Tess Lawrie on Democide: “Mistakes were NOT made!”

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Mistakes were not made, an Anthem for Justice by Margaret Anna Alice.

18 Mar 2023 YouTube | Rumble-Mirror | Telegram | Margaret Anna Alice | Dr. Tess Lawrie (01) (02) (03)

  • The Armenian Genocide was not a mistake. (04)
  • Holodomor was not a mistake. (05)
  • The Final Solution was not a mistake. (06)
  • The Great Leap Forward was not a mistake. (07)
  • The Killing Fields were not a mistake. (08)

  • It was not botched. (12)
  • It was not bungled. (13)
  • It was not a blunder. (14)
  • The stooges laundered the money. (49) (50)
  • The DoD placed the orders. (51) (52)
  • The corporations fulfilled the contracts. (53) (54)
  • The regulators approved the solution. (55) (56)
  • The laws shielded the contractors. (57) (58) (59)
  • The agencies ignored the signals. (60) (61) (62)

Read by Dr Tess Lawrie – WorldCouncilforHealth.org

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