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Change Your Life in 7 Days - Health

Notes from the book ‘Change Your Life in 7 Days’ by Paul McKenna that are specific to “Health”


The body does not distinguish between an emotional threat and a physical one. So regardless of what happens, it prepares to protect itself by fighting or running away – but often there is no one to fight and nowhere to run to. The simplest way to help the body release excess tension of the stress response is to use up the energy and alertness for action that it has prepared – in other words, to get some exercise.  

Energetic Eating

Some foods increase your vitality and well-being; other foods diminish it.

1.) Eat a food you like.

2.) Notice your body sensations after 45-60 minutes.

If you feel clear and energetic, you ate a high-energy food, if you don’t – you didn’t.  

Medicinal laughter

[tweetable alt=”When we smile we release serotonin, aka ‘happy chemicals’, in the brain”]Research has shown that when we smile we release serotonin, otherwise known as ‘happy chemicals’, in the brain.[/tweetable]

‘Taoist Sages say that when you smile, your organs release a honey-like secretion which nourishes the whole body. When you are angry, fearful, or under stress, they produce a poisonous secretino which blocks up the energy channels.’ ~ Taoist master Mantak Chia

Practice allowing a smile to dance into your eyes. Smile into any part of your body that feels tight/uncomfortable until it begins to ease/relax. Smile into any part of your body that feels good. Increase the smile by expressing gratitude to that part of your body for helping to keep you healthy & strong. Smile into all the organs of your body and down your oesophagus, stomach and out the other side. Smile into your brain and down the base of your skull. Smile into your life as well as your body.

Believe yourself well

A few years ago a study was conducted on 100 people who survived cancer, to discover any patterns of thinking or behaviour shared by these long-term survivors. The results were conclusive: While they had all used different treatments, ranging from surgery and chemo, to acupuncture and natural diets, and some had even relied on purely psychological techniques or religious practices, all one hundred people shared one essential trait: They believed that what they were doing would work for them.

Immune-System Booster

  1. Close your eyes and imagine your immune system in a way that appeals to you. My personal preference is to think of it as lots of light-coloured jellyfish creatures, which is similar to how the protective cells actually look. Make sure there are plenty of them and see them as strong and purposeful.
  2. Next, imagine travelling inside your body to the area that needs healing and notice how you imagine the problem manifesting. You might see the infection or diseased cells as lots of tiny black jelly globules.
  3. In your mind, see the big light-coloured jellyfish encapsulating and devouring the little black globules.
  4. When the little black globules are gone, it’s very important to then imagine the light jellyfish happily swimming & patrolling your bloodstream. This is to ensure that you do not overstimulate your immune system.
  5. Now imagine a healthier you standing or sitting in front of you. See how the healthier you looks, breathes, smiles, etc.
  6. Finally, step into the healthier you, see through the eyes of the healthier you, hear through the ears and feel how much better you feel.

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    ‘Change Your Life in 7 Days’, McKenna, Paul, Bantam Press, 2004

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