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I stumbled upon this video earlier from Jody Lowe and thought it was really good. He gives an example of four different factions; different sets of beliefs people have about what is going on in the world (which is really a simplified version of the hundreds of different beliefs out there), and reminds us that our power is on uniting all factions against “the bad guys”, regardless of our different beliefs, i.e., stop making “each other” the bad guys—stop focusing on calling others wrong or controlled opposition, etc.—because that gives the bad guys a free ride and takes our power away. Allow each set of people to do what they do best in each of their areas, and stand together on common goals, but let each faction do their thing, because ultimately, we need all of us—everyone united—and that it’s all interconnected, and so are we.

So I had some conversations yesterday about the banks collapsing in America. So I need to just get this off my chest. I think my job is to collect information, digest it, and turn it into a palatable video for people out there. So what I want to do, which I’ve been talking about a lot, is we need to understand that the bad people are the centre of everything that we’re going through at the moment.

The Bad Guys

So we need to genuinely understand that now is not a time for worrying about who’s fighting what battle. We need to all understand that there is a single point of a fuckery that is causing this stuff.

  • We understand that the New World Order (NWO), the World Economic Forum (WEF), the NATO type of institutions, the United Nations (UN), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and that local government has been bought out.
  • We understand that politics is dead.
  • We understand that the woke agenda is undermining everything that we do.
  • We understand that the climate agenda is changing the way that we spend our money and resources.
  • We understand that pedo’s are running wild in the majors.
  • We understand that there is Khazarian Mafia ties.
  • We understand that there is Nazi ties.

We understand that all of this has a lot of names attached to it, but this is the time in acceleration.

It’s Accelerating Rapidly.

So there has been a time for growth, learning, and education to get yourself ready for what is coming and try and level up your knowledge to a point where you are able to stand your ground on what a particular thing it is that you find most vital for you, but now is the time to realize that it is about solidarity moving forward from here.

The Good Guys

So this is the real demonstration I did for my mum last night.

Political Response

People need to understand that if you are standing here from a political point of view, and you are saying:

  • politically the system is corrupt, the politicians are corrupt,
  • they have overspent, they have printed too much of their money,
  • they have killed us, killed this country,
  • they have sold us out, they have sold all their resources,
  • all their manufacturing has gone off, we import way too much stuff,
  • we are not able to support our dollar. i.e. our dollar is not backed by gold, our dollar is backed by the ability of this country to work and pay taxes as a promissory note for it.

So that is the people standing the ground in the response of anti-government.

Military Response

So beside that, there is the military response. People are saying that all around the world, our militaries, through Riccardo Bosi‘s connections and through the White Hats, have an underground military response that is going on that is going to take on the bad guys. That is the bad people; that is the Nazis; that is the Mafia; that is the New World Order.

Biblical Response

You step across a little bit further, and you have the biblical people. The biblical people are saying that the enemy, these guys, are Satan worshippers, and we will clean up there. Why not? Because everybody has their own beliefs. We have got Satan worshippers; they are Luciferians; they are anti-Christ; they are trying to crush the Christian movements; and they are saying that Revelations is coming and that the Rapture is upon us, but they are still going against these guys.

So in their pods and in their silos, if you consider “that is great”. From an outsider looking in and saying, well, it doesn’t really matter how we get rid of all these people, they are toxic, and they are ruining the world. That is the biblical sense.

Spiritual Response

And then you go one step further, and you have the spiritual sense. So the spiritual people believe that this is a spiritual war. A war for more than the planet, more than the souls on the planet. This is bigger than any of us individually, but we need to fight on a spiritual level. So it is three-dimensional, four-dimensional, and fifth-dimensional; that is where the influx of these aliens and all the different things that the government is slowly disclosing to us are, but they believe that these people are not of this earth, not of this realm, not of this world, and they are fighting against those people.

Bad Guys are turning the Good Guys against each other

So you look at that and go… Well, if I were these people; a multi-pronged attack against me, what would I do if I’m getting hit from the east, the west, the north, and the south? Well, I need to turn these people against each other, or I need to distract them so that I can have an opportunity to duck out through a gap somewhere to squeeze my way back out, or even go underground in some cases.

So what do they do? Well, they send out information through misinformation and disinformation to enter our own groups through Psyops and different stuff to get you turning against each other:

  • Dude, it’s spiritual, you have to fight on spiritual; you have to be more spiritually attuned.
  • “Wake up bro, it’s not about stars, what are you? There’s something wrong with you!
    • And then they start arguing against each other.
  • You need to get down here and we need a protest on the lawns of Canberra
  • No, you need to meditate and transmute and get some energy from the star systems!
  • Jesus is coming, he’s going to wipe all you pricks out and I’m the only person that has repented to him so he’s going to save me, so you’re dead if you don’t come back to Jesus.
  • We’re going to blow them all up, they’re going to get blown to hell, we’re going to save you and we’re going to give you back a gold!
  • Russia‘s going to blow everyone up!
  • China is going to invade everyone!

And before you know it, everybody who was in their own swim lanes and was attacking “the bad guys”, is now suddenly looking at each other and spending all of their energy attacking each other.

Good needs to Re-Focus on End-Goal

So what do we need to do? We need to understand that it DOES NOT MATTER who is fighting this.

So let’s just say that this is biblical, this is military, and we’ll say that this is spiritual, and this is political:

Now for me, everybody needs to understand very, very rapidly that the end goal of this is to connect every person back in this country that believes for whatever angle they want to come at, that we need to surround and choke the life out of the bad people who are controlling every single situation in this world.

We have been warning of the downfall of the economic system and particularly the start of it is the financial collapse and we now have four major banks in America, haltered on trading and the one that went down first was the second biggest banking tumble in history and we barely even hear it about it.

Joe Biden comes at yesterday and goes, “the banking system is safe”. Well, so was the “vaccine”, it was “safe and effective” said by the same people, and we know that’s not to true.

But, the whole point of what I do, if you watch my videos, I don’t even necessarily really tell you which one of these I’m rooting for, because I don’t care which one you believe in, I just care that you’re awake to what’s going on in here.

Political Warriors

There is a shitload of people in the political sense that as probably 70% of this country is going to end up coming through this political realm. So we need to make sure that that pathway for them attacking the bad guys is open.

  • They’re your pedo’s; they’re the people that do not want paedophilia.
  • They do not want transgender bullshit ideas.
  • They do not want woke agendas with pronouns
  • They do not want Green EV powered vehicles.
  • They do not want 15 minute cities or Digital IDs.

Military Warriors

These guys, they do not want world domination. They do not want a single world government that can use the might of the people of the World Health Organisation to click their fingers and enact a worldwide pandemic.

And that all food that through the Digital ID system and through the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs) system can flick a switch and say “People aren’t allowed to eat what they want to eat because of the global pandemic.

So they (the Military) need to know that we have got their back in these fields because they are working to cut the legs out from underneath the people that are Khazarian Mafia, the Nazis that we were saying in Ukraine and neo-Nazi’s… so neo-Nazi means it is a new evolved version. Bullshit, they are Nazis. They escaped there from the German world war and we are going to find out a lot more about the fact that America might not of even won that freaking war.

NATO and the United Nations — we know what they are doing, and we know that the Military are the only people that are going to be able to take on the might of the collective strength of those people.

Biblical Warriors

Bill and Melinda Gates — we know that they are very, very bad people and that they are all tied into this satanic cult, adrenochrome, paedophilia, child trafficking, underground world and society that has ties to a biblical sense because they are, that is most of the stuff that they are using is from a satanic cult ritual type premises. They know what they are doing. This is the bad people in the middle.

Maybe the politicians in Canberra don’t wake up and worship the devil. They might not be in there but it starts at the tip of the spear and it filters its way down from up there.

The same as a good culture starts from the tip of the spear. You have your mandate, your mantra, and it trickles down. By the time you get down to the smallest of people, they don’t even really know what the Grand Objective is. They just know that their part is to please their one up above them. That is your typical hierarchical sort of system. So that is people fighting in the biblical sense. It is fine. “Jesus is going to come back,” and if you believe that, then you need to also believe that it says in there that we are going to have massive world wars, we are going to have a global financial crisis. Jesus talks about the new world order in his teachings.

So, is that their book? Is that these guys who wrote this book? They seem to have been in charge for a lot longer than the overall bloody plan. So I don’t care whether they (the Biblical people) are right. I just care that they are attacking these people from another angle.

Spiritual Warriors

The spiritual sense are saying that the original bad people that underline all of this are Draco’s who come from other planets and they have seeded this planet as a slave race and created a matrix which is a veil that sits over the top of it that stops us from being able to use our Pineal gland to actually connect with soul and source and get our messages and our energy from the sun through our chakras.

That’s a pretty wild out there thing.

Like, the people in the Political and Military Realm would be like, “Whoa, what’s going on you freaking hippie talking about that shit!”

It doesn’t matter. The fight is intent. Intent is everything.

Intent is Everything

You don’t have to have the best ingredients in your house for food if the intent of making something for your family is with love and passion, then it will pass through to the food.

Just the same as the boner or the hammer guy at the slaughterhouse for the feedlot where cows stands side by side by side in open paddocks, basically from birth till death eating themselves to be fattened up to be walked up a ramp to have some dude on $10 an hour bang the side of their head and have some boner that doesn’t like his job rip the meat pieces and send it out to you to eat.

Do you think that that meat in a spiritual sense, in a biblical sense, in any sort of heart felt… do you think it’s going to be any good for you? Do you think it’s going to be the way that nature intended it to be? I don’t necessarily believe in veganism. I don’t necessarily believe in carnivore diets. I don’t really know which one is in-between because it doesn’t matter to me.

It doesn’t matter to me what you do. As long as you’re fighting from these agendas, leaning in. This is a collective. We are a collective.

We are a Collective

We are a collective of people or souls or whatever you want to call us. We are a collective. We are strongest when we are on the same path when the intent is to rid the world of the bad people.

This is what I’m saying. It is literally… You can break these into sub-factions for all I care. That’s what I’m saying. These can just be broken down into smaller and smaller pieces.

Because what they (the “Bad Guys”) did, was they created their own network of people to be able to individually break down. They did us a big favour. We need to understand that they’ve done a big favour. Their agenda was slicing us down into smaller and smaller pieces so that we wouldn’t work together.

How to get Non-Political People to Unite

If we focus on connecting, reconnecting those people back into being one single power, they might be individual arrows in the quiver, but strung by people and shot together at the same time, will make it very difficult for them to defend all of those blows.

I originally have been talking about segregation and division, and all of the things that they’ve been doing as being a bad thing, but when I realised, you can flip this on their head.

So when you talk political to a random group of 10 people—maybe the morning P&C meeting, country women’s association, football team, whatever it is that you want to say, and stood there and said to them, “Let’s talk politics!”, they wouldn’t be interested, because they don’t see the separation of each of these single things that these people have done as “Politics”.

They see them as matters, but they don’t see them as “One Political Framework.”

So the bad guys breaking us down into all these different little factions, if we’re smart about this, we’ll be actually able to trigger these people into the fight because we don’t need to call it politics or political for them, we can just call it, you know, BLM, the Woke stuff, Climate change, 15 minute cities.

So they’re all the things that they’ve got in there that are bad, but what they’ve done is they’ve allowed us, if we really hone into it, to say, “Come fight with us about the 15 minute cities.”

We don’t need to say “political.”

Well, it is political, and we are fighting against the political system, but we can bring in each of those people that would normally just turn away from politics:

I don’t watch that shit, I don’t watch the news, I don’t listen to the radio.” Well they do, because they listen to it enough for it to go, “eh, I don’t want to listen to politics, it’s all full of shit, it’s all bullshit.”

So if we can use what they’ve done which is break up people down into these little individuals, then we get more arrows in our bows. As long as we understand that we don’t need to be sitting there saying to them, “You’re morons! This is not Transgenderism, this is Biblical!” “You morons, don’t worry about sitting here worrying about this stuff, get over here on board with the military response, and we’re going to take them all down with machine guns and drones.” We’re not sitting here going, “Guys listen, wake up, it’s now time to meditate and astral project yourself to outside of the veil to see the four dimensional beings that are yada, yada, yada!

It doesn’t matter, as long as we can keep their intent on taking down the bad people.

This is a Team Effort—We Need All of Us

  • They might only be hitting that one section
  • Political – might only be hitting the local government
  • Biblical – might be coming up here and taking out the Mafia who believe that they are the direct descendants of Cain and Abel who are fallen angels from a millennia ago. (01)
  • Military – might be over here, wiping out NATO or the UN, or taking down some of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and definitely wiping out the Nazis
  • Spiritual – might be working on the actual underlying bad people that are doing all of that stuff.

This is a team effort, this is a collective and this is not going to be won, by just one thing or another, because we need ALL of the people on this planet to be working towards the good vibration, the good feeling, the good intent of, “I’m doing this for the country and the world and the people on it.

Regardless whether they are my friends or my family it is the world that we need to be running well, and that is what the intent will bring through manifesting.

A better world, a better world, a better world, a better world, that is intent. That is what our hearts wish for us and we may have been disconnected from the shit that they have been pulling over the years, we might have been disconnected from our head to our heart space, and understanding that that is what is necessary to truly have a response to the agenda.

All Rabbit Holes are Intertwined & Cross-over

You know very well that if you are across a lot of this stuff, you know that it is all connected. You know that no matter how many rabbit holes you wiggle down, you wriggle down this one, you bump into people all the way along, you bump into people on this journey that are going down these rabbit holes and sometimes they cut through your rabbit hole. You know like “Oh, hey there!

I was following Pizzagate over here, down this rabbit hole, and oh my god, all of a sudden I crossed Epstein Island, and ended up in Ukraine with Adrenochrome harvesting, and I came out the other side and what do you know? I ended up in the same place. You know what I mean? I started over here at Pizzagate and I ended up in Adrenochrome.

It was like oh Transgenderism, is you know, de-masculating the world for an anti-population type move that comes down over here and it is like, Oh crap, you know we are demasculating, you come through a couple little holes over here, your Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, etc.

And all these other things that have gone through… the phthalates, the chemical inside of all plastics that are significantly reducing the length of males, particularly in pregnancy and the testosterone levels of males. (02) (03) (04) (05) (06) (07)

Which is another part. So you know you down this little hole, this is the transgender, you know give them chemicals, give them castration, give them sex changes, you give them all these different hormone blockers, you come across here, you cross a few more of these things and you end up back here again.

So it doesn’t matter how long you spend, the goal is everybody is fighting against this agenda, it doesn’t matter who I am standing next to. Okay? This is what I keep saying, on this side I have an Australian who is biblically minded, and they are against the Satanism, on the other side, I have an Australian or American or whatever but what I am saying is in the physical sense when I am standing somewhere protesting against this, working against this, fighting against this, I have got a brother in arms in a military sense, I have got a brother in arms in a biblical or spiritual sense. I have got a brother—or sister; there is more women fighting this fight at the moment than men—I have got a political friend standing beside me, because the intent is everything.

It’s All Inter-Connected & So Are We

The intent of what we are doing is everything. The intent to bring them down holistically is everything.

It is all interconnected, and so are we.

Now that’s off my chest. I need you, if you have watched this far, I need you to share this post and share this information, and grab hold of the nearest person that is fighting one of these fights and tell them that you are with them.

You do not have to tell them why, you do not have to tell them what your journey is, if they want to know you can, but the whole point of them segregating us, was to keep us fighting with each other.

If we understand that each one of those agendas is enough for them fighting for us, we can win quite easily just by turning the tide. Together we stand, divided we fall, and we have been divided for so long between what they have been doing, we are falling and we will still keep falling and this is just about to get worse. And the one thing we need is the hope that together the collectiveness is strong enough to turn back around what we have turned a blind eye to for so long.

Every Agenda Leads to Depopulation, so Let’s Unite and Turn This Around

But we need every single person that we can get. We need every single person from every single angle attacking this enemy here which is realistically the number one goal I see in all of these things that sounds the truest to me is depopulation of this planet.

Because every single political agenda, every single spiritual agenda, every single military and biblical agenda is about depopulating this planet.

It doesn’t matter whether they are doing it for riches, it doesn’t matter whether they are doing it for planet ownership, it doesn’t matter whether they are doing it for gold and land, it doesn’t matter if they are doing it for the right to be the God who rules this realm, it is depopulation.

And so every single one of these is working towards depopulation. So thought for the day is:

“If you don’t want to be one of the depopulated people, if you don’t want your friends, your family, your children, if you don’t want the milk lady, if you don’t want the crossing guards to be the people that they are going to target with depopulation, stand up, get off your ass, go out and find your fight and go out and find the people that are going to stand beside you because if you don’t do it soon, just keep sitting back and watching and thinking that it’s some sort of video, that it end is going to have a happy ending, and they’ll finish with, “America, Fuck yeah”. Yeah, no, not going to happen, it ain’t going to end like that.

Alright Australia… Australia first, world second. Turn this shit around, because otherwise it’ll be too late, and you’ll only have yourself to blame. Wake up.

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