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La Quinta Columna’s March 2023 Presentation in English (Part 2d of 6)

(Start at Part 1: Conference: The game is over)

Thesis development and presentation of scientific literature

Rumble (1.5hrs) – This post 30:00 – 37:42

Part 2d: Graphene – Infertility, neurodegeneration, intranasal/aerosol ‘vaccines’, Nanografi

Here for example it has a greater toxic effect on the sperm. When sperm motility is counted the number of spermatozoids in the male reproductive system is dose dependent. In other words, the higher the dose of graphene oxide the greater the infertility, and a large part of the world population is sterile today.

This is a PubMed publication. It is the national center for biotechnology information. Evaluation of toxicity of graphene oxide in kidneys. I’m not going to go through the entire document but as we have already seen it ends up causing kidney inflammation, kidney stones and many kidney related problems. (01)

It is impossible to cover all the articles. This is very important. The intranasal installation. This is the intranasal vaccine ladies and gentlemen in the real context. They speak about an intranasal vaccine but its purpose is really to translocate graphene oxide directly into the neurons, into the brain. This is what will be done, and they are equally obsessed in seeing whether the material persists etc.

This study describes mice or in reality, humans so to speak. Which were exposed intranasally, sheets of graphene oxide, dispersed in an aqueous solution. They studied the influence of the lateral dimensions of graphene oxide sheet on the degree of translocation from the nose to the brain, and how biodegradable it is.

Firstly in the trials they carried out, they determined that depending on the shape and dimensions of the material, it would persist for longer or less time within the body.

So how biodegradable is it? After a month or three months how much material remains? Because it needs to be replaced and this is done via the boosters, the second and third doses etc, and in this case intranasally such as a vaccine being prepared by the Spanish National Research Council.

Recent studies have also shown that carbon nanotubes including graphene oxide (which is the same thing) can undergo a biologically mediated degradation. This is very important because here it talks about dimensions. We will see different patterns of graphene oxide like in the first video. These are trials and for this reason they refer to them as vaccination trials.

They are looking for the form that has the least toxicity and remains in the body the longest. Specifically in the neurons, which is the objective, the lungs and other components of the respiratory tract are targets of the nanoparticles too.

Inhaled nanoscale-sized nanoparticles, and this idea has held firm, that is, if we inhale this in a nanoparticle format including via aerial fumigation, something which we see widely on a daily basis, and that many people are unaware of, these nanoparticles are going to pass into the respiratory tract, but beware, this is not the same as an intranasal installation probe at a very high concentration than disseminating it evenly in the atmosphere. You will swallow some but not as much as they would like. That is why they need to introduce it intranasally.

Evidence from epidemiological studies, clinical trials and animal experience have shown that organs other than the lungs such as the brain may also be affected. In fact we are going to see that graphene causes inflammation in the brain, the inflammation kills neurons and it raises the content of their memory. We are talking about neurodegeneration.

Graphene within the biology is always going to cause harm as we will see. In addition to having the properties that you have already seen, we have discussed the intranasal vaccine, right? We are talking about intranasal installation. Well this is Luis Enjuanes’s intranasal vaccine. Clearly the man is a criminal. He is fully aware of what is happening. He isn’t naively working for the official version and truly believing that the intranasal vaccine administered in this way will actually cure anything.

“This virologist leads the project for an intranasal vaccine that has demonstrated its efficacy in mice, and that prevents the virus from spreading”.

They want to reduce the toxicity because obviously you’ve already seen that in reality there is no virus. There is no real sequencing or physical isolation of any pathogen called coronavirus, neither in this case or previous cases because they use techniques and algorithms to implement virtual sequences of something that doesn’t exist in nature but the deception goes much further.

In Argentina for example the same is happening – a nasal spray will be trialled. Same story it is an intranasal installation and intranasal vaccine which is referred to here as a spray against COVID. It’s not against COVID. In fact it’s going to exacerbate so-called COVID since what they are going to do is to put graphene in it. Okay this is Argentina.

In other words the intranasal vaccine against flu. Against the flu too! Basically, if we cannot introduce it by the COVID jobs because people are beginning to show reluctance, we will introduce it via the routine immunization schedule for children of flu vaccines. Nanoparticles administered intranasally and now you want to understand things.

News from back in 2021 “Turkey makes progress with the first intranasal vaccine against COVID-19”.

Who presents it? Listen. It’s not the minister of health – it’s the minister of industry and technology! Cheeky isn’t it?

“Mustafa Varank reported that the preliminary stages of the trials had been successfully completed and phase one in human testing would soon begin”,

And in the same body of the news we find this:

“Turkey’s Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank said that a group of scientists from the Nanografi company…”

Nanografi is a multinational that produces graphene as you will see next. Everything is clear now isn’t it?

“Specializing in nanotechnology…”

Graphene is the building block of nanotechnology.

“and work is underway for the development of what is or will be the first intranasal vaccine against COVID. In his speech at the opening ceremony of the new Nanografi facility for the production of graphene in the capital Ankara, he said that he hoped the nasal aerosol would be more effective against the disease.”

Aerosol. Remember we were informed that SARS-CoV-2 was mainly transmitted in aerosol through flu droplets. That was what we were told wasn’t it? Careful don’t breathe it’s coming this way, and in the same body of news it said:

“our goal is to launch a vaccination campaign with this intranasal vaccine this year.”

They’re working on it in Turkey, Spain, Argentina, all over the world in fact, and in the body of news they talk about graphene. Furthermore, as if it was something different. Hey in what ways it different if we are being informed that Nanografi makes the vaccine!

Let’s see what Nanografi does. From then onwards, we did not even need to do Campra’s reports, however Dr. Campra’s Final Technical Report demonstrates that graphene is clearly present.

This is Nanografi. On the company’s website, you can order graphene in different forms.

Nanoplates, graphene sheets, graphene solutions, carbon nanotubes (which is graphene geometrically arranged in single wall or multi wall tubes). This is Nanografi. (02) (03)

All clear, right? (37:42)


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