Susan Standfield – Are We Presently Living In Genocide?

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Human Rights activist Susan Standfield explains the parallels between COVID-19 and how the genocide is accomplished amongst the indigenous in Canada, and in other countries she’s lived in and researched. Hint: the media.

I’m currently transcribing a response video to the following video, and it deserves it’s own post rather than just embedding it into the current post.

Susan Standfield, Are we living in Genocide?

November, 2020 (Original Link Deleted) (01) (02)

Hey, good evening everybody. I don’t normally do two videos in the day, in one day, but somebody asked me to speak about this, and so I thought, well, I’ll do it today, and I’ll do it maybe in the evening. I thought maybe this is better than a morning video because it’s sort of a very, very serious video. It’s a serious story. So I was nervous about speaking about this, but I think that I will now because I started writing stories about it a week ago, and it’s a part of what I understand from my own life experience and from my training as a human rights activist.

So this story, and I will probably write a lot of these stories in the next week, the story is about genocide, and it’s a very, very difficult story to tell, as you know. But I think that now is the time for us to speak about this in Canada because this is what is happening, and a lot of us have been talking about this for months.

Once we all pieced this together, when I knew what was going on was fraud in April, in March in April when I started the Vancouver movement, which might have been the very first March movement in the world. Because I had seen nothing, and what happened in Vancouver exploded everywhere. So we were one of the first cities, if not the first city, and I started that movement because I knew. I knew what was going on was fraud and corruption, and I knew it had to do with money.

But I didn’t really know how big this was, and every day and every week that I’ve been working on this campaign and reengineering all of our lives, we’ve all been doing this.

Many of us are now realizing that what is actually happening is a genocide, and it’s happening all over the world, and it’s organized, and it’s happening right in front of our eyes.

So this is a video about genocide, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about what I know about it.

So okay. I got involved with human rights activism because I was a photographer. I am a photographer, and I wanted to go and shoot with some of the best photographers in the world in New York, and it was a collective called the Magnum Photo Collective. James Knockway was and is still one of my photography heroes, and I had studied the Magnum Collective for years. Robert Kappa, who is one of my heroes. If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough, and I studied these fantastic photographers for years, and that’s all I wanted to do is be a photographer, and I wanted to be a photojournalist.

I didn’t necessarily want to photograph war, but I wanted to photograph why people, why conflict existed, why these things happened in the world.

Because I had never experienced that growing up on the west side of Vancouver, right? The life that I’d lived and going to university and all that middle class family, and I didn’t understand how these things worked in the world, and I wanted to, and I wanted to photograph them. I wanted to bear witness to them and to tell that story.

So I ended up studying the Rwandan genocide of 1994, which is one of the most epic genocides, because it happened so quickly, right? A million people in three months, and I wanted to go there, and I didn’t want to go there because it was so painful. But I wanted to understand how parts of the world could experience these things because they weren’t really possible in Canada, a little bit I know, which of course was wrong, because Canada has engaged in genocide since its beginning. Thanks to the British monarchy takeover of the land that we have really engaged in a systematic genocide for 200 years of our indigenous people, and that is spoken about now commonly, right, that it was genocide, and we know it is still a form of genocide that’s going on.

So I learned a lot about what genocide was back then in the 90s, but it was such an extreme story, the Rwandan one, because the killings happened literally with farm tools, sites, what they call sites in Africa, and it was just so bloody and so monstrous that most people think, yeah, but that’s not a typical genocide, right? And there’s so many different forms.

We all know the Holocaust genocide that happened in Myanmar.

Genocide’s happened all over the world, all the time they happen in affluent cultures, they happen in developing cultures, they happen through because of faith, because of money, because humanity can’t come to terms with itself really that is the simplest way.

Humanity cannot accept humanity, and so we have these genocides that are differences, right? So I ended up living in Africa for many years, and I was living in Kenya, and there’s an election coming up, and I had still studied genocides, but not so much because it’s really heavy, and I was living in Kenya in Nairobi in 2007, and there was an election coming up and everybody was talking about all this election coming up. God be careful, whatever, and I was like, it’s just an election, right?

Well, what happened was genocide and I witnessed it. A thousand people were killed within a week, and two communities where I lived and I had friends, and my house was patrolled by army with guns, and I was being watched, and it was all, it was unbelievable what happened. So I actually got on a plane and I flew out of Nairobi and I hid out in Ethiopia for a week. Because I thought this isn’t my war. I can’t stay here. I can’t bear witness to this. It was so brutal and so painful to see what happened to the society and it took a long time for Kenya to recover, and that was only a thousand people, right, compared to a million in Rwanda.

So I kept studying this story of genocide and what it is, and it always seems so remote that it’s happening over there. It’s not happening where we are until it happened to where I was and happened right in the place where I lived.

And I was able to look at it as an outsider because it wasn’t my people and it wasn’t my family and I wasn’t the aggressor. I wasn’t the victim, and so I’ve always sort of looked at the story of what’s happening right now as a form of genocide with a small G maybe, right? Well, it’s going to harm people. It’s going to hurt people, and it’s a word that people are very nervous to talk about because it’s the big word, right? It’s the big word.

And when we started researching how this was connected to the pharmaceutical shareholders and to very powerful shareholders and a small group of people who were trying to re-engineer the world, we all started connecting the dots over the summer.

Well, this is intended to harm people and the injected pharmaceuticals that are coming will harm people and they know they will harm people, and so that is genocide. That is murder. That’s what it is. You can’t say it any other way. You can’t ever really have the conversation. Oh, well people, you know, they make their choices? No. It’s intentional harm because nobody is warning anybody about what these products are. The deaths that we see all around us, the mental health deaths, I know at least two people who have committed suicide since Corona.

The ambulances all the time now, right? Outside our homes where I live, we see it adding up. The body count is going up, and nobody’s actually really speaking about this as genocide yet, but that is what is happening.

We are witnessing moment by moment, a day by day, week by week, genocide happening all around the world, and I think that it’s time I may speak about this tomorrow at an event in Vancouver. I think that it’s time that we all step up and we start saying what is going on, that we are actually bearing witness to a modern genocide. That’s what this is. That’s where we need to take this. It’s time not to be polite or in agreement about everything. It’s time to speak honestly about what is happening.

That’s how I was trained as a human rights activist by Meson Sanfran Thier was to bear witness was to speak about what I saw, and so I’ve always done that in a way that was, you know, much less harsh than this, but it’s time. It’s time that we all start using this word.

We are bearing witness to a genocide.

So what is that? Why is this happening? Well, I’ll tell you it’s happening for about five or six reasons.

One, doctors in Canada who are not speaking out and nurses who all know and we know they know and I know they know because I get messages from them, whistleblowers, police officers, law enforcement, firefighters, ambulance drivers, RCMP officers, all of them are contacting me, all of them are blowing the whistle and they’re afraid.

They’re afraid that they’re going to be their jobs are going to be threatened. They’re all contacting me and they’re contacting you. If you’re doing the work I’m doing, right, we all know they’re all around us.

The media, the Canadian media, the big Canadian media corporations and shareholders who are lying to us. They are blatantly lying to us, and I can tell you my story. Every time I did events or marches and even now they lie, they lie about our numbers. They lie about our stories, our backgrounds. They make us look like lunatics. They painted me as an anti-Semitismist and I’m one of the most compassionate, open-minded, well-travelled, educated person you could meet, and that’s what they did to me.

That’s what the game is. That’s what the media plays.

So who else? Corporate Canada. Why did corporate Canada not fight for itself? Why didn’t any of the hockey teams and the owners and the stadiums? Why did nobody fight for hockey? We just watched hockey die this spring and some are nobody fought for hockey. Why did nobody fight for hockey in Canada? Right? Nobody fought for it. Because collusion is going on. If there was no collusion, you know those shareholders would be out there fighting for hockey. They’d be fighting for their profits. So something’s going on.

I’ve always known that. I happen to live next to an incredibly wealthy family when this first started. Very high profile. Lots of money. Lots of help and drivers and vehicles work all around the house. There was no activity for March, April, and May. Nothing. The house was almost boarded up. There was not one vehicle I saw going in and out of the compound, and I thought, where are they? Where did they go? Why are they not trying to keep their hockey team going? Why are they not trying to keep the stadium and the cash flow? What is happening? Why are they so silent? And I knew something was wrong.

I tried for months to tell the story and I’ve never stopped. I’m still telling the story. But it’s really only in the past couple of months that a lot of us have connected the dots to understand what’s going on is actually an organized genocide.

And this may be our biggest crack in the dam. As I speak about, we’ve got to find the cracks and we’ve got to push the water into it. We’ve got to break the dam, and I have a feeling that that story may be our way out of this to finally call it for what it is that it is organized genocide. It’s happening in British Columbia. It’s happening in Ontario. It’s happening in Manitoba. It’s happening all across Canada and it’s happening around the world.

If you think that genocide is not possible in Canada, think about this. We know that we had a genocide, right? Two hundred years of a genocide against our indigenous people. We know that. Nobody is going to deny that. Our prime minister talks about it on the news. It was genocide.

And we know that since then, since the recognition of that, since the tribunal, since murder missing and indigenous women and girls came out, that not one bit of our system has been changed. Nothing. Nothing has been re-engineered. No structures have been changed. The parliament. The monocle system. The governor generals. The orders. The authorities.

All of these things that made that genocide possible for a couple hundred years have not been changed in Canada. So we have exactly the same structures and that’s our problem.

We have the same structures, which means that genocide is still possible in Canada. It’s still possible.

And so the question needs to be, how do we know that there is not genocide going on? How do we know that we are not actually bearing witness to genocide right now in 2020, thanks to public health corruption, thanks to the NDP government in BC, thanks to 270 days of punishment and illegal orders destroying our lives?

How can we say that it’s not genocide? What is the proof that we have that it’s not genocide?

So that’s the big question. That’s the big story. That’s the word.

That’s where we need to go to this because we don’t have some other options. We can’t incite with violence. We can’t do that. That’s a loss. That’s how you lose the violence. It seems like it could be a good idea, but it’s a short term win and it’s a long term loss.

We can’t get the media to help us. They won’t help us.

We can’t get the numbers up fast enough in Canada. There’s not enough people listening. Everybody is listening to the media that is lying to them.

So we have to come up with a new strategy, and I’m a strategic thinker, and I knew what I was doing when I led the movement in Vancouver and it worked and it exploded and it started all over all around the world. I was one of the people that helped make that happen. The no more lockdowns movement that’s still going, and so now I would say to everybody watching this video, share this video, share this video ten times in the next week. Share it three times a day. Share it every eight hours.

That’s what the social media experts say every eight hours. Share this video. Get it up to half a million views. One of my videos had half a million views. The Walmart video. Get it up. Get this word out there. You start talking about genocide. You call your MLA, your MPP, whoever, and you bring this question up. How do we know we are not witnessing our second genocide in Canada?

So thank you for bearing with me with a heavy story, right? I don’t like to tell these heavy stories. I like to keep things positive and hopeful for women who are out there every day suffering and so we can rise up and feel strong.

But I think now is the moment when we need to change strategies and we need to play a lot harder and we need to play it with our minds, with our knowledge, with our passion and our intellect, and we need to say what’s really going on, and that is an organized structural degradation of our country and probably and likely to be an organized genocide.

So if you don’t really know what that word means, you’re not familiar with it. Learn about it over the next week. Study it.

Study the biggest genocides in the world and look at the patterns of how those genocides have been possible. What makes them possible? Because everything in Canada is a part of that system that makes it possible.

Our governance, our media, our personality, our Canadian, our niceness, our refusal to confront, our willingness to conform. All of these things are patterns of genocide and one of the biggest ones and this is all stuff I’m collecting for a Supreme Court attempt.

The biggest ones is what the public health officer has been doing in the media. Two hundred and seventy days straight, we’ve had a person telling us lies consistently, giving us fraud, and it doesn’t even matter if she turns into somebody else and becomes, you know, Hank or becomes Jane. It doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that one person has been given that microphone consistently for two hundred and seventy days. Think about that. Why is that happening? Why is that possible?

Because that was why Rwanda happened. Study the genocide of Rwanda. It was a million people who were killed, tortured and killed in three months in 90 days, and the one thing that made it possible was state radio. The genocide was committed using state radio exactly like the media in British Columbia is doing.

Every day, everywhere you look, bus stops, billboards, posters on your elevator walls, it’s everywhere, you can’t go anywhere in this province without public health telling you what to do, what to think, how to behave. That is without question, complete brainwashing.

So why are we being brainwashed? Why are we being forced into our homes? Why are we having all of our civil liberties stripped? What is really going on? And my argument in the Supreme Court will be we are witnessing Canada’s second genocide.

Okay, so thanks for bearing with me. Heavy video. I’ll be writing more stories about genocide in the next week. Hopefully everybody will spread the word, open your eyes. It’s time to get serious, not only to protect our country and our future, protect our loved ones, but it’s time to protect the world.

And we can do this from Canada. We have this power. We have the truth. We have the strength of the people in this country to do this, and we are a country that has allowed genocide to happen for 200 years.

So we almost in a way, we owe it to the world to do this, to use our experience, our money, our stories, our energy, our power, our democracy, our rule of law.

Here comes another ambulance, right? Somebody else. Another death. Another death. Who died? Right in my neighborhood, three blocks from my house.

This is genocide. That’s what we’re watching. Okay, have a wonderful evening, and instead of being feeling anxious and depressed and terrified, like so many people are every single day, get really quiet. That’s what I would recommend. Get really quiet, and if you have faith, say a prayer, close your eyes, meditate.

Think about what I have just said, and if you are on the side where we are, where you know what is going on is wrong and it is fraud, it’s time to get off the couch. It’s time to start doing something more serious before it’s too late, before we all look back and go, did we do enough? Why didn’t we do enough? Why weren’t we outraged? Why didn’t we fight harder? What were we so afraid of? What were we? Why did we let everything we have just go away? Why didn’t we fight? Why didn’t we try? What were we afraid of?

That is always why genocide is allowed to continue because people are afraid to stop it. But I think that we’re not afraid. I think we can do this in Canada. It’s time for all of us to rise up and to start talking about what is really going on, and that is genocide. We are witnessing Canada’s second genocide every single day. Please share this video and look for more information on all my channels about genocide and how you can help tell the story and get Canada moving in the right direction to stop all of this corruption. Thank you.

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