[Police Standing Up] Alex Cooney – Former NSW Police


New South Wales

Former NSW Police – Alex Cooney

Aussie Cop quits Police Force to speak (Alex Cooney)

Source: Telegram | Rumble (Mirror)

NSW: Aussie Cop Alex Cooney Speaks with Melbourne Lawyer

Source: YouTube | Rumble (Mirror)

A Free Man. Alex Cooney right here in my new home town.


October 20, 2021 AustraliaOne Party – Charlie Hosts Aussies

  • Riccardo BOSI – Leader AustraliaOne. Lt Col. (Ret) Australian SAS
  • Graham HOOD – Qantas Pilot (32 years with Qantas; 52 years flying time)
  • Johnny LARDY – NSW Snr Paramedic & Mayor [Suspended] in court against Brad Hazzard
  • Alex COONEY – Snr Constable (Former)
  • Christian MACK – Science Teacher (Heading up a New Union)
  • Charlie WARD – Hosted by Just Charlie

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