Horrific Rash Crippled Me (Attempting to treat whilst avoiding GP’s)

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If you’re wondering why I went from multiple-posts daily to “zero”, this post will explain my absence – I’ve been unable to use my hands for weeks.

I’m too stubborn to go near a GP or Hospital in this inverse world despite friends and family almost insisting every time they see beneath the bandages. I need to try and figure it out on my own because I just don’t trust the medical industry at all right now – anyone that is still working in hospitals are those under the AHPRA cult and knowingly or unknowingly committing crimes against humanity, and the thought of being around them is far worse than trying to figure it out on my own (at this stage!).

This is the timeline of images taken by myself or friends trying to naturally figure out this bizarre rash that turned me into a cripple for weeks. Today (Jan 2nd, 2022) is the first day I’ve been able to type after several weeks of bandaged hands and trying every remedy under the sun to try and figure out what the heck this is (btw, we still have no idea: my symptoms don’t match anything so far!).

My right hand was itchy and had a rash that came and went ever since the sanitizer mandates back in March 2020. Sometimes on the palm, sometimes on a finger. I stopped using the dodgy sanitizer but had an itchy palm every now and then that would come and go without requiring intervention.

Around Dec 5th, it started to get a bit annoying, but it had not disabled me and I was still not really treating it as anything serious. I may spray it with H202, Colloidal Silver, or CDS or put Coconut Oil on it etc. but was not really concerned.

Around December 12th it became uncontrollably itchy and getting bigger and was on both the palm of my right hand and a little on the top of my hand. On the 12th, I made a concoction of bentonite clay, activated charcoal, distilled water, calendula tea, colloidal silver etc., and had my hand in that for a few hours trying to draw out any toxins or infection, without a positive result.

Dec 14 2021 – Right Hand Only

Dec 20 2021 – Right Hand Only

6 days later, the hand had clearly become infected and was blowing up and blistering.

Dec 21 2021 – Both Hands

Right Hand Worse & Now Left Hand Forming Blisters

I was throwing everything at it at this point, from consuming Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, Quercetin, Lysine, Turmeric, to applying clay, Calendula, H202, CDS, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Colloidal Silver, Manuka Honey, and so much more. I pretty much threw the kitchen sink at it, and it didn’t love me back for it, in fact, “something” I did for sure made it worse, but because I had thrown everything at it, it was impossible to figure out which thing I was doing wrong.

Dec 22 2021 – Sulphur Overload Suspected

Now something I did had worsened both hands. On the 23rd of December, I went to a functional medicine clinic and she suspected a sulphur overload which makes sense (She didn’t know that I was doing this, but when she mentioned her sulphur theory I realized how much I had been deliberately adding lots of sulphur into my life in an attempt to heal because it’s so good for that type of thing, but maybe I overdid it). I was using CDS daily in my water, was eating broccoli & garlic, taking sulforaphane, MSM & NAC capsules, having daily Epsom salt baths with Borax, and I had started drinking mineral spring water (which is full of sulphur). So maybe in my attempts to heal, I went overboard, so she gave me some homeopathic remedy for sulphur, zeolite, nerve tissue salts, and told me to refrain from drinking coffee or eating eggs and meat.

So the theory was that it was either an auto-immune disease (that she wouldn’t be able to help me with) or the overloading of sulphur caused my body to go into detox-mode and it was now releasing all the toxins out through my skin. In hindsight it could be the CDS that caused the blisters as not only was I drinking it, I was also applying it to my hands.

I also didn’t eat anything for 4 days, just water and juice but that didn’t seem to help (the only reason I wasn’t eating was because I could barely use my hands, but I thought that it might also be good for me anyway to not give my body anything more ‘toxic’ to deal with, but it might of also made things worse because when you don’t eat, your body goes into detox mode – and it was already in detox-mode.. ‘perhaps’).

Dec 23 2021

By the 23rd, I was unable to use my hands at all and needed to ask for help. I’m a very independent person that doesn’t like asking anyone for help and I live alone, but it was impossible to function without other people at this point. I couldn’t open food, couldn’t brush my hair, couldn’t get dressed, couldn’t drive, couldn’t carry anything even if I could somehow drive somewhere, and it was a massive effort even just to go to the toilet.

Dec 25 2021 (Christmas) – Both hands & arms

Christmas Day I made another mistake. Not wanting to waste the day but unable to attend my planned lunch with friends, I forced myself out in the sun for a couple of hours, grounding my bare feet on nature, and spraying on an aloe-vera concoction, and blotting out the oozing, weeping sores from my hands whilst listening to an audible book. The mistake I made was now I actually had sunburn. 2 years in isolation – I hadn’t realized how quickly the sun can damage you if you have stayed in a cave for so long.

Started to think my elimination system and possibly other organs like my liver and kidneys may not be functioning very optimally and that I should focus my efforts on elimination instead of finding concoctions for my skin.

Dec 26 2021 – Extends to Feet & Arms

By the next day, everything had worsened and now it was red, hot, firey skin, sunburn, and this rash had extended to my feet and arms and had started to come out through my stomach and breasts and all parts of the front of my body.

Dec 31 2021 – Entire Front of Body & Face

In the next few days, it had extended to my forehead, and all around my mouth and temples. Hands were bright red and purple and blisters were forming on my feet – despite not walking anywhere or doing anything except sleeping or laying down. I pretty much was disabled and spent most days listening to audible books in bed.

Jan 02 2022

– Dramatic Improvement in Hands (can type again, and no longer need to bandage hands).

Whilst the rash has pretty much taken over the parts you can’t see, the hands now have improved enough to no longer need to be bandaged up. I’ve had to “cut off” the dead skin (that catches on “everything”) on my hands to reveal the new skin underneath. Moisture is the most important thing at this stage. If I don’t continuously apply things that promote moisture, the hands dry up too much, crack, and weep. I still can’t open tight jars or anything requiring force, but I can now do my own laundry, dishes, can wash my hands without pain, can do most things (carefully and gently) without requiring assistance.

Currently using Dermeze Treatment Cream for moisture, eating super healthy, drinking lots of water with lemon & ginger and sometimes pink-salt, and still as confused as ever as to what this is but starting to see improvements instead of worsening, and hopefully will get the full hands back within a few days.

– Bottom & Sides of ‘both’ Feet forming big puffy blisters

– Red Rash all over breasts. Rash all over stomach. (no images)

– Woke up past 2 days with “Slits” as Eyes. Alien :)

Taking antihistamines seems to help me be able to open my eyes. I don’t recognize myself in the mirror in the mornings – it’s an alien looking back at me through the reflection hehe. I also put on a cold (refrigerated) face washer first thing and cucumber. Both the face, shoulders and especially hands seems to really want moisture, for which I’ve used all sorts of things but Dermeze Treatment Cream seems to be helping the most at this point, and I’ve just ordered the ointment version to start using tomorrow when I go collect it. If you don’t keep it moist, it cracks and breaks the skin and is rather painful and feels like you have to heal all over again.

Questions and Observations

I have had questions this entire time and I’ve been to every mainstream dermatologist site as well as every fringe or naturopathic or natural remedy site and tried everything that is available locally. I wish I’d kept a timeline of what I tried each day but today is the first time I can use my hands so that was not an option at the time. When I saw images that felt similar, the “symptoms” that went along with said diagnosis didn’t match. No fever, no headache, no depression, no fatigue (other than not being able to do anything physically so lying down voluntarily). The toxin-release through the skin does seem like the most plausible answer at this time.

Today’s questions are:

  • Why just the front of my body? My back and butt and back of my neck are clear of this rash – although it is on the back of my thighs and arms. If it was the bath or laundry detergent, then it should be my entire body that is covered. Could it be some of lotion of soap or chemical?
  • Why do I have all these blisters on the bottom of my feet? I haven’t used my feet in days and especially not much in weeks? The foot blisters make no sense. There’s even a couple forming on my toes – I’m not even wearing shoes – it makes no sense to me.
  • It feels like an extreme allergic reaction to something coupled with an extreme detox, but my mind is still clear – I just have not been able to use my hands and I’ve not been able to nail either the right ‘treatment’ or the right ‘diagnosis’ and my stubbornness about not wanting to go near anything allopathic in nature – especially as the first thing they do is ‘turn off’ your bodies own healing mechanisms, so I’m trusting my body is going to figure it out and that I may never know the actual diagnosis.
  • Spiritually – if the answer is spiritual, then I think I know the cause as far as an Insta-Karma type of thing – when I’ve scrolled through the Facebook newsfeed shortly before this happened, I’ve been absolutely bewildered at how many people are not only posting their proud booster shot, but also calling for more lockdowns, more masks, more segregation, to “lockout” the unvaccinated, the ‘fear’ of “CASES!” of “OMICRON”!, friends lining up their kids for the jab, or who are lining up for another jab after being horrifically injured by their first jab, and so on – just the absolute brainwashing by people who have lost all common sense and logic and have given their minds over to the narrative, and when I see such things, I’ve been ‘reacting’ in my own way – even against my own better judgement. I personally do not want to respond in a ‘reactive’ way, I want to bring forward love and understanding and inclusiveness, so we can band-together against the tyrants in charge of this whole operation and move forward to the solution-focused perspective, but definitely have been triggered by friends who are stuck in the mainstream-media version of events and seeing how fearful they are of “cases!” and seeing how easily manipulated they are by the ‘fraudulent statistics’ and tactics the mainstream media and governments are using for the other agenda. I was starting to feel like I was going down a track I didn’t want to go down, that I should stop getting baited by the segregation caused by the media and go back to being more understanding and inclusive. So spiritually – this could definitely be something that “took me out of the game” for a few weeks to reflect on this.

I’ve only found one blog with someone that seems to have suffered the same thing as me, and he took a different route. If you think you know what it is and you have telegram, feel free to comment on this telegram post.

Jan 05 2022

Hands improved but still hurts to type because fingertips still need healing. Feet were so blistered over the past few days that I couldn’t walk. It’s like as my hands were improving, the worst of it went to my feet instead. Blisters all over both feet. Took a bath last night and drained out an extraordinary amount of liquid – do not at all understand what’s going on, but do feel like I’m on the mend. The face has improved heaps. The body, which was so red, has started to lighten. Yesterday I made a DMSO concoction (50ml DMSO, 15ml Colloidal Silver, and 40ml Distilled Water) and I’m now trying that. It stings a bit but I really hope that it works. Today I woke up and one of my breasts has a new big lump on it. I remember reading in the DMSO book that this can happen – that some part of the body may start to form a lump that will excrete shit the body wants to remove. Looking forward to using DMSO daily to see what happens. Feeling hopeful that I’m on the up and up.

Jan 07 2022

Bandages back on hands, sigh. Fingertips still damaged too so still can’t type like a normal person (but at least can type a little bit). Haven’t had any visitors lately so no new photos. I really can’t sleep, the pain and busy-ness of whatever repair work is being done on my body is too much. When I try and sleep, all I can feel is something going on in my hands and feet and it’s just impossible to ignore and get any sleep, in fact the only time I’ve noticed that I can sleep is when I’m in the bath – it seems the water must put the restoration work into dormant mode – although sleeping in the bath is not ideal lol. Might have to order some sleeping tablets or melatonin next week when I get paid to see if that helps. Also getting lumps forming after using DMSO – will make the assumption that it’s eradicating more toxins out of the body, but will take it day by day to see if it’s actually seemingly doing a good thing or a bad thing.

Yesterday my hands started getting worse, so I took a trip and got 3 more creams to try from the chemist, and they seem to have dried it out even though they promised the world (to restore moisture barrier). I don’t know what else to try, so today I’ve re-bandaged the hands and don’t have anything on them – see if “not” putting anything on them helps? Ideas?

If you think you know what it is or have ideas, feel free to comment on this telegram post.

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