[RANT] It’s not about health – there is no “return to normal”

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How I “try” to talk on “Facebook” to attempt to get past their AI censors — it’s impossible to share the truth to our friends – we can’t even share links or images or videos to help them.

It’s hard to look at facebook knowing most here still believe they might actually get freedom after they agree to a medical treatment directive by a figure-head… you have to rewind your mind back in time, to when you thought it was about that too… and I don’t even know how to do that anymore.

24/7 repetitive psychological torture – (advertising/marketing campaign) – pretending they are listening to health experts – when these ‘so-called-experts’ have never successfully treated a single c patient. All just corrupt health regulators paid (billions) to enact completely unrelated agendas or they just enrol those who are so indoctrinated into the corrupt system or who bought into the scare-mongering (but very effective) mantra’s.

It’s nothing to do with health – and that should be obvious by now – they’ve never ONCE given ANY health advice that would help people get HEALTHY… (actually correction, they did at the start before the media was enrolled into the TNI).

What advice have they given that sounds remotely like something you could do if you felt unwell? Look up our own health sites and see what it tells you to do if you become a ‘case’ (isolate, mask up, sanitize), DO IT NOW if you haven’t seen for yourself – and look at what they advice if you’re actually sick (isolate, mask up, sanitize, clean your house, open a window).

You think putting toxic chemicals on your hands all day long is “healthy”?
(Almost every single checkout-operator have various problems with their hands now, and one of the main ingredients of the type used in most shops in my town has PEGs – which will increase absorption of other potentially harmful ingredients).

You think wearing a mask all day long is keeping you “healthy”?
(Breathing in your toxic filth all day – the only type(s) that could possibly work to do what they say it does – ARE NOT the types you are wearing – and you couldn’t wear the ones their studies say work for more than half hour – you would have to change it all day long. The ones you wear – might even cause you to have the very ‘symptoms’ they want you tested for)

You think sending people home to ‘isolate’ without any treatments or health tipsEVEN after 20 MONTHS – and – EVEN after over a million publications from health scientists, studies, and physicians – in every language – from every corner of the world – … is the best billion-dollar (30+ committees) ‘EXPERT health advice’ to keep you ‘healthy’?

Do you think we are listening to the world’s best ‘health experts’ – even now – 20 months later?
DO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE that all these physicians around the world who have said for over a year and a half that their patients get better with their advice are “WRONG” —- and that listening to those who create policy and modelling in an office or have an ear full of bureaucrats, union-heads, pharma-funded lobbyists, and governments are the ‘health’ experts you want taking care of you and those you love?

Or do you want the guys who have already had success and are not so easily corruptible or indoctrinated by policies that don’t make sense?

You think keeping people in a state of fear and panic and under threat is ‘healthy’?
They are a one-trick pony b/c that’s how it was designed.

They don’t actually have any committees to help with your health – almost all our committees are setup for this thing that everyone ‘censored’ is trying to tell you about — that the already-enrolled media are telling you is bullshit – b/c if you knew – you wouldn’t have a bar of it…

… or maybe you would like it – I can’t know which way you would ‘vote’ – but if you don’t even friggin’ know what all UN countries have decided to turn this into – you don’t get to have your say or opinion or any choice at all – it’s easier to push it all through without your interference – so no, it’s not going to be on the tv – you are not even able to make sane, rational, logical, intelligent or informed choices about your part in it – right now – you can’t even have a discussion about it – stuck in a loop on the history channel – and now they have you going after your own friends, family, employees and customers – without any idea about anything because you are literally taking orders from a tv – instead of trying to figure it out.

Everyone here that gives a crap about you is apparently having to risk their lives and freedoms (and just as dangerously – your disbelief/denial) to get you to look into it – and the tv is trying to get you to only listen to ‘their’ experts of which none of them are ‘experts’ with any experience with treating or preventing this disease outside of a heavily-corrupted-and-controlled-policy based on documents and models – it’s not about health – they are not listening to those they would normally enrol – just ones that fit the end-goals – when you ‘get’ that – when you actually get that – you might start to take an interest in what else might be going on and then maybe, you ‘might’ be able to make a decision about whether what they have planned for Australia is something you would agree to or not.

People in other countries are not experiencing what we are to the extent we are – because Australia is one of the main models that the rest will implement as they learn from us – we are the most trusting of our media & health system, easy-going (until now), we’re not known to closely follow politics, and we’re unarmed – and what they are doing in each state is using a different ‘model’ of this new thing.

We’re not even ‘one country’ anymore – we’re already divided up, and they are intentionally dividing up families and communities and destroying businesses & the economy – and only by coming together and ignoring this obvious attempt to turn everyone against each other – do we have any hope… I can’t believe any of you guys are still playing games or watching netflix and completely ignoring what is obviously going on?

Even if they got 100% – this plan is not due to be complete for a few years – so even if they come door to door and force this shit into us all – the planned end-date isn’t until at least 2025 – so if not this, it will be something else – a fire, an earthquake, armed forces, who knows – this is not a roadmap to your freedoms – it’s a roadmap of a whole different game – you’ll no longer recognize Australia.

Are you in a health profession and still haven’t figured out that the guidelines they’ve given to you are almost completely wrong? (Get a full copy and review the full document – not just the highlights they decided to provide you – that NIH & health regulators sent to your clinical software. Read what it says before it hits your tightly-regulated and pharma-controlled database.)

If you are either happy to be pocketing some extra $$ or still think what you are doing is ‘the right thing’ after that, then you’re showing just how unbelievably dependant you are on an already corrupt healthcare system.

If you’re in the medical industry – an option you might want to think about is — listening to or reading the open letters from the other health professionals – question your computer-database if it advises you to do something that doesn’t work, harms your patients, or makes no sense – listen to those who reject AHPRA & TGA breathing down their neck & obfuscating the truth from you.

Start questioning the treatments they are suggesting for your patients yourself and see if you still think it’s a good idea to have global-health-policies making your patient-doctor decisions for you.

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