Retracted Paper calls out Rockefeller, Gates, BigPharma, Vaccines & Cancer

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Found a retracted paper that calls out BigPharma and then hunted down to try and find the author (Mahin Khatami) and history. Gosh I’m so excited by this paper – it’s like she’s written the “confession of the medical industry” as “population control” – everything is in there – it’s amazing. (No wonder it was retracted)… So grateful for her bravery.

This is the paper:

‘Deliberate Killing’ of the Weak

Deceptology in cancer and vaccine sciences (01)

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Here is the abstract that got my attention:

Highlights from the Paper:

Page 22 (List of Increased Diseases)

A closer look at the current disease status of three to four generations in America, demonstrates that the major disease categories that are clinically, pathologically, and symptomatically identified as congenital, hereditary, neonatal and induced diseases have been shifted to increase the population toward induced diseases (Figures 1, 3–5). Integration of the scattered data on epidemiological, environmental, clinical and basic research on developmental biology, inflammatory diseases, cancer and vaccine sciences, treatment options are outlined below:

  • a). Significant increase in the incidence of allergies, asthma, anaphylactic, anemia, emphysema, autoimmune and neuronal dysfunction, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular complications, stroke gastritis, colitis, fibromyalgia, thyroiditis, lupus, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and site-specific cancers in young and older adults.
    • These disease incidences that require hospitalization and consumption of various drugs are at the level of near epidemic proportions. Asthma and allergies among children mandate that schools provide drugs, inhalers, and extremely expensive Epipens for asthmatic children;
  • b). Increased incidence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an example of a range of immune-neuronalmetabolic illnesses that sharply rose among young and growing population in the last few decades.
    • In 1950s and 1960s, the estimated rates of reported autism were 1/10,000 in America. In 1990s this rate rose to 1/ 5000. In 2014, the CDC estimated that 1/45 children were autistic (NHIS data), a 30% increase from 1 of 150 in 2002 (just in 12 years!). In 2018, it was estimated that the rate of autism will be four times higher in boys compared with girls.
    • Therefore, about one in five boys will suffer from ASD, not including the “unexplained” SIDS or other illnesses that are not reported as relevant. With the current trend, it is estimated that one in two boys (50%) could become autistic and manifest multiple physical and intellectual disabilities between 2025–2032.
  • c). Increased population of individuals who suffer from neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases and require long-term consumption of drugs further complicate overall well being, productivity and hopefulness that youth will be able to contribute to the society.

Page 23 (Medical system lost its soul to the power of blood money)

The medical system seems to have lost its soul to the power of blood (dark) money in the 20th century. Rockefeller Patent Medicine and Gates’ Patent Vaccines altered definitions of health and philanthropy. Health definitions changed from the absence of disease to management of the disease by drugs/vaccines.

Definitions of philanthropy have changed from doing good deeds to benefit society and humanity, to investing in diseases to benefit the investors. Disease investors and venture capitalists (‘philanthropists’) are giving more to their tax-deductible foundations with the goal to collect a lot more! The overall outcomes of ‘philanthropists’ involvement in collaboration with Big Pharma and governments on public health projects, particularly cancer and vaccines may be summarized as:

  • a). Shifted/increased in induced diseases in young and old;
  • b). Reduced and disregarded medical morality, ethics and conflicts of interest in conducting projects;
  • c). Prevented independent validation of research and clinical projects by competent professionals;
  • d). Abused power to control a sick and drug-dependent society for population growth control and the maintenance of a complacent work force; e. Transfer of wealth from the public to the disease investors (‘philanthropists’) and collaborators; It is time to remind true ‘philanthropists’ to go back to do good deeds to benefit society.

Supporting and improving hygiene, agriculture, clean drinking water, nutritional programs, and infrastructure in the third world or poor countries (eg, Samoa, Congo) where real human crisis/tragedies are happening would be considered doing good deed for humanity.

Page 24 (Concluding Remarks)

Evidence was presented that:

  • (a) human body is not drug-deficient or vaccine-deficient;
  • (b) current pathogen specific vaccines weaken immunity, not promote it;
  • (c) current vaccines are new terms for drugging young and old;
  • (d) safe, effective and universal vaccines that promote natural immunity and prevent diseases are yet to be seriously considered by the medical establishment

Our universe can offer a lot more untapped resources to afford a larger human populations without the need to destroy and cause the extinction of human beings by inducing infertility and diseases to control population growth and shorten life span, as well as to continue to spawn a compliant and docile, drug-dependent work force who can be eliminated at the push of syringe should they become expandable to their elite masters.

It is a horrifying thought to choose between the less of the two evils for humanity; killing and destroying weaker nations by man-made weapons under fabricated reasons for creating wars, or destroying public health and controlling the population by weaponizing cancer or over-vaccinating the public under intellectual deceptions and claims of “war on cancer” or “vaccines are safe.”

The real outcomes of either choice seem the same, transfer of wealth to warmongers, loss of precious lives and lack of respect and hope to save humanity.

These are challenging times for correcting the disease status that was created by Rockefeller medicine and continued by Gates vaccine. It requires a serious change of heart for policymakers and professionals, as well as a public awareness of the issues to help purge the deceptology in the cancer and vaccine sciences and hold the perpetrators of this deception responsible for fraudulent projects in the medical sciences.

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There’s no way they would allow a paper like this –

So I’m surprised it was approved to begin with, and not surprised at all that it was retracted – you just can’t call out these guys. Exciting to see that it had even reached peer-reviewed status to begin with given how corrupt the scientific journals and entire industry is. After listening to her interview (below), I can see she’s one of the White Knight’s of the world – really trying to get the word out about how corrupt these industries are.

Gosh I wish people cared about this more –

I feel like it’s kind of pointless writing how excited I am to find this study and the author and I just want to shout, discuss, highlight, take notes.. and that if I took the time to do that here, no one would care. The people we need to reach – don’t read. The others, the ones that might be able to read, trust bigpharma and will dismiss this paper because it’s retracted – without delving further to see what is going on behind the curtain.

I mean just wow. Every word of the PDF – it’s just.. it’s like she’s written the “confession of the medical industry” – everything is in there – it’s amazing.

“Governments love pandemics. They love pandemics for the same reason they love war. Because it gives them the ability to impose control on the population that the population would otherwise NEVER accept… ”

Robert F Kennedy Jr, – Berlin, August 29, 2020

There could be no greater a heinous crime, than the premeditated withholding of truth from the masses, to the point of their injury or death.

Page 25

“Mahin Khatami did not kill herself”

I hope I can find her. She’s retired, and I can’t find any newer interviews since 2016, and the paper was published in Dec 2020. Did they retract it and now she’s gone forever? Is she still alive?

2016 - Video Interview

This is the only video I found with the author (so far!) and it’s from 2016:

National Safe Child Show-Dr. Mahin Khatami-Whistleblower-National Cancer Institute – 2016 – YouTube (02)

Video Description:
13 Dec 2016 • The National Safe Child Show-Addressing the issues that have allowed child abuse to become an epidemic. Our goal is to bring awareness and educate the general public as to what is really happening in our country. Listeners are exposed to the truth through the eyes of whistle blowers, victims and trauma professionals. Making the safety of Children our nations priority is essential to the stability of our future. Evoking Hope for Everyone!

My notes from the interview:

  • Dr. Mahin Khatami – Cellular/Molecular Biologist & Immunologist
  • On the safety concerns for the HPV vaccines, I believe there is a hidden-agenda behind pushing and publicizing HPV vaccines, because there is Obamacare available, and they are using the public funds, and I’m very concerned about the health of the young generation.
  • The medical system which has been in place for nearly a century, all the heads of the departments of Human services (NIH – all the institutions, CDC, FDA, as well as all the drug companies, including the food industry, particularly the GMO, nearly all of them are MD’s. They have medical degrees, and the only ‘duty’ of this system, has been to promote health, prevent diseases, and to save lives of American people. But, unfortunately, the opposite has occurred.
  • American health status – this generation – we are behind all the other countries, despite the fact that we invest tremendous amount of funding for healthcare. So my serious concern, is they are targeting healthy individuals, but my analysis shows the HPV vaccine can increase the antigen load / oxidative stress in the body and unfortunately instead of promoting health, they are gradually – the system is gradually destroying the immunity of the body as a result we have increased population of society that is drug-dependant. This is a crime against humanity. We should promoting health, not weakening. We should not have so many young people to have the diseases that are features of the older generation.
  • My work is mostly AIDS & Cancer – AIDS-associated chronic diseases. Chronic unresolved inflammation is the basis for nearly-all AIDS-associated chronic diseases – that includes Alzheimers, Cancers, Diabetes, Obesity, Stroke – you name it – all have a common denominator – “unresolved inflammation or chronic inflammation
  • These vaccines – HPV, Measles, BCG, Swine Flu – they all cause the immunity to become weakened, because it has to fight the vaccines – so when you are exposed to too many foreign entities, your body has to fight it and it becomes unable because the “acute-inflammation”. When you are exposed to infective agents, a healthy body can fight the infective agent, however, when you are pushing the body with frequent-infection, frequent-exposure to environmental hazards and biological hazards – 18mins

2012 - Book

Author Correspondence:
Mahin Khatami, Inflammation, Aging and Cancer, National Cancer Institute (NCI), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (Retired), Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Email:

I found her Bio – and a book titled “Inflammation, Chronic Diseases and Cancer – Cell and Molecular Biology, Immunology and Clinical Bases” and her chapter is free for download, titled Inflammation, Chronic Diseases and Cancer (03)

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