[The Voice] Call to ALL Original Tribes of the World

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This is a great interview with Cindy and Dale Holmes explaining the Tribal Sovereign Nation’s Treaty’s they have been forming between other clans.

Sorry, I haven’t been well and haven’t transcribed it or fully referenced it yet, but The Voice is so time-sensitive that I wanted to post it anyway.

Cindy Roberts (Mebbingarri) – Tribal Treaties & the Referendum

12 Sept 2023 YouTube | Rumble

They are forming their own “real” treaties between tribes and are calling for all Original tribes of the world to join them. The living and the dead cannot treaty; a corporation is a dead entity; a corpse. The living cannot treaty with a corporation – you can’t treaty with the dead. You can only treaty sovereign to sovereign, tribe to tribe, or sovereign nation to sovereign nation (original sovereign to the land). Each tribe has their own way of doing things under their customary laws and no other tribe can go in and tell them “this is how you should live”.

Widjabul Tribal Nation’s Treaty

It’s very interesting and important for Australian’s and original people’s of any land to try to understand what they are trying to do until the rest of the people discover what the corporations have been up to in unlawfully enslaving us; and it’s urgent that people at least know some of this before they vote. This Voice referendum may enslave all of us if everyone goes in blind.

Sorry, my hands are bandaged and it’s really difficult to type today, please watch her video and follow her on Instagram for updates. x

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