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Update May 2023 – THIS POST IS A YEAR OLD. Please look for newer Posts about the Treaty!

If we survive 2022-2023, and it’s digital-transformation and other atrocities… then we fight again in 2024… hopefully Tedros is arrested by then… in the meantime.. this is good news but also shows that the govt of Australia are globalist puppets who do not give a shit about the Australian people:


Brilliant news out of Geneva today!

As most of you know, the World Health Assembly has spent the past 7 days considering Biden’s 13 controversial amendments to the International Health Regulations.

Official delegates from wealthy developed nations like Australia led by our Federal Chief Health Officer, UK and the US, spoke in strong support of the amendments and urged other states to join them in signing away their countries’ sovereignty.

The first sign, however, that things might not be going the globalists’ way, came on Wednesday, the 25th of May, which just happened to also be Africa Day:

  1. Botswana read a statement on behalf of its 47 AFRO members, saying they would be collectively withholding their support for the ‘reforms’, which many African members were very concerned about.
  2. Multiple other countries also said they had reservations over the changes and would not be supporting them either. These included Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Iran and Malaysia.
  3. Brazil in particular said it would exit WHO altogether, rather than allow its population to be made subject to the new amendments.

In the end, the WHO and its wealthy nation supporters, were forced to back down.

They have not given up though – far from it.

Instead, they did what they always do and ‘pivoted’.

At their request, a new working group was convened to make “technical recommendations on the proposed amendments” which will be re-submitted along with the Pandemic Treaty, at the 77th Health Assembly meeting in 2024.

There has also been lots of pushback from Republicans in the US, with a number of them introducing new bills giving the US Congress/Senate powers to override any WHO mandates or directives issued as part of any International agreements.

One, called the ‘No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act’, has 15 co-sponsors and was introduced to the Senate on Thursday by Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who said “The sovereignty of the United States is not negotiable”.

Here in Australia, we need to keep the pressure up on our own parliaments, both Federal AND State, up the ante and don’t ever look sideways.

Just brace for the digital ID now, as the Federal Parliament reboots, we need to push back at all cost on that from this week moving forwards.

Anyone know where we can watch this, was it openly recorded for the public? Let me know on Telegram.

I personally want to thank all the Africans, Americans, United Kingdom citizens who spoke out, and the tiny, tiny, tiny handful of Australians who spoke out… the rest of you.. pfft…

The following countries have rejected the WHO slave treaty:

  1. Algeria
  2. Angola
  3. Equatorial Guinea
  4. Ethiopia
  5. Benin
  6. Botswana
  7. Brazil
  8. Burkina Faso
  9. Burundi
  10. China
  11. Ivory Coast
  12. Eritrea
  13. Eswatini
  14. Gabon
  15. Gambia
  16. Ghana
  17. Guinea
  18. Guinea-Bissau
  19. India
  20. Cameroon
  21. Cape Verde
  22. Kenya
  23. Comoros
  24. Congo, Democratic Republic of
  25. Congo, Republic of
  26. Lesotho
  27. Liberia
  28. Madagascar
  29. Malawi
  30. Mali
  31. Mauritania
  32. Mauritius
  33. Mozambique
  34. Namibia
  35. Niger
  36. Nigeria
  37. Rwanda
  38. Russia
  39. Zambia
  40. São Tomé and Príncipe
  41. Senegal
  42. Seychelles
  43. Sierra Leone
  44. Zimbabwe
  45. South Africa
  46. South Sudan
  47. Tanzania
  48. Togo
  49. Chad
  50. Uganda
  51. Western Sahara
  52. Central African Republic

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