Real Rukshan attacked at Anti-Racism Rally

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Something mentally wrong with the tv-watchers, “hysteria” everywhere… #Mind-Control

What happened when I went to a Pro-Immigration / Anti-Racism Rally in Melbourne

14 May 2023 YouTube

From Description:

I was singled out by the police while covering a protest today because the mostly white “anti-racism/pro-immigration” protesters kept telling the police I was a “Nazi” and “race traitor” they want removed. I was asked to move on without a reason being given while other mainstream media were left alone. I stood my ground. I will not be intimidated by misguided left-wing racists, neo-nazis extremists or the police state when working.

Rebel News Australia cameraman of Asian descent was also assaulted by far-left protesters in Melbourne just moments after Jewish Australian reporter Avi was called a “Nazi” and hit over the head with a pole while covering a protest in Melbourne. The far-left protesters claim to be pro-immigration, and fighting against racism by countering a far-right protest against immigration. ~ Real Rukshan

Neo-Nazis & Antifa – The rise of extreme ideologies in Victoria.

15 May 2023 Update YouTube

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