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Canadian Police & Military Standing Up!

Canadian Police Officer calls for Chief to Resign #ConvoyToOttawa

Fullscreen | Telegram

This message is for the Chief of Police in Ottawa.

You need to leave. You need to hand in your resignation and call it a day.
You sir are an embarrassment to law enforcement and anybody who is associated with the law force.

Treating the truckers like they’re terrorists?

I’ve been to Ottawa, I’ve seen what’s going on there.

I’ve seen the people first-hand, shovelling the side-walks. Shovelling the rides. Picking up garbage.

I’ve watched the food be handed out to the homeless.

Those truck drivers and the people of the convoy have done more for the homeless people in that city than that poor excuse for a Mayor in done in I don’t know how long.

I’ve watched blankets being given out, food, friendship being offered to those that needed it.

I don’t see terrorists.

I see people who give a care about their country, who are tired of dealing with an absolute joke of a Prime Minister, and an absolute abomination as a Premier. So sir, with all due respect to your title, you need to step down, you need to move aside, and let a real police officer take command.

Retired RCMP officer Mark Foreman to Canadian Police

Rumble | Telegram

Retired RCMP officer Mark Foreman speaks to the poor leadership of the higher ranks in Canada’s Police Services and of Justin Trudeau. Mark has trained thousands of Police officers throughout his career and many will recognize him.

“My name is Mark Foreman and I was a police officer for 23 years here in Canada. 10 years with the police and 13 years with the RCMP.

A lot of you police officers out there might recognize me because I helped train thousands of you over the last 20 years.

I just wanted to lend my voice to support those police officers who are standing up for people’s charter rights in this country right now.

People like Corporal Richard Manor from the “??” who I worked with for 4 years. He recently lost his job. I’m sorry to hear that Richard, but when one door closes, others will open so stay strong.

People like Constable Howard who recently spoke up and lent her support for what’s going on. Standing up for people’s charter rights.

And apparently thousands of people wanted to be fired – which is pretty sad because this is the police officer you want working for you. Someone who recognizes your rights and stands up for them.

I want to recognize the constables and corporals who are speaking out – they have the most to lose.

Where’s the leadership in the police right now?

The motto of the RCMP is “maintain the right” – I read where a French language scholar said it was more accurately interpreted as “uphold the law” – which makes total sense, that’s what police are supposed to do, uphold the law.

Well, the highest law in the land, is the charter of rights and freedoms.

Some of us have already realized that the bar to enact section one of the charter has not been met. We don’t need a constitutional lawyer to tell us this, and with all due respect, we don’t need judges to interpret the charter to tell us what it meant by Section one.

We have one of the original writers of the charters. Mr Brian Peckford – the former premier of Newfoundland. He was there in 1981 when all the premiers and Pierre Elliott Trudeau our Prime Minster at the time, they all sat down and hashed it out.

Mr Peckford is trying to scream it out to the world right now of what the men who framed the charter – what they meant by it – what they meant for Section one to be enacted. So, look up Mr Peckford, listen to him – he’s a very intelligent man.

I used the information to obtain a warrant as an example. If you write up your ITO – you get your warrant signed by a judge, you go execute your warrant, you seize the evidence, maybe make some arrests, but before you get to court, you find out that an informant lied – gave false information – or somehow the information to obtain the warrant wasn’t valid. That means your warrant is null and void. Any evidence you gathered under that warrant is not admissible in court.

We’re kind of in that situation right now.

These mandates and laws that have been setup by our governments under these emergency orders – the bar has not been met – section one has not been met, listen to Mr Peckford.

Not only that, all these governments, circumvented the parliament procedure in order to enact these emergency orders. So, in my opinion what’s going on constitutes unlawful orders.

When I went into police training, I was told that I didn’t have to follow unlawful orders. I don’t know – I’m not telling anybody to do anything – I’m just asking questions and giving you my opinion.

To the government of Canada and to Mr Trudeau, your plan for this pandemic has been dismal. Your plan is akin to installing a screen door on a submarine – and when the submarine started sinking, what was your plan? Install a second screen door. When the submarine kept on sinking? Your plan? Install a third screen door.

That is literally the definition of insanity.

That’s no plan.

Other countries around the world had good plans – what’s wrong with looking to others to see what works?


Anyway, what’s going on right now is kinda crazy. Mr Trudeau, you’re the leader of our country, and I don’t know where you took your leadership training, but you’re not acting like a leader.

You are the highest ranking public servant in Canada and this is not how public servants act.

You need to come back and talk to these people. They’re not scary people. I gave close-protection for a few prime ministers, heads-of-state, if you’re intimidated to come back and speak to these people – I’ll come back and speak with you, I’ll stand beside you, I’ll be your meat-shield. We don’t have to fear these people.

There’s a saying I’m sure you’re familiar with, and that’s:
Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

And Mr Trudeau, you’ve proven that you’re not a leader. Unfortunately you’re too arrogant to be a follower, so you need to just get out of the way.”

Canadian police officer speaks out “I stand for Freedom”

Rumble | Telegram

Former Canadian military & police call on veterans & retired police to come to Ottawa and support the truckers

Fullscreen | Telegram

I’m calling all fellow veterans to stand up for your country once again – you’re not wearing a uniform at this point, but you’re a soldier no less than the same that you were prior to retiring.

We’re in a very critical situation in this country where our freedoms have been taken away.

All of you know what it’s like to stand up for freedom and democracy around the world. We’ve done it. It’s your turn to do it here, in your own country. They’re starting to take it away – you can see it – you can smell it.

I need you to come here and support this action. You have to be part of something bigger than yourself. I’m calling Stand To for all of my brothers and sisters to serve. Come to Ottawa. If you can’t come to Ottawa, stand up in your community – let your voice be heard in a non-violent way. I’m asking you in a peaceful manner to come forward and stand up for your country and #HoldTheLine.

Retired Canadian OPP Officer asks Police to stand down

Fullscreen | Telegram

Ed Grenier, a Retired Officer from OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) of 33 years who attended the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa last weekend and will attend this weekend with his family, asks police to stand down.

The words: “I was just following orders” historically has never been an accepted defence. The people at this protest are your neighbours, their children, and their grandparents. Stand down and tell your supervisor that you will not take violent action against peaceful people – no matter who gives the order.

Our capacity to feed our families is gone if you disagree with the government. This tyranny has been enforced under the guise of “big brother knows best”. Politicians are drunk with power and authority. They create these laws and routinely break them without consequence. They have purposefully promoted fear and intimidation and division in our communities. They have demonized and weaponized neighbour and against neighbour. Any citizen with a voice that speaks out against Big Brother and their draconian laws is characterized as radical.

The state-funded media has lost any and all credibility with the people of Canada and the world.

For police officers in uniform, your country needs you now, show them why you became a police officer. A rally is NOT a threat to public safety. Remember this, you are not required to follow an unlawful order, no matter who issues that order. Look into your conscience, do NOT be liable for this or any other action against our peaceful citizens.

Canadian Police Officer Gets Pissed Off! #HoldTheLine

Fullscreen | YouTube

14 Feb 2022 – Ottawa police don’t need to be vaccinated – it’s their choice, it’s up to them. Meanwhile other companies are firing people – nurses are being kicked out, doctors are leaving – and you’re crying “short staff, short staff” like wtf are you thinking? You’re causing your own road blocks. This is what this is about – forcing people to do something they don’t want to do. It’s their choice – that’s what friggin’ freedom is all about. #HoldTheLine – hang onto that border – stay on that bridge until it falls in the goddamn river – just hold it – this is bullshit, you guys have gone too far to let em go. The Ottawa police are a bunch of government goons – they’re not for the people – they’re not – I can’t believe what they’re doing.

Canadian Officer “I support you guys 100%” #FreedomConvoy

Fullscreen | YouTube

Interaction between Canadian OPP officer and couple on their way to the Freedom Convoy says
“I support you guys 100%”

Canadian Officer “It is time to stand up and speak out”

Fullscreen | YouTube

Feb 9, 2022 Canadian police officer Nick Motycka called upon his fellow officers to resist the unlawful orders of their superiors and instead support peaceful Freedom Convoy protestors. A 10-year-veteran of the Calgary Police Service who previously worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Motycka told officers. “It is time to stand up and speak out by refusing to breach your fellow citizens’ fundamental Charter rights.”

“Today was a hard day for me. Something was taken away from me that I can never get back. Watching members of the Ottawa Police Service cease fuel from peaceful protestors took away a long held belief that I held that I thought to be a lasting truth, and that is “The police are here, when push really comes to shove, to protect and help people.” I will never see my profession in the same light that I did before today.

What I saw, was the police doing politicians “dirty work”, like hired-goons. This goes against every reason why I chose this mostly thankless, difficult, traumatizing career with terrible hours.

The reason I got into law-enforcement was to help people. However naïve that was, it is my honest truth.

As the years wore on, I’ll be the first to admit that I got jaded, but I never let anything compromise my integrity. I always applied the front-page of the newspaper test, and that is – would I be ok with what I was about to do, being on the frontpage of the paper, or a news story in your feed for younger-viewers.

Doing what was right even when no one was looking, even if it was difficult, was always the right decision.

What is happening in Ottawa, with the clear political influence on the police to physically exert political-will on peaceful protestors, for nothing more than possible political-gain is so very wrong on so many levels.

“I was just following orders” is no longer an excuse. It is time to stand up and speak out by refusing to breach your fellow-citizens fundamental charter rights.

You signed up to help people. Stand with your fellow Canadians and say enough is enough.

There is no doubt that we are all part of history right now. I have one question for you:

Which side do you want to be on?”

Brian Denison – Calgary Police Force


Dec 18 2021 “These government orders are wrong and unlawful”
I can’t fight from within anymore, they are muzzling me.

Calgary Police Officer “It’s time to stand up”


A Calgary Police officer is making a public stand against the criminal extortion and threats being committed by police chief Mark Neufeld. He has an urgent call to action for officers of the law across Canada, declaring “It’s time to stand up. You signed up for this job. This is your job.”

Calgary police officers who have refused to submit to the extortion demands were put on 30 day leave in November and are now facing employment termination after passing the December 1st deadline to comply.

Please go to the Calgary Freedom Central channel on Telegram to see officer Brian Denison’s full uncensored video and for his contact info to send him your messages of support.

33000 Police, doctors & other personnel in Canada refuse the jab.

Canadians really know how to “peacefully” protest! Brave and standing up for medical freedom.

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