West Australian Gov’t Proposes to give CCP Super Powers to unelected public servants.

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Western Australia proposes new draconian law to extend emergency powers… and even did the same CCP-DAN move by ramming the laws through parliament within 24 hours and giving its MPs less than a day to scrutinise the bill. That’s how it’s done these days in Draconia.

“This Bill gives draconian powers to unelected public servants, ripping away any parliamentary oversight and scrutiny entirely. The Public Health Act provides the government controllers with all the powers they need to manage ongoing issues with the COVID global take-over situation.”

Western Australia follows CCP-Owned Dan’s playbook to bring Australia to it’s knees. Are we surprised? Not anymore. Everything is clockwork-obvious and unstoppable because Australia and New Zealand are too f*ng compliant, refuse to read or research anything, way too trusting, and too brainwashed by the idiot box. Inhale. Exhale. Australia and New Zealand is gone. We must have slave-dna or something for the people of our countries to continue to be blind to what is playing out right in front of us.

Breathe in… Breathe out… Breathe in… Breathe out… Breathe in… Breathe out… ok.

Here we go with the update:

Western Australia

“The state of emergency will not end, this act simply continues the state of emergency under another name”

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“[The amended] laws can include seizing your car, seizing your house, in fact, they can break into both of those under these acts, they can direct any person to do anything that they consider reasonable to deal with that particular concern they have, none of that is subject to any scrutiny.”

Emergency Management Amendment (Temporary COVID-19 Provisions) Bill 2022

authorised COVID-19 officer means
(a) the State Emergency Coordinator; and (unelected WEF puppet?)
(b) a person authorised under section 77I;

77I The State Emergency Coordinator may authorise persons to act as authorised COVID-19 officers.” (unelected WEF puppet’s chosen minions?)


empowers authorised COVID-19 officers
to direct any person
or any class of person
(a) remain in an area;
(b) to quarantine
(c) to submit to infection, prevention and control procedures.


There is no limit to the number of times a COVID-19 declaration may be extended. (Other than needing an “emergency” law to keep injecting and prescribing experimental, untested, unregulated and dangerous drugs (Paxlovid, Remdesivir) and biologics (What’s in the vials?) and tests (PCR), why would they need to keep declaring a COVID-19 emergency? Stupid question, we know the answer)


If a person does not comply with a direction (if we don’t submit to being guinea pigs to unsafe, ineffective, medical experiments & drug cocktails, or choke ourselves with unscientific face-coverings?)
an authorised COVID-19 officer or a police officer
may do all such things as are reasonably necessary
to ensure compliance with the direction.

An authorised COVID-19 officer or a police officer
may exercise a power under Part 6A
with the help, and using the force, that is reasonable in the circumstances.

(CONSIDERING they thought it was REASONABLY NECESSARY to 1.) HUNT DOWN construction workers like DOGS, 2.) ARREST & MAN-HANDLE 12 yo’s, CHOKE and ATTACK others for not wearing a mask, 3.) ARREST a pregnant woman in front of their children for organizing a protest when there was no lockdowns in place, 4.) use SONIC WEAPONS on families in CANBERRA, 5.) Lockup and chase-down fully-vaccinated aboriginals 6.) THREATEN, INTIMIDATE, & ARREST shop-owners, 7.) SACK their workforce that didn’t “comply” with abusing their fellow citizens, or for not submitting to an experimental injection, 8.) DESTROY our kids childhood, 9.) LOCK our ELDERLY down and LEFT THEM to DIE ALONE “for their safety” – even those in HOSPICE CARE, 10.) SEPARATE LOVED ONES FOR YEARS, 11.) DESTROY the family unit, 12.) TURN people against each other, 13.) LIE to EVERYONE about EVERYTHING, 14.) SCARE THE CRAP out of the whole country, 15.) Kill people with their medical interventions and mandates, 16.) BAN, CENSOR AND LIE ABOUT effective treatments, and REFUSE TO SUGGEST any other HEALTH ADVICE might help people, 17.) THREATENED AND DE-REGISTERED DOCTORS… 18.) CANCEL surgeries and healthcare for “non-COVID” issues, 19.) MADE the “FLU” disappear, 20.) GASLITE and CENSOR the Vax-Injured, 21.) CANCEL Weddings and Funerals, 22.) BANKRUPT BUSINESSES they didn’t deem ESSENTIAL, and more barbaric atrocities

…. a “REASONABLY NECESSARY” direction is way too VAGUE).


Allow authorised COVID-19 officers
to take
or direct a person or a class of persons to take,
any action that the officer considers is reasonably necessary
to prevent, control or abate risks associated with COVID-19.
This broad power is necessary
to effectively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic,
which has continually evolved
and presented new
and unprecedented events and occurrences



This section provides authorised COVID-19 officers
with the power to take control
or use any place, vehicle or other thing
(whether inside or outside the declaration area)
for COVID-19 management purposes

When exercising this power, an authorised COVID-19 officer
may enter, or if necessary, break into and enter, any place or vehicle.

An authorised COVID-19 officer
may also direct the owner or occupier,
or person apparently in charge, of a place, vehicle or other thing
to give the authorised COVID-19 officer reasonable assistance
to exercise the officer’s powers under this section.

An authorised COVID-19 officer
may exercise powers under this section
without a warrant or the consent
of the owner, occupier or person apparently in charge of, the place, vehicle or other thing.

If an authorised COVID-19 officer exercises powers under this section
the officer must give written notice to the owner, occupier or person in charge of the place, vehicle or thing in the specified manner.
Notice must be given as soon as is reasonably practicable
and no later than 7 days after exercising the power. (Written notice, after the fact?)


Section 100 is modified so that
the protection from liability
also applies to authorised COVID-19 officers.

This is given effect by section 77X(1)(b).

(LIABILITY FROM WHAT? From damaging or destroying someone’s vehicle or property? From hurting people? From raping people? From killing people? Giving your minions immunity from whatever draconian request you force them to do for you? What is this?)


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We’re heading towards the end of the COVID crisis, I cannot comprehend that any parliament would allow these powers to be given to a public servant with no parliamentary oversight at all” ~ ‘Draconian’: Rebranded WA pandemic laws will shock public, opposition claims

This bill (Emergency Management Amendment (Temporary COVID-19 Provisions) Bill 2022) seeks to override the need for an emergency declaration. Why seek to override normal legal functions?” ~ Addiction to emergency power

Rather than ending the State of Emergency, which has been in place for more than 900 days, these new laws will allow it to continue for another two years, with reduced oversight. They are once again denying the community the opportunity to have their say on crucial legislation before it passes the Parliament. This Bill gives draconian powers to unelected public servants, ripping away any Parliamentary oversight and scrutiny entirely – there is absolutely no reason for this, the Public Health Act provides the Government with all the powers they need to manage ongoing issues with the COVID situation.” ~ NEW COVID LEGISLATION IS JUST STATE OF EMERGENCY BY ANOTHER NAME

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