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Mark Carroll, President and CEO of the Police Association of South Australia calls for an end to Covid mandates:

Feb 15 2022 | Police Association of South Australia Facebook

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South Australian Police Association President Mark Carrol has publicly called on the South Australian State Police Commissioner / COVID-19 Coordinator Grant Stevens, to end COVID-19 vaccine mandates on an overworked and understaffed Police Force causing a strain on its officers and the community due to enforced vaccine mandates.

“It’s time for this emergency to end…
it’s time for the commissioner to go back to running the police force.”

Mark Carroll is President and CEO of the Police Association of South Australia, a position he has held for 12 years. He has represented SAPOL members in the industrial arena since 1991. Since 2014, Mark has also been President of the Police Federation of Australia.

Update Feb 16 2022 | Facebook

Police Association president Mark Carroll has addressed comments made in the last 24 hours by SAPOL deputy commissioner Linda Williams.

“The deputy commissioner has disputed our assertion about crime increases in SA,” Mr Carroll said. “But this information has come directly from police officers at the coalface, and from SAPOL’s very own crime statistics.
“SAPOL’s most recent crime statistics show:

  • Murders up 38%.
  • Robbery and related offences up 23%.
  • Common assault up 86%.
  • Blackmail and extortion up 83%.

“These statistics are readily available on SAPOL’s website to any member of the public,” Mr Carroll said.

“Over the weekend, our members also submitted a hazard report from a Southern District patrol base that showed just five officers were available for what should have been a 12-person shift.

“Other members also advised us last Saturday that more than 50 calls for police assistance were put on hold, going unanswered, in the Western District.”

Mr Carroll also said the medical advice behind the mandatory vaccination order has not been provided, contrary to the deputy commissioner’s comments. “The deputy commissioner said: ‘Everything has been disclosed,’ but in fact, we requested the medical advice from SAPOL when the order was first issued last year. And then again recently from SA Health. “We’ve received nothing.”

The deputy commissioner also said yesterday: “At the moment there’s 70 police officers who chose not to be vaccinated. Perhaps if we provided that option for other people to do duties at home, then that number will rise.” Mr Carroll said this is at odds with the four specific purposes set out in the Emergency Management (South Australia Police Workers Vaccination) (Covid-19) Direction 2021, which is available on the SA government’s COVID-19 website.

“This particular sentiment from the deputy commissioner is not highlighted anywhere in the direction,” he said. “It is, in fact, pure speculation, not something written in the purposes of the direction. “When you actually read the four purposes of the direction, it is clear that it has largely failed.

“It is not just about the number of members stood down owing to mandatory vaccinations. It is also about the policies which have caused hundreds of fully vaccinated members to go into quarantine at any one time.”

The head of the Immunisation Coalition, Dr Rod Pearce, said yesterday: “We would support the notion that you can have people who aren’t vaccinated, still safe and still working. There are circumstances when someone [who] is not vaccinated should be considered part of the community and can still be working… still be given that respect.”

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