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A long interview with Steve Richards about Holographic Kinetics. Was introduced to a Holographic Kinetics practitioner a couple of weeks ago and she gave me a free session last Saturday and I’m trying to understand it better. I found this interview very interesting and it comes recommended by forums I came across. (I’m still trying to get my head around it).

Part One

4 Jun 2012 YouTube

Panel discussion with Steve Richards.
Panel: Annalie Cummings, Miranda Kelly, Duncan O’Finioan, and Randy Maugans

N.B. I’ve only taken notes from Part 2

Part Two

4 Jun 2012 YouTube

That’s the entity – the spirit – that comes into a physical vehicle, which can be a human body or another intermolecular vehicle. The spirit can evolve from that point and remove the gases, liquids, rocks, plankton, feeble identical animal life, and human life, eventually evolving into another form. Now, when the spirit enters the vehicle, it can be traumatized through ritual, and the draconian stuff can be activated. Each vehicle can be programmed with different programs, including draconian blueprints. When they take over your vehicle, they will turn on their program. These beings can be used to be born on the table and can be taken out.

I came to understand that this is Fibonacci mathematics, starting with point zero to one. 0+1=1. 1+1=2. 2+1=3. 3+2=5. It continues to exactly 144 after exactly three cycles. Any number in the sequence, take 5+8=13, the past and the present equals future. The past and the present equals the future, all the way through until you hit 144. The base of 144 is a square.

The thing is, when we start clearing people, and this is something I said, throw Darwin out the window because Darwin is a limitation; it’s only genetically looking at stuff. There are billions of other forces in bodies, and when you remove certain entities, you can watch the features change on the table.

Human spirits and human bodies are a fascinating team. We are one of the most powerful entities the universe has. A spirit, so we have forgotten how to improvise and rearrange this universe to conform to our reality. When you start getting out of other people’s reality and enjoying your own reality, then you can create your own reality. When you change it and create a whole new reality, then you’re no longer in another’s reality. Now, what takes place is our emotions create realities and energy. These other beings are harnessing the energy, like a massive battery source. Energy to another dimension. So they need as many humans in physical body form to do the work for the monitors in the physical and the spiritual dimension, but at the same time, to be able to feed off the energy of these beings.

To protect your energy from being harvested and used: Holographic Kinetics allows you to recognize that we are in a hologram of time and recognizes the spirit of the being. How can anything ever change unless it’s acknowledged? If I don’t acknowledge my spirit, it won’t acknowledge me. The moment I acknowledge my spirit, my spirit acknowledges me. The moment I tell it certain things I want, and let go of it, it can rearrange the universe for my reality. The other thing is awareness. When you become aware that this vehicle you’ve got, is your vehicle, and doesn’t belong to another, then you can keep other things out of this vehicle, by not letting them in. They need you, and they need your freedom of choice to open the door and let them in.

You open the door on drugs, when that groggy/druggy feeling comes over you, you enter other dimensions; you’ve entered their world, they now have the right for this reciprocal exchange of energy, thus having the right to enter your world. Now you get taken over by these beings. If you choose to go get drunk, go on drugs, then you’re choosing to open the doorways this, you are choosing to be in their game and subject to the laws of their game.

The whole idea is that knowing that the field around is your field, knowing nothing is allowed to enter, and anything that enters can get dealt with real fast.

The moment you “have” to protect this, that you “have” to start putting out something outside your reality, you haven’t got it, you’re in fear, and if you are in fear, it’s like putting a big blinker above your head and saying, ‘vacancy vacancy’, and they’re going to zoom right in.

It’s understanding that nothing can enter your space without permission. Stop giving the permission. Start acknowledging your spirit, listen to your spirit. How many people listen and given thanks to guides and gods and everything else outside their reality and not thanking the spirit that was given all the information. Your own spirit.

So just by being aware and setting the intention and being aware of your spirit and what the boundaries are and what belongs to you and with your responsibility, you can protect yourself from what do you think coming in? By telling your spirit, ‘This is my vehicle. Spirit: Don’t let anything into this vehicle. I do not invite anything in. Do not let anything break the seal’.

This is your field, between you and your spirit. Make that agreement, thank it, and if anything gets in, it’s going to get delt with.

You may already have a lot of stuff in there, in other dimensions, in separate dimensions. There is probably many layers of dimensions within you, that let things in from the past. But when you stop feeding these things.. it’s interesting… when you become aware and you want to make changes, and you decide to stop feeding these beings, then they’re not going to obtain energy, and when they can’t obtain energy, they can’t get fed, so they are going to have to starve of find somewhere else to go to get fed, so eventually they’re not going to hang around.

If I decided to form a company and I got together with two or three other people, their intent, and their ego, will create the entity and the structure of that company. That entity once created by the intent of all three of that company, will always be part of the entity that creates that company; it will never change.

We’re dealing with forces that are real and very powerful. If you don’t really understand what you’re doing, you’ll get taken over because remember, one of the lores, he who enters the game of another is subject to the lores of that game.

Understand who you are. Know who you are. Matter of fact, we are spirits, look at Aboriginal culture, and even today, it’s still going on in the Northern Territory. They’re still taking away kids from families. The whole idea of stolen generation was to stop the knowledge from coming down. In my reality, I know the Aboriginal culture was one of the most powerful spiritual cultures on the face of this earth. How do you stop it? Cut off the knowledge. The knowledge is to be passed from father to son. This great knowledge. You take away the children, and you take away the knowledge. Instead, you’re programmed by the church. In other realities, I go to communities today, and they say, “We were evil before Jesus came”. I say, “Rubbish.” What the church has done to these communities today, has a lot to answer for.

Do you believe that the Aboriginal people are our linkages back to more ancient civilizations, such as Atlantis and Lemuria? Well, interesting because I had an unusual case about a year ago, and I was in Western Australia, and I was asked by elders to clear Rottnest Island. Now on this island was an Aboriginal prison island, the brought all these aboriginals from all over Western Australia that they couldn’t handle, and they stuck them on this island. And we were on the island, you know, and I don’t get emotional, I’m a pretty solid sort of being, but when I stepped on the island, whoa, I felt about three thousand spirits hit me and I was overwhelmed and had tears rolling down my face, and I said, “Hang on, slow down, slow down. We’ll get to you in a minute, we’ll get to you in a minute.” We cleared quite a number of things off the island.

I had an interesting thing at a quarter past eight. I went to leave. The woman’s house I was staying with; her daughter in a high-rise unit in Perth: the TV shut down, the phone shut down, and the computer shut down at a quarter past eight. So I thought, “Alright, someone’s trying to get my attention.” So the next day, we went to this unit. We went up there, and I had surrogated one of my students, the building, the area; and what came through was a tribe thousands of years old, and they said, “an alien race interbred with us thousands of years ago. We want you to go back in time and change that, so it can never happen in our future.” So we went back, and we changed that. But that wasn’t what shut down the computer. The surrogate said that it can feel pure energy, so I commanded it to come forward, and asked “Why did you shut down the phone, the TV, and the computer?” And it said, ‘we didn’t’. I said ‘yes you did, why did you invade the unit, shut down the TV, the phone, the computer?”. “We were here first”. And then all of a sudden, I got a flash, “Oh my God.” 10 stories up was their dimention. This unit’s come up 10 stories up into their dimension, and they wanted us out of their dimension. “How do I do that? and they said “move the ley line”. So, I moved the ley line out over a golf course. Instantly in doing that, we feel the energy change. They were content, happy, and we left it at that. So, there’s a whole range of other things and other dimensions out there that we are really still just learning.

Hospital’s Mental Health Ward: I’ve gone to work on a young Aboriginal lad, the mothers rung me and said, “They want to put him on psychotropic drugs.” I said, “You go back to the hospital and ask the doctor why they want to put him on psychotropic drugs. She rings me and said “they believe he’s got voice in the head”. “Go back to your doctor and tell them he doesn’t have voice in the head, and if he does, I’ll deal with it culturally.” The doctor said to her, ‘That’s what we do with all our patients.’ Now, I’ll tell you, at the time, he had no voice in the head. The psychotropic drugs open wormholes, other dimensions, and other forces, and allow the forces in, that ‘will’ have voice in my head. And then they can justify putting them on more powerful drugs. Do you understand what’s going on out there?

H.) Here in the United States they advertise anti-depression and various psychotropic drugs that are being used to treat people, that have all kinds of disclaimers, and one of the disclaimers is that the risk of suicide increases with the use of these drugs. They’re not dealing again with the inner being at all. So, the physiologists, the doctors, the scientists that concoct these drugs are simply dealing physiologically. They’re not dealing with the spirit. And this is why you have a cycle which ultimately leads to stronger drugs, and the potential for suicide increases as the person goes through the so-called healthcare system.

I confronted at a big public seminar year one of the organizations that is pushing and promoting all these drugs for depression. I said, ‘Are you aware the drugs you’re pushing has side effects and the side effects include suicide tendency?’ The head psychiatrist said, ‘Yes, we are aware of that, but if they feel that way, they should go back to the doctor and change their prescription.’

Where are the statistics on the amount of kids who have committed suicide on drugs or medication? ‘Oh that’s in with overdoses on recreational drugs’. Why? Because their sponsors are pharmaceutical companies. I mean, we really gotta look at what’s going on out there.

Q.) How do these wormholes that are attached to these drugs differ? Are they imprinting this through radionics or some kind of ritual? I mean, are they actually imprinting the drug? Or how does that work for these entities to come forth?

Okay, well, one of the interesting things I look at here is how homeopathy works and how osteopathic frequencies work. Equal force against equal force has become null and void. So I look at this: Aboriginal culture says everything is alive.

So a woman comes to me from Chile, but she can’t speak English. Her daughter says, ‘My mom can’t sleep without sleeping tablets.’ That make sense. She has two separate entities in there, they both need to keep her awake so she can feed them. Everything’s alive. So what happens is, these drugs have an intent behind the creation, so first of all, what’s its intent? If that becomes a life form that needs to survive like anything else, therefore an anti-depressant needs to keep you depressed so you’ll feed it, and when you feed it, it’ll make you no longer depressed. It got its food source, thank you very much. Another lifeform taking over the vehicle.

The moment you want to make changes and you will be free of what it was affecting you. Just that intend is put out, these beings are aware and the moment that takes place, you’re going to be under attack, and the attacks will come from the closest people to you. Sometimes your mother, your father, your buddy’s sister, your husband, your friend, your neighbour, whomever they can access to drag you back in the game because nobody wants to be homeless.

It’s very important, I think, when you have an actual physical session yourself because the thing is, you will be back in time and seeing what you did physically. You’ll be consciously aware of what you did to create this reality of yours back in time, and it’s more impactful on you to integrate between you and your spirit of what you did in that back-in-time agreement to set this into play. With the surrogacy stuff, you’re not really experiencing it yourself, I feel that it’s so important that they experience and understand their own creation to make changes.

H.) This world is based on the monetary system, and the medical system is based on that same model of basically sustaining people, enabling them to cope, feeding them drugs, feeding them [ __ ] long enough that they can harvest money from them. So, you’re dealing on the highest level with exactly what you’ve been talking about – all of this harvesting of spirits and souls that have gone on. This is all a system of death.

And the question is, as always in the very beginning, who’s running the game? And it’s not in these dimensions, it’s beings that have been running the game at that highest level – several positions right throughout the whole structure.

H.) Yeah, the top of the food chain is not human.

That’s right, and I believe those at the top – at times – I believe that their spirit is aware of what’s taking place, but I believe those at the top positions are very scared of what takes place because they’re in the game of another, and they don’t know how to control the game.

These people that are going through these secret societies and through initiation rituals, the first low level is the very low-level apprentices. Next degree more powerful entity, and next degree more powerful entity. By the time they’re on 20-25 degrees, their thoughts and actions are being manipulated. They’ll justify why they do what they do, but it’s not their thoughts. When they get to 33 degrees at the highest level, no one’s home. They’ve been totally taken over by the highest beings.

And these beings can be cleared. The whole idea is the fact that man has forgotten how powerful he is as a spirit, and has to get back to understanding who he is and what he is, and believing in himself again and getting rid of these things that have been running and manipulating at the high level, not being in their game.

A really interesting thing that happened last year. I’m dropping the young bloke off at school, I turn the radio on and on the radio, it says a semi and a ute in a car that had an accident on the Nerang bridge. Traffic is blocked back to Helensvale and as far as I can see it’s bumper-to-bumper traffic. I said “Spirit, this is ridiculous, clear the traffic now, I have to get him to school”. Next minute, the traffic thins out, I’m doing 100 down the highway. hardly any traffic around me. I get to Nerang. No accident. I turn left. Drop him off at school. I come back to the highway, turn right, and here where I had just come from, is the semi, the ute, and the car, and traffic blocked back to Helensvale. How many times do you do that without even knowing it? We don’t have to bring the reality of another.

Remember the dream and you wake from the dream and let it manifest anything in that dream. When you die and you move on to the next, this will only be a dream. If we can manifest in this dream what you want, we have forgotten how to manifest realities.

Now when I was a little boy. My mother always remembered to say, “Don’t trust the government, don’t trust the banks. If you want anything in life, don’t expect anybody… you’ve got to learn from matter, and I learned to manifest. I’ve manifested many things in my life, and how to do it with the old cultural way of manifesting. We all have the ability, but we have forgotten.

Remember all the stuff that you’ve taken on externally from you was not your stuff in the first place. You’ve taking on all these programs in your cells. They need to survive, because they’re alive, and everything has a right to life. So, therefore, they’re using you for their survival. Eventually, they’re trying to take over you, so eventually, they take over the whole vehicle because one of the important things is the most powerful force will always succumb the weaker force. So, whatever you’ve got inside you, that you’ve let in, whether they be thought forms, life forms, other beings from other dimensions, or just cellular memory that you’ve locked into yourself through the food you’re eating, the most powerful poison will succumb you, and take over.

Until we become aware of the fact that, “Okay, is this really what I want?” Will I make changes to my life and take back control of me? And the moment we make the decision, we have the right to start making changes.

Q.) If this even comes down to one level, it’s what we’re physically taking into our bodies. This is why they’re genetically modifying food, isn’t it?

That’s correct, and the water. Why was fluoride used in concentration camps? To dumb and numb the prisoners. And they put that in our water? So people get dumb and numb. And now you complain because all the older people are coming down with Alzheimer’s disease? Bit of common sense here. What’s going on?

H.) And the vaccinations, and the chemtrails, and the schooling system, the list goes on and on.

Everything in this universe is alive. Whether it’s a tree or a blade of grass, they are all alive.

The vehicle is designed for one thing, and your body was designed to speak to me in English. If I bring some other culture into your body, it will talk to me in English. If I bring a being of a spirit animal into you, it will speak in English. If I bring a spirit of a tree into you, the spirit will talk to me in English, because the vehicle is designed to speak to me in English. We can surrogate anything in this world because anything that is alive has a life-form, and when a life form leaves, it’s called dead.

When these drugs are created and ingested, they’re alive. They need to survive. They are atoms with memories stored in them. But what I found is, when you hit something with equal force, null and void.

All you Christians out there, I’m sorry about this, but the fact is when you’re baptized, it’s a ritual. When you’re seven, it’s the first change. So, just like a bridal gown and your married to these beings for the common union, known as communion. The next seven years is 14. That’s the time of approval of choice. Now, the free will of choice, they get you to confirm yourself to them through confirmation. The biggest killer in our world’s region is run by draconians. It’s a ritual.

Q.) That’s really interesting what you just said about the age 14. That free will choice can be impeded, or it can be allowed to develop on its own?

And this is also why the Church used to say, “Give me a boy before 8, from eight years old to 14, and I’ll give you a boy of God for life,” because they can be programmed. In Sudan, they take children, to make boy soldiers. 8 to 14 is a program in time when the physical soul can be programmed to believe the program is a normal way of life. Therefore: killing is normal.

Secret societies start the ritual stuff usually from seven to eight years old. The ritual, the sacrifices.

H.) I mean everything goes back to trauma. Now, we understand on a much deeper level why trauma has been used so much for all of this stuff. It’s not just to be mean; it’s not just because they’re evil. It’s because they know that trauma gives them access, not only in this lifetime but when you come around for another lifetime, you’re already theirs on a certain level. They know what a powerful tool trauma is.

Yes, and they call them “born rights”. They have the born right to your vehicle.

I had to an experience with someone in the prison system. We had a battle and a half going on the table because this thing had “the born rights”. When we went back and his father within a secret society of the highest level, and he being the firstborn child, they had born rights to his vehicle. It was a battle and a half going on because it was determined it had born rights. So, I took it back, looped time, changed time, changed what the father did so there was no link to this agreement, and finally went in and took him out.

You are the observer of the game at point zero, you’re not entering the game, you’re an observer of the game. Anybody can be an observer of the game, but not in the game, the moment you enter the game, you participate in the game.

Q.) I ask what you do with these entities when you clear them? Where do you send them?

It’s important to understand how to control the game. Now, what’s entrapped in my game, in my reality, I give them choices, I read them rights. Everything alive has the right to exist and continue existing, but it doesn’t have a right to invade another being. If it accepts the terms and conditions to the rights, that’s a valid agreement. Remember the first lore is the lore of intent, and the second is the lore of agreement which is valid in time and space for all eternity. If he agrees, let him go as an observer in the game, to observe, to grow, and to learn, and to evolve. If he doesn’t agree, I’ll look in another dimension of time where we can’t get out of that dimension. It can’t interfere with this dimension. He’s trapped in his own little dimension.

Let’s explain something else is going on out there, and this explains a lot of the anger that’s taking place in time now. You know, in this country, a hundred years ago, you could get an aboriginal hunting license, you could go out for a quota for a weekend, and you could shoot three or four Aborigines if you wanted. Now what takes place, the spirit of that Aboriginal you’ve killed will jump in the body of that particular person. Now the way the universe works is that these men in the past, white men in bodies, had an issue with black bodies, so they have to come back now, reincarnate into a black body. So, they still have these spirits attached to them who are full of anger, because that trauma happened just two minutes ago. So, what takes place is when these guys go and drink alcohol and the defences are down, these spirits can take over, and they might pick a fight with somebody to get their head bashed in, because that trauma has never been cleared.

Steve’s website: https://www.holographickinetics.com/

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