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I recently met a guy that is clearly vax-injured but thinks it’s long-covid (said he ‘caught’ covid 2 months after being Pfizered, therefore in his mind ‘not the jab’). This is a massive disconnect people have, and I’m really concerned about it.

This is probably happening in millions out there and they are still a ‘walking billboard’ for the evil drug lords – the pharmaceutical cartel – touting the 1,000,000,000% safe and effective lie – whilst struggling to breathe, too tired to function, heart problems, limping, can’t think, menstrual problems, and all the rest, and now taking a whole bunch of new drugs from these same players, and possibly still lining up for another shot every few months “to avoid getting sicker”, gas-lit into thinking their injuries and suffering are “rare”.

Scary shit since it seems the new drugs people are being prescribed are probably causing a lot of their on-going problems in and of itself.

This particular guy was given a new type of asthma inhaler by his doctor – he could barely breathe or walk, but thinks it’s because he’s put on a bit of weight, and hasn’t been the same since he got “covid” a couple of months after the jab. I’m 2 metres away from him and can hear his lungs struggling. He also took one dose AZ and one dose Pfizer because “they reckoned it was ok”. His words. The elusive “they”. The propaganda pushers on the media.

All we can do is keep trying to help these people. I wish there was a one size fits all thing we can say to break the spell and get them to stop worshipping these killer-protocols. In the meantime, we need to figure out a solution / antidote to all the various attacks on humanity.

I feel badly that I haven’t kept up-to-date with any new findings of Vax-Injuries/Long-Covid/Poisons/radiation/food-toxins/synthetic bioweapons sprayed on agriculture and in livestock, new drug-reactions, PTSD/severe stress, and mis-diagnosis i.e. all the things being “blamed on covid” because everything that makes you feel unwell “must be covid” in Covid-Mania-Land. But also some things ARE from whatever they are doing to us:

  • Injecting the livestock with mRNA
  • Spraying the skies and spraying the agriculture with god knows what, nanoparticles, chemicals, toxins, who the hell knows?
  • Massive lies and propaganda 24/7 can cause the body to go into a permanent state of stress
  • Financial pressure that is being systematically pushed on the world by the central banks can cause people to be in a permanent state of stress too
  • Those who wore masks everyday caused themselves a predictable permanent state of illness
  • The PCR tests were different in each country. But people in Melbourne got very sick after taking them right at the height of the vaccine push to keep their jobs (so whether it was immense stress or the forced PCR is debatable), and people in Spain are coming up with MAC addresses if they succumbed to the PCR – even if they remained unvaccinated – but not if they washed their nose after taking the PCR and did the Quercetin/Zinc protocol. (BlueTRUTH documentary)
  • Synthetic food that have become people’s daily convenience instead of focusing on nutrition
  • People who were inoculated with experimental injections from convicted criminals are suffering in ways that make the same criminals rich, because the same criminals behind the injections are the same criminals whose test equipment and drugs are being used/prescribed for the very damage and harm they caused, and those drugs, especially any cholesterol-lowering or EUA-only approved (experimental) drugs are causing major harm (such as early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s).
  • Why is this one so far down the list? The extra radiation weapons we have everywhere, in every city, these 5g towers are causing those who work in the direct vicinity of the large ones to get sudden cancer, and we suspect that they have the ability to change the frequencies on this at will, and since we cannot trust those who implemented them, and since a lot of us are magnetic or hearing their buzz, we might not want to ignore the fact that we need an antidote to protect ourselves
  • Parasites. Also another one that should be higher up on the list. There is very much something to the Ivermectin & HCQ ban other than the fact they work great to help the body deal with parasites and are anti-inflammatory. Did they change something in a regular food or water that we drink to make our gut microbial unable to cope with parasites? Or could it be stress or radiation that changes our gut to not deal with them? (I don’t know what the culprit is… thinking out loud). But certainly people are having an astounding recovery from using the banned products, even by using Vitamin D and NAC which the FDA tried to put back on the prescription-only list. It’s like the world is upside down. All the things that can help are being suppressed/smeared, and all the things that can harm are being promoted. Pure evil. So I think it’s not just a coincidence they needed to down-play/smear working treatments to get their evil inoculation and experimental drugs approved, but also, they are somewhat of a “cure” to the very things they are inoculating or experimenting with. Even CDS and Hydrogen Peroxide have been smeared over the years as dangerous, and they are both almost a cure-all antidote for nearly everything they are throwing at us.
  • The CDC claim the inoculated can’t shed, but the FDA court-released documents from Pfizer eludes to the fact that it does, particularly with breast-feeding and sexual activities. Recently the mainstream literature has caught up and confirmed that they do in fact shed. That, and the blood of the unvaccinated is just as contaminated with strange unexplained nano-tech-looking substances. I mean, it’s either they are shedding or we’re getting contaminated through some other means (food, water, sky, etc.). Dr. Philippe van Welbergen, Medical Director of Biomedical Clinics in the UK has documented what he believes is graphene and shedding. His testimony and images of who he tested definitely suggests that the inoculated are shedding to their families.
  • The everyday slow-poison – people use perfumes and aftershaves and wash their hair, clothes and dishes with poison, and even rub it into their skin, or smear it all over their face and eyes on a daily-basis, or spray it in the own air they breathe and food they grow – there’s a lot of people that 100% trust that they wouldn’t sell it if it was bad for you – those people exist – they’re everywhere.

I spent thousands of hours reading and understanding the documentation in the literature on it in the first 2 years, and I’m sure there are more recommendations by now with more information and with thousands of health practitioners treating people.

I just watched a video going through a new study showing that long-term mask wearing is the cause of some people’s symptoms of long-covid. But the vax-injured and pharma-drug-addicts is who I’m truly worried about – all the unknowns (and knowns) in those bloody jabs/drugs. But also, in general, we need antidotes, and I dropped the ball on that until I saw one of my fave people had started to “re-mask” this week, as well as meeting that guy who could hardly breathe last week.

So I’m feeling a bit guilt-ridden that I haven’t kept up-to-date on what is helping people.

I don’t intend to spend thousands of hours again going through the literature, I’m pretty confident that most of the things I recommended are still valid for keeping healthy in general (as aiding the body to remove the toxins we’ve already accumulated), and that avoiding all synthetic-creations is the number one thing people can do, and I really want to focus my research on understanding the history on how we got to this point, and uncovering ‘what else’ they are doing, and there are plenty of health practitioners now that are working on “Long Covid/Vax-Damage”, (yet I still want to keep up with anything new that might work better/faster, particularly for people I meet in my life that are clearly suffering or scared).

One video I just watched is a doctor in Mexico who was fully brainwashed before the pandemic but has now helped over 8,000 patients with CDS. I will do a post on that tomorrow. (Post is up now – click here). This is probably the number one thing we can do if the contamination is coming from our water. It disinfects the water first and foremost, but it’s also helping both those suffering severe respiratory distress and those who have been severely injured by the jabs or PCR tests.

I watched a newly-released Long Covid video by Dr Been to see if there was anything new in the mainstream research. It was an interview with Dr Berkowitz who seems to be prescribing most of the same things that were already on my earlier research on “forced to take the jab” and my original research on Covid-19 back when I thought it was a real and following the science-fiction because I had no idea how corrupt these pharmaceutical companies were.

Note: even back then, I was looking in the literature with a non-synthetic and closer-to-nature equivalent intent i.e. things we can do ourselves without needing a doctor, (and the “science” was still supportive of everything I found, even up against billion-dollar ‘outcome-paid-for’-studies, the natural solutions still reigned).

Things Been/Berkowitz mentioned that are the same as my original research: Ivermectin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, NAC, CoQ10, Quercetin, Zinc, Magnesium, Colostrum, Gut health, and fasting.

New things Been/Berkowitz mentioned not in my existing research were: anti-biotics, Monolaurin (derived from lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid found in coconut oil and breast milk – which I guess my “colostrum” research is the closest to), Low Dose Naltrexone, iron, a probiotic, and the only new thing I really learned was that he said that:

  1. the histamine levels are off-the-charts for those he is treating (even for those without symptoms),
  2. he’s seeing low iron levels,
  3. and high ferritin levels (I wonder if this is because of ferritin nanoparticles like this mind-control study from Rockefeller university that no one talks about),
  4. and high CRP levels (CRP = C-reactive protein – a protein produced by the liver in response to inflammation).

Before you dismiss the ‘ferritin nanoparticles’ comment as “just a crazy conspiracy theory”:

  1. Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, and Rockefeller University, have studies on ferritin-viruses and ferritin-nanoparticle-vaccines described as “badass” for “delivering payloads” as a “Trojan Horse”, and for “remote mind-control” using radio waves, (2015, 2016, 2019)
  2. Zuckerberg & Stanford University funded a Covid ferritin-based vaccine using self-assembling ferritin nanoparticles” according to their own paper on it. (2021)
  3. AstraZeneca & the US Military have a joint ferritin covid jab too – with connections to Moderna, Pfizer & other Big-Chemical giants. (2021)
  4. NIAID and the US Military said they were experimenting with “SARS-CoV-2 spike ferritin nanoparticle vaccine” as an ‘adjuvant’ for hamsters. (2021)
    • – and most of the adjuvants in vaccines are hidden from the public – they don’t have to tell us for some evil reason to do with money apparently, i.e. “protecting their invention”.

Summary, quotes, and links to those studies are on my “Magnetic Phenomenon Is Real” post. (01) (02)

High inflammation can also cause the body to respond as if it has low iron levels (even if it doesn’t), so it could be synthetic ferritin – (just thinking out loud).

Disclaimer: I’m noticing I have a bias here, and potentially my own version of cognitive dissonance which I’m experiencing whenever a virus is blamed without mentioning all the other things that are keeping people unwell, and the word “virus” was peppered throughout the entire interview (51 times!).

The virus blamed on the symptoms causing long-covid is Epstein Barr from all the popular doctors, and hey – they might be right – assuming they can trust the tests they are using – and I need to look into it more because I have not studied Epstein Barr so I can’t be confident about having an opinion on it (so I will make sure I do my homework on this before embracing/discarding/being-too-skeptical).

My concern is if they ALSO have cognitive bias against at least READING the literature on self-assembling ferritin nanoparticles covid vaccines, the poisons in our agriculture and geo-engineering etc – and all the other research I’ve read as well as the patents and the policy changes leading up to this whole thing that shows this OPERATION:COVID was very much planned decades beforehand, then they could be falling into their own bias and not looking outside of the accepted ‘virus’ narrative to find real solutions / antidotes for their patients.

(You can download my research folder and if you scour all the papers you will come to the same conclusion – these influencers are ignoring things that are well-documented).

They don’t even acknowledge:

  • the strange things showing up in the blood of people who have taken a PCR test or jab,
  • ignoring the hidden ingredients that are publicly acknowledged,
  • ignoring that people are magnetic,
  • ignoring the MAC address phenomenon (not even at least testing it out for themselves?),
  • ignoring that Pfizer & IBM have been partnered for the internet of things since 2017,
  • the 2018 DEFUSE proposal,
  • and ignoring all the other iffy-at least QUESTIONABLE DESERVING OF REASONABLE EXPLANATIONS “coincidences”, such as:
    1. there are a lot of DAVOS/UN people who admit they want a lot less people in the world
      • the same players and investors involved in SARS, ZIKA, AIDS, HIV, EBOLA, MARBURG, MERS, POX, INFLUENZA, CANCER, etc.
    2. and don’t forget who owns the PATENT on “CORONAVIRUS” (Pirbright)
      • (how do you patent “nature”?)
    3. and that the CDC owns the PATENT on the ‘genome’ of the SARS coronavirus since 2003,
      • (how do you patent “nature”?)
    4. and Pfizer tried to PATENT the spike protein in 2000,
      • (“23 years ago”?nothing to see here!“)
    5. Actually there’s a lot of patents cashing in on coronavirus and SARS
    6. and SARS-CoV-2, an apparent “novel“, i.e. new, i.e. “never seen before” seems suspicious when a “SARS-CoV2” (without the hyphen) was mentioned in a 2006 chemistry journal (03) referencing a PCR primer patent from 2002 that detects HIV-1, HIV-2, HCV, HTLV-1, HTLV-2, hepatitis G, an enterovirus, dengue fever virus, or rabies virus, and later mentioned in a 2008 Infectious Disease book on the CDC referencing Drosten’s SARS-CoV primer. Anyway, I can’t prove it’s anything but the refuters don’t really go into depth to dismiss it. (04) (05) .
  • And are we really still playing “see no evil” when the main players had a ready-to-go universal “flu” vaccine they wanted in the arms of the world in 2019 and all the tabletops leading up to the “outbreak”? It’s pretty obvious they’ve been trying to either weaponize or profitize from Influenza-symptoms for decades.
  • And what about ModeRNA’s Robert Langer’s (who went from “zero” products to market to billionaire in 2020) connection to Charles Lieber? Sigh, this could go on and on..

If they keep sticking to the narrative of only “blaming viruses” in their interviews, I don’t know if we can even trust if they are ‘speaking in code’ (to not get de-platformed and to reach the masses more easily) or whether they truly believe they are dealing ‘only’ with an actual text-book definition of a ‘virus’ when there’s so many other possibilities we have to consider (unfortunately!!), so it’s frustrating listening to it and feeling like they are refusing to consider all the other culprits.

But for what it’s worth, it’s interesting to note test-able things they mention that might help people:

  1. The elevated histamine levels
    • (causing people to have more allergies, but also suggesting high inflammation in the body – something we can work with),
  2. and the low-iron/high-ferritin levels
    • (note: Ferritin is a protein that stores iron – and I’d need to research more before taking any extra ‘metal’ including iron when you have the “other side of the story” from the literature, i.e. if they have indeed weaponized the whole self-assembling aspect and it’s not just false literature to confuse the masses and get investors involved). We need to find a conclusive “yes or no” to whether this is indeed happening because maybe detoxing heavy metals is more important than adding new ones.
  3. The commonality of the results of these tests he mentioned might help some people out there have at least something to work on,
    • (who might not of even thought to look into what might be keeping them sick other than the poisons we need everyone to detox from).
    • YouTube Dr Been’s interview with Dr. Keith Berkowitz on Long COVID Management (April 11th 2023)

Allergic reactions also correlates with a very early-on testimony with the South African doctor, Dr. Shankara Chetty, who said “Covid” was an allergic reaction to the spike protein. See this Post: 7000+ C19 Patients (0 Deaths). Cause: “Allergen To Spike Protein Man-Made Poison” [Testimony] (Dec 10th, 2021)

  • Note: TruthForHealth.org is another site that has an updated list of treatment protocols for vax-inured/long haulers syndrome.

For the first two years, I wanted to stay almost strictly “by the book’ and not stray too much outside of people’s known belief systems – I didn’t want to scare people off that I was trying to help, and, I was obsessed with being right (mainly because if I’m wrong – my loved-ones die… which is the most important reason in the world to make sure I understood the research I was reading).

Sometime since then I’ve decided “screw it, I want a central place to look into EVERYTHING” no matter how controversial because I want the damn truth, and we have been and are continuously being “lied to on an epic scale”, and most of the literature ‘they’ (the experts on the “right” side of history) still have to wade through are fraudulent, paid for science-fiction, or evil marketing campaigns for very devious corporations, so it’s a major puzzle-piece they are excluding if they won’t even look at or discuss things that these evil companies have already smeared.

They are trapped because they still have to “remain professional”, and since I’m a “nobody” – in that I don’t have a famous reputation to protect that has to be all official and careful or they will lose their platform – I decided I am one of the few that has the freedom to look at and take notes on ‘anything’, particularly subjects they don’t want us to look at. We’re never going to be able to fit all the pieces together if “all of us” are too scared to look at something they’ve spent millions telling us not to look at, whilst they profit in the billions and harm everyone around us.


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