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QLD Senior Sergeant John Thomson explains the bizarre experiences on the QLD Border during the pandemic and changed his view from very concerned to – what’s going on here? “How does the virus know that you’ve got that permit? How does a permit protect you from a deadly virus?” Many examples like that just didn’t make sense. Vaccinated people not being allowed to cross the border to see a dying family member but the whole National Rugby League could cross including their families and kids. He said that being a police officer, you investigate crime, and he has an objective opinion about the criminal history of J&J, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca and compares them to conmen.


Senior Sergeant John Thomson

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14 Oct 2021 – QLD Police officer Senior Sergeant John Thomson gives his testimony on why he will not take the vax.

  • Brisbane, Australia. 19 Year Career that I loved.
  • At the start, I was concerned about Covid, but after a few months of being on the border, my attitude started to change about the virus and the whole covid.
  • I was there at the border for 18 months, no mask, unvaccinated, and was having people coming from all over from Victoria & New South Wales and I started recognize that if you “had a piece of paper, a permit issued by the CHO – that protected you from the virus”
  • One evening I remember that certain areas were designated hot spots and they couldn’t cross the border. So this guy turns up to the border 24 hours later from one of those locations and I said you can’t cross – and he pulled out all this paperwork – a letter from the CHO – objectively, I was like “How does the virus know that you’ve got that permit? How does it protect you?” Many, many, many examples like that just didn’t make sense.
  • The other example – you hear on the news that the QLD govt wouldn’t allow people to come into Queensland from New South Wales to see a dying family member – but then the whole National Rugby League could come up to Queensland – and their families – and their kids.
  • Then you’d have your lockdowns but if State of Origins was on, you can go “as long as you have your mask to enter the football stadium, but when you sit down, you take the mask off”? I mean – objectively it doesn’t make any sense, “does the virus know when you’re standing up and sitting down?” – It’s bizarre.
  • On top of that, people coming in from Overseas – Tom Hanks came in back in early 2020 – off he goes, staying in the Hinterland on the Gold Coast, and didn’t have to stay in quarantine like all us plebs if it’s as deadly as what you make it out it is – then one rule fits all, period.

  • Being a police officer, you investigate crime, and one of the things that stand out in my mind is that these companies J&J, Pfizer, AstraZeneca – they’ve all got criminal history.
  • J&J had to pay out 5 billion this year, 2021 in criminal fines
  • AstraZeneca, 1.5 Billion.
  • Pfizer 4.5 Billion.
  • These guys don’t have a good track record, they’re not the most outstanding businessmen and women on the planet. If you have a known con-artist, let’s say the famous Australian, Peter Foster I think it is – and he goes “Oh I’ve got some insurance to sell you” – what are you going to say? You’re gonna say “Um, get stuffed mate, not interested“. That’s what you’re going to say – that’s normal – that’s how anyone will react, and yet these people have got a rapt sheet of that sort of behaviour, and you come to realize – they’re a bunch of grubs
  • Point 2 – they are exempt! Exempt from litigation. So if you have an adverse reaction to the vax, a leg gets chopped off or whatever it may be – you got nothing – can’t sue them because they’re exempt from litigation. Would you buy a brand new fridge from the Good Guys if you had no warranty? Would you buy a brand new car from Ford if you had no warranty? Of course you wouldn’t – and yet, we’ve got that happening here.

  • Point 3 – This is the biggest one. It’s not time-tested. Scientists, doctors, you can all bang on til the cows come home – we’ve spent all this money and this is the best, and its tested safe and blah, blah – it’s not time-tested. You can’t give it time. You can throw billions of dollars into it – but you can’t give it time. That’s my biggest issue – I don’t know what the long-term effects of this is going to be – NOBODY does. That’s the point!
  • Do we have any examples of that in history? Yes we do. Drug was used for morning sickness, many women went and used it and 12-15 months later, children being born with missing arms and missing legs and thousands of kids died. We have history of things that are not time-tested.

Thalidomide Documentary (Telegram)

  • How long was Polio tested before it came out? 30 years?
  • Before you say “he’s an antivaxxer” – I take offence to that – it’s like me calling you some rude word – no substance to it. but it’s offensive – that is offensive. I was vaxxed when I was a kid, and went to countries where I had to be vaxxed, ok? So please, don’t be lazy and tell me that I’m antivax – that’s B.S.
  • These are not time-tested and that is my concern – it does my head in, trying to say – it’s a legitimate concern… my body, my choice, right? Isn’t it? It’s my body – it’s not the governments body – it’s mine. I have that right, or I certainly should be able to make a decision without fear or favour. I should be able to make a decision without coercion, or threats, and yet here we are.
  • We’re living in interesting times people, we’re living in interesting times Australia.
  • Like when you’re hearing politicians like Dan Andrews in Victoria talking about the vaccine “passport” – what’s that all about? If you’ve got the vax, free-reign, and if you don’t have it, you’re restricted; they’re starting to talk about this concept – I went to China, and there’s a 2-tier society over there. If you’re a party member you have privileges, if you’re not a party member you’re stuffed. What I see with this whole thing at the moment, is some type of Medical Communism. If you don’t follow the medical procedure, then you’re discriminated against.

Senior Constable John Thomson was stood down by the Queensland Police Service (QPS) in December 2021 for not taking the COVID Vaccination. Here are some follow-up videos:

Millions March v1 – John Thomson Speech

Nov 2021 – This speech is so good but I can’t download or embed it. Please see it on Vimeo

Vaccinations – do they even work?

Vimeo | Rumble

Jan 2022 – Quick Update, what’s been going on in the state last few days – just had a quick look on the news there, apparently the watch house at Ipswich had been shut for several hours and emails sent to staff to avoid arresting people due to covid outbreaks. We’ve got approx 49 officers at Beenleigh that had to Isolate about 2 weeks ago due to a Covid-Positive down there. We’ve got 52 officers at the Gold Coast that had to stand-down and isolate because of covid-positives down there.

I was mandated to get the vaccine and chose not to, and the reason they mandated the vaccine was so that we didn’t have the reduction in the ‘thin blue line’ that’s already thin. And yet, all these officers are fully-vaccinated and some have had their 3rd jab, and they’ve got to isolate because they’ve come in contact with a covid-positive? Or they’ve tested positive – I thought the whole concept, the whole reason for getting the vaccine was to prevent this from happening, and here we are seeing covid-positive officers having to go home and not work, emails being sent telling them not to arrest anyone where possible because of Covid… How does that work? Please explain that to me?

I just wanted to remind everybody that covid-19 has a survival-rate of 99.7% More people died in 2021 of falling-over in Australia, than they did of covid.

The average age of a person that passed-away was 86.
The average age of mortality rate in Australia was 83.
I want you to think long and hard about those ages and the survival rate, and ask yourself is it justifiable to mandate the entire country to receive a vaccine that clearly does not do what it’s supposed to.

Canberra Update

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Feb 2022 – “As a cop, we’ve been told to be impartial, not to take sides, be neutral, but you know what? I’m partial to “Freedom”, and because I’m partial to freedom, that means I can’t be impartial anymore. So now, we stand with the people. We want our freedoms back – we’ve had enough. God bless you guys! Australia Rocks!”

Police Standing Up:

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