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I watched the Cult of the Medics series last year and I loved it, and it made me go down many rabbit holes and I am still on the journey looking through all the connections it has since led me. If you haven’t watched it yet, this is a quick 10-min run-down from David Whitehead on what you’ll learn. The series has extensive clips and evidence, but this is a quick summary to get an overview for those who haven’t heard of it.

Cults, Symbolism, Knights Templars, first hospitals, first banks, Rockefeller medicine, Rothschilds, Malta > Windsor > Royal Family… United Nations.

Cult of the Medics Summary

23 Jun 2023 | Download clip on Telegram | The above Rumble-clip is timestamp 16:37 – 28:09 of the full video on YouTube | Watch Cult of the Medics Docu-Series at or on Rumble


I worked with a lot of good doctors out there. As people just like to belong, they like to think they’re doing good things. They like to be part of a club. When you go through medical school, you put all through this trauma-based mind control learning. You all kind of hang together and you have good intentions. Like you say, now some of those people will argue to the death that there’s nothing better and they’re doing the best they can. The cure is right around the corner. We’ve been waiting for it forever, even though it never arrives. It’s those folks at the top when I went through the age years and treated hundreds of AIDS clients and connected the dots and figured out there was no connection to a virus whatsoever. Good old Dr. Anthony was up to his neck right in the middle of that one too. You start to see, okay, I think I know it’s going on here. If we go back to the beginning of this whole cult, is it even possible to find the exact origins? We can go back certain amounts in time, but just feel as in there, how far back can we go?

Yeah, really good question. The way I started this was, in my work with Michael Tsarion on Unslaved, he was a huge influence on my research because he wasn’t just giving me his opinion on things. He would just give me source material to go look at on certain things or mention somebody’s name I’d never heard before. I started following up on a lot of these leads as did many of the other guests I was having on my shows. I would just get little pieces that maybe seem disconnected and I would just kind of put it into a notes folder and just keep adding to it. (01) (02)

When I started making the series, I was pursuing the question you’ve just asked, is there an identifiable group or is there an identifiable agenda that can explain the level of corruption that we have seen and that we still continue to see in our modern Western medicine? Why does it exist? (03)

Why does the cognitive dissonance exist within the medical community who just absolutely refuse… to even listen to voices from within their own groups?

The people I sourced for a lot of this were doctors. They were people who wrote for prestigious medical journals and people who were on the inside, bio-staticians, people that worked in the government, and people that worked in the CDC.

I went to the insiders, but some of the stuff that Michael had sent me was about the history of secret societies, and many of those things that go back into ancient history and it’s a story that’s so big and there are a lot of connective tissues that he always said, just start with the symbolism.

Just follow the symbolism. It tells you a whole story and it opens the door. It’s not the whole thing, but it’s what opens the door, because you start to see the patterns and you start to ask yourself, what is with all of these institutions with their logos and their crosses and the Bowl Of Hygieia and the serpent up the staff? Even the fact that they wear white coats? (04) (05) (06)

Then when you go to the church, the priests or the judges wore the black robes, what does that really mean? And the undertakers wear the black robes.

One thing Michael had said once I put it in one of the chapters, it was so brilliant and he goes, “Hey, it’s pretty simple. You’re born to the white coated Templar and you’re taken out when you pass away by the black coated Templar. They got you at both ends.”

With that statement, you go, what do you mean by that? When you dig deeper, you start to realize that there is an origin to even this thing we call hospitals that people don’t know about.

I had a very deep interest in the history of the Knights Templars and history of the Vatican and some of these empires and what’s going on there.

You start to find that there are some of these other ancient chivalric orders that have been around for thousands of years that are still operating in the world today. You go, well, are they just there for decoration like the Royal family? Everybody thinks they’re just there for decoration or whatever? Or are they actually influential at the top?

Lo and behold, you find out that there’s an interesting story and I’ll give you a quick example.

Hospitals were first started by a group of chivalric knights that were basically the military order of the Catholic church and they were called the Knights Hospitaller’s. (07)

That’s why they had their name. They went over into the Middle East during the Crusades. They had liaisons with some of these Eastern groups. So they learned a lot of these ancient oriental occult practices from them. And they also, when they were over in the Middle East, they found that they could set up profitable businesses through hospitals during this time of war. And they basically became known by certain authors of the time even, as the merchants of death. They were the ones who were profiting off of this whole practice, even though they did a lot of good as well.

It’s not all evil, of course. There’s a certain element to it that when you dive into that history, you go, oh, this was looked at as basically a new business model, a way of acquiring power by the Roman church. And so they set up these hospitals. They were called the Hospitaller’s. They also built hostels and hotels.

When you track the etymology, it’s pretty interesting the connections as well. And then they also were the first guys to go in and set up these very sophisticated spy networks. So they were very much in the world of the spy craft and all of that.

And then you go, okay, who was these Knights’ Hospitaller’s? There’s a little sketch of them, probably a mix of good and evil going on like everything. But then you go, what’s the next chapter? Well, they became the Knights of Rhodes. Then they moved around quite a bit. They were immensely powerful and wealthy. (08) (09)

Then the Templars got disbanded by the church, this group, the Knights of what they later called the Knights of Malta, because they set up an outpost on Malta, they absorbed a lot of the Templars that were disbanded from their original order. (10) (11)

More importantly, they absorbed all the wealth that had been accrued by the Templars, who of course were the first international bankers of the world during the Crusades as well. And they were setting up a competing business model with the Vatican at the time, which kind of pissed them off because it was too mafia’s fighting over the turf. So they expelled the Templars and used their guys, the Hospitaller’s, to absorb all the knowledge, all the wealth and even some of their own guys.

So it’s this kind of history stuff we’re not taught. We don’t really know much about. But when you look at the progenitors, the creators of what we now call “Big Pharma” and this sort of World Health Organization, you just start with looking at the symbols. You start looking at the individuals that founded it and are involved in it and lo and behold the vast majority of them are actually members of this Knights of Malta organization right up to this day. I mean, the Knights of Malta, yes, they still exist. They didn’t die off at the Middle Ages. They’re still around. They have their own seat on the United Nations Council and they sit there as a sovereign nation. So we’re talking about a very powerful military order that sits as a nation on the United Nations to this very day. They have international immunity. They have their own passports. (12) (13) (14)

I found that interesting that they have the sort of same kind of immunity as say Big Pharma does with their jab creations where they’re protected from any kind of liability. And so that made me start to think, is there a connection between these sort of medics at the top and the law firms, the legal side of this, the cult of the Black robes you could call them, who administer the legal side of things.

And the reason I’m asking all these questions is I was trying to figure out, you know, who’s at the top of this pyramid here?

And to kind of wrap this up quick because there’s so many elements to it. The Knights of Malta, a lot of their guys were also involved in the Nazi Empire. Their top advisors to Hitler were all Knights of Malta. They were sent in with full blessing from the Vatican. The same guys financing the Nazi rise to power in Germany were also financing the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. They were behind the rise of communism. And at the same time, these other bankers who were members of these orders as well, they were also financing FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) in America. (15)

And it’s as if they were all trying to do these experiments to see which brand of totalitarianism, whether it was the soft brand or the hard brand, which would be the most effective at, you know, basically gaining control of the population and the resources, et cetera. And I think that’s the story that we’re still seeing unfold in front of us.

It’s something that started long ago, but now we’re seeing them come and openly discuss and admit through these World Economic Forum‘s and the way this medical tyranny rolls up during the pandemic was a glimpse at the program that they’ve been trying to install and set up for quite a long time, where the doctors are no longer independently able to administer to their patients. They’re overseen by these colleges, which are overseen by another layer and another governing body that’s international.

And you get to the point where it’s a highly controlled industry that’s all basically financed and propped up by these pharmaceutical companies who are literally some of the most corrupt organizations that you can track. And you start looking into their history.

And so I started to see these common threads and cult of the medics is my attempt at trying to put all these pieces on the table and say, hey, let’s ask the question, are there connections? Did this start an ancient times? And if so, who are these people?

And what is their real mandate? Is their real mandate—these medics at the top I’m talking—is their real mandate to help uplift humanity and find cures for disease and keep us healthy and vibrant? Or is there a mandate of population control? Is there a mandate of essentially “managing the human family” the way that farmers would manage their farm? It is that how they view us? And is that why we see the constant experiments and the horrible side effects and the rise in these diseases, the profiting off of death and disease that we see Big Pharma are doing today that I was noticing was being done by these orders back in the ancient times?

So it’s almost like it’s so old it’s new, and I just wondered, is there something big connecting at all? And my opinion is yes there is, but I do lay it out in the series as a question to let people think about.

I’ll show you all the evidence and then you make up your own mind. But I’ve definitely put a lot out in the first nine chapters and I got three chapters yet to go.

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