Justin Trudeau, Canadian Crime Minister (+ JP Sears)

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Klaus Schwab boasts that half of Justin Trudeaus cabinet are Young Global Leaders from the WEF, the Great Reset, missing pandemic billions, are covid-funds being spent to line his own pockets? Messages from EU MPs to Trudeau, Canadian MP fired for donating $100 to protesters, Single mum bank frozen for donating $50, JP Sears facts about Trudeau, and more…

6 Facts About Trudeau That’ll Make Your Blood BOIL! (JP Sears)

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WEF Klaus Schwab “We Penetrate Global Cabinets with our Leaders”

Klaus Schwab boasts that half of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet are Young Global Leaders. Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, in 2017:



“What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders… Like Trudeau”

Harvard’s John Kennedy School of Government. Renowned globalist David Gergen (Bohemian Grove Former White House Communications Director) is moderator/interviewer.

“Build Back Better”

Indian WION News Calls out Trudeau for missing $240 Billion “Pandemic” Money

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  • 9 Dec 2020 – Canada’s public broadcaster has claimed that the Justin Trudeau government hasn’t been transparent about where pandemic aid worth billions of dollars has gone.
    • By Dec 2020, $240 Billion had been given out with no accountability as to how it was spent, other than $16.17 Billion to “Government Agencies & Departments”. With an expected $322.3 Billion by March 2021.
    • In 2020, the Trudeau government spent an avg. $40 Million PER HOUR.
    • There is normally a committee that probes government spending programs, such as the Finance committee, but the parliament committee was “disbanded”.
  • June 1, 2021: Canada spent $624.2 billion on COVID-19 pandemic: report – True North News
    • March 2020 and April 2021, estimates were that Canada spent $624.2 billion on pandemic initiatives – an average of $1.5 billion a day for an entire year.
  • January 1, 2022: Prime Minister’s Office increased spending by 6.9% in 2020-21 – True North News / HillTimes
    • In the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, expenses in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office increased by 6.9% to $10.5 million.
    • According to the government’s public accounts for 2020-2021, spending for all ministerial offices, including the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), reached $68.21 million. The majority of the spending, $67.3 million, was spent on personnel.
    • After Trudeau’s office, then-government House leader Pablo Rodriquez was the highest-spending office with $2.96 million. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s office closely followed at $2.93 million.
    • In the government’s latest fiscal update, Canada’s debt is expected to reach $1.2 trillion by the end of this fiscal year.

Is this where the funds are being funnelled?

Investing Canadians Tax Dollars into his own family’s interests? And if the Malone video isn’t true, then the other one is definitely at least-half true (that Canada makes money off every mRNA vaccine sold). Useful to be in charge of the government budget and be able to line your own pockets using tax-payers “Covid funds” that they will be paying off for generations? (Post with details of what has and hasn’t been verified forthcoming after a sleep)

Apple, Facebook, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Google, Amazon & Microsoft donated $50B to BLM. But I can’t donate $100 to Freedom Convoy without my bank accounts being frozen?

Outrage as Canadian single mom on minimum wage has bank account frozen for donating $50 to Freedom Convoy

In a testimony before the House of Commons finance committee, the deputy director of Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC), the national financial intelligence agency of Canada, said the freedom convoy funding did not come from “terrorism” funding or “money laundering,” despite the federal government’s previous use of anti-terrorism tools against supporters of the protest movement.

“It was their own money,” Barry MacKillop testified. “It wasn’t cash that funded terrorism or was in any way money laundering.”

“There were people around the world who were fed up with COVID and were upset and saw the demonstrations […] I believe they just wanted to support the cause,” he said.

On February 15, the Trudeau government froze the account of many Canadians who donated to the freedom convoy, evoking the Proceeds Of Crime And Terrorist Financing Act, a law passed after the September 2001 attacks in the United States.

The Trudeau government also invoked the Emergencies Act to mandate federal reporting of the donations made through GiveSendGo.

Romanian Member of the European Parliament

Christian Terhes MP – Trudeau acting like a tyrant

Romanian MEP @CristianTerhes absolutely mops the floor with PM @JustinTrudeau in Brussels over how he’s handling the Ottawa #FreedomConvoy2022 protests. “He’s exactly like a tyrant, a dictator. He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania,” said Terhes.

Croatian Member of the European Parliament

Mislav Kolakušić former Judge & Croatian MEP – Message to #FreedomConvoy2022 in Canada from his Twitter account:

The intention of Canadian PM Trudeau to freeze the bank accounts of citizens who oppose his insane measures without a court order and at his own discretion is deeply frightening and disgusting. Citizens of Canada, oppose these authoritarian measures and withdraw your money from the banks.


Canada: Justin Trudeau’s government fires a woman for donating $100 to protesters

Feb 20, 2022 – WIONEWS

Various organisations around the world, especially in India and the United States, have chastised Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for invoking federal emergency powers to repress truckers protesting Canada’s COVID-19 limitations.

After being linked to a $100 donation supporting the convoy blocking Ottawa roadways, the head of communications for the Ontario ministry in charge of executing the legislation was fired. Marion Isabeau-Ringuette is one of numerous government employees and acquaintances under investigation after their names or identifying information was discovered in a pair of leaks involving 100,000 donations to the GiveSendGo website in the United States. 

As recently as Sunday, Isabeau-Ringuette worked as a political staffer for Ontario’s Solicitor-General, a post that regulates police and other law enforcement in the province. Even minor donors to the blockade in Canada risk having their bank accounts seized if they continue to donate. 

February 24, 2022 42nd Parliament, 2nd Session – LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ONTARIO

Mr. Vijay Thanigasalam: Under the Del Duca-Wynne Liberals, the annual costs for businesses to comply with regulations soared to $33,000 per business, the highest in Canada. It’s no wonder that businesses were packing up and leaving before this government stepped in.

Mrs. Lisa Gretzky: Many people in Windsor can’t buy a home. A single-family home has increased almost 32% in just one year. Because of blind bidding, my constituents have to bid hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking, and young families aren’t able to buy a home of their own. This government cut rent control, allowing rental costs to soar. The average one-bedroom unit has jumped from $700 to $1,200 a month—a 71% increase. The cost of child care, groceries and fuel have all gone up under this government’s watch.

Ontario Works and ODSP recipients have been forced to live in legislated poverty, struggling to make ends meet, relying on food banks because they can’t afford food and rent. Workers from our casino, bingo halls, auto assembly and parts plants haven’t had steady employment in almost two years. They’re struggling while this government supports their corporate buddies at Amazon and Walmart who are making billions of dollars in profits.

Protest in Ottawa

Mr. Rick Nicholls: We’re all aware of what happened in Ottawa over the past three weeks. Blocking all lanes on bridges, inhibiting the flow of goods between Canada and the US and preventing people from getting to work, was problematic.

But why were the truckers there in the first place? Fighting for the reinstatement of vaccine exemptions? Initially, yes, but it became much more than that: defending individual rights and freedoms. To eliminate this peaceful protest, all that was needed was for the Prime Minister and the Premier to meet with the organizers. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

Civilian journalism came to light. Paul Harvey would say, “And now, the rest of the story.”

Were the people of Ottawa disadvantaged? Perhaps, but crime was down and people weren’t getting sick and being admitted to hospital. Actions of the many cannot be held responsible for the actions of the very few. Many question if those causing trouble were in fact associated with the convoy.

Truckers took care of things. They had rules of conduct, cleaned up garbage, stood guard around monuments, supported local businesses, were respectable and fed the hungry. Truckers and non-truckers from my riding provided updates. Ottawa citizens would come up to truckers, offer food and hugs. Negative reports were from the very few.

In summary, I was offended by the characterization of the truckers by Trudeau and others. The use of such inflammatory language was unjustified, in my opinion.

Protests in Ottawa happen all the time. Calling this peaceful protest a siege, illegal or calling truckers and supporters terrorists and occupiers is so wrong. Now the Emergencies Act has been revoked. Why now did the PM change his mind? Paul Harvey would say, “It’s pure politics.”

Mrs. Belinda C. Karahalios: In justifying the government’s most recent emergency measures and the Premier’s seal of approval for Justin Trudeau’s, the Premier called the Ottawa protest an “illegal occupation.” But those in Ottawa who were trying to lead a safe withdrawal of the protest and to safely negotiate with the city were hijacked by the government’s own agent provocateur, the member from Lanark. It was reported by one of the leading protesters that the member from Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston encouraged the convoy to talk to the mayor of Ottawa, but once the talks became public, the member said they were abandoning the protesters, thus making the possibility of a peaceful withdrawal impossible. In fact, the Premier’s own first chief of staff was reportedly in the back talking to all leaders involved.

Can this government tell us how many other sponsored actors it has infiltrating peaceful protest movements, with the job of sabotaging the efforts, so the government can use the actions of its own agents as justification for imposing authoritarian measures on all Ontarians?

Ottawa Police Chief has gone full Covid Psychosis – Unbelievable!

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Bill Maher calling out Trudeau

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“Trudeau was talking about people who are not vaccinated – he said ‘they don’t believe in Science, they’re often misogynistic and racist.’ “No they’re not”. He said ‘but they take up space, and with that we have to make a choice in terms of a leader of a country, do we tolerate these people?”. “Tolerate these people?? Now you do sound like Hitler”. Then he talked about them ‘holding unacceptable views’. “I mean come on, I think that’s what gets under people’s skin”

Pierre Trudeau

Cathy O’Brien on Trudeau ‘s Father – NWO & Mass-Mind-Control

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Cathy O’Brien comments on Former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. Mass Formation Psychosis. No wonder Justin is a lunatic psychopath.

“The political retreat where the Michigan governors mansion is located – it was a Bohemian Grove of sorts where politicians met and discussed New World Order control and discuss Mind-Control of the Masses and Mind-Control in the School system and how to use Occultism as a Trauma-base.

One of my sexual abusers at that time was the Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. Pierre Trudeau is a professed Jesuit. Now the Jesuits are the Intelligence Arm of the Catholic Vatican. There’s a criminal faction within these Jesuits.

I’m certainly not saying all Catholics are bad, nor am I saying all CIA is bad or all Politicians. There’s good and bad in everything.

Nevertheless, Pierre Trudeau represented this criminal faction of the Catholic Church of the Jesuits; who believed in Mind-Control of the Masses, because they wanted to be the One World Church in the New World Order. The money that was being brought into the church was funding New World Order controls. And he firmly believed in Mind-Control.”

We had to take Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau to Court in 1981 to protect Canadians from NWO

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Dec 28, 2021 – Brian Peckford is a Canadian politician who served as the third premier of Newfoundland and Co-Authored the Canadian Charter of Rights in 1981. In this presentation, he explains how the Canadian Charter of Rights came to be, how it was negotiated over 17 months, and the problems that occurred where they ended up having to go to court against the Prime Minister at the time, Pierre Trudeau.

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