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Notes from the Book:
“N.I.C.E way to Cure COVID-19
5000+ patients cured with
Zero Medicine/Money/Mortality”
by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury / Network of Influenza Care Experts

N = Network
I = Influenza
C = Care
E = Experts

Firstly, the book is available free here: https://biswaroop.com/nice_bk_refs/
Available in English & Hindi

It contains fully-referenced sources and testimonials, as well as you can visit the website and ‘view’ the video testimonials yourself (although you’d need to understand Hindi..)

It is written from the personal experience of a particular specialist in Diabetes, who has been dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, with a network of Influenza specialists who have ‘cured’ more than 5000 patients in 40 days with zero medication and zero mortality.

… which has led them (or Dr. Chowdhury), to believe that:

  • Covid-19 in terms of mortality rate (CFR) and infection rate (R0) is not a life-threatening disease (stay with me… he has a theory on why people are dying that might be plausible… )
  • Says that the rate of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is comparable to that of the common cold, and that the mortality rate of COVID-19 is comparable to that of seasonal Flu.
  • The book explains how he suspects that people are being more damaged by W.H.O.’s treatment-protocol and Fear-Psychosis.
  • And that the particular masks that we’ve been told to use, not only can’t protect you, but can actually make you sick.

A 3-step Flu Diet Solution

  • The same 3-step Flu diet that has been used since 2016 for Influenza, was successful for over 5000+ patients since SARS-COV-2
  • Within 72 hours of the three step Flu diet, all symptoms were resolved for approximately 80% of the patients, 60% tested negative for COVID-19, and 95% patients recovered with 7 days… and 100% recovered with 14 days.
  • The book claims 95% of the patients and their family members are panicked not due to symptoms/physical discomfort, but rather due to the COVID-19 Phobia and Fear Psychosis.
  • He lists the names of 61 practitioners who were consulted in the writing of the book.

Out of 5000+ patients who had ‘classic Influenza-like illness symptoms’ (as described by CDC), about 1000 of those came to them with a ‘SARS-CoV-2 Positive test’ report through RT_PCR, and the rest came to them without going for the PCR test.

Their guidelines of issuing death certificates released by the Indian Council of Medical Research, if any person dies with the classical symptoms, then the cause of death should be mentioned as COVID-19 (even if the RT-PCR Test for SARS-CoV-2 is negative before or after the death).

One of the mysteries Dr Chowdhury had was while treating the patients who tested positive for COVID-19 (Apx 1000), he could not find any particular symptom which was unique from the rest of the 4000 patients he treated. Symptomatically, the COVID-19 patients did not show any unique characteristics or sign or pattern that is distinguishable from other ILI/Pneumonia patients and it was not possible to rule out all the known causes of Pneumonia.

Diagnostically, he said the best tool available to science is the PCR test but this test has a high false-positive, meaning that when the PCR test is conducted, it will show positive for at least 2 of the 200 viruses, and that there were no means to know whether those who test positive is a TRUE positive or a FALSE positive. Basically, he’s saying SARS-CoV-2 may have been causing ILI/Pneumonia for a long time, but only now do we have a method of detecting it.

They conclude from this (and more that I didn’t take notes on – in the book) that SARS-CoV-2 is not a new virus, and has no unique illness/symptom, and with that, he doesn’t call it Corona anymore, he calls it ILI/Flu.

Why so many Corona deaths? Why are so many people dying in Brazil, Spain, Italy, USA, and India is increasing?

He explains in 3 steps how the Corona patient is killed:

Step One of how the Corona Patient is Killed:

Masks as the Perfect “Soup”

Note: Soup is my word :) – Penny
The carbon-dioxide problems have been widely reported & confirmed since this book was published – even on mainstream channels, so I won’t take notes on this – but it’s important to note the other two problems with masks:

  1. ) We touch our masks more than 23 times per hour on average while touching produce and doors and the like, that the contamination of the masks (which would normally be dispersed by air and sun) can cause us to get sick.
  2. ) Along with this, as we are speaking and breathing at the same moment, this area becomes a little moist or humid. Humidity and warmth create a very conducive atmosphere for germs, bacteria and other infections to flourish. If you wear a mask for half an hour to one hour continuously then, the atmosphere created at this juncture becomes very conducive for the prosperity and growth of infections and germs.

So as soon as you get out of the house, you put on a face mask thinking you are protected. We touch/adjust the mask 23 times on average PER HOUR. You shop and adjust your mask, you talk and adjust your mask, you select & deselect produce & touch your mask, you feel suffocated, you adjust your mask, someone can’t hear you, you adjust your mask.

He said that if you weren’t wearing a mask, and sneezed or coughed, the bacteria and viruses (that are already present in your mouth) used to go into the atmosphere and get killed due to fresh air and sunlight. Now, you are collecting them in the mask.

The mask is now a soup containing a collection of all kinds of viruses, and that the frequent touching of the mask increases the transmission of this soup. (non-verbatim, my ‘interpretation’ – Penny).

Then someone else comes along and buys the fruit that you touched (that you didn’t buy), and they now take home ‘your soup’.

Then at home, you are away from sunlight, away from fresh air, and there is no physical activity. If they lost their jobs as well, they are depressed, the children aren’t going to school, etc. Extra stress at home.

As a result, our immunity is lowered.

He says staying at home out of fear, will lower one’s immunity, and now they make a phone call, or read the paper, or listen to the news, the fear is increased leading to the lowering of immunity even further.

If you haven’t washed your mask, your virus-collection accumulates.

He’s making a point that if you weren’t wearing mask, and you were exposed to someone else’s virus, you would’ve fought it off normally because your immunity was strong, but now with a weak immune system, even an otherwise healthy person would fall sick.

Step Two of how the Corona Patient is Killed:

The Protocol

He then blames the protocol “medicines and false-positive tests” as the next culprit.
So he’s saying that because of the virus soup, and the lowered immunity, the patient will have a cold, cough, fever or some other worrying symptom, and that the person will head straight to the hospital rather than a chemist (because if he goes to a chemist – he will not be given medicine: he would be advised to go to hospital). At the clinic, the person will be coerced to undergo the Corona test, which most likely will be positive.

When you reach the hospital, the virus is still in your throat or upper-respiratory tract. While it’s in the upper-respiratory tract, there won’t be complications and it remains there for two days. If nothing is done to prevent its attack, gradually the virus will start going down from the upper-respiratory tract from the third day onwards.

The doctor will prescribe antibiotics, anti-pyretic, anti-malarial, and/or anti-HIV medicines.

When the Coronavirus is in the upper-respiratory tract (mouth, nose, throat), it’s not-at-all deadly and cannot cause complication or death. But when you give patients Antibiotics, Antipyretics, Anti-viral drugs, or Anti-Malarial drugs, it causes the virus to spread to the lower respiratory tract (lungs), and by the 7th day, it may cause breathing difficulties and Pneumonia-like symptoms and for some patients, oxygen deficiency.

He says the deaths are caused by the medicines being administered in the name of Coronavirus, thus resulting in the movement of the virus to the lungs. He also says that the types of medicines prescribed, lower the immunity, which results in giving the virus a chance to percolate down to the lungs. He said he warned everyone about this back in February 2020, and the result was that they deleted his YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. But then finally in June 2020, WHO accepted that the overuse of antibiotics for COVID-19 will cause more deaths.

Step Three of how the Corona Patient is Killed:


Once the virus reaches the lungs, fluid fills up in the alveoli, and as a result, the patient starts having breathing difficulties, which may measure less than 80% Oxygen with an Oximeter. The normal oxygen-level is 99%, and the moment it is <90%, the doctor would put you on a ventilator.

He said it’s not a life-saving device: that 94% of people die on the ventilator, and that out of the other 6% who recover after a ventilator, half of them die within 2-3 months, and of the last 3% survivors are dependant upon others for their day-to-day needs. The ventilator functions as lungs and the coordination between the brain and the lungs gets cut off. His chest-specialist friend said that in 32 years, he’s never seen a patient come alive from the ventilator.

So the author’s version of truth is completely different than what we’ve been told. He says there are 3 steps to Corona deaths:

  1. Step 1: Masks
  2. Step 2: Medicines
  3. Step 3: Ventilators

He says all over the world so many deaths are occurring because the protocol is the same (all 3 steps towards death).

He says the solution is quite simple, and states that 60% of the world are already immune to novel Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 without vaccination. A past cold or flu exposure gives us ‘background immunity‘.

Cellular background Immunity: Up to 60% of the population has cellular background immunity to novel Coronavirus as they have been infected with the previous Coronaviruses (cold virus) since childhood.

The remaining 40% are partially covered by Herd immunity.

Mucosal Immunity

If you have background immunity and herd immunity, you have Mucosal immunity – immunity related to mucus. Our body is lined with mucus. As soon as the virus enters the body, it confronts mucosal immunity at first. If you strengthen your mucosal immunity, you need not worry about respiratory virus.

How do you strengthen Mucosal immunity?

By consuming 0.2 gm Vitamin C in it’s natural form (Fruits and Vegetables)

Such as:

  • 2 mangoes
  • 2 sweet limes
  • 4 tomatoes
  • a handful of raw peas
  • different types of fruits (300-400 gm)

A vitamin tablet goes directly into the stomach, whereas the fruits and vegetables consumed orally go to the body through the mouth and strengthen the mucosal immunity. Whenever you take a tablet, (any tablet he says), it will reduce your mucosal immunity.

Mucosal Immunity: Everyday consume at least 0.2 gm of vitamin C from fruits ( 3 mangoes, 2 oranges or 1 guava) and raw vegetables (4 tomatoes or a handful of peas) to prevent the attack of respiratory viruses.

He says to strengthen your immunity you also need to avoid the intake of medicines and completely avoid animal protein. He says if you start getting flu-like symptoms, follow the 3 day protocol.

The 3-Day Protocol

Day 1 (Liquid)

Consume fresh citrus fruit juice and coconut water (dosage in the book)
eg. if you weigh 60kg, 6 glasses of citrus fruit juice and 6 glasses of coconut water, alternated every hour, sip by sip, spending 15 minutes on each glass.

  • Vitamin C from citrus = supports immunity, helps in getting rid of virus
  • Coconut water = helps with hydration

Day 2 (Fluid)

Day 3 (Solid)

  • Breakfast: Citrus fruit juice & coconut water
  • Lunch: Cucumber and tomatoes
  • Dinner: By the evening, you will find yourself fit, and you can resume a normal home-cooked meal (with less oil, less salt), and says you will be back at work on the fourth day in most instances.

People always reach for medicines to try and manage the Flu, and he said that’s when the virus gets its chance to move down to the lower respiratory tract, and when breathing difficulties will occur. He reiterates the need to avoid the hospital ventilators.

SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA respiratory Influenza virus. RNA respiratory influenza virus means that it can enter the human body through the mouth and nose only. It is an RNA Influenza virus meaning that there can be no medicine or vaccine for the same. The reason for this is that it mutates very easily and quickly. On May 5, 2020, University College of London conducted a study of this virus on 7500 people and came to realize that the virus had already mutated 198 times by then. Thus it can very safely be said that it must have already mutated thousands of times.

  • The virus can only cause injury if it moves to the lower respiratory tract.
  • It will only move down if you take a medicine that directly or indirectly compromised your immunity and gives the virus an opportunity to travel.
  • Which leads to Pneumonia or any other breathing problem.
  • Conventionally, you will first be placed on oxygen, and next comes the mechanical ventilator.

People think the ventilator will help them survive, but it has a failure ratio of up to 94%, and any patient put on the ventilator will have difficultly coordinating the brain with the actions of the body. He says the mechanical ventilator is a bane for humanity. It is the lungs which control the breathing and when this connection between the brain and the lungs is snapped, then the mind-body coordination is ruined.

He said the hospitals have nothing that can increase the chances of survival but have a great many things that can enhance the chances of death.

He said Corona is not the culprit, but rather the real contributor to the death toll is the treatment protocol by the WHO and the change in guidelines of “reporting death” by ICMR. (He’s in India, the ICMR he is referring to, is The Indian Council of Medical Research).

“ICMR recently issued guidelines that if anybody died on Indian soil suffering from breathing difficulty or cardiac injury, that would be considered ‘death due to Coronavirus’ even if he or she tested negative for Corona. Now, can you tell me anyone who would not be having breathing difficulty or cardiac injury at the time of death?
Whenever a person dies, two things are always there: one is breathing difficulty and another is cardiac problems i.e. the heart stops and the breathing stops.
Both these conditions were cited by ICMR to be considered as Corona deaths.
Also, in accordance to the changed guidelines, if a patient died of an accident who also tested positive for Corona, it is to be considered as death due to the Coronavirus. Thus the deaths in India include all these patients as well.
Honestly speaking, no one knows correctly how many patients really died of Coronavirus. My personal experience with Coronavirus patients is that if you give a person comfort and keep the patient hydrated, then Coronavirus would vanish in 3 to 5 days – just like any other Flu.”

Page 36 | N.I.C.E way to Cure COVID-19

My notes are getting too long but he also compares the new vaccines to a cunning boy who fails in his class. Instead of showing his parents his bad grade, he brings them the results of a child with a worse-grade first. “My marks are bad, but his marks are much worse”. He says the trials of these new vaccines are just like that. They are compared to the ones who have failed badly to make them look like the better option. He states how harmful they are by sharing the reports of the animal-test studies (horrific), and that the vaccine can be compared to another teratogenic drug that caused over 100,000 children to be born with severe deformities. He says the side-effects to these new vaccines won’t be known for years and that the newspapers and drug companies might hide the side effects in the interim. In addition, you are legally responsible for the side-effects. For the trial (in India), only a comparison was made that ‘this medicine is better than that medicine’. He suggests caution if you decide to try it.

The book then goes into all the home-treatments you can do in place of what a hospital would do for the same symptoms.

He also states what is new, is this new mind game – trying to control the population using fear as a weapon: The best way to control the human mind is to use the Walter-Barbe-Raymond Swassing Model (feeding fake information and repeating through all 3 senses: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic), leading one to believe it true and real:

  • Audio: Repeated warning messages
  • Visual: 24/7 visual fabricated/fake number of deaths
  • Kinesthetic: Wearing the mask, sanitizing the hands several times a day, social distancing, etc.

Repeated bombardment of fabricated information several times a day for several days continuously leads to the corrupting of the human brain, leading to the disruption of his logical thinking and common sense, and entering into the mode of slavery.

He predicts new vaccines will be launched in the name of ‘COVID-19 prevention’ and that everyone will line up to get it, then the usual and expected side-effects will occur, and then it will be given a new name – called a new disease, which co-incidentally arrived at the same time.

He says the partners behind this are the pharmaceutical companies and their modern medicines using their mouthpiece, coupled with the World Health Organization who create the bizarre and rather shocking ‘virus prevention rules’.

The middle of the book is dedicated to providing a personalized D.I.P. diet for the reversal of many other illnesses and diseases, which contains mostly fresh fruit and vegetables, soaked nuts, coconut water, Hunza tea, sprouts, and sunshine, as well as all the foods to avoid (such as all the fake, manufactured food, animal & dairy, nutritional supplements, tea/coffee, and to never eat after 8pm).

Pages 75-213 contain all the testimonials of people – photo, age, where they are from, their profession, their symptoms, and how long it took for their symptoms to be cured.

The last part of the book basically reiterates that there is no certainty that SARS-CoV-2 hadn’t already existed already – prior to Wuhan, and that whenever autopsies were performed on the dead bodies of supposed COVD-19 patients, the virus was never found to be the cause of death (raising his doubt further about SARS-CoV-2 being the true cause of illness); and the inconsistency with the RT-PCR Tests.

His own patients had major inconsistencies (after the first test was positive), in that some who were still demonstrating Flu symptoms showed negative and other patients, even after resolving all the symptoms, showed positive.

His demand to regulating authorities are:

  1. ) Autopsy should be done on the suspected COVID-19 death before announcing it to be a COVID-19 death.
  2. ) Koch’s postulates should be fulfilled for SARS-CoV-2 virus. (explained briefly in the book)
  3. ) All Flu cases should be treated with the 3 Step Flu diet.

Then there’s at least 10 full pages of ads to get certified for nutritional classes, natural teas, etc.

What do you think.. it seems to correlate a lot with what all the people who have been banned from social media networks seem to be saying. Though he quotes references for most of the data on masks, vaccine trials, etc, and provides the testimonies of patients, the information since publishing the book may also have changed.

I don’t know what the truth is (do any of us? could any of us?) but it does make you keep an open-mind of other possibilities and aspects to this, as well as the importance of the immunity-building – natural immunity-building – which is something that is not shouted enough throughout this whole thing (something I’ve also been madly trying to get everyone to pay attention to), although I focused on supplements in addition to nutrition because I didn’t think most would change their diet (and still think that), and I also focused heavily on Ivermectin (something he seems very strongly opposed to using), because I thought that people do want a “pill” as an alternative to a vaccine that will work against the virus.

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