[The Voice] Why Aussies need to Say No

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A few videos when considering your vote for the upcoming referendum that you might want to share around.

Why Aussies need to Say No to The Voice

I think it’s time for everybody to get serious about this Voice. It’s probably one of the most dangerous things that we’re going to see. The Voice of Australia is the referendum coming up. (02)

People need to understand some simple facts before we get shut down with this misinformation disinformation Act. (03) (04)

Take away the indigenous people out of this vote and we are being asked to give full power of our government to an unelected body in charge of them. So that is an unelected body going to be in charge of all decisions made by our government, not just ones that relate to the indigenous people.

At the moment my understanding of it is that you do not have to do anything other than tick a box to say that you’re an indigenous. (05)

Which is disgusting because if you know anything about the land rights, when they apply for the land rights, indigenous people, the work that they have to do to day’s route, to prove their lineage to an apical that is recognised on the land title that they’re trying to apply for, it is nearly impossible due to the disgusting nature in which they were torn to pieces and their families were thrown all over this country and it’s nearly impossible for them to track their lineage back to where they are truly have the land rights and yet this body, will be elected by the tick of a box. Nobody is denied that yet in the parliament house.

The government is offering no info until after you vote yes. Now, tell me of anything in this world that you would give a blank check to, particularly a friggin government in this day and age, that will give them a blank check and say, we’ll tell you how much it costs later.

Because that’s what they’re talking about. There’s no more information until you vote yes. Disgusting.

The coercion through the media. That’s a huge one for us. The fact that they are using our taxpayer money to only voice the “Yes” vote.

That is where you really need to wake up. Have a look at COVID when they only use the taxpayer money to say, “Get the jab”, have a look how dangerous that was for taking any decision out of it.

It is coercion at its best and if you think about workplaces, now all of these workplaces and all of these businesses getting on board, you cannot say “No” out loud at those businesses.

I mentioned it in the private company of five or six workers and the cringe look on their face because they know that I speak the truth. These people looked so terrified of the fact that I would say no. Yet that is the coercion that is going on in our workplaces, in our society, in our culture, in our mainstream media.

Why isn’t the government, if it’s a referendum of true choice, why isn’t the government giving both sides of the story? Why isn’t the government giving air time towards it? Well, the opposite. In fact, the opposite to the point where they have come out and have said that they are going to introduce a misinformation, disinformation, act out of the Ministry of Truth. I think about 1984 and the way that the socialist communists regimes sort of slowly but surely, got it’s way into here. That is exactly it. By them, they are exempting themselves from that act so that they say anything wrong or get anything wrong. They can not be fined. So they can do whatever they want, the same as what they did with COVID.

Understand they use the same template and put over the top of all of these topics to get what they really want. If you know anything about the, it is the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act that has been around for a few years, but it has just come into play 1st of July 2023 in Western Australia. (06) (07)

It is now forcing people with land, any land over 1100 square metres to have to apply through more government policies and bodies and red tapes to be able to work on their own land.

So you think about that, anything greater than 50 millimetres. So if you want to put a fence popst in, you have to go and get a permit, and it usually involves one of the indigenous representatives of those permits to come out to your site for about 160 bucks an hour to deem whether or not there is going to be any damage to the cultural heritage by doing so.

So you imagine every time a farmer wants to put a 4″ ripper through his land, the red tape and all the shit that you’ll see. That is what is going on there.

All of these, every single step of this is going to take the indigenous people of this country a fucking decade back in consolidation and working together because I am an Australian and everybody else that was born here is an Australian by birth right. We shouldn’t be segregating our country through this bullshit.

If it was a fair vote and a fair debate the way they used to be, no problems, but when your government is coercing you, saying that you are a racist if you speak against their referendum which is a yes or no vote, then you need to start waking up and go what the bloody hell.

We need to share videos like this. I want this one shared out. There is always a bigger picture, and while they have got us squabbling against each other, indigenous, and non-indigenous, and not allowing both sides of the argument about it, it is bloody terrifying.

Now, we have already had lots of arguments about Australia Day. How many arguments have we already had about Australia day? You give the ultimate power to 4% of our population, which is about 1 million people and probably 10% of them actually give a shit about getting the power and coming back at it in this form, you are talking about probably 0.5 or 0.6 of our population having ultimate power over us, an unelected body to do whatever they want. It starts with Australia day. It moves to changing the name of Fraser Island. Next you see the Palaszczuk has started talking about changing the name of Brisbane. These are fundamental things at our society — a Western democratic Christian-based society has had its legs cut out from it and we are just throwing it all in the bin to say sorry for the 52nd time.

If you look at the billions of dollars that we have wrongfully spent on trying to help this problem and the amount of legislation and regulatory boards that are already in place that fail miserably to help the indigenous people be where they want to.

In fact you talk about the Barada Barna people of the Central Queensland region who have now had the land rights to go on to BHB mining sites or BMA mining sites to protect their scar trees and yarning circles and any of the heritage they find out there. They are allowed to put a wrap a fence around there, and make it so that no one can go there. That is it. That is their fucking entitlement for having their land taken off them through a non-treaty invasion. (08) (09) (10) (11) (12)

These people make billions of dollars out of the coal out of that land but they get the right to go under the surface of a whole little area full of rocks and trees and that is what we call reparation for what part we played in it?

Think about who is really going to pay the price out of this. The average Aussie Australian will be the person that pays the price and what does that happen when it comes out of your pocket, your time and your money comes out of there? You get angry and who do you get angry at? Of course you don’t get angry at the government because they stand there and go “Not our fault, you voted for it in the referendum, it’s these bloody aboriginals”. If you don’t have true compassion for this country and if you don’t have control of your ego when you get that power stick you are going to wield that bastard like it’s going out of fashion.

Jacinta Price is the Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs. She is the one getting the most hate from the government because she is the one standing up saying I will not vote yes for something that will divide our country further.

‘That’s why I will be voting no’: Jacinta Price gives speech before Senate vote on Voice

  • YouTube | SkyNews (13)

She is the one of the current 4 sitting senators and indigenous senators in this country that are getting beaten up on for saying “No” to it, and then there is white, rich, fat people telling you that they are the ones that are going to help the indigenous people of this country. It boils my blood. (14)

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  • National Indigenous Australians Agency FOI Document (FOI/2223/016) (15) (16)
  • Another (huge) document calling for resignation of the Australian Electoral Commissioner is a difficult read, but contains a lot of references to the Voice (as well as calling out the fake government, fake pandemic, and genocide agenda). (17)
    • “Victoria already shows what its Voice will be about, that non-Aboriginals will be second class citizens. A few Aboriginals will make the decisions for millions of non-Aboriginals, etc!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty staged thing for a bloke to stand up with his cowboy hat on, his indigenous coloured North Queensland shirt, and the Australian flag up the back. I want people to know that I am Australian.

I talk like an Australian, I walk like an Australian. I will crack racist jokes until the point where I am educated enough to understand what I am saying is offensive because that has been the Australian way, but every single drop of racism that was stuck inside of me was perpetuated by a government for the last 40 years of my life that pumped bad things about indigenous people through the media. I only ever saw them fight or drunk. I only ever saw the Townsville people, the military having to come in and clean up the mall. That is all the sort of shit that they pumped onto the news that made me, someone who didn’t even grow up around a mining town, had very little indigenous population there, if I went to school with one kid, I would not be able to remember. This is the sort of shit that they do. They indoctrinate us into thinking that there is a problem and then they try to sell you the solution.

I have got something here that says the United Nations, the U.N…. my understanding of it is that we are one of the only ones that do not have a legislative treaty in place which is what they need to be able to govern this land. A treaty agreement with the original owners of the land. That is why the UN is so desperate to get our First Nations people into that constitution because that allows the UN to do exactly what they want, which is the global land grab for the land rights. That is a little bit down the rabbit hole, but it is written in the UN’s policies about making sure that if they were the ones to control the land, they would be able to use it to the best interest of all peoples because we are too stupid as Australians to be able to look after our own land.

We are one of the most prosperous, resource-rich, countries in the world. We are one of the most fertile lands in the world. We do not need any other country to exist. We just need to stop feeding every other country. Just the money alone that we would make from stopping or whoring out our products to overseas and importing the cheapest shit from over there to make sure that we line the pockets of these international companies. Just that saving alone would pay for every single indigenous person, every single one of the 1 million indigenous people here to have a luxury house, with a luxury resort in any bloody area that they want. But we bullshit ourselves, because we are told that we are racist that we went against this. I just want everybody to think about those facts.

To reiterate:

  • An unelected body in charge of your government.
  • It is ticking the box for saying that you are indigenous.

I literally could say that I am indigenous. Nobody would be able to challenge me because as long as I said that we are in a world of people that can align with whatever they want to be these days, and we are not far from doing that. We can already align. I can align today with being a female and go in a female sporting competition today. I can align myself as an interracial these days. There are people who have started saying that they are Australian but they feel like they are Chinese so they align themselves as being Chinese. How far until someone says they align themselves….all they have to do is say they align themselves as being an Aboriginal and be in charge of our country.

People need to understand that this voice is the most toxic thing for the indigenous people of this country. I stand with the indigenous people of this country. I want it to get back to whatever it is that you need to have to make it right for your people and make it right for your future generations. In line with the rest of the country, in line with the rest of the people that were born here, that loved this country, that respect this country and that would fight till the death for this country. I want to stand with you.

I don’t want to do that through an unelected body of corporate fuckwits that are going to use this as a tool against you to blame you for whatever they do and sell our land off to the UN in the future.

Pretty passionate about my country. As you are and as you would be too, and I have no problem with you being still bitter and having a sour taste in your mouth for three or four generations ago, people coming through—white people coming onto this land and killing your families, taking your land and throwing them to the wind. But, what is done is done and we need to find a way to work together to a better future for all of Australia moving forward.

Culture is the first thing that comes to your head and real thought is what comes from the back of your head when you have a little bit time to say it. Culture is the first thing that comes out of your mouth whether that is your core belief or not.

That is what this government has got us bloody doing. It is acting on mainstream media bullshit, coercion, passing laws against anyone that would make a video like this… in two months time if the Misinformation Act goes through, this video would not only be censored and shut down on Facebook before you even get to watch it, but I would probably be up for a couple of thousand dollars if not a twenty five thousand dollars fine because they would decide whether or not I was the person that was told on the truth.

If they got it wrong in the future and people come back and said, Jody was right and they were relying, well, too easy, “sorry about that”, we will give you an apology because we are actually exempting ourselves from it. Rant over for the day.

Let’s love our country. Let’s love it together. One country, one people. Not a fucking Voice that is going to tear this country to pieces and get power to unelected bodies and particularly international things like the friggin’ U.N. Have a great day.

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