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“Eliminate these Dirty Dozen to Prevent Cancer”

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Are not safe, are not effective, do not protect you, definitely do you harm

“Amazing to me how we think we can Inject something that’s never been tested for carcinogenicity, never been tested to see if it’s mutagenic (which means changes your DNA), never know whether or not it can cause any auto-immune diseases, but we can perfectly say that it’s safe and effective and it causes no harm”


If somebody died and made me health sar tomorrow… what I would do is I would round up all the medical doctors – all of them – and I would put them in a big football stadium, and have them read all of the passage inserts – particularly the paediatricians. Read the bearer’s reports from the vaccine adversity met reporting system, and then take an entire test – a written test – on immunology to prove that they know ‘something’ about the human body. And THEN have them with good conscience say that what we are injecting into human beings is harmless.

IT would be impossible. But that would change everything overnight. If suddenly we forced physicians to look at the truth about these injectables. ‘Cos all we’re really doing with these things is just trying to prevent diseases that are a fever, a cough, a rash, & some diarrhea.

Really? for what kind of harm that we’re causing.


Look at the HPV vaccine. On the package insert, it says it may cause other kinds of cancers.

And we already know that it has. Girls who have had the HPV vaccine have been diagnosed with cervical cancer & venereal warts within 3 months to 2 years. Less than 4% of women have ever been exposed to the 2 viruses that are in the vaccine… so if the vaccine did anything – which it doesn’t – it can cause a lot of harm. There are at least 8 strains of HPV that are known to be associated with cancer, but the vaccine only covers 2 of them. So it gives this false sense of security to mum’s, who think they are protecting their girls, that they won’t get cancer, and that will say to the girls; “Well I don’t need to get a pap-test because I’ve been protected”, but there are other strains that can cause the cancer.


Formaldehyde are used in the DPT vaccines and the Polio vaccines, and we’ve known for years that Formaldehyde can cause all sorts of health problems. And the amount that you come in contact with, very small amounts can cause all sorts of problems including cancer.

Formaldehyde has been added to the known carcinogens, yet we continue to have known carcinogens in our vaccines, and they’ve been injected for 50 years or more.


A virus in order to replicate, needs to be embedded into a living cell. And so they use these cells to grow these large quantities of viruses for which they harvest to put them into the vaccines.


The polio vaccines has been known to have a virus in it called “SB-40” // monkey virus // (made from monkey-kidney cells).

In 2002, (Lancit?) published paper – ‘suspected that more than half of the 55,000 cases of non-hodgkin lymphoma could be associated with the SB-40 virus from the polio vaccine.


There’s 2 other stray viruses that end up in there from Avian cells, which are all the vaccines that are made from eggs; because they’re passed down through the chickens. Those 2 viruses are known to be associated with breast cancer.


There are so many toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are still in vaccines.


They argue that the only way we can survive childhood is to somehow elicit artificial antibody response by injecting toxic poisons that you wouldn’t put in a bottle to give to a baby to make them drink, if you did – you might be charged with a crime – “attempted murder”. But yet they institutionalize this concept of “injecting” little babies with this.


Allopathic medicine is good at Emergency Trauma – putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. That is where they excel. But when it comes to managing chronic diseases that “they” create, it is an absolute disaster.


Biggest carcinogenic is “Heavy Metals” in vaccines.

Mercury = “A number 1”.

Potential effects & actual effects at even minute doses, and this affects every system of the body, mercury is the biggest baddy of them all.


Environmental Toxicity

Huge role

The EPA estimates that there are 74 BILLION pounds of chemicals being produced EVERY day – every day, in the United States alone. How do we wrap our brain around that? It’s a huge issue. Many of those chemicals have infiltrated our water supply, our food supply, the air we breathe, and many of them ‘cause’ cancer, and many of them mimic estrogen (which drives cancer), and many of them mimic hormone disrupters in the body, so they cause a lot of problems.


The CDC did a study about ten years ago where they took samples of blood, urine, and saliva of over 2,000 people in the United States. And they found on average 212 chemicals in people’s bodies. So what does the body do with that – 212 chemicals – that the body has to process / expel. That chemical stress is really putting a strain on the immune system & putting a lot of stress on the excretory organs of the body which leads to DNA damage, and more cancer.


If you look at 100 years ago, we didn’t have these same amounts – massive amounts – of environmental toxins. They play a huge role with this. We have over 80,000 chemicals in our society and the average person urinates over 7 pesticides – every time they urinate. And then they did a study where they took 10 newborn infants, and they measured their umbilical cord blood for toxins, and they found 287 as the ‘mean’; the average – 287 toxic chemicals. 208 of those were carcinogenic for the body – and this is a NEWBORN INFANT.


We live in a world that is full of cancer-causing toxins, they’re in the environment, they’re in the air we breathe, they’re in the water we drink, they’re sprayed on the food we eat, and we’re eating a nutrient-deficient food that’s “mostly man-made”, processed “junk food”. With all these factors are all PHYSICAL factors that alter the body and ultimately suppress the immune system and create an environment where cancerous cells can thrive.


We’re adding more of the toxic pollutants so that your body is having to give up the minerals to neutralize, bind and excrete and get it out of the body, so as you deplete those minerals, you have less of a defence, your immune system becomes more dysregulated, and now the toxins can proliferate unabated, and at that point they impact the metabolic functioning of every cell in the body or specific areas if you have enough strength to mobilize those toxic poisons in those cells, you might ‘wall it off’ in a tumour, but a lot of times now we see a systemic growth of cancer, because we no longer have certain minerals like “Silica” which are critical for connective tissue integrity, and that is what keeps a tumor or let’s say a cancerous growth from metastasizing (because it chews through connective tissue).


So there are a lot of aspects to the toxin-factor, but you can’t disconnect it from the nutrient-factor; the mineral-factor, so they go hand-in-hand.


What if your food wasn’t really food?

And it didn’t contain the nutrients and minerals that you thought it contained?


Genetically Modified Foods – GMO’s

GMO’s are Genetically Modified Organisms.

You take ‘genes’ from one species and force it into DNA of other species.

Now, the GM crops on the market, they’re 9 of them. Their primary traits are either herbicide tolerance or pesticide production.


Herbicide Tolerance

“Roundup Ready” is the most popular.

Roundup Ready “Soy, Corn, Cotton, Canola, Sugar Beets, and Alfalfa”

They’re engineered with genes from bacteria & pieces of viruses, etc. “NOT TO DIE”.

So that the plant doesn’t die when it’s sprayed with Roundup Herbicide which normally kills plants. So it makes weeding easier for farmers, they can simply spray over the entire crops and kill all the weeds, but not the roundup ready plants.   


Pesticide Production

They take a gene from a bacteria in the soil (BT) that produces a known insecticide and put it into corn and cotton so when a bug starts to eat or tries to bite the plant,  the toxin gets released and it breaks open little holes in their stomach walls and they die.


So now we eat that insecticide, and we also eat the roundup laden crops so we’re eating 2 types of poisons in these GM crops.


The FDA does not require a single safety study on GMO’s. This was determined in a policy in 1992. It was overseen by Michael Taylor. Michael Taylor is the former attorney to Monsanto.

He was given a position, that was designed “for him”, by the FDA, when the agency was told by the White House to promote GMO’s. And Taylors’ policy, falsely claimed that the agency wasn’t aware of information showing that GMO’s were significantly different, therefore no testing or labelling was necessary. Companies like Monsanto, could determine on their own if their GMO’s are safe. And Monsanto told us that Agent Orange, PCBs and DDt’s were safe, and got ‘that’ wrong, maybe they’ll get it ‘right’ with GMO’s.

Taylor then became Monsanto’s Vice-President and chief lobbyist, and now he’s back at the FDA as the US Food Safety.  


We’re now in a situation where the claims from the policy (showing that GMO’s were no different than normal foods) was a complete lie, a total fabrication. A lawsuit forced 44,000 secret FDA memo’s into the public domain, and it showed that the overwhelming consensus among the scientists working at the FDA was exactly the opposite. They said that GMO’s might create allergens, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems and urged their superiors to require testing, complained about the drafts of the policy, and their concerns were ignored and even denied.


The tests typically on animals end in 90 days.

So you feed an animal, a rat for example, let’s say 33% of it’s diet is a genetically-modified corn for 90 days, and if it looks good, after 90 days, you feed it for humans for their entire lives.


Now, a research team headed by Dr Seralini, decided to extend this study of 90 days to 2 years (the approximate lifespan of a rat). Now Seralini, had been viewing the submissions to France and to the European Union by Monsanto and saw that roundup-ready corn fed to rats showed more than 50 different – statistically different changes – in the animals compared to the control and Monsanto said “Oh there’s no problem”.. and Seralini said “What do you mean there’s no problem? This is very serious”. And published it, showing there were very significant signs of toxicity. So he secretly extended the study, using the same types of rats, the same control group size, but many, many more parameters, they tested for. And starting “after” the 90 days, the next month, the first rat started to get tumours. And by the end, 80% of the female rats had tumours (almost all of them, mammary gland tumours) and up to 50% of the male rats had tumours, compared to far less in the control.


Cancer is a multifactorial disease.

3 Pillars

Emotions, Chemical-overload / Environment

We’re awash with Carcinogens.


Cosmetic products. Skin absorbs the toxins.


Pesticides have an estrogenic effect on the body. Endocrine disruptor.

The hormonal system is a brilliant system. You’re talking about substances that can be found in your body at parts per million, parts per 150 billion, I mean there’s not a lot.. compared to everything else in your body, yet, you put these pesticides in there; some of them will outright destroy a hormone for instance on contact, but in many ways some of them are mimicking because that’s the way they work in the natural world to disrupt the insect reproductive system and such, so we have that larger effect in the macro environment or in our environment, and when we alter the endocrine function we disrupt normal metabolic processes that keep us young, and functioning and vital. And so this also relates to enzymes, because these pesticides as well as being endocrine disrupters destroy the enzymes that are the essential tools in the body. Also found in the body at fairly minute levels relative to the entire content of the body’s liquid mineral content, and so, at parts per million, these pesticides disrupt the endocrine integrity, but destroy enzymes and our ability to break things down and bind things out. This is a vicious corruption not only of the food supply but of our own functional integrity that gives rise to the very cancers that we’re trying to prevent which is why you’ve got to clean up what goes into your body.


Roundup can promote cancer in many ways. First of all, it’s an antibiotic, and it kills off beneficial gut bacteria, causing an overgrowth of the bad gut bacteria – this overgrowth of negative gut bacteria is linked to certain cancers; colorectal cancer for example. The overgrowth of negative gut bacteria can produce zonulin which can create leaky gut (it opens the gaps of the cell walls on the intestines). Leaky gut is linked to cancer. Roundup also damages a set of enzymes called the CYP enzymes which are part of the detoxification process. CYP enzymes are linked to cancer. And one of the problems with roundup is it can disable some of those enzymes that are involved with detoxification.


So “Any” toxic influence to the environment can be much more toxic when you’re also exposed to roundup or its active ingredient. Through the gut bacteria overgrowth, it can promote inflammation in the gut and inflammation is linked to cancer.

Roundup is like the perfect storm.


Now there are certain tissues that are the ‘target tissues’ for roundup and it accumulates in those tissues, and those are the cancers that are on the rise in the US population; for example Thyroid cancer, Liver cancer and Kidney cancer.

Now the BT Toxin produced by the corn, cos it promotes allergic reactions or immune system reactions in humans and animals can create inflammation and again inflammation is linked to cancer.


The BT toxin.. they found the BT toxin in roundup was found in pregnant women in Canada, in fact 93% of the pregnant women had BT toxin in their blood. And so too did 80% of their unborn fetuses. The BT toxin could’ve gotten into the blood through the leaky gut that it itself created by poking holes in the cell walls. If it gets in the blood, it can be cytotoxic, damaging the red blood cells.


This was found in the case of a mouse study where bt toxin damaged the red blood cells.

If it gets into the fetus, the fetus don’t have blood brain barriers well developed, so it might end up in the brains of the fetuses, lets say you have hole-poking toxins in the brains of the next generation of North America.


If the BT gene transfers to gut bacteria and continues to function, it can convert our intestinal flora into living pesticide factories, producing BT Toxin 24/7 which might poke holes along the cell walls causing inflammation and all sorts of gastrointestinal disorders, possibly creating leaky gut and that might explain the production of the BT Toxin i.e. why 93% of the pregnant women tested in Canada had it in their blood (because they are producing it in their gut).


As far as the gut bacteria, it is now a Huge topic of study.

The devastation of roundup becomes bigger and bigger, the more they realize it.

Because it is a potent antibiotic. But it isn’t selective, it kills the bacteria that is good for us.


Roundup is used as a ripening agent – they spray it on wheat, barley, rye, lentils, sweet potatoes, sugarcane, etc. – there’s a 160 or so of fruits, grains, beans, and vegetables, etc. that are allowed high-residues because of this practice of using it as a ripening agent. Not every farmer uses it, but it’s hard to tell where it is and where it isn’t because it’s not labelled. So that’s why buying organic is much safer.


GMO’s to feed the world?
GMO’s are so inept at feeding the world. The biggest paper in the world – the biggest study, more than 400 scientists, sponsored by the UN and signed on by more than 58 countries, concluded that the current generation of GMO’s has nothing to offer feeding the hungry world, eradicating poverty or creating sustainable agriculture. That’s the (I-Stan ??) report.

In fact, the Union of Concerned Scientists study showed that it actually doesn’t increase yields and the USDA recent study verified that GMO’s do not increase yield and in many cases reduces yields.


If you eat poison, you might want to be concerned about what the effects might be.

The biggest risk of GMO’s comes from the transgenic effect. There is interesting new research – more needs to be done still – but there is early research now coming out that indicates that the genetic fragments of GMO corn can change the expression of your own physiology, so that the genetic code, somehow combines with your own genetic code, which can alter your own gene expression. Some of this might get into epigenetics which is increasingly being recognized by modern scientists. We don’t have all the answers yet, but that’s exactly why we should halt GMO’s.  The people are the lab rats: “WE” are the experiment.


Do people have more tumors now than they used to 20 years ago? Absolutely.. are they getting tumors at more younger than ever before? absolutely.. and is there more infertility now in human history? absolutely.  and more organ damage, more people on dialysis,  and more people suffering from early, unexplained deaths than ever before?

The cancer industry is exploding. And the GMO industry may in fact turn out to be the single, best recruiting tool for the cancer industry, so it’s no wonder they tend to operate in some of the same ways. Oppression and scientists intermediated, oppression of scientific information, shutting down anyone who asks questions.



Heavy Metals


Many of the foods people are eating today are contaminated with heavy metals, like lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury,  tungsten is one that we’ve started to look at and then there are the lighter metals such as aluminium.


And lead is so common in food supply today because for over a century, lead-arsenic was used “as” a pesticide. So you combine lead & arsenic, you make “lead-arsenate”, you spray it on all the crops, and it Kills the Bugs! Imagine that. So in agricultural lands across the world, for over 100 years, lead-arsenate was sprayed on almost everything. It was the miracle, it was the new science of food production. For a few years, food production goes up. And then your soils are contaminated. And guess how long they’re contaminated for? A Thousand Years. The equivalent of forever. Most of the food is growing in soils that were heavily contaminated with lead and arsenic.


But then we’ve got the coal-fire power plants in China, and in the US. The plants in China are spewing out tens of thousands of tonnes of heavy metals into the air, every year – mercury being one of the big ones. The jetstream carries these metals across the Pacific ocean, deposits them over Nth America, they fall onto forests in the Pacific Nth-West, and Northern California, they get into the soil, the tree roots take up the heavily metals. The trees there now are heavily contaminated with heavy metals. When those forests burn, because they do catch fire from time-to-time, they release Mercury back into the air, goes across Nth America, falls onto the breadbasket of America – the crop lands, where our food is grown.


Heavy metals replace – they knock out – other healthy minerals and thereby replace them on cell membranes. So Mercury for example knocks out Zinc. Zinc is crucial for immune function.

If you want to get really scientific about it, if you look at the table of elements, Mercury and Zinc occupy the same column. The table of elements is arranged column by column in a way that is indicative of the say, the outer electron orbit shell, of that element, in it’s monotonic form, so to put it simply, they have similar biochemical functions or properties, they interact with other elements; other metals, other molecules in similar ways. So when you have Mercury – you’re not getting the Zinc that you need. And when Mercury is in your diet, it’s displacing Zinc, and Zinc is crucial for immune function. Zinc helps prevent cancer in many ways. So when you’re eating Mercury, you’re not getting protective Zinc.


Something else is interesting in this. Cesium. Radioactive cesium. Such as cesium 137 – one of the most common and most destructive radioisotopes created in nuclear catastrophes and even from nuclear weapons. Cesium 137 occupies the same column as Potassium.

Potassium is in every cell of your body. When Cesium pollutes an agricultural area, your food, your diet, your body ultimately, it displaces potassium. And you know, if you know anything about agriculture, you know that every plant takes up potassium through its roots – it’s one of the big 3 Fertilizers. So, Potassium goes into every plant. Every plant then incorporates potassium into its cell structure, which becomes the food that you eat, you eat the plant, the grain of the corn, the leaves of the herb, the root of the turnip, whatever the case may be. So if you have cesium 137 or 134 falling on that, Cesium 137 has a half-life of about 30 years which really pollutes agricultural lands for centuries, 200-300 years really is considered how long it contaminates land- such as around Chernobyl and  Fukushima. So if an agricultural area is contaminated with Cesium, then the plant will take it up and if you eat the plant – you are what you eat – so the radioactive cesium elements in the plant go into your body – get taken up into your bodies cells, as if they were potassium – which means you now have radioactive cesium bound to the cell membrane of every cell in your body – everywhere that food goes. Where does food go in your body? Everywhere the blood goes. Where does blood go? Everywhere that you have a living cell. Everywhere.



Plastics are one of the major causation of cancer in this nation.

Harvard did a study, they gave a man a can of minestrone soup and checked his body burden of “bisphenol-A”, one week later, his BPA levels were still up 1200%.



Is in most Diet Sodas. There’s quite a few different names for aspartame. Artificial sweetener. It doesn’t always say aspartame. Very toxic to us.


As aspartame is metabolized it ends up as formaldehyde. And formaldehyde is a toxic chemical itself, its cancer-causing, its a toxic chemical. Its what they use to preserve dead bodies, its the embalming fluid. Formaldehyde is number one a neurotoxin, and it was originally designed as a neurotoxin in biological warfare, it was a nerve-gas component. When we eat that it starts to corrode our nervous system.


The symptoms of neurotoxicity due to aspartame are identical to the symptoms of M.S. The exact same symptomatology. And we’ve had…. I can’t tell you how many patients that we’ve pulled off all artificial sweeteners and their diagnosis of MS has just disappeared.

It’s corrosive, its in essence what salt does to a car body, only it does it to your brain and your spinal cord.



Dental Toxins

Dentistry plays a role. 95% of females with breast cancer, have a dental involvement.

As much as 50% in the remissionary cancer, can be in the oral cavity. in ordinary cancers, other cancers, other than breast. So every one of my clients are sent to a biological dentist.


The thing that most people don’t think about, that I found is so common is dental toxins from the dental work we’ve had done – root canals, mercury amalgam fillings, cavities, wisdom teeth removed. All of this stuff affects our system dramatically because our jaw is intimately connected and every tooth in our mouth is intimately connected to organs in our body according to the old Chinese meridian system if you will.


For example, on each side of the jaw, there are two molars, upper and lower, that are directly connected to the mammary glands in both men and women, these are probably the most common cause of breast cancers, simply because they are directly connected to a gland that brings on the breast cancer, and when they are dealt with, what I’ve found with thousands of my clients, once that type of thing is cleared up, the cancer disappears, it goes away, and these are mostly people who are coming to me as a last resort. They’ve been through chemo and surgery and it hasn’t worked, the cancer has recurred, & they start doing something more sensible, generally, they do a diet-change, they take supplements that we recommend, and that doesn’t seem to work either – in most cases – the cancer is still there – they feel better, they get more energy, they lose some weight… but they don’t get over the cancer, they finally get their jaw work done by some competent dentist, and the cancer goes away. 6-8 weeks later it’s gone.


This study which was completed in 1923 believe it or not, after 60 prominent dentists tried to figure out how to do a Safe root canal.. they threw up their hands and published this 1,174 pages of their study of root canals, and found that it could not be done safely. And now, almost 100 years later they are still doing it the same way. Definition of insanity.


If you calculate the income of the endodontist. This is a Specialist in root canals. It comes to several billion dollars a year doing approx. 30 billion root canals each year in the United States. This is a big money-making exercise. And believe it or not, the dentists are in denial about this. Their union – the american dental association – is in denial about it (as they are about mercury). And so people listen to their dentist down the street – don’t worry about those root canals, you must have some problem originating somewhere else. When in almost every case, 95% of the time, the cause of their cancer in my experience has come out of their jaw.




If you don’t have enough Vitamin D3 in your body, you’re setting yourself up, and almost all Americans don’t have enough. You get it through the sunlight.

What’s bad is the sunscreens you put on, not the sun.

The UV rays work with the cholesterol in the body to form vitamin D3, that your body craves and needs for so many different interactions in your body.

The areas that get skin cancer, you’d think where we’d see the most sun? They’re not. They’re up in the Northern part where I live, and they actually get skin cancer on the bottom of their feet – and things like that – that never see the sun. The sun doesn’t’ cause cancer, the lack of D3 can The sunscreens you put on your body can cause cancer because they are full of carcinogens.


So you need D3, and if you don’t get it from the sun, we know you can get it from a good Cod Liver oil now – there’s not many good ones left (because they are taking the A and D out of them and replacing them with synthetics or not at all). There is one good one left, Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil from Green Pasture, that is one of the last best ones, and it’s wonderful.


D3, Iodine. Both imperative. Everyone’s short of iodine (because we eat bread today that has Bromine in it – 40 years ago we had Iodine in our bread – so we’d get it everyday, we have Bromine now) and as you know Ty, we have so many Thyroid issues and Thyroid cancers today because the Bromine and Fluoride and the Chlorine sit on the Iodine receptors in the Thyroid and prevent the uptake of Iodine. You don’t have iodine, you’re in trouble.


Probably 80-85% of all cancers can be prevented if you have enough Iodine and D3.


The sun actually doesn’t cause cancer, it’s the sunscreens with the toxic chemicals that cause cancer. There was a 2009 German study that showed that sunlight is 3-5 times better than any other substance we know of at stimulating the immune system.


Cell Phones. EMF.


An experiment I did, my daughter who is 19 now, she was in 8th grade,  and we did this experiment in our office, because we had thermography in our office, so we took a picture of someones brain before cell-phone use, and then after 1 minute of cell-phone use. After 5 minutes of cell-phone use, and after 1 hour. 4 hours later the brain was still inflamed after cell phone use. So people do not understand the power of the cell phone & how much it affects our body and it’s accumulative – they have actually published rat brains exposed to the cell phone to see what it does.


For people that don’t think EMF’s are a problem, I encourage them to go to 27 scientists of various countries looked at ten years of data, and their conclusion was that EMF’s cause cancer, brain tumors, disrupt the immune system, suppress the reproductive system of the body, affect your sleep and your memory.


So EMF’s are a huge problem & has been labelled one of the most insidious toxins on the planet because we don’t “see” it, we don’t “feel” it, we don’t “taste” it, but it’s affecting us 24/7.


For example in this office here, you can go to and find out how many antenna are within a 4 mile radius, so I just google’d and put the address here, there is 91 cell towers and 144 antennas within a 4 mile radius of this location, and as you move closer to big cities like Atlanta, you’re looking at hundreds like 200-300-400 cell towers in just a few miles. So we’re literally swimming in a soup of EMF’s and electrical smog.


If EMF’s can go through brick walls, what do you think it’s doing when it goes through your body? It causes damage and that damage is accumulative.


From walking around with your cell phone, to all the WIFI’s, to all the handhelds, having a clock by your bed, you should have no plug-in of anything where you are sleeping.


“I’m gonna tell you something – you wanna talk about ADD? You wanna talk about Migraine headaches? You know when I was writing my book, I had 3 computers in the house, and was on WIFI, and even though I’m a doctor, I don’t know how people do it. I’m a health practitioner and I know better, but I don’t know better. Do you understand? I get herded along too! I started getting migraine headaches, and couldn’t get rid of them, and I needed to get the book done and I was so focused on the book, I couldn’t see the forest from the trees. So I would go 3-5 days with migraine headaches. As soon as I turned the wifi off and hardwired it, I haven’t had a migraine headache since. Then, I REALLY wake up. I’m working on this patient and she’s been losing her hair, and I realized it was her wifi and she said “I can’t turn my wifi off, my husband makes his money that way”, so I told her you better turn it off.. and she turned it off and the burning on her scalp stopped, and her kids went and turned it back on and her scalp started burning again so she knew it was back on straight away. Now her hair is growing back but it’s not just that, it affects everything, and if there’s a weak link in you, it’s gonna bust ya. And they already know this.. there’s whole towns .. whole schools.. throughout Europe that have banned WIFI. Let logic prevail. If you allow your children in bed to lay with their iPads, with their iPhones, they’re gonna be so damaged.“


GMO, EMF, Fluoride, Aspartame, Vaccines, Pesticides, which of these are causing cancer? And how is all this genetic manipulation affecting today’s generation?


We are, in my opinion, one generation away of having very few humans left on the planet who have non-contaminated DNA to propagate our species.


  1. Vaccines
  2. GMO’s
  3. Dental Toxins
  4. Aspartame
  5. Fluoride
  6. Pesticides
  7. Herbicides
  8. BPAs
  9. EMF / WIFI
  10. Fluoride
  11. Heavy Metals
  12. Cosmetics

(Above is just me guessing which 12 they talked about during this episode… maybe the 12th is not cosmetics..? // Penny)


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