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Just had dinner at a friends house and one of her friends that I met tonight is a Holographic Kinetics practitioner and had an interesting perspective on life. I remember watching Steve Richard’s Holographic Kinetics videos years ago, but this time I’m re-watching and transcribing to understand more about it.

Part 1 of 14 - Introduction


My name’s Steve Richards, and I am an Aboriginal descendant, a multi-practitioner, and a researcher from well over 40 odd years. I am the founder of Dreamtime Healing Using Holographic Kinetics, and founder of Holographic Kinetics.

Dreamtime Healing is 60,000 years of Aboriginal culture of understanding the laws of lore and nature. Holographic Kinetics is the science behind that knowledge, and the application of that science in everyday life.

A little about my ancestral first and to understand how this came about. As a four-year-old, my mother sent me down to understand how I knew certain things were taking place. As a four-year-old, I had full memory of the past. Today, I know of cases where psychiatrists have given electric shock treatment to children remembering things they claim don’t exist. Ludicrous. Of course, the past exists.

Now, down the genetic line, my great-grandmother was taken away by a protection agency, found in shackles at the age of eight, sold to a drover at the age of fourteen and died at 15 years old giving birth to my grandmother. My grandmother grew up on a cattle station, very well-educated – by the church, but taken under the wing by the maids and servants, the butler’s, and the gardeners who taught the old ways.

As I grew up, she’d talk about the old ways, which would trigger more memories in me about my own parts. By the time I was eight years old, I could make water go around my finger without touching it.

By the time I was a teenager, I was doing mind magic. In doing some of the things with mind magic. I wanted to know not what am I doing but how am I doing it? What really is going on our world? What is reality? So, I spent 40 years trying to understand a whole new science which today we call Holographic Kinetics.

Holographic Kinetics, because everything you’re feeling is a fractal of a hologram through time. And every cell in you, just like every hologram, that fractal reproduces itself through time, as it reproduces itself, just gives you the reoffenders in time to the stuck in time. You as a walking independent universe of your own or a hologram. Every cell in you is a hologram.

Difference between the internal world of spirit and the external world of the soul.

To understand that, again, and all the inquiries, millions of dollars have been put into. We have the Royal Commissions to bring them home, deaths in custody report, Rights of Indigenous Australia, the rights of mental health, etc. All of these inquiries stated one main theme: the elders all stated we need to heal the spirit.

Well, it has nothing to do with religion. And it has nothing to do with spirituality.

This has to do with understanding that the Spirit has got trauma through time. And as a spirit was traumatized through time, just as a soul can be traumatized through time, the spirit needs to be accessed to change that trauma, otherwise it will reproduce the trauma just as a hologram reproduces itself through time.

Dreamtime Healing is exactly that, to understand how to access the spirit of the being, different from the soul, and make changes to trauma to spirit through time.

Part 2 of 14 - Ancient Knowledge


“A lot of knowledge, the spirit, the ancestors through time, and the knowledge and the wisdom that they use through time. Here, we live in a Western world, and in this Western world, we have failed to acknowledge the wisdom or the knowledge passed down by not just the Aboriginal culture but by indigenous cultures worldwide.

It’s time to stop and listen to cultures that have survived for sixty thousand years and more. In understanding that, there is a lot of wisdom that needs to be understood for our survival of our future.

We have gone from the early days; there are over twenty-odd countries around the world that have found paintings which are stick figures to humans, little balls between the legs and the arms, not knowing what these are.

But eventually, over the years, science has discovered that man used to be able to see the Torus field. In other words, back in the ancient arts of the past, men, Aboriginal culture, other native cultures could look at humans and see the energy field of the human.

And around the human was a torus field around that human, which was two balls of light on both sides.

We’ve gone from understanding this invisible world, right over from the left to the right. We’re in this world of analytical understanding, an external world of molecular structure, but we have failed to understand the internal world of the spirit.

All things first were invisible before they became visible. Can anybody out there hear my thoughts? Not one of you can. Because it’s invisible. Because your thought creates the thought form, the thought form evolves for life form. At the life form status, everything survives because it has a right to its life.

Therefore, that thought has the right to the thought that created it in that moment of time, therefore it will reproduce itself in that moment of time, and set itself up. You now become the host of your own creation. As a host of your creation, that life form reproducing itself is attempting to take over you. It’s evolving. It’s learning, it’s gained intelligence by your reactors. As you react, it evolves to the next stage where eventually it becomes an entity.

When it reaches an entity state, it now can take over; where you have no control, and mainstream may call it a compulsive disorder, multiple-personality disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar; a whole range of other labels they put on it.

But, the moment you put a label on something, you deny it of all the other possibilities that it could be, in nature. The moment you put a label on it, you have now created it through your intent into the creation that you perceive it to be. And that is what will be.

It’s understanding, we need to get back to, understanding this ancient knowledge, of how the universe works and survives.

I’ll be doing a number of segments down the track. Some of those will be on animal spirits, and how they interfere with humans; people with Tourette’s. We have times these spirits that enter human bodies through a simple exchange of energy. They have a right to be there. A lot of war vets, had spirits of Vietcong, or we have people who have accidents and those spirits entered them because they’re responsible for their death. We have people that are stuck in time, we have belief systems, we have rituals through time that allow other forces and other beings in.

So down the track, I’m going to be doing 10-minute segments on a number of areas, introducing you into some of the old knowledge that’s out there of the dimensions of the world that we live in.

To enlighten you a little bit more of what’s happening today, and more so to enlighten governments, mental health workers, and health workers of the areas that are taking place that are not being addressed.

You know in children’s hospitals, you have over 50% of cases where there’s no physical understanding of the illness that they’ve got.

How many of those cases come from the past, where the children are stuck in and reliving those traumas until they’ve cleared?

These are some of the areas we’ll be going into down the track.

At present, why I’m right now introducing you to holographic kinetics and its future, because this is the future. We have people who get heart transplants, and when I put the heart in, that heart has another spirit connected to it because the spirit is connected to the heart, and you have a change of personalities. We could bring the spirit up that owns that heart and talk it out of the bod y.

You have science today called epigenetics, which is acknowledging the generational issues that pass down through generations. But how to access it? They can’t.

We can have a spirit of the great-great-great-grandmothers through a whole group of time talking out of your body, and we can change the trauma that’s come down through time and generations and make changes to it.

There are so many areas we can access today and understand, which is the ancient knowledge of the past. This universe has laws itself, and those laws cover every dimension.

If you are in another dimension, you invade this dimension, and you are governed by these laws, and you enter this dimension, you are governed by the laws of this dimension.

If we take drugs and alcohol, open wormholes, we allow our defenses to be down, we enter into other dimensions of reality and beings in those dimensions of reality, now have the right in our dimensional reality. They can then take over our reality.

These are some of the areas where we get into as an introduction to holographic kinetics.”

Part 3 of 14 - The Dreamtime


“Let’s just get back to the Dreamtime. For 60,000 years, what did Dreamtime mean?

They would sit around the fire at night and from the Dreamtime, their spirit could communicate to the animals, the spirits of the trees. In nature, all living things are alive.

When the spirit leaves the tree, the tree is dead. When the spirit leaves the body, the body is dead. But while the spirit is there, you can communicate to the spirit.

The next day the spirit of the animals or the kangaroo would donate it’s vehicle.

The spirit moved to higher octave, the soul lives in fight or flight. In nature, everything is alive. The water, the trees, everything in nature: this is how communication came– it was telepathy.

Until down the track, men learnt to talk. When men learned to talk, he started to lose the ability of telepathy.

It’s just like today, you go back in the past and the ancient aborigines could levitate off the ground. He’d run a hundred miles in the day without touching the ground. His feet would hardly touch the ground at all, he’d levitate by making his body lighter. Today, we’ve lost that ability.

We’re even losing the ability to walk great distances because we now use a vehicle. The more we go into the supermolecular world of reality, the more we get away from, the less we get the ability to use the natural functions of nature.

You look at the back to our remedies, you look at a lot of nature remedies and where they come from originally, everything in nature is there. There’s an antidote for most things created in nature, the old aborigines from the past, even today many of them still have secret medicine. But they don’t share it. The comment I hear from so many of them is “Why tell them, they don’t listen”.

Because we live in a society that fails to listen to other cultures because it thinks it knows all the answers.

In our western society, we’ve got to look at our world. if you look at where our world is today and what it results in our world today, by (?) external world of reality and getting lost from the internal world of reality.

We create this massive imbalance, and we have to get back to the balance of understanding internal world as well as the external world. We go back to nature.

Now, we send our meat all over the world. Why won’t the Middle East take our meat? They must kill the animal to release the spirit of the animal. When we kill the animal, and it goes through trauma, that soul has the trauma in it, and that soul can be passed down through the meat that we eat.

We have to really get back to understanding nature, and how nature really works to find a balance in ourselves for our own future.

Go back into the trees. Every tree is alive. Communicate to the spirit of the tree. It sees everything. There are no more secrets. You’d be surprised about what happens in nature, and what’s happened in nature.

You go back to areas where we have dimensions of genocide, and those spirits are still stuck in that moment of time of the genocide. You’ve had wars for thousands of years, and inside genocide in some of those countries that’s been active for thousands of years in its own dimension. We access those dimensions and bring them through. And those spirits – the trauma is if it happened five seconds ago because they are still stuck in that moment of time, and we must enfold time and space upon those dimensions, and we must send changes to the dimensions of the past to better our future.

This is what we teach our students to do around the country. Today, we have students in over 23 countries and clients in about 30 or 40 countries.

We have to get back to the old ways to understand the future if we want to have a future.

We have come to a time where time is going to loop itself. You’ll have two choices: being inside time or been outside time. Where you are and the choices you make, they are the choices that is going to be taking you to the new future with the conjunction takes place.”

Part 4 of 14 - Inter-dimensional Interference


  • Dimensions can be understood by thinking about tuning a radio and accessing different frequencies.
  • There are many dimensions that exist beyond visible light, such as ultraviolet, gamma rays, x-rays, cosmic photons, infrared, radio waves, TV waves, and brainwaves.
  • Other beings may exist in different dimensions and can be accessed through drugs and alcohol, but this can also lead to negative consequences such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
  • Internal and external entities may exist in these dimensions and can try to take over a person’s physical vehicle (body).
  • Repeat offenders may be stuck in a particular dimension and need to be helped through accessing that dimension and understanding the cause and effect of their behavior.
  • We are multi-dimensional beings in a multi-dimensional world.
  • There are many dimensions, but we only live in one.
  • Violating laws in other dimensions can result in consequences.
  • Laws of dimensions govern things like war, transportation, and more.
  • Everyone has a personal field around them, and nothing can enter without permission.
  • Inviting negative thoughts or emotions can attract negative energy into your life.
  • The law of intent states that invisible intentions will eventually become visible reality.
  • Mental health issues cannot be put into a one-size-fits-all box.
  • Understanding the cause of individual issues is necessary for healing.
  • Reality is subjective and based on perception.
  • To change reality, we must understand the perception that created it.
  • Various modalities access the soul, which consists of experiences created by the being that become locked in our cells and part of our programming.
  • Our programming controls our behaviour without our realizing it.
  • Accessing the Spirit allows us to understand how, when, where, and why realities were created.
  • At the moment of conception, a spirit becomes aware of everything that is happening inside and outside of the mother’s body.
  • Trauma can be passed down through time and reset itself in the present, leading to traumatic memories becoming suspended in time and space and creating “sleepers.”
  • Our experiences become part of our soul, locked in our cells, and reproduce themselves. We are constantly running programs without realizing we have been programmed.
  • When we access the Spirit, it knows how, when, where, and why any reality was created.
  • The spirit is aware of everything that is taking place inside and outside the mother at the moment of conception.
  • Trauma can reset itself and come through time, and a sleeper can be awakened by a trigger that will make it live again to continue the journey.
  • The trauma of our ancestors can affect us today, and we can access the trauma of our great-great-grandmother through the hologram of time.
  • By unfolding time and space on the trauma, we can change the dimension and change the trauma passed down through the soul through time.
  • The key to all of this is traumatizing the spirit. The Beings have been manipulating our life for a long time.
  • Traumatizing spirits gives beings control over the tides of spirit, making access to the soul possible.
  • Traumatization has been used throughout history to attract souls of beings in future cycles of time.
  • Secret societies manipulate those who enter, with initiations and rituals, to gain power and manipulate the world.
  • Through understanding and controlling the game, these beings can be removed and the metaphysical world can be changed.
  • Awakening the spirit from amnesia allows one to see the game and dimensions that have been taking place.

Part 5 of 14 - Animal and Human Spirits


  1. Steve Richards, discusses animal spirits and the reciprocal exchange of energy.
  2. Reciprocal exchange of energy means that if you kill an animal, you can have an animal spirit in your body.
  3. Animal spirits can cause trauma and affect the living host’s body and life.
  4. There are cases of people experiencing animal spirits in their bodies causing physical symptoms and requiring removal.
  5. The Middle East won’t take meat because animals need to be released of their spirit before consumption.
  6. Animal spirits can come from past dimensions and activate in the current dimension.
  7. Speaks about an experience involving a man who had been traumatized his entire life. Steve activated something in the man that triggered him to a different dimension using a bear as a key. He went back in time to change the traumatic event that had caused the man’s suffering. The man’s nightmares disappeared and he found a physical mark on his back that Steve believed was an animal spirit that had morphed into the man’s body.
  8. Discusses how spirits can take over a person’s body and gives examples of people with Tourette’s syndrome and soldiers who have spirits speaking through them.
  9. Steve claims to have helped soldiers suffering from trauma by releasing their spirits from past lives.
  10. Believes that governments should prioritize mental health.
  11. Claims that soldiers and others have already been traumatized and may be possessed by malevolent spirits.
  12. The malevolent spirits can take over a person’s body and cause harm to themselves and others.
  13. Believes that understanding dimensions and multi-dimensional beings is important in understanding and treating mental health issues.
  14. Gives an example of a woman with spinal pain who was possessed by a malevolent spirit, and how he was able to remove the spirit and heal the woman.
  15. Also gives an example of a dog with psoriasis who was possessed by a spirit and how he was able to remove the spirit and heal the dog.
  16. Argues that without understanding dimensions, it may be difficult to correctly identify the source of mental health issues.
  17. Old culture understands dimensions and the need to listen to make changes
  18. Beliefs and assumptions shape our reality
  19. Experts who don’t believe in existence won’t find answers
  20. Skeptics won’t find answers because their intent is that it doesn’t exist
  21. The world is run by another dimension that aims to traumatize the spirit
  22. We need to awaken as a spirit and become aware of our power
  23. We are responsible for our thoughts, words, deeds, and actions
  24. We cannot escape the cycles of time and must experience our own reality.
  25. Understand your created reality and come into balance with other realities
  26. Think before equating realities and understand to use them as possibilities
  27. You can’t escape your own reality
  28. People become stuck as victims of their own creation, but eventually learn
  29. The universe only cares about its dimension from beginning to end
  30. If you’re a fast learner, you learn dimensions fast and move into the future faster
  31. If you’re a slow learner, you set yourself up lifetime after lifetime until you eventually learn
  32. Better your future cycles of time and evolve
  33. While stuck in time, we swing between action-reaction cause and effect
  34. To move forward, we must come back to point zero and observe the game without reacting
  35. Stop, think before reacting, and ask if it’s you or a life form in you
  36. Everything external to internal is locked in ourselves and part of the hologram seeking survival and reproduction
  37. Become aware of the little things you do and watch the changes that can take place within you

Part 6 of 14 - Children's Issues


  1. Up to 50% of cases at Children’s Hospitals have no physical explanation for the child’s condition.
  2. Examples of cases include a four-year-old boy waking up screaming at night and a boy with unusual behaviours around certain rocks and scents on his property.
  3. In one case, a regression therapy session revealed that the boy’s current sleeping issues were related to a past life where he caused a train accident that killed his own son and others. By addressing the unresolved issue from the past life, the boy’s current sleeping issues were resolved.
  4. A little boy was brought to see him, who performed a ritual to release a totem spirit of a kangaroo that had possessed the boy’s body and caused compulsive disorder. The boy’s condition improved after the ritual.
  5. He also worked with a little girl and her mother, and after the session, the mother reported positive changes and requested another session.
  6. In another case, a father asked him about a table that had chest road issues, and he discovered that it was due to the great-great-grandfather’s tuberculosis. He travelled back in time and changed the past to improve the future.
  7. He also worked with children who were victims of bullying and violence, using time and space to remove negative energies and entities. The teachers of these children reported positive changes after the sessions.
  8. There are issues with young children stemming from past trauma that need to be addressed.
  9. Governments should listen to organizations that are getting results in these areas. Mental health was neglected in 2013, and we need to broaden our horizons to look at these issues. Systems are often set up to create more suffering rather than assist those who are suffering. People in positions of power have a responsibility to make changes to assist those who are suffering, or they will suffer themselves in the future.
  10. We should continue to look at children’s issues, including animal spirits that may have been taken from them.
  11. Understanding and not reacting to realities that are not our own.
  12. Story of a little boy who saw spirits in his room. Father initially dismissed it, but later the boy felt touched by something and asked for help. They used the boy’s body to call the spirit through and found out it was a man who died in a fire with his two children 150 years ago. The man was watching over the area to prevent fires and protect children. By helping the spirit release the trauma and move on, they were able to break a cycle of future fires and create a better future.
  13. The idea that every individual is a fractal of a larger hologram. We have the ability to change one fractal of the hologram and change all fractals.
  14. A young lad and his girlfriend experience strange electrical phenomena after clearing trauma.
  15. The spirit of a young boy who died in a car accident enters the body of a doctor, causing him to be drained of energy. The doctor’s experience reminds the psychic of his young brother, and the spirit in the doctor’s body is revealed to be that of an 18-year-old boy who felt sorry for the young lad who died.
  16. Children can be vulnerable to other dimensions and entities that can enter their bodies when their defenses are down.
  17. People who have been drowned and resuscitated may have other entities enter their bodies when they step out of their body position.
  18. Understanding other dimensions can broaden our horizons and potentially help us with space travel.
  19. The spirit is linked to an eternal, omnipresent, and omniscient place, so it’s possible to work on someone’s spirit no matter where they are in time or space.
  20. Steve and his team have had positive results working with people remotely from other parts of the world.

Part 7 of 14 - Self-harm


  1. Discusses self-harm and depression.
  2. A woman described in the video has self-mutilating wounds on both arms which she cannot control. Through regression therapy, it is discovered that the woman’s behaviour is due to a past life in which she gave birth to a girl and her husband killed her because she did not give birth to a boy. The woman feels guilty for not saving her daughter and punishes herself by self-harming.
  3. Another man’s self-destructive behavior is traced back to a past life in which his family was killed and he was the only survivor.
  4. Old people sometimes revert back in time before they die because they have not dealt with unresolved issues. It is suggested that there should be trained people in every old person’s home to help them deal with these issues before they die so they can move on.
  5. Discusses how people can become stuck in past issues and trauma and are unable to move on.

Part 8 of 14 - Epilepsy


  1. Discusses two areas: epilepsy and the future cycle.
  2. He mentions the idea of psychics seeing the future, and how everything has happened before in three dimensions of time: past, present, and future.
  3. He shares an experience of working with a psychic who predicted future events, including a death, and explained that she died young because she took many young lives and had to experience many young lives in return.
  4. He also shares an experience of working with a man who experienced epileptic fits due to existing in two worlds simultaneously, and how they worked to make changes in one dimension to address this.
  5. He concludes by discussing an experience of helping a woman who had been experiencing fits for six months, which were caused by an entity that they were able to remove, and how dimensions can interfere with some children’s lives.

Part 9 of 14 - A message to Governments


Steve talks about the potential for holographic kinetics and dreamtime healing to help individuals who are stuck in time, which could save governments millions of dollars. He suggests that repeat offenders in the prison system are stuck in a dimension of time and need to change their dimension to move on. Youth in the prison system who are on medication due to drugs and other forces taking over also need to be helped.

He suggests educating people in ancient knowledge and using this knowledge to avoid violating the laws of the land. He speaks about the effect of trauma and stress points on cancer and suggests that these can be resolved using holographic kinetics and dreamtime healing. He emphasizes that people in power should take responsibility for their actions or inactions and understand the consequences of violating the laws of the land. Finally, he talks about the power of the universe and how one cannot lie to their spirit.

Part 10 of 14 - Assumptions and Beliefs


  1. Steve Richards talks about assumptions and beliefs in life.
  2. As humans, we tend to assume and believe things in the molecular model world.
  3. Assumptions and beliefs can override our spirit and prevent us from seeing events as they truly are.
  4. He shares stories of working with people to address their belief systems and programming, such as a woman who had a belief that past lives don’t exist.
  5. He also discusses how assumptions can hinder the healing process, and shares a story of a woman who was yelling and screaming due to an attachment, but was able to overcome her assumptions and address the root cause of her issue.
  6. Assumptions and beliefs can override one’s spirit, which can hinder healing.
  7. Beliefs can be shattered, leading to positive change.
  8. Life forms, such as entities, can be created from negative thought patterns.
  9. Surrogacy in healing work can be complicated by beliefs and assumptions.
  10. Letting go of assumptions and beliefs can lead to more effective healing.
  11. Uses the metaphor of fish in a fishbowl to represent people living in a limited reality.
  12. By clearing people from their limited reality and moving them to the next matrix, people can gain more freedom and move closer to understanding their multidimensionality.
  13. Drugs and other vices can prevent people from moving forward to new matrixes and can expose them to larger and darker forces.
  14. Understanding the game of life involves taking control of one’s spirit and being aware of the changes that need to be made.
  15. The key to unlocking one’s potential is within oneself, and nothing outside can provide the answer.

Part 11 of 14 - Stuck in Time


  1. Steve Richards discusses people who are stuck in dimensions of time and past traumas that affect them in their current lives.
  2. He aims to understand why so many children are coming through with past traumas that have not been dealt with in our current system.
  3. Olivia’s trauma is discussed, where she had the urge to throw her children into the fire whenever they passed the fireplace. This was traced back to a past life where she was burned at the stake for doing the same thing.
  4. Another example is given of a woman who was dying and lost a lot of weight. Her past life trauma was also traced back to being burned at the stake.
  5. Steve Richards mentions a case where a man’s wife was dying and no medical tests could determine why. After delving into her past life trauma, it was revealed that she was triggered by reaching the same age she was in a past life when she was burned at the stake.
  6. He talks about how they use Holographic Kinetics to travel back in time to treat past traumas.
  7. People who are stuck in certain dimensions can be helped by going back and taking a harder path to change the dimension they are in.
  8. He talks about understanding who we are and our connection to other dimensions.
  9. An example is given about a spirit left in a turtle that watches over a community.
  10. He explains how a tree can communicate with a person through their vehicle or body.
  11. Injured animals can be healed by bringing their spirit back and clearing their trauma. A blind horse had its pain disappear instantly after being cleared through different dimensions.
  12. He talks about clearing dimensions affected by past genocide to prevent it from happening in the future. The world can change by clearing dimensions and changing the future. Changing the past and present can change the future and ancient knowledge can help us do this.
  13. There are countries with a history of war and conflict that have “wormholes” to dimensions still active that can be changed.
  14. His organization works with people around the world to understand how to make changes to their own countries and address issues like genocide and war.
  15. He gives an example of a woman who had been bleeding for 40 years and was able to stop after a moment of time was changed in a different dimension.
  16. Everything in our physical reality was once just a thought in an invisible world, and by understanding this we can manifest our own reality without being caught in the realities of others.
  17. We are subject to the laws of the reality we are in, but we have the ability to create our own realities and make changes for our future.
  18. Every time we make a change to our reality, we make a change to the fractal of all future realities and what we’re a part of.
  19. We have created our own reality and chosen our parents based on what we need to learn.
  20. The universe takes care of everything, but we need to understand its laws and listen to the lessons of wise and brilliant men.
  21. Gratitude and being there for others can have a significant impact on our future realities.
  22. Many people are stuck in repetitive patterns without realizing it.
  23. Many prisoners and people in society are stuck in patterns and cycles of time
  24. We need to understand how we are stuck in time and make changes to break free
  25. A lady showed him a news article about a woman who was stabbed, and he helps her understand why the situation happened
  26. He believes in cycles of time and reincarnation
  27. Revenge killings are not helpful, they only perpetuate the cycle of violence
  28. He is disgusted by the way religions have taken over and destroyed Indigenous cultures
  29. He encourages people to awaken as spirits and remember their past knowledge
  30. Trauma has been used to keep people locked in the game of the future
  31. We need to let go of programmed beliefs and remember who we are in preparation for the end of the cycles of time.

Part 12 of 14 - The Game


  1. The world is multi-dimensional and beings from other dimensions have been visiting our world for thousands of years.
  2. The Aztecs traumatized thousands of people to trap their spirits in the game of the future.
  3. Traumatizing the spirit traps the soul into the game of the future.
  4. These dimensions and forces have been manipulated for thousands of years.
  5. The world is multi-dimensional and has been visited by beings from other dimensions for thousands of years.
  6. Trauma is used to trap the spirit and soul into the game of the future, giving beings access to the vehicle of the future.
  7. Different beings arrived on Earth from various star systems, such as the Draconians, Sirius B, and Rigel. (Sirius B is a white dwarf star and one of the components of the Sirius binary star system, and Rigel is a blue supergiant star in the constellation Orion.)
  8. The planet Armenia was home to one such system, and they realized that the only way they could convey human bodies was through initiations and rituals.
  9. The formation of prayer named the father, son, holy ghost, higher self, physical spirit, and soul was created.
  10. The Armenian system was where the Roman Catholic Church was formed, and the first Pope came from Armenia.
  11. The old star system was overridden by the new star system, which is called Alpha Draconis, the home of the Draconians.
  12. Discussion of draconian laws and their origins in ancient Athenian rule
  13. Mentions temples and gargoyles, which were placed over temple entrances to entrance people and alter them
  14. Mentions Egyptian pyramids and the King’s Chamber with two shafts for initiations
  15. Suggests that beings take over the body during initiations and the person is never the same again
  16. Compares baptism to shutting down the spirit and discusses the seven-year cycles of life
  17. Discusses the idea of confirmation and confirming oneself to beings.

“Obviously, the government says we’ll be forced to implement draconian laws. Well, because Draco was sentenced under Athenian rule between 500 and 700 BC when death was dealt out as the smallest of penalties. So, the Draconians, these Draconians, they set up the temples and over the temples were the gargoyles. And over the temples where the gargoyles were always over the entrance because the entrance was short for entrancement, and they would en-trance you through the entrance and down to be altered at the altar.

You go back to Egyptian pyramids and the king’s chamber. There were two shafts, one off to the right system and the other one both aligned into the king’s chamber. And the initiates went through the king’s chamber and never the same again because the integration of agreement between these two beings that came through took over the body. They’re never the same again.

We now look at the church. We look at the church and when you’re baptized, what does that do? Baptism shuts down the spirit. And every seven years is the change. And the first change, seven years, are dressed in bridal game. You’re married to these beings, to what’s known as the common union. We call it communion.

The next seven years is a time under law of the free world choice. You’re no longer under the rule of your parents. Under universal law, the seventh second cycle at fourteen is the age. Now, for the free will choice to make your decisions. So, they now get you to confirm yourself to these beings, to what’s known as confirmation.”

  • Religion run by draconian beings has been the biggest killer in the world
  • It’s time to awaken and stop playing the game
  • Aboriginal culture should remember the knowledge of the past and not be programmed by these beings
  • Cultures should no longer be dictated to and take back control of who they are as spirits
  • Humans are powerful beings and as spirits, they can rearrange the universe to conform to their reality
  • People in government and secret societies have entered the game of another and are subservient to its gain
  • People can be clear of these beings and take back control of their game if they want

“Our biggest killer in our world has been religion run by draconian beings.”

“It’s time we awoke into the game and stop playing the game.”

“It’s time aboriginal culture realized the knowledge that you of the past knew and remember the knowledge of the past for what it could do.”

“I’m so fed up with what I see what the church has done to my culture.”

“As a spirit, you are a very powerful being. As a spirit, only if they can manipulate you through trauma can they manipulate your soul and trap you through the cycles of time for the future.”

“It’s about taking back control of who you really are as a spirit so you can rearrange this universe to conform to your reality and not be the reality of another.”

“You can be clear of these beings if you want and you can take back your control of your game if you want.”

  • Organizations use occultism, but there is an equal opposite of everything in this world.
  • The equal opposite to occultism is Lore.
  • Lore understands how to control the game and how to deal with anything that violates your space.
  • If you throw your free will into the game of another, you may subject yourself to losing that game.
  • He has worked with violent prisoners and has successfully helped them by understanding the dimension they were born under.
  • If you control the game, you can control beings that try to manipulate you in their game.
  • Beings (spirits) are intelligent and don’t want to make changes, but if you know how to control the game, you can deal with them.
  • Whose game are you in? Their aim is to keep you trapped in the game of the future.
  • If we don’t get out of the game, we’ll be trapped back in it and return to wars.

Part 13 of 14 - What is Holographic Kinetics?


  1. Holographic Kinetics is an Aboriginal art of healing through acknowledging the spirit and nature of everything in nature.
  2. Holographic Kinetics understands that every cell in us is actually a fractal or hologram, reproducing itself to make the whole of us.
  3. The nucleus of the atom is pure light, which has the ability to move through time and space.
  4. Thoughts capture electrons from the sun and become inverted electromagnetic flux, which crystallizes within our cells and becomes part of our soul memory.
  5. Holographic Kinetics is different from hypnosis as it accesses and changes the programs of the soul in a more advanced way.
  6. Holographic kinetics recognizes the multi-dimensions of a person and differentiates between the ego, soul, and spirit.
  7. It accesses the nucleus of the atom, which is the spirit, and recognizes the life forms that try to manipulate the being.
  8. Holographic kinetics looks at the amount of people stuck in dimensions of time, such as those in the prison system or those repeatedly attracting violent partners.
  9. People with relationship issues attract the same type of people and get stuck in time.
  10. People in the workforce may take mundane jobs because of programming that’s stuck in time.
  11. Everyday life issues can cause people to get stuck in anger or depression.
  12. Changing the cause of a problem changes the effect, and the first change is invisible, which changes the visible.
  13. The health system overlooks many areas that are affected by these issues.
  14. Neurologists and doctors often cannot explain what’s happening to their patients, especially children.
  15. We need to realize the multidimensionality of ourselves and our bodies.
  16. Heart transplants can change personalities.
  17. We are holograms of time.
  18. We can accelerate rehabilitation by going back in time and changing trauma before it happens.
  19. It’s important to look at the cause of a problem to make changes.
  20. Medication may dumb and numb people, but it doesn’t solve the underlying issue.
  21. Changes made due to doctors pushing medication with known side effects causing suicides and killings
  22. Doctors pushing false medication and not taking responsibility for the side effects
  23. Mental health systems forcing medication and not taking responsibility for resulting health issues
  24. Autopsies not blaming medication for resulting health issues and deaths
  25. Need for changes in the mental health system
  26. Stop listening to so-called experts who are not getting results
  27. Look for results outside of the current system
  28. Need to bring new methodologies into a system controlled by systems of failure
  29. Alternative methodologies like holographic kinetics are successful and powerful
  30. Need politicians who are interested in change and not getting kickbacks
  31. Need to question the World Health Organization and who’s really running them
  32. Unless we ask questions and make an effort, nothing will change
  33. Game of manipulation, programming, and controlling the souls of beings
  34. People have a responsibility to think, take responsibility for their actions, and be part of the solution

“We have to stop government from listening to these so-called experts that are not getting results. Go look where the results are. Don’t have a look at people in your system. The whole system needs to be changed. How do you bring something new into a system when it’s controlled by systems of failure?

There are many alternative methodologies out there that are very successful. Many methodologies out there that are working. Holographic kinetics is one of the most unique and powerful systems out there today that can work on many levels.

We need to really be awakened to what’s taking place in our world and why aren’t governments looking at systems that are working? We need more people in politics that are interested in what takes place and want to see a change and not getting kickbacks.

We really have to look at what’s happening worldwide with health. We have to look at the World Health Organization and start asking questions about who’s really running them at that level.

You know unless we ask questions, unless we push the buttons, unless we really make an effect, nothing will change. We just become a pawn in the game and this is a game of manipulation, a game of con, of programming, controlling the souls of beings because they don’t have the ability to think for themselves.

All you people out there have responsibility and it’s called thinking, thinking and taking responsibility for your thought, your word, and your action. And if you sit by and do nothing then nothing will change, and you become part of the problem, not part of the solution.”

  1. With every single one of you stand up and say something’s got to be done
  2. Start writing your politicians, you start demanding changes
  3. The system is manipulated at a very high level
  4. We need to make changes holographically
  5. The ability to change the dynamic of so many things that we’ve never even looked at before
  6. We can make physical changes to our physical reality
  7. We need more people to understand, we need more people to be aware, we need more people to be fed up and satisfied with the fact that they themselves are going to make a change
  8. Our reality is our reality, whatever I believe, is what I believe will take place
  9. This is about all of us making changes to better the system we’re living in for the future

Part 14 of 14 - Alien Abductions


  1. Steve Richards discusses abduction and interdimensional invading forces.
  2. 20 years ago, he was one of the only people who could stop abductions.
  3. He believes that an agreement of entrapment causes the abduction, as individuals made agreements with these beings in the past.
  4. There are laws in the universe, including the law of intent and the law of agreement, which make agreements valid through time and space for eternity.
  5. He found that some people made agreements with these beings 7,200 years ago and were being abducted repeatedly throughout lifetimes.
  6. Some beings came to Earth with the promise of helping humanity during times of turmoil, but their true intention was to manipulate and monitor individuals.
  7. He discovered that some beings attach themselves as hitchhikers to individuals, allowing them to abduct and manipulate them through time.
  8. Our world was once in a different location in time and space, and another planet’s collision knocked it out of orbit and set it to a new game.
  9. Some beings take 3,600 Earth years to create one “shard,” which is one dimension in their time.
  10. When people are abducted, they may experience missing time, but in another dimension, it could have been months of experimenting.
  11. Richards and his team backtrack through the abduction and spirit to the beings’ dimension to stop them from violating our dimension.
  12. Some individuals have abduction programs running.

“You can look at the dimensions to understand that our world goes around the sun in one year, but our world was never where it was. Our world was once in a different location in time and space, but another planet came around, collided with it, knocked it out of orbit, and set it to a new game, a new rotating spin.

Some of these beings from their world take 3600 earth years to create one shard. One shard is one dimension in their time, which is 3600 years. So, in other words, for one year, it’s three thousand six hundred earth years.

Now when you start to look at that mathematically, you start to realize how these beings can sit and play an event that might only be for a week to them, can take hundreds of years in earth years to unfold.”

  1. Altered realities become a way to escape, often due to abusive or violent parents, and sometimes a “friend” is created in this reality through the law of intent.
  2. Altered realities can become a reality in themselves, growing life forms and dimensions.
  3. It is important to go back to the cause of an altered reality to change it and bring someone back to the present reality.
  4. Some people wish not to be in their body and may be taken over by other beings or dimensions.
  5. Through understanding lore, one can protect themselves from outside forces invading their game or reality.
  6. Abductions existed in the past, but now there are clones and different species walking among us.
  7. Nothing has the right to invade the space of another.

“By the time you’re 20-25, your thoughts and actions aren’t yours anymore. You’ve got all the realities manipulating your reality. By the time you’re 33, nobody’s home. You’re not in there anymore. You’re in the back seat, and the big boy is running. He’s running your body daily, he’s manipulating you and the people around you, and no one’s home, because you created an altered reality into your reality, and they have the rights in the reality that you’ve created because you entered their reality.

We really have to understand what is a reality? Amongst that, we’ve got to understand how all the beings are coming through from other realities. Your reality is your reality; nothing can enter, unless you let it in. The moment you call in, I don’t care what you call it – Gods, guides, angels? I don’t care what it is. The moment you give power to something outside of your reality, you disempower yourself and you hand power to it. You give it the right to take over you.”

“Most people out there need an out there calling things in because they don’t know who they are, and they’re giving power to things outside themselves. This just feeds the life form to give them permission once more to take over. Just understand who you are.”

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