The Great Awakening [Documentary]

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Brand new Covid > Communism/Dictatorship > WEF > Great Reset documentary (June 2023)

Good for: Those just starting to wake up that something is not right in the world. A good background documentary to have on hand when your friends and loved ones visit.

The Great Awakening Documentary

3 June 2023
Rumble with subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Indonesian, Swedish, Dutch, German | Download all subtitles separately in your own language
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Featuring: Mikki Willis, G.Edward Griffin, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Robert Malone, Christine Anderson, Martin Armstrong, Julian Assange, Xavier Becerra, Del Bigtree, Marsha Blackburn, Dr Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, Prof. Mattias Desmet, JP Sears (Comedian), Zuby, Mark McDonald M.D., Rizza Islam, Tricia Lindsay, Col. Allen B. West, Brian Echevarria, Vanessa “Gothix”, The Kwak Brothers, Ajua Mason, former defectors of CCP China warning about how the communist china/social credit system was put in place: Lily Tang Williams, Winston Liu, Crystal Chen, Minghui Wang, as well as Cuban defector Maximo Alvarez.

And the “Powers that shouldn’t be” and others mentioned or featured such as:


  • Covid, Rigged-Media, Covid-Psychosis, Mind-Control, Fear (and the ability to think rationally)
  • DAVOS, World Economic Forum, Great Reset,
  • Canadian Trucker Protests, Social Credit System, CBDCs,
  • toxic HIV/AIDS treatments, toxic Cancer treatments, vaccines,
  • Globalism, Communism, Socialism = Anti-Human.
    • CCP China, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, Leon Trotsky, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-un, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, Nazi,
    • Anti-Religion Ideology (love & worship of government and no other), Falun Gong, detention and brainwashing concentration and forced labour camps
    • Instructions to Communist Leaders: Incite hatred amongst obstructionists, label them Fascist, Nazi, Anti-Semitic, Extremist, Fright-Peddler, Racist, Misogynists, Radicals, Far-Right, Xenophobic, Transphobic, White Supremists, Domestic Terrorists, neo-Nazi, Anti-Vaxxers – with enough repetition, they will be associated with a bad smell and become fact in the public mind.
    • Propaganda via repetitive education, radicalizing kids, Critical Race Theory, Marxism, Terrorism laws against parents
    • Unisex/Asexual Genderless Society, transhumanism, Synthetic Biology, banning gendered-language in schools (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, etc.), Replace woman and mother with “Birthing people”, Removing parents from children’s healthcare decisions, allowing kids to change gender without parents knowledge, severing the bond between parent and child (communism tactic), break-up the family, communism = abolition of the family. Strong family = problem for Totalitarian regimes. De-masculinizing men.
    • Socrates warning
    • Climate Hysteria & Destruction of Food Supply:
      • ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance),
        • Farmers/Rigged-Agriculture, Mass-Starvation, corruption, Dutch Government, Netherlands, Food Supply, cannibalism
      • Lost Pensions
      • Net-Zero, Depopulation, Democide
      • Land Ownership, Communism summary by Karl Marx: Abolition of private property.
    • Paid Protests to create devalued real estate
      • Paid Protests to divide the people and incite hatred, division, regress progress, under the guise of equality (BLM)
        • BLM Protest leaders are billionaires, and Marxists.
          • Alicia Garza, Black Futures Lab, CCP partner
          • BLM donations to Black Futures Lab go to CCP
        • Pro-Communist organizations funded Black Lives Matter protests during pandemic
          • Liberation Road CCP Vietnam with direct ties to CCP China
          • Chinese Progressive Association (communist organization) sister company “Asians for Black Lives”
      • Fake polls/Fake perception of “Majority thinks this…”
      • Weaponizing people’s compassion against them to make them do your bidding
  • World War III is a political, psychological, and spiritual war. The propaganda bomb dropped on us daily.
    • Groomed for decades to be in fear; exaggerate and amplify fear
      • Never let a good crisis go to waste; policy changes based on fear
      • climate-hysteria, duck and cover
      • covid deaths/gravesites, you won’t be able to work, you won’t be able to travel, you won’t be able to attend university, you won’t be able to leave quarantine, you won’t be able to visit grandma, you won’t be able to return to normal
        • Prizes for compliance: Cash Scholarships, Limited Edition Avengers Comic Books, Cruises, Super Bowl Tickets, Trucks, Shotguns, Marijuana, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Beer, Vaccine Lotteries, Hamburgers, Sex
        • Recruiting Religious leaders
  • Solutions.

Biggest critics will be: Mainstream Media, those who have researched beyond the Great Reset, those who don’t trust the people it features, and those who have been so propagandized that they can’t even think that any of this is possible.

What I liked about it: Great Summary of what we had to uncover when first trying to figure out where the enemies were coming from and how the world went into “lockstep” suddenly.

I truly think it’s these types of documentaries that are going to be the most helpful for those who are just starting to look up from the news with bleary eyes. Most people don’t know any of this stuff.

(I don’t think people can go straight from “trusting the government and their innocent lives wholeheartedly” to some of the other nefarious true re-writing of history we’ve discovered, but these types of documentaries that are more like an “introduction-level” to corporate/communism takeovers, might give the newly questioning some form of framework to step their toes into the possibility that we have been lied to on a grand scale for thousands of years).

i.e. It might be the very first time they’ve heard world leaders talking about Synthetic Biology for instance, something they may of thought was only found in movies. It might also help them understand what we mean by one world government and great reset, etc.

The response so far from the truther community in general has been extremely positive, with most people blown away, and think this is such an important documentary to get out there. And the response from the “recently red-pilled” was extremely positive too, with people calling it “the MOST IMPORTANT” movie in their lifetime.

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