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In Romania, they used the threat of terrorism to try to quell the riots/demonstrations, which did not work. In China, with massive demonstrations in Hong Kong and Wuhan, the CCP staged a viral emergency to lock everybody up in their homes to prevent the spread of demonstrations to other parts of China. The governments in the “free” world, seeing how well the strategy worked in China, adopted the scenario to seize control and promote their own objectives. In China, the strategy worked, and demonstrations ended, so the restrictions were lifted. In the “free” nations, the objective of “more” cannot be accomplished, so they continue to find excuses for not ending the scam.

12 Jan 2021 Interview with Marius Mioc, Author of Romanian book, ‘Covid, the lie of the century’ (Covid, minciuna veacului) | BitChute (23min) | Rumble-Mirror (23min) | Telegram-Mirror (23min) From: Full Video Romanian Revolution of 1989 (1hr)

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00:00 Lucian Vâlsan: We had a different conversation earlier today, but obviously on different days on youtube, about Covid-19, about the Wuhan Flu. And you are saying that there are quite a few things in common about how the Wuhan flu is being covered globally with how the Romanian Revolution used to be covered, and is some times still is covered, today. What are the common elements?

00:28 Marius Mioc: You know, being born and educated in a Communist regime, I can have empathy about the way the Communist regime thinks and acts, and I can have empathy with the Chinese Communist Party. I can understand how upset they were when mass demonstrations started in Wuhan in 2019. There were big demonstrations, people throwed stones to the police, and it was a danger that this kind of demonstrations can spread to other Chinese provinces. (01)

01:12 Video with mass demonstrations in Wuhan, summer of 2019.

02:07 Marius Mioc: Also, in 2019 there were big demonstrations in Hong Kong. With hundreds of thousands of people, which were against imposing the Beijing authority in Hong Kong. (02)

02:24 Video with mass demonstrations in Hong Kong, June 2019. (03)

03:09 Marius Mioc: And then, I can understand that the Chinese Communist Party needed a quick solution to stop the unrest of the people—because not acting can have as result, like in Romania, it started in Timișoara (the Romanian Revolution) and then it spread in all the country. Probably they were worried, and their solution was to invent a fake pandemic. From a simple virus which they founded in the Wuhan laboratory, where they have a big virology lab, one of the biggest on the planet. There are a lot of virologists. Their job is to study viruses and they found a new virus which is not very different than the old viruses which they already known. But the Communist Party took this opportunity to claim that this new virus is very dangerous and they need special measures. People should be… (04)

04:24 Lucian Vâlsan: … under house arrest?

04:26 Marius Mioc: … under house arrest. It was a lesson for the people from Wuhan: You dare to challenge the authority of the Communist Party, now we give you a lesson: We put you under house arrest. Of course, for the outside world, putting 11 million people under house arrest, it seems that it is something very dangerous. It should be something very dangerous with this virus. for such an extreme measure, but, in fact, for the Communist Chinese Party, the real danger was that the unrest of the people in Wuhan will spread in the rest of China and then the Communist Party can lose power.

(Just One Ant ~ Bugs Life) (05)

5:53 Marius Mioc: And balancing pro and against…

05:18 Lucian Vâlsan: … the economic cost of the shutdowns…

05:19 Marius Mioc: Yes, it is an economic cost, but it is acceptable: “if we can calm the people in Wuhan and we can stop the unrest, we enforce the control of the people in all of China, with tracking… contact tracing, surveillance cameras.” This is not only in Wuhan, but in all of China; in Hong Kong also. And, instead of telling openly that there is a anti-Communist movement in Wuhan, they said “we want to save people from a very dangerous virus”.

05:56 Lucian Vâlsan: So dangerous that people are falling on the streets… Dying Insantly

06:01 Marius Mioc: Yes. There was footage you still can find on the internet where people are just falling abruptly in the streets. Which never happened in other parts of the world—other than Wuhan—this was just staged for propaganda, which claimed that this is a very dangerous virus.

06:18 Video from Wuhan, early 2020, with people dropped on the streets and in other public spaces, so-called ‘victims of the virus’.

07:07 Marius Mioc: And I think those images, made people from other countries to enter into panic; to think that this virus is indeed very dangerous, and this is why they started to copy the measures that the Chinese Communists took in China, but the Chinese Communist Party took in China those measures for completely non-medical purposes. Only for political purposes.

07:37 Lucian Vâlsan: Non-pharmaceutical intervention, literally, in the case of China.

07:42 Marius Mioc: Exactly.

07:43 Video from Wuhan, early March 2020, when the city was in lockdown. Chinese vice-premier Sun Chunlan was visiting the city. Residents are screaming from their balconies “All of this is fake! Fake! Fake! Everything is fake!”. (06)

08:37 Marius Mioc: And afterwards, after the other governments took such measures, which, of course, made great damages, they can not scale them back, because they will look like fools. If a politician who took such a measure with great damage (will) say “Oh, I was fool, I made a mistake”, then his political career is finished. And then, all this politicians should follow the same path. Because they can not back up… and they have political reasons to continue the hoax. A separate political reason that the Communist Party in China had.

09:27 Lucian Vâlsan: Also to keep power, but via votes.

09:30 Marius Mioc: Via votes, but they can not accept that they made a mistake. Because is a huge mistake. Not a small mistake, the people wont forgive you, this was a huge mistake to lockdown people.

09:44 Lucian Vâlsan: Was this a result of a sustained propaganda, because it is a reason to believe that agents of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) tried and to such extent obviously succeeded… the lockdown propaganda, I mean.

09:58 Marius Mioc: Oh, for the CCP… The CCP was very pleased to see that other countries are following its example because then nothing was exceptional in what the CCP did. It was just “look, everybody in the world is doing like us. It means that we did the right thing”. It was exceptionally good for the CCP (that the world followed).

10:23 Lucian Vâlsan: It was even easier to cover up the…

10:26 Marius Mioc: Exactly!

10:26 Lucian Vâlsan: …the suppression of the movements.

10:29 Marius Mioc: Yes. Maybe, I don’t know exactly. There are several interest-groups which imposed this propaganda. The pharmaceutical industry try to sell its products from a long time ago. For example, we had in 2009-2010 the so called “swine flu”.

11:00 Lucian Vâlsan: Also a pandemic.

11:01 Marius Mioc: Which was also declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organisation). And they tried to make panic in the world. In some places they succeeded, in some places not. It was not as successful like covid. But they still made billions of dollars selling vaccines which proved useless afterwards.

11:22 Lucian Vâlsan: Either useless or even some harmful.

11:25 Marius Mioc: And they were never punished. Neither the politicians who accepted spending of the money of the people for such useless vaccines and took very costly measures, and the pharmaceutical industry remained with the gains. And this encourage them to do it again. This is why after the covid we need to punish those responsible, because else they will start again. After covid-19, they will start “covid-21”, “covid-25”, or maybe find a new…

12:01 Lucian Vâlsan: Covid-30, maybe. Every other 5 or, usually 10 years is better.

12:08 Marius Mioc: Of course, because viruses are making mutations and a new one can be found in each year. Just to proclaim it as very dangerous is the problem, and to convince the people. And, what I can say… In 2019, in October, at Johns Hopkins University, in the United States…

12:36 Lucian Vâlsan: You are talking about “Event 201”.

12:38 Marius Mioc: Exactly. It was organised the Event 201” by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and by the World Economic Forum, in which they discussed theoretically what we should do in a new pandemic.

12:55 Video about “Event 201” “a global pandemic exercise” about a possible future pandemic with a coronavirus.

“It began in healthy looking pigs months perhaps years ago. A new coronavirus spread silently within her. Gradually farmers started getting sick. In fact, people got a respiratory illness with symptoms ranging from mild flu-like signs to severe pneumonia. The sickest required intensive care many died. Experts agree unless it is quickly controlled…”

13:36 Marius Mioc: And they already made the plan. This plan included also the manipulation of the media. It included the overflow of all media channels with news which support the policy of the governments; and included also the censorship of persons who disagree; and also included making contacts in advance with opinion leaders, including church leaders…

14:19 Lucian Vâlsan: Church leaders, personalities…

14:22 Marius Mioc: …NGO (non-governmental organisations) and others to support the policy of authorities. And this was already planned in this “Event 201”. When this new covid plandemic started, they used also this plan. I don’t know, separately with the Chinese Communist Party, in agreement with the Chinese Communist Party?

14:45 Lucian Vâlsan: Or just simply coincidentally

14:47 Marius Mioc: They already had the script! Now is the opportunity, we already discussed. Oh, this is the moment to use what we discussed some time… and, in fact, without censorship probably they would not have succeeded as much. What other good thing they did, they didn’t use the word ”flu” again. Because in the swine flu they used the word ”flu”, and, while it still scared a lot of people, but because flu is an old disease, which is known, it was not scary enough. And now they invented a completely new word: covid. This is a new disease.

15:32 Lucian Vâlsan: It is different. In 2009 it was just a flu, and now is just a cough. They are different. The reasons I’m asking about “cough”-19 in relation with the Romanian Revolution is because that, even in your book that you wrote about SARS-CoV-2, you also say that they are similarities in terms of how the public is being primed to fear… We did have in … the final days of 1989 ”stay indoors that there are terrorists outside”.

16:12 Marius Mioc: Exactly. Stay indoors and don’t question the government, because the government knows how to deal with the problem.

16:18 Lucian Vâlsan: And eventually we will found the original footages about what the government was doing in those days and they had no idea what they were doing. None of them had any idea what they were doing. Will we have the chance this time around to see the original footages of the government, let’s say, I don’t know, March the 20.

16:37 Marius Mioc: There are several governments. Each has its own footages. But I don’t know if we can find the footage with the discussions inside the Chinese Communist Party.

16:48 Lucian Vâlsan: That will be interesting to watch.

16:50 Marius Mioc: This will be very interesting

16:52 Lucian Vâlsan: Those will be very interesting to watch. I’m sure Mr. Xi, comrade Xi Jinping will never really such… Why do people believe these kind of things? Why do people believe that they were under attack by terrorists, why the Romanian people believed that? Why do people now globally believe?

17:12 Marius Mioc: With fear you can manipulate people. Because is probably in the human nature with fear to be very cautious and to prefer not to take risks. And then if you tell to somebody ”there is a risk on your life”, that person can be easily scared and will not question, will not analyze in details all what is told. This is how things work—they are professionals. They refine the ways to manipulate people and over time, they are becoming better and better. They have psychologists to study.

18:01 Lucian Vâlsan: So, even if the press said no, I guess in a similar way with all the conspiracies related to “cough”-19, right? Oh, is a very dangerous disease! And then, you know, I contracted the disease and I told a 100 friends ”look, I contracted the disease, is not as they say”, and then someone else got the same thing, and even if the press say ”no, no, no, you have to stay indoors, otherwise you’ll cough to death”, there are more people that say ”hold a second, I coughed, it’s not really that bad”.

18:30 Marius Mioc: What I believe: In some countries, including Romania, they gave to the people with covid-19, they gave some medicines which are making them sick. At the beginning they gave Kaletra (lopinavir/ritonavir)—(antiviral used in AIDS treatment), they gave Remdesivir—(Run! Death is Near!). You read the prospect of those medicines, you see a lot of side effects.

18:59 Lucian Vâlsan: The side effects are pretty much like a cough.

19:02 Marius Mioc: And I think many of them suffered more from those medicines than from Covid.

19:07 Lucian Vâlsan: The treatment was worse than the disease.

19:08 Marius Mioc: But a person who had cough, received those medicines that made him sick, and then this person think “Oh, Covid is really a bad disease”. But he suffered more from the medicines than from Covid. And those persons are used for propaganda, for others. And, very strange. I think many people are suffering “the Stockholm Syndrome”. For example: Look at the official data for Covid-19. At WorldOMeters (link). You see, each country, is daily updated, how many deaths you have. And you see the countries with the most repressive measures to fight against Covid-19, they have the biggest number of deaths at 1 million inhabitants. For example, Belgium is number one in the world. They had very though lockdowns. Even bigger than Belgium is the state of New York. Because if you take USA as a whole, is lower the number of deaths per million than in Belgium, but if you take the state of New York, it had the biggest number of deaths in the planet. Which means the government of New York and the medical authorities of New York are the worse in the planet…

20:38 Video from 2020 with coronavirus crisis in New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo telling “What I’m gone to do with 400 ventilators, when I need 30000?”

“New York’s governor says FEMA gave the state 400 ventilators to that. He said this. “What am I going to do with 400 ventilators? When I need 30,000? You pick the 26,000 people who are going to die because you only sent 400 ventilators.”

20:55 Marius Mioc: … even if they received billions of dollars. They have very well…

21:00 Lucian Vâlsan: Well funded healthcare system.

21:02 Marius Mioc: Well funded, and in Africa, few deaths from Covid-19. You see? And what is strange: People in New York like their governors. They vote for the same government which made New York the worst place in the planet in the fight with Covid-19. I don’t know what achievements has this government in other problems. Maybe they are wonderful in other problems, but in Covid-19, if you look at worldometers, the rate of deaths, New York is the worst on the whole planet. People like authoritarians leaders which tell them that they saved their life, even if the data… This is called “Stockholm Syndrome”. I think in China, the Chinese Communist Party also is playing…

21:58 Lucian Vâlsan: They play the same card.

21:59 Marius Mioc: The card of Chinese nationalism. Not only the communism, but this kind of Chinese nationalism is part of the CCP.

22:10 Lucian Vâlsan: At the end of the day, at December the 31st, 2020, the official narrative of the CCP was that “look, we defeated covid-19, therefore, the Chinese model is superior to the Western model; because look at how they are scrambling in the West and how terrible it is, while our great country obtains great status as a world power. We can even defeat this cough! That how great our model is!” (07)

Video with CCP Spokesperson on the Wuhan pool party: “This shows that Wuhan has achieved a strategic victory in its fight against the epidemic, and it also shows that the Chinese government has won a strategic victory in its fight against the epidemic.”

22:38 Video from Wuhan, August 2020, with thousands of people crowded together shoulder to shoulder without wearing masks. (08) (09) (10)

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