Covid-19 and the Global Predators – We are the Prey [Dr Peter Breggin]

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Dr Peter Breggin discusses who the global predators are; why they are preying on us; what their end game is; and how we can defend ourselves against them.

They captured Australia already

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Source: Global Predators: Dr. Peter Breggin Interview With Jerm Warfare (01)

  • We have to build alternative institutions.
  • Folks around the world who get their news from CNN – you’re being made sick, you’re getting communist globalist propaganda, and I never would of said that 2 years ago.
    • I did not take positions like this 2 years ago – I was ignorant.

Became involved in psychiatry when I was about 18, freshman at Harvard, and whist there, I volunteered at a state mental hospital for 4 years.

  • When I walked in, it was the most overwhelming, dramatic, stunning experience of my life.
    • As I look back on it now, it was really my first living confrontation with evil.
      • In America, probably the most evil places were the mental hospitals and sometimes the jails. Other than CIA experiments which were smaller groups.
        • If you wanted to punish someone in jail, you’d send them to the mental ward.
  • Utter contempt for human beings – we can do whatever we want to your brain, we can shock you, stick scalpels inside your eyeballs, and mess up the frontal lobes of your brain.

When I was 9, I unintentionally was inflicted with concentration camp movies where I saw all these extermination camps at a movie house with my parents, and I saw heaps of Jews piled up.

  • Later my Uncle Dutch came back from the war and told me his experiences and showed me photos I never should’ve seen as a child. Torture in these extermination camps.
  • When I walked into those state mental hospital, it kind reminded me of the films
    • – this dreary, dreadful, place.
    • – the attitude towards people
    • – my Uncle Dutch’s descriptions of the stench of the camp and arrogance of the people around the camps
  • I’d walked into some horror I didn’t know existed in America.

Eventually dove into the program and spent more time on the wards than I did in class.

  • Volunteers changed the program. We helped every patient get out.
  • Nowadays you don’t have volunteers because it’s … “well-known that they can’t be helped, so you drug them for life… or shock them, or cuff them”.
  • So there were more opportunities for someone like me back then, before it was completely taken over by the drug companies.
  • I went into psychiatry knowing that drugs didn’t work, that they did more harm than good (I didn’t know how bad).
  • I knew that electric shock was simply a way of subduing people in the hospital.

Psychiatry was completely captured by the drug companies by 1962-63.

There were two very direct associations to modern times here:

  • The power of the drug companies to control activities through their wealth and power, and that really begins full-fledged starting in the 1954 or so when I started going in the hospitals.
    • They were taking over through the power of this one drug, there was no testing, and it was given to every mental patient throughout the world because it was “clear it worked”
      • and one of the ways they said it worked
        • (and start thinking about Covid-19)
          • one of the leaders of this program said “well these are neurotoxins, we know that, but they have a wonderful effect because on the first day that we introduced them onto the wards, the nurses told us how much better things were on the ward“.
          • they immediately worked –
            • immediately made it so that you were unable to have free will – unable to stand up for yourself, unable to respond, they make you docile.

This was a dream of psychiatrists because at the time they were shocking people and lobotomizing them in large groups.

  • These drugs were deadly and these are drugs we use now. They make people very very sick, … Abilify… etc.
    • (lists off a whole bunch of psychiatric & anti-depressant drugs that I am not familiar with and so won’t dare try and transcribe it and butcher them in the process – Penny)
    • (btw, I have lots of info about Abilify in the transhumanism movement – I can’t believe I haven’t done a post about it yet (I thought I did it already around the Paxlovid post…probably sitting in my hundreds of drafts, and with a broken laptop, crashing internet, no money, and no team, if it’s not up, it’s probably going to take months – but you should definitely look into abilify!
  • These are drugs we use all the time, and sometimes we call them antidepressants, and that way people can’t even look them up to find out what they really are.

So we had the drug companies early on doing this – but there’s something else that’s fascinating – it’s a kind of control of the human mind.

  • Fits right into what the CIA is trying to do and it fits into transhumanism.
    • That human beings are not really ‘beings’, take out the beings part of being human – human “animals”. And we can manipulate their brains, make them better, make them worse, do what we want with them.
      • It’s an evil which has taken me a long time to face, to discuss, to try to be articulate about without it being horribly overwhelming.
        • My wife & my heads would spin about the evil behind Covid-19.

Antidepressants wear away the brain.

  • They wear away emotions, sexuality, caring.
    • They’re notorious for making men impotent, at least temporarily.
      • It’s really much more than that, it’s about love.

Book – Covid-19 and the global predators – we are the prey.

  • Sold 60,000 copies so far.
    • Intro’s from the top 3 physicians in the world when it comes to treating covid-19
      1. Dr Peter McCullough
      2. Dr Zev Zelenko
        • Both men who gave up their professional identities and lives to save people, and the same thing with
      3. Dr Elizabeth Lee Vliet

Psychiatry and the Drug companies is the epitome of what they are doing with Covid-19.

  • They turned state mental hospitals into places of complete control and docility, while making multi-millions of dollars, giving neurotoxins, and that’s kind of the setup for Covid-19.
    • I used to say when we were giving all these antipsychotic drugs to all these normal people walking around trying to live their lives, that we had turned the entire country into a mental hospital because a higher percentage of the country was on more psychiatric drugs than we used to have in the mental hospital.
      • So we have a model for complete suppression.
    • It’s also very similar.. I went behind the Berlin wall before it came down, the same experience there, it looked like a mental hospital – the people were frightened, they were suppressed, adolescents would come up to me begging to get out, risking their lives and maybe the lives of their parents begging two strangers who looked warm and loving to help them get out.
      • So there’s a seamless thing here about Communism, psychiatry, totalitarianism, and transhumanism.

I went into private practice, I wasn’t going to have anything to do with this system, I knew it didn’t have a place for me inside it, and then I found out lobotomy was coming back – mutilating people’s brains.

  • That’s really transhumanism.
    • They were putting electrodes into the heads of little children, black children in a segregated institution in Mississippi.
      • That really blew me away, that made me what I am today when I found out and nobody in medicine was protesting.
        • There were published articles about it.
          • And I shut them all down. I expected some help from psychiatrists who were genuine people working – ONE. In the whole country. One psychiatrist helped me put them out of business.

So who are the global predators?

  • Everybody with money and power right now.
    • In the book, I name all names I could find. I name all the companies and corporations I could name.
      • Basically what has happened is that the wealth and power of the world has become organized around globalists.
        • So all the top tech companies – want more identification, and China is their big market, then the US.
        • Most of the large corporations – even our athletic corporations, like the Basketball Association and the sneaker companies – Nike.

Up to 25min mark.


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