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New South Wales

Former NSW Police Sergeant Stephen Kelly

Source: Rumble

Stephen Kelly is a 28 year police veteran who has spent the majority of his career in the Coronial Law Unit assisting the Coroner with inquests. He has an excellent understanding of medical practice and the law.

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On Experience

My name is Stephen Kelly and I was a proud member of the NSW Police Force for 28 years.

  • Attached to Police Prosecutors Command
  • Spent last 10 years working at State Coroners Court
  • Assisted in reportable deaths and prepare matters for inquest
  • Speciality in Medical Deaths and I would frequently have to examine and cross-examine evidence from doctors, nurses and other specialists including forensic pathologists
  • Experienced in how to investigate the cause of the death and would assist the coroner in formulating recommendations in order to prevent similar deaths
  • Evaluated and Reviewed countless Hospital Policies
  • Frequently engage expert witnesses to provide opinions in relation to a person’s death if required
  • Today I speak to you as a father and as a lay person.
  • Last month I resigned from the NSW Police Force due to the Commissioner’s direction that all NSW Police must be vaccinated for the COVID-19 Virus
  • I am not an anti-vaxxer, I had not given any thought to vaccines until this pandemic first occurred last year
  • What I am anti is the “anti-truth”: anti-fear, anti-misinformation, anti-coercion
  • Sufficiently concerned with what is happening to this country at the moment and there appears to be no end in sight.

I didn’t join the NSW Police Force to become a Political Weapon of the Government to enforce the most oppressive and draconian public health orders on the citizens of NSW.

Media and Politicians are spreading misinformation, fear and division

On the media & politicians spreading Misinformation, Fear & Division

  • I’m speaking up for our children.
  • There is a cancer in our democracy.

That cancer is being spread by the mainstream media and politicians who are unnecessarily spreading fear and misinformation and creating division in our society. (02)

The people who said that we are all in this together in 2020 are the same people who are openly trying to create a divided, fearful and segregated society, in which we now see family divided against family, husband against wife, partner against partner, neighbour against neighbour, colleague against colleague, friend against friend, and so on. (03)

What we should all be concerned about is the systematic censorship and silencing of those that have different opinions in this issue.

It is very unfortunate that the media seems to be deliberately demonizing and labelling people as conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers, merely because they wish to exercise freedom of choice in lieu of state-sanctioned medical-intervention.

Doctors and other experts have been trying to raise concerns about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, not to mention the injuries they are seeing from patients that have suffered some form of adverse reaction. (04) (05) (06)

It is truly concerning that the media and government have been continually telling the people to go and get vaccinated, but refuse to acknowledge the vaccine injuries and deaths – which is the elephant in the room. (07)

We either value life, or we don’t value life.

Why is it that the government is so obsessed about positive covid cases – but at the same time, not interested in talking about those who suffered injuries or death from the vaccines? (08) (09) (10)

Under-Reporting of Deaths and Injuries. TGA Conflict of Interest. Injury Follow-Up Criticism

Under-Reporting of Deaths and Injuries from the Vaccines and TGA’s Conflict of Interest and Poor-Monitoring and Follow-up of Adverse Events

I’m also concerned that there could be an under-reporting of such deaths, and there does not appear to be an attempt to properly investigate all the deaths that may be associated with having been vaccinated. (11)

This is something that has even been acknowledged in the TGA’s own website.

  • In 2014, the TGA launched a new web-based service to make it easier for consumers to report side-effects, also known as adverse events associated with vaccines.
  • TGA: “It is generally acknowledged that adverse-events are under-reported around the world with estimates that 90-95% of adverse events are not reported to regulators.
  • It also stated that each year the TGA receives more than 17,000 reports of suspected adverse events to medicines and vaccines.

So far, in 2021, there has been 686 deaths reported to the TGA, and over 83,000 injuries in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines. (12)

In order to properly investigate these deaths – there needs to be post-mortems undertaken, and it would appear that this is not occurring as a matter of routine.

Pat Cash said that his mother’s cardiologist wouldn’t report her injury that she received after the vaccine to the TGA, because he ‘didn’t believe they would do anything about it anyway’.

Out of the 686 reports, they claim that only 9 are related to the vaccine. Which would mean that 677 are either coincidental or not related.

  1. Firstly, if there is a gross under-reporting of adverse-events, and this number is only 5-10% of the real figure of likely deaths, then there are many more deaths that have not been reported.
  2. I do accept that some of these injuries and deaths may not be related to the vaccine, but the sheer size of the reports being made has to be of concern, particularly if this is a small number.
  3. There needs to be a proper investigation: the least-invasive post-mortem & obtaining statements of relevant witnesses
  4. It would appear to me that the TGA may not be the most appropriate body to be conducting any investigation, based on the huge number of reported-cases, not to mention it does have a conflict of interest given that it’s the same organization that has authorized the use of these experimental drugs. (13) (14) (15) (16)

The Australian public was misled on the Safety and Efficacy

The Australian public was misled on the safety and efficacy

At the commencement of the rollout, the Australian public were told that these vaccines are safe & effective, and in good faith people followed the governments advice and got vaccinated.

However, we now know that was incorrect. There has been almost 3,000 cases of Myocarditis and Pericarditis that have now been reported to the TGA. (17) (18) (19)

As I understand it, there has been a number of reports submitted to the TGA regarding injuries to young adults and children as well.

One such person was Cienna Knowles – who was a perfectly healthy 19 year old, whose life has been permanently changed after having the vaccine. She developed blood clots in her legs, chest and lungs. In a social video she said she got the vaccine because of the no-jab, no-job policy, and was told she was ‘selfish’ if she didn’t get it. The sad reality is that Cienna is not the selfish person in this tragedy, but rather those that removed her free will to make her own decision about her health, and our government leaders who did not protect her human rights. (20) (21) (22)

Another such case was a 37 year old Police Officer from WA who suffered a stroke after the vaccine, some have suggested that her stroke was unrelated and coincidental – if this is true, there appears to be an awful lot of coincidences happening at the moment to many Australians and others around the world.

In October 2021, it was also reported on the TGA’s own website that a 14 year old teenager died after receiving the Moderna vaccine, which has been banned in some other countries.

How many children need to die before someone in authority speaks up?

Recently in the UK, a Dr Vernon Coleman, referred to an article in the medical journal ‘Circulation’ – which has been in existence for 71 years – this journal was once voted number 1 in the cardiac and cardiovascular system category. In the article that he quoted, the authors stated – in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines: (23)

The endothelium is the layer of cells lining the blood vessels and the lymphatic system.

So now that we know that the vaccines are not entirely safe and effective, and in fact the Pfizer vaccine efficacy appears to only last a couple of months, and they don’t stop you from becoming infected with the virus or transmitting the virus, it can only be described as reckless to continue to mandate these drugs on Australians. (24)

At the end of the day, the Australian public was misled on the safety of these drugs at the commencement of the rollout, and now that we know that such risks exist, surely nobody should be compelled to receive these drugs against their will, and in my view, it is grossly reckless to be continuing to mandate these drugs on the entire population.

Medical Experts and Doctors Silenced. Surrendering our Health to the government

On the Gagging of Medical Experts & Doctors and the surrendering of our medical health decisions to the government

There are International experts that have said these vaccines should be stopped – but the TGA is not listening. (25) (26)

How can anybody give informed consent under these circumstances when doctors are not even allowed to advice their patients of other alternative treatment options for fear of being de-registered? (27) (28) (29) (30) (31)

We have a ludicrous situation where doctors cannot even give exemptions and patients who have had adverse reactions to the first shot – are also being coerced to have the second shot.

The clinical decision-making of doctors has been removed altogether. (32)

It is concerning that government policy has now overridden clinical decision-making.

We also either support the principle of informed consent or we don’t. If we believe in informed consent, then we should accept the right of an individuals decision about their health. If we don’t believe in the principle of informed consent, then by default, we have surrendered our medical health and our bodily autonomy to the government.

Need for Rigid, Safety Protocols, especially with New mRNA/DNA technologies

On the need for Rigid, Safety Protocols, especially with brand-new mRNA/DNA technologies

If we have surrendered our medical health decision to the government, then we have surrendered our freedoms as well, and sadly our children’s future, to the government. Is this really the society we want for our children?

In my view, there needs to be accountability and transparency and someone ultimately has to be accountable to the people who have been injured or lost their lives from these drugs.

The time has come for brave politicians, lawyers, doctors and community leaders to demand the federal government setup a specialist task force from state police departments to investigate if the continuation of this rollout – which appears to have no brakes or pause button – constitute breaches of criminal laws, or at the very least, seek urgent, independent legal advice, from senior council, on whether some of these deaths – if not all – could amount to criminal negligence. Particularly in circumstances where these drugs are being mandated and the risk of serious injury or death has been suggested at the outset by many experts, such as Dr Peter McCullough who has extensive experience dealing with COVID patients and vaccine-related injuries, and those warnings are being ignored.

A lot has been said about the importance of receiving these vaccines for the ‘common good’ and protecting others – one needs to acknowledge that vaccines ‘are’ a medical procedure, and as such should never be considered lightly. They are neither neutral or trivial, more so when they are injected into billions of people.

In their very nature, vaccines ‘tinker’ with the sophisticated balance of ones immune system.

That in itself demands respecting rigid, safety protocols. Though we have made considerable progress in our understanding of immunology, we are still very far from understanding its intricacies and subtleties, especially when it comes to the novel mRNA / DNA technologies.

To suggest a specific vaccine can safely be given to all people cannot be based on reasonable or sensible clinical decision-making.

Comparing Past Mass-Inoculation Programs

Comparing Past Mass-Inoculation Programs

The 1976 flu vaccination programme in the United States was so fraught with problems, that the US government discontinued inoculations after 49 million people had received the vaccine.

Among the vaccine victims, were 500 cases of Guile-Barre syndrome including 200 people paralyzed and 33 deaths.

Likewise, there were numerous adverse events linked to the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic vaccine. One of the vaccines used in response to the Swine flu pandemic had serious safety issues that led to an influx of adverse events and that these safety concerns were not communicated to the public. 6 million people in Britain and more across Europe were given the vaccine made by GSK, during the 2009/2010 Swine Flu pandemic, but the jab was withdrawn after doctors noticed a sharp rise in narcolepsy in those receiving it. There were 3,700 adverse events related to the vaccine in December 2009, 1,138 of which was serious and 47 of which were fatal. Adverse reports of ‘special interest’ detailed in the report to the British Medical Journal included 141 cases of anaphylaxis, 12 cases of facial palsy, and 51 cases of convulsions among others.

What Protecting Others is NOT

What Protecting Others is “Not”

Therefore, the common good in the context in previous vaccination campaigns cannot be achieved through spreading fear, misinformation, and division in the community.

The common good cannot be achieved by increasing rates of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, family breakups, mental health, suicide, and creating skill shortages in areas such as Education, Health, and the Economy.

However, the common good should be letting people make decisions about their own health.

Protecting others does not mean coercing and threatening people’s livelihoods into taking a drug which has no long-term safety data.

Protecting others is not about silencing doctors or preventing them from speaking out with concerns they may have about vaccines.

Protecting others is not about preventing doctors from using their own clinical judgement to prescribe other treatment options to treat a virus.

Protecting others is not about censoring and punishing people who have a different view to yours.

Protecting others does not mean putting your child in harms way to potentially save another person’s life for a virus that is survivable for most of the population by administering a vaccine that does not stop infection or transmission.

Protecting others cannot be achieved by coercion and intimidation of those with legitimate concerns about the long-term safety-data of these drugs.

Good vs Evil and those pretending not to see EVIL

On Good vs Evil

For those people that say everyone has the right to choose whether to receive the vaccine or not, but if you elect not to, you must live with the ‘consequences’, I say, “What about those people who did elect to receive the vaccine and were injured or died?” Do you also say that they should also live with the consequences of their decision? Noone should have to play Russian roulette with their health.

Recently a brave Catholic priest in the United States Father Ed Meeks of Towson, MD said in his sermon that vaccine mandates are contrary to the teachings of Jesus: “No earthly king or president or public health official or billionaire technocrat.. gets to dictate what we must put into our bodies, into these temples of the Holy Spirit.” (33)

I would go further and say that no Pope or Catholic Archbishop can also dictate to any person that they have a moral obligation to inject any experimental drug into their body, and to do so, in my view, is a grave sin.

Although we do have a moral obligation to protect others and follow reasonable advice, this can never be at the expense of sacrificing one life in order to safe another.

Obedience is a virtue intended to direct us towards good, not evil.

To pretend to not see evil in order to not appear disobedient is a betrayal of truth and a betrayal of ourselves.

For the Children

For the Children

I’m speaking out for my children and your children too.

There is no valid reason to vaccinate young children who are not at risk of dying from covid. The health of your child should be far more important to you and something to fight for as a parent more-so than you being allowed to travel or dine in a restaurant.

If the TGA cannot guarantee that no child will suffer injury or death from the vaccine, then no child should be coerced into being vaccinated.

Let’s remember, that the people who told you that it would only take 2 weeks to flatten the curve, that the vaccines were safe and effective at the commencement of the rollout, that the vaccines would not be mandatory, that we would only need 2 shots and life would return to normal, there would be no vaccine passports, and that boosters would only be required for the immunosuppressed and vulnerable, are the same people telling you to vaccinate your children.

Therefore, I believe based on the number of injuries and deaths that have been reported to the TGA, if any child dies or is injured, then there should be a criminal investigation launched into their death.

We cannot allow this reckless pursuit of a vaccination target on the pretext of opening up the economy safely take priority over the lives and safety of our children, whose risk of dying from covid is less than the risk of being harmed from the vaccine.

However the purpose of me speaking out is not about creating division or disunity.

What I seek to do is unite all Australians together and to protect our children. All parents and grandparents share a common love of their children and grandchildren.

Another Agenda in Play

Another Agenda in Play

As many of you now know, this pandemic which may of initially been about public health, now involves another broader agenda, involving the removal of our freedom of speech, movement and assembly.

This is the real fight of which we’ve now been distracted, and must come together as a nation before it is too late.

The freedoms previous generations sacrificed for us have now been taken away.

And even those people who received the vaccine should now that we as a society no longer true freedom, which has now been replaced by privileges which really the rewards the government has granted you for your obedience and compliance.

When you have to show your vaccination-status each time you enter a business, go to a restaurant, or travel overseas, you don’t have real freedom.

The government can take your privileges away just as quickly as they have been given to you.

And we now know with the introduction of a data-passport, for the foreseeable future, this is leading down the path of a social credit system.

Is this the country you want for your children?

Where the government controls their lives 24/7 and can decide whether they attend school or university or play sport?

If you truly wish to live in a democracy, and you value your freedom, then you would believe in equality before the law for all people – no matter what your religion, the colour of your skin, your sexuality, and least of all your medical status.

When one citizen is not free, we are all not free.

We have to ask ourselves, what type of society do we want to leave our children.

We can only get our freedoms back by not submitting to anymore vaccines, and not sacrificing our children to this global experiment. We can end this nonsense tomorrow.

If the governments were serious about hunger and poverty as they were about covid, there would be noone dying from starvation.

There is hope because I believe the government didn’t estimate the human spirit of love, compassion, and empathy for our fellow citizens, which cannot be equated to a vaccination privilege the government can give us.

Recently Robert Kennedy Jr said ‘If we are going to continue to live in a democracy, we need to understand that people in authority lie. People in authority will abuse every power we relinquish to them, and right now we are giving them the power to micromanage every bit of our lives, 24 hours a day. They’re going to know where we are, they’re going to know the money we spend, and they are going to have access to our children, and they are going to have the right to compel unwanted medical interventions on us”

Pharmaceutical-driven Biosecurity Agenda

Pharmaceutical-driven Biosecurity Agenda

The Nazi’s did that in the camps in WWII – they tested vaccines on gypsies and Jews, and the world was so horrified after the war, that we signed the Nuremberg charter, and we all pledge when we do that, we would never again impose unwanted medical inventions onto human beings, without informed consent, and yet in 2 years all that conviction has suddenly disappeared and people walking around in masks, when the science has not been explained to them. They are doing what they are told.

These government agencies are orchestrating obedience and it is not democratic – it is not the product of democracy – it’s the product of the pharmaceutical-driven biosecurity agenda, that will enslave the entire human race, and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare – where apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children and destroying all the hopes and dignity we hope to give our children.

So I say to all the parents of Australia and around the world, “if we don’t stand up against this tyranny now, you’ll make it twice as hard for your children in the future”.

So let’s not be afraid to speak the truth, and pray that our media and politicians that are proclaiming truth over falsehood, courage over fear, unity over division, respect for human rights, not coercian and intimidation, and most importantly – the eternal over the mortal.

Making Society a Better Place

Making Society a Better Place

Finally, I would say to all my police colleagues, you may disagree or agree with me on this view, that we must treat everybody equally and fairly under the law.

Noone joins the NSW Police to force health regulations and become political weapons for the government.

We must also not fall into the trap of classifying or stereotyping a certain group of people in our society, as being inferior to the other.

We all join the police to make our society a better place for all to live.

When the media and government deliberately seek to demonize a group of people in our society, who have lost their jobs and livlihoods, like I have, you should remember, the people they are demonizing were some of the heroes of COVID in 2020. Yes, your colleagues, nurses, teachers, doctors, and other community members, who have families just like you.

We must remember we are all part of the community, and we’re not separate from the community.

We should treat everyone with compassion and respect.

Everybody walks a different path in their life, and you cannot judge someone purely on their medical status, anymore than you can judge someone on their gender, sexuality, political or philosophical views.

The one thing we all have in common with each other is our humanity.

We all have discretion, and you should not be afraid to exercise it, more-so when dealing with oppressive regulations.

The true test of being a successful police officer, is going home at the end of your shift knowing you have made a positive difference to someones life.

Finally, I just wanted to leave you with a quote from a very wise state coroner Mary, in relation to an inquest I assisted her with in 2012. It related to the death of a number of vulnerable people, who lived in a bording house in Sydney that were over-medicated and had been living in terrible accommodation.

The Sydney Morning Herald stated the following at the time: The NSW State Coroner has slammed the care and treatment of thousands of disadvantaged and mentally-ill people in the state’s boarding houses declaring that “if a society is judged by the treatment of its most vulnerable members, then ours is failing miserably”.

How apt are those comments today?

When our own government and media is now treating another group of people – who are not far-right extremists, or antivaxxers, but are mums and dads from all backgrounds, ages, nationalities, and cultures which include many of our first nation people, as lepers and 2nd-class citizens, on the false and dishonest pre-text, that they are a risk to society, when in reality the only crime they have committed, is to oppose a government policy, that is destructive to the common good of all its citizens.

Fear Feeds Evil, but Love Feeds Good.

So lets come together as a people and not give into those who want to destroy and divide this great nation – we owe that to our children and future generations.

May God bless you all.

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