[Lecture] Gut bacteria, Mind control, & Immunity

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We are dealing with NWO-Food (lab-substitutes, toxins, gmo’s, chemicals, antibiotics in livestock, pesticides, blah blah blah – it’s endless), as well as the Medical-Mafia (overuse of antibiotics, & drugs treating “symptoms” instead of “cause”), then we have geoengineering and everything else we’re dealing with – all of which wrecks havoc on our bodies. By now we all should be realizing the importance of cleaning up what we put in or on our bodies, but one important and often overlooked area is our gut health.

Lecture: Gut bacteria and mind control

Prof. Simon Carding from the Quadram Institute (previously known as the Institute of Food Research) and Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia, describes our current understanding of the human gut and its relationship with its human host and introduce the provocative proposal that gut microbes influence when, what and how often we eat and whether we stay healthy or succumb to disease.

YouTube – 16 May 2015 – Gut bacteria and mind control: to fix your brain, fix your gut!

Summary of Gut (Mouth to Anus)

  • Explanation of what the tube does
  • What it looks like (about the size of a badminton court)
  • Human intestine as a “bioreactor” and the process of digestion
  • Bacteria/microbes in our body, 1cm contains more bacteria than all humans than have ever been born
  • DNA in humans: 1% is derived from the human genome, and 99% is derived from microbial genomes (the microbiome) (01)
  • 60% of stool is made up of live & dead bacteria
  • Germ-free animal studies show they get sick very quickly (no immunity)
  • Early (pre <3yo) is most important years
  • Intimacy, Grooming, Nurturing, and Food-Sharing – transfers microbes (if you have good bacteria, you can share it)


  • Aging changes microbiota, as does Antibiotics – antibiotics drastically reduces / wipes out good bacteria – a man-made catastrophe
  • Antibiotics in farm animals (& humans), excretion contaminate rivers & water supplies = drives bacterial-resistance
  • Pharma-Drugs – pain killers, anti-cancer drugs, high-blood pressure, etc. can impact gut microbes
  • Microbes affected by diet, stress, food deprivation, surgery.
  • Probiotic bacteria produce GABA, relaxed state
  • Change in gut microbes = Obesity
  • Fast Food (ie Maccas) contain ingredients that are toxic to microbes; loss of microbe-diversity
  • Change in Gut Microbes = Associated with Human Diseases
  • Combination of gut microbes = responsible for effects on our health
  • Influences our health preferences, brain development, behaviour, can transfer emotions
  • Gut = second brain
  • Microbes: link to Vagus Nerve, Neuro-degenerative diseases, hormones, alertness & mood
  • Major source of neurotransmitters – Dopimine, Serotonine (virtually all created in block)
  • Autism = altered/disturbed microbiota, live bacteria can alter/repair the gut barrier
  • Probiotic bacteria can raise Tripophan plasma levels
  • NAPE-producing bacteria (naturally produced in small bowel after food consumption), obese individuals may not produce enough NAPE’s
  • Microbiota alters hose behaviour & health: energy, metabolism, immunity (fatty acids), cell growth and metabolilsm (vitamin H), blood coagulation (vitamin K), neurotrasmitters & brain function (tryptophan – serotonine, dopamine, GABA, noradrenalin, acetylcholine), sleep & mood (HCA, HMS), bad breath (Putrescine).
  • Destroyed Gut bacteria = food allergies, but reintroducing gut bacteria, corrects the allergy

Gut Microbe Therapy

  1. Pharmaceuticals (antimicrobial therapy, issues = expensive, develop resistance & toxic)
  2. Biotics (probiotics, prebiotics)
  3. Microbiota Transplants (FMT, “crap pills”)

Probiotics = live microorganisms administered in adequate amounts, found in variety of foods

Prebiotics = food to feed your microbes (inulin, fructo-oligosaeharides (FOS), polydextrose, arabinogalactan, lactulose, lactitol)

  • Breast milk (inulin)
  • Whole grains, onions, bananas, garlic, honey, leeks, chicory, artichokes, fortified foods/beverages, dietary supplements, & other food
  • Eat 5 servings of fruit & vegetables a day, very good source of prebiotics

More radical approach = FMT (Feacal Microbiotia Transplant)

  • more effective than antibotics (94% cure rate)
  • Chinese medicine > 2500 years
  • first used in humans in 1958
  • no reported adverse side-effects
  • “Crapsuel” or tube or DIY kits
  • used for: obesity, food adversions/hypersensitivity, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory-bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, reverse aging, immunosenescence, cognitive decline, boost immunity, alternative to flu shot

Stay healthy by maintaining a healthy microbiome

  1. Ensure exposure to microbes throughout life (expose young children to pets and let them roll around in the mud)
  2. Eat varied, nutritious diet
  3. Restore depleted populations of microbes
  4. Reduce the use of antibiotics

Lecture: The Human Microbiome

Another lecture covers the same topics as above

The Human Microbiome: A New Frontier in Health” – University of California, 2019

  • Autism & the Human Microbiome (timestamps: 25mins & 27mins)
  • Yellow Soup for the Soul (FMT) (timestamp: 26mins) – 96% efficacy in patients with Clostridium difficile infection (in a trial they had to stop trial early because it was unethical to ‘not’ treat the patients because they were seeing 92% effectiveness), does not work with Crohn’s disease.
  • Asthma & Allergy (timestamp: 30mins)

Ted Talks: Gut Microbiome

Your Gut Microbiome: The Most Important Organ You’ve Never Heard Of | Erika Ebbel Angle | TEDxFargo – 13 Dec 2019

  • Tryptophan (turkey, eggs, chia seeds, etc.) converts to important molecules like serotonin & melatonin
  • Tyrosine (almonds, lentils, seeds, etc.) converts to dopamine/adrenaline, motivates you to do stuff
  • Indole-3-Lactic Acid (pickles, kimchi, kefir, etc.) converts to IPA – strongest antioxidant in the body
  • Healthy-microbiome = diverse microbiome, optimal balance of microbes & biochemicals
  • Lethal to microbiome = chips, antibiotics = kill off your microbiome, medicines, stress, antiseptics & sanitizer
  • Kids used to be exposed to dirt, now they are inside on their computers & phones = get outside
  • Improve your gut: change your diet, stress-reducing techniques, exercise (15-20 mins walking a day), targeted supplementation

Food for thought: How your belly controls your brain | Ruairi Robertson | TEDxFulbrightSantaMonica – 8 Dec 2015

  • May be the key link between modern disease epidemics globally, from obesity to cardiovascular disease, mental health
  • You are more bacteria than you are human
  • Health is incredibly dependant upon the ecosystem of your gut microbiome.
  • Centre point for our immune-system
  • Unhealthy fats (modern diet)
  • Dietary sources of prebiotics: Whole grains, apples, leeks, onions, garlic, bananas, asparagus, honey, artichokes, nuts, seeds, root vegetables, beans, lentils, chickpeas, green tea, cocoa, red wine
  • Modern plagues = “War on Bacteria”

Feed Your Microbes – Nurture Your Mind | John Cryan | TEDxHa’pennyBridge – 12 Jul 2017

  • You are what your microbes eat
  • Mediterranean diet best diet for microbes
    • Diet = diverse / full of fruits & vegetables = much more diverse gut microbiome effect your overall health
    • Omega 3’s
    • Polyphenols = dark chocolate & red wine, onions, grape juice, green tea = anti-aging properties, learning, memory, affects composition of your microbes
  • All aspects of brain health = depends on gut health, totally regulated by microbes in the gut
  • Processed foods & modern agriculture & over-use of antibiotics & hyper-cleanliness negatively-effect healthy microbiome
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics, FMT

Microbiome: Gut Bugs and You | Warren Peters | TEDxLaSierraUniversity – 28 Jun 2016

  • Medical school showed me microscope of all these bacteria, and introduced antibiotics that can “stamp them out” and we could solve epidemics by getting rid of these ‘bad germs’
  • Good bugs. 100 trillion bacteria in our microbiome, 90% of our cells are microbial.
  • About 1000 different species & 7000 – 36,000 strains
  • Right colon = fermenting bugs = creates short-chain fatty acids which are critical to our immune-system
  • Breast-feeding critical
  • C-sections: if hospitals understand, they will take a vaginal swab of mother to place in new-borns face & mouth so they can actually become a microbiome-positive creature, otherwise the immune-system will not develop (wtf? how many mothers are encouraged to get C-sections these days)
  • Unbalanced families of bacteria = auto-immune disorders, MS, arthritis, diabetes, obesity
  • Artificial sweeteners change the microbiome.
    • Study = turns mice into fat, diabetic mice
    • Study = faecal transplant = fat, diabetic mice
    • Study = germ-free mice = autistic
    • Study = normal mouse biome = faecal transplant transplanted into germ-free mice = creates normal mice
  • Gut affects brain. Brain affects gut. (stress changes microbiome, breaks-down barrier)
    • Alzheimer’s
  • Of the 600,000 foods that are manufactured in America today, 72% have added-sugar. Sugar is addictive, not an accident. To make us less & less healthy.
  • Shop around the perimeter of grocery store where they have real-food (except deli)
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Fermented Foods should be part of our everyday diet
  • Avocado, Walnuts, and other healthy fats are important for a healthy microbiome
  • Good quality protein
  • Exercise
  • Circadian rhythm – a night & day rhythm – important to have sleep
  • Antibiotics
    • 70% of all antibiotics used in the USA are given to animals that provide us with food
    • Antibiotics given to animals = they get fat faster, to go to market quicker
    • Bacteria-resistance
    • Overuse of antibiotics for children & adults
    • Every time you treat your viral infections with an antibiotic, it changes your biome
    • If you do use antibiotics, be sure to follow-up with fermented food, your probiotics, sauerkraut, kimchi, you’ve got to repopulate your bowel.
  • Respect your gut, when your bugs are happy, you will be healthy.

Unprocessed — how I gave up processed foods (and why it matters) | Megan Kimble | TEDxTucsonSalon – 5 Aug 2014

  • Eat foods made by humans, not machines
  • Foods still contain pesticides even after being washed
  • Hidden ingredients
  • Avg 91% of food we buy goes to middle-men, not the people who grow our food, buy from local farmers-markets, supports directly the people who grow your food


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