Inverse World (What if Everything we Know about Disease is a Lie?)

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In an Inverse-World, what if everything we have been told, is a complete lie? (The globalists laughing their way to the bank?). I’m not saying this is the answer, as I’m just learning about this myself (and I’m still on the fence about whether they have figured out a way to make a bioweapon or some other effective attack), but this method is the opposite of everything they recommend – and if this is an inverse world right now that we’re living in (and it sure does feel like it from all lies we’ve already uncovered), then this post flips everything on it’s head about everything to do with what we know about disease, and so it’s something we should definitely look into and consider in our health decisions. Maybe it’s not the be-all end-all solution or cause, but having an awareness of this being potentially an issue – may help us work through all the different aspects of what makes us unwell (other than the obvious diet, toxins, & lifestyle factors).

Even if it’s not the ‘full answer’, it is definitely something powerful, and if true, would make big pharma very unhappy and could definitely play “a big part” in why we get sick and how to heal without handing them control over our bodies.

It may be distressing for some – especially if you’ve lost loved ones or gone through life-changing medical procedures that may of been averted if they’d just stayed away from pharma and the fraudulent hijacked science cult – but if true, it may help save others, or give us more power to rectify our own issues.

So here’s the concept: What if every disease we get – is our bodies own healing and repair mechanism? Every symptom, a natural “healing phase” of the body? There to help you, not harm you – no need for panic or fear?

What if cancer was not meant to be cut out and poisoned, but is actually the body’s own healing function? That it would actually “go away on its own” if we didn’t continually run off to the doctors office in a panic whenever we had a lump or any ailment at all? That unless the tumor is actually blocking or endangering some other bodily function, there is never a reason to be scared, get your affairs in order, or run off and get surgeons and specialists?

What if bacteria is actually used to help replenish the tissue loss in the body? What if Microbes don’t cause diseases, but play a vital role during the healing phase?

What if viruses weren’t viruses at all, but are in reality micro-particles produced by the body cells themselves? Protein globulins (“antibodies”) that emerge with an unexpected conflict shock, that are produced by the white blood cells and assist the restoration of the body during healing?

Could they really be this evil?

Could they really have fooled us all?

What if this has all been kept a secret, even made illegal, and that ‘tried & true’ Natural Remedies was “Quackified” – due to a pharmaceutical profiteering racket? (01)

And what does this mean for vaccinations? What if the increase in antibodies following “immunization” is an indication that the body is trying to heal the cell damage caused by the harmful toxins contained therein? (02)

What if they had been lying about vaccines… forever? (03) (04)

And what if they wanted to enforce a universal flu vaccine using new technology back in October 2019 and that one of the ideas brought up was to have a pandemic from an “avian flu virus from China”? (05)

What if “Modern Medicine” is the real snake oil and quackery?

What if Diseases weren’t contagious?

What if Unresolved Fear, Shock, Trauma, Crisis, and Conflict are the real cause of Disease (and the key to discovering it’s resolution?)

Would you look at what the media, gov and health science is doing in a different way?

Sound far-fetched? Impossible? There’s too much “proof”! That’s a lie!

Well they’ve been at it a while – over a century – and have completely taken control over scientific processes – even someone doing a Phd (which is supposed to be an “original” idea) has to “reference other people’s work” to look ‘well-researched”. If anything in any scientific process is “presumed” to be correct based on previous publications, which were based on previous publications, which were based on previous publications, it’s not that hard to butcher science if those that come after them don’t replicate the original studies they are taking their “knowns” from. (06)

Not Possible?

In earlier “pandemics”, we discovered that Dr Kary Mullins (inventor of the PCR test), could not locate any proof that AIDS was caused by HIV when trying to source the original reference for his own paper on it, and until his death (in 2019) was calling out the whole scientific community that they had been referencing a “hypothesis” that had never been proven – and that people using his “test” determined the “cases’ and the ensuing treatments. (07)

Since before the Swine Flu pandemic, we realized that they have never been able to isolate a virus or prove its existence scientifically due to butchering the isolation process. The whole scientific community – those that “just reference and don’t replicate”, mistakenly think that if something says its been isolated, it does not mean what they imagine it means. That the way they “isolate” a virus, is actually fraudulent science – that you can get the same result with no sample – just using the cell cultures they include in the “scientific process of isolating a virus”.

Throughout this pandemic, those who know about this, have been trying to get the rest of the world to understand, that the virus itself, has not been purified and isolated, and that the entire thing is based on ‘fraudulent science” – and the pharma-funded fact-checkers have been hard at it trying to get us to ignore and tell you it’s been ‘debunked’. They are saving their own bacon; they are lying. (08)

Why would they lie?

Not everyone sees humanity the same way. Did you know that there are 2 companies that pretty much own the planet? Vanguard and BlackRock hold a monopoly over all industries in the world – including banks, agriculture, governments, pharmaceutical companies, food, media – the works – Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Business, Manufacturing – every industry you can imagine. Between those 2 companies (of which Vanguard is the major shareholder in Blackrock and of which Vanguard is “private shareholders” where the names are not revealed), the worlds wealth and power is controlled by just 1% of the population (whoever is behind Vanguard). The very rich see their wealth as “dibs” on what happens to ‘their’ world and it seems like they kind of see us more as slaves to do their bidding (or ‘useless eaters’ if they can’t be used as slaves). The pharmaceutical industry has dominant power – over science, academia, governments, banks, health, unions, committees, and media. Blackrock/Vanguard invest in Coke, Monsanto & McDonalds whilst also investing in the Pharmaceutical Industry (promoted to us as the “health” industry), whilst simultaneously banning or scaring us away from using natural alternative treatments in favour of “their controlled science & medicine”. These 1% seem to be fixated on the growing population of the world as a really big problem, and so rather than looking into their hearts and seeing if they can find solutions for starvation and suffering, they tend to be a bit more on the evil side and have now (since just after WW2) been enacting a plan to ‘reduce the useless eaters’, and control the rest – and it is my ‘opinion’, that they do this in numerous ways, including ‘creating suffering’ by hijacking the science over our body’s own healing mechanism to make us more dependant upon the system they control – amongst other nefarious things such as using the media and academia (“fraudulent well-funded/bribed/corrupted science”) as a tool/weapon to induce “fear & chaos” whilst profiting from that “fear & chaos” and causing “trauma” to the population – which creates “dis-ease”, and then scaring/training you to “go see your doctor” for any symptom – for their latest tests and recommended drugs – whose health regulators and unions, and governments are under their fulltime control & manipulation. (It’s a pretty big rabbit hole to go down – start here). (09) (10) (11) (12) (13)

But I digress, even though it’s all relevant, and without this pandemic and “all this extra time and natural curiosity and desire to understand”, I never would’ve had the time & urgent dedication to trying to “get to the bottom of all this”.

Since learning so much about this world that I didn’t know before – that our government is just a corporation with shareholders, that the vaccines are not vaccines and don’t do what is advertised – and didn’t (and still don’t) even have a ‘real virus’ when they went into production – all done from a computer upload (what the hell are they injecting people with?), that the media is rigged, and that there’s a whole other nefarious agenda playing out under the cover of the pandemic, these past 2 years of research has really proven to me, that we really are living in an “inverse world” – that we’ve been kept small and living someone else’s fantasy – slaves to corporations and a system they control, and that WE are far more powerful in every possible way (including our ability to heal ourselves) than “they” would have you believe. In fact, keeping us weak and vulnerable and “needing a doctor, regular tests and permanent medications” is just another aspect of our enslavement that keeps us small, vulnerable, and dependant on a system that they control and profit from.

If you are looking at these ideas and think already “No way! This can’t be! I don’t believe it!” – you may not know just how much they’ve butchered everything else in the world to do their bidding and that it is really not as far-fetched as you think. At least give the concept a chance – it may save your life or a loved-ones life. There may be a reason you have found this post today. If you learn about it and still don’t believe it, then maybe the concept will help you in future when you are more ready to hear it – or maybe there’s more to it – but the concept, if true – is important, so you might as well learn about it and keep it in mind when making future health decisions.

“Science & medicine” (and pretty much everything we’ve trusted our entire lives) has been butchered and used for nefarious reasons, everyday is another level of awakening, no matter what part I choose to explore for the day, there’s always something new, and you have to look at everything with new eyes again knowing your entire life is a lie – everyday.

This new way of looking at it, aligns with my own personal experience but never found these explanations before because I also believed in modern explanations of science even though I no longer trusted the pharma-industry after giving them most of my childhood and adult life – I still thought the “science” was somewhat trustworthy. I didn’t know the magnitude of how science and medicine had been hijacked this entire time.

Anyone following this blog from the beginning knows that I cured myself of emphysema several years ago, and the ‘turning-point’ from going downhill – that “any minute or hour or day now – any breathe could be my last one” to “moving the other direction towards life”, was the moment I released the ‘fear of death’, gave up, let go, stopped taking the meds, had a death experience, (which released a lot of the burdens we carry in our everyday lives; everyday putting on the ‘sick badge’ and carrying around our lifelong woes). The “death” experience released a lot of the baggage – and removed my fear of death, but the real healing started to happen for me – the moment I realized it was possible. When I was first diagnosed, I felt so much shame, guilt, anger, despair, and terror – having been told something is apparently “incurable” was mortifying. The turning point after the “baggage-release” was when I read the title of a book “How I cured my moms emphysema” (or something to that effect)… Before I knew it was possible to cure (and I never read the book), I had plummeted to death’s door. The moment I knew there was hope – that the medical industry was wrong (again), was the turning point to healing, and in the process of healing, not only did I clean up my diet, but I did a lot of self-work on past-trauma’s that I felt were extremely important. (14) (15)

I knew from healing myself from Emphysema and all sorts of other lifelong maladies that the pharmaceutical industry was a crock, but not before this pandemic and having all that time and dedication to learning, was I really able to explore things to fill in the gaps of what “didn’t make sense”. And I’m still on that journey to full understanding and re-empowerment.

The “hope”, the “knowing it was possible”, the “faith” was actually KEY to my healing process.

Yesterday I stumbled upon the work of Dr Hamer, and now am reviewing my healing journey through new eyes “yet again” (and it certainly gives you another look at this pandemic and what might really be killing people).

I’ve been saying its “media-voodoo” (FEAR) and “wrong-treatments” that is killing people, and for sure that is a big part of it.. but am still confused whether there is something else they are doing…(16)

…but this Dr Hamer stuff has given me a better understanding of viruses, and is more and more affirming to me that they are killing people by scaring them to death, triggering trauma & creating conflict on purpose:

  • separating them from their loved ones
  • threatening their place in the world
  • humiliating people with questions
  • the masks
  • the isolation
  • the discrimination and nastiness
  • the “attacks”
  • the deliberate ‘conflict’ and ‘trauma’
  • the segregation
  • the emotional abuse
  • the ‘scare-tactics’

Even all the conflicts that people must be having in their daily lives due to no money, relationship issues, differences of beliefs, kids at home, working from home, work threats, society threats, not being able to see their elderly loved-ones, not being able to reunite or return home, etc. They do it all, and with toxic chemicals / poisons / drugs being the cherry on top.

The entire recipe of what they are using against humanity at this time is designed to kill.

There’s no doubt what they are doing or planning now for me, there’s no doubt what this really is. There’s also an extra motivation to help figure out how to try and explain it on the networks controlled by these criminals (Facebook, YouTube and the like) where you cannot speak such things without your tongue being cut out.

Orientation to German New Medicine

Anyway, that was a long explanation to reach the goodies, but I feel it’s important to understand the background to open your mind to this new way of looking at and navigating the world, and any symptoms and dis-ease you may experience.

I recommend watching the tutorials with a like-minded or open-minded person and pausing to discuss as you go, to really explore the concepts:

If you want to get closer to the truth regarding cancer and disease generally, watch this orientation about German New Medicine. (17)

You’ll look at the current pandemic with completely new eyes after this video released back in 2009 a few weeks after the Swine Flu vaccine was introduced. (18)

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  • Virus Mania How The Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion Dollar Profits At Our Expense – 2007 & 2021 (44)
  • The 5 Biological Laws and Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine – 2020 (45)
  • German New Medicine Experiences in Practice: An introduction to the medical discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer Dr. Katherine – 2019 (46)
  • The Psychic Roots of Disease: A New Medicine (Color Edition) – 2018 (47)
  • The 5 Biological Laws: The Skin and Skin Allergies: Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine – 2014 (48)
  • factor-L Handbook of the New Medicine – The Truth about Dr. Hamer’s Discoveries: Conflicts-Triggers-Courses regarding cancer and other curable diseases Paperback – 2006 (49)

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