life, as well as to decide his destiny, an aspect that links to the following application use, or rather consequence of the intracorporal network.

  • 6.) Population reduction. Selective Genocide/Eugenics.

According to the Neo-Malthusian thesis, the intracorporal network would make it possible to know the value of each person and determine what part of the population should be eliminated. (01) (02) (03) (04)

(Presupposing that there is an excess population that cannot be maintained that reduces the resources available for the part of the population that is productive and of greater added value.)

This would mean the most absolute reification of the human being, denying all spirituality and freedom that are proper to people by the mere fact of existing. (05)

By obtaining a cut-off figure, all those people who do not exceed the established threshold could be gradually eliminated also by means of the intracorporal network itself, as explained below.

  • 7.) Elimination.

An intracorporal network can not only operate in the neural environment, but also in the cardiovascular system and especially in the heart.

If the right signals are received, an artificial alteration in the heart rhythm could be triggered, which would trigger arrhythmias and henceforth heart attacks.

An electric shock to the brain tissue at the right intensity and in the right location could cause fainting, loss of balance and unconsciousness, with the intended danger to the person.

Therefore, based on the bidirectionality stated in the literature on intracorporal networks, it is not unreasonable to think that signals could also be received that could trigger the disorders and conditions that lead to the elimination of the person.

This ability to be able to eliminate a person who is either unprofitable in the “New World Order” or who does not accept the approaches desired by the elites, or who is part of the dissidents or opposition, is extremely clean, leaves no traces of the crime, and is particularly effective in maintaining control and power over the population.


I also directly transcribed, looked up, and referenced and found the English PDF for every reference he singled-out in the video throughout the 5 parts of this blog series.

A few more places you can get references:

  • Download Intra-body nano-network – Brief Summary by Mik Anderson:
    • PDF summarizes everything he went through in the video (and more)
  • The Bibliography for the documentary “BlueTRUTH” lists most of Mik Andersen’s references. PDF
  • Mik Andersen’s website has been hacked ( – don’t go there) but you can download all the PDF’s of his research until someone let’s us know if there are any new updates and whether he is still around (Mik Andersen disappeared April 2022, and went incognito March 2022, which is really worrying considering what happened to 2 other graphene whistleblowers – both “died suddenly” – Dr. Andreas Noack & Dr. Domenico Biscardi), but Prof Campra and La Quinta Columna are still around, although Prof Campra hasn’t updated his research since Feb 2022 (but he has been appearing in La Quinta Columna videos), and whoever is Mik Andersen really is – he might be one of the La Quinta Columna guys anyway (since it’s a fake name).
  • 167 References from La Quinta Columna is listed on this post (Mik Andersen collaborates with La Quinta Columna and Dr. Pablo Campra’s research under a pseudonym)
  • A lot of his first blog (before it was removed) and website (before it was hacked) can still be accessed via in Spanish. 2021-C0r0n@2Inspect |


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