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This ties in PERFECTLY with my previous post: How We Win.

If you are suffering extortionate energy bills, it might come as a surprise that the energy has already been paid for before it gets to you – so why are you paying again? Richard Vobes talks to Kayles from the Telegram group Free Energy Nationwide about how to deal with this expensive fraud.

Source: 21 Nov 2023 YouTube | Mirror: Rumble | Telegram

This can work in other countries as well, but need to get it organized and researched. Join her telegram group to learn how they are doing it in the UK first, and I think this could work very, very well with the InPower Movement, and maybe there is a way to introduce them.


Are you somebody who has seen the energy bill pass through Parliament with the Royal Assent from King whatever he is? And suddenly you are worried that someone’s going to break your doors down and say, sorry mate, you’ve got to have this smart meter. Or are you somebody who’s got bills coming in left, right, and center and going, my god, the electricity’s going up, everything’s got to go into electricity, it’s a nightmare. What are we going to do? Well, by popular request, a lady from up north, a lovely lady, I’ve just been talking to her, has agreed to come on and says, we can have free energy nationwide. Is that possible? Maybe it is. Kayles, welcome to the show. You run this Telegram group, do tell us all about it.

So it started off on a sovereignty journey, understanding the birth certificate fraud. That’s originally how it started three years ago. So we were already going down different routes and paths on understanding the utility bills specifically are already pre-paid through our income taxes.

The last house that we moved into, we already had smart meters that were already fitted. So we thought, well, we’re not having smart devices, we’re not having any of those freaky things in our house. So we removed them and we just put mid-certified standard meters in. And we talked about that on another influencer’s channel that, look, we’re not paying any bills, we’ve not done it for a year, but this is what we’ve decided to do to get rid of these smart devices out of our properties. And that’s not illegal, that’s not a crime, etc.

And it kind of blew up overnight, literally blew up on Telegram, because we don’t do websites or social media much. And everybody was like, “I want mine done, I want mine done.” It was just ping, ping, ping all over the UK.

And then we started a Telegram group because we started to build, there’s a lot of documentation that you need to read. You need to do a bit of research because, like you said, you may find yourself with a locksmith, a representative, or a warrant of entry outside of the house. That’s always a possibility.

So we started to build this Telegram group full of documentation so you can find a no-trespass notice. You don’t have to buy one, there’s one there that you can download, print off, put it on your front door.

There’s lots of information on the file section, we started to build over 100 pinned messages. We started to do interviews and it just grew, grew, grew, grew and grew and we are where we are today.

So the actual concept is very easy about replacing your own meter. So the meters, wherever you live, whatever the situation, whether you rent, your own council property, a housing association, or you own the property, you can remove the meter that’s in there via a qualified engineer. (01)

And obviously we’ve built a small team of engineers that are “awakened”, as I call it. A lot of engineers are indoctrinated through their training, but a lot of them are still in the matrix. But these are trusted engineers that are obviously willing to do this. So they can take the meter out, we put it back, fit a new meter, a brand new meter that’s non-smart because that’s important. But this meter is not attached to any database that’s shared among all these suppliers, and we’ll call them suppliers because that’s what a lot of people know them as, but I mean, when you’re on a group session with myself, I call them brokers because they’re just the middle man to the national grid. So that’s all they are.

What they do is they rent the serial number on the back of the meters. That’s all they have. They don’t own the meters either. We don’t know who owns them in most cases, and we’re not really interested.

This is all very interesting. I’m just going to break it down a bit. Just because there will be people who are halfway on the journey, there’ll be people who are well beyond, and then there’ll be new people going, “What did you just say?” So I tried to sort of cater for everybody where I can.

So let’s just start first base then. I’m in a house. It’s a two-up, two-down, simple terraced house. When I moved in 30 years ago, there’s a meter there. It’s an old-fashioned meter with a thing going around like this. And when possible, I tried to stop that from going around, obviously not by taking the thing apart, but by not turning too much on because I know if it goes round too much, the bill comes in and you go, “Bloody hell, really?” What, putting a fire on? And I imagine there’s a lot of people in that who think the same. Then we’ve got the smart meters, which are supposed to be there for our use, to sort of manage our stuff, but it’s got Wi-Fi, EMFs, and …

Yeah, because it’s terrible for your health and wellbeing, and the second thing is they can remotely connect.

And remotely connect, which is something I don’t like. But let’s just go back. Electricity is being generated somewhere, and some people say they’re nicking it from the ether and they’re doing some magic with it.

Correct. If you want to go down another rabbit hole, but maybe that’s a little bit too long for a lot of people at this stage.

But most people think it’s being generated by all sorts of different mechanisms, like the solar panel and the wind farms and coal things, and what have you. So it’s generated somehow, and then it’s piped down to you through the wires, and it hits your box, and at that point you’re metered, and then it goes into your… And then, however much you know, it’s recorded. Now, because I’m relatively old, I remember having to go down and paying by cheque for the amount of electricity that I used to do because it used to be in the town. And at one point, we had a key meter, so you go down with this stupid little thing. We had no money whatsoever, so it was that sort of, you know, God, there’s five pounds on it and we’ve got to make that last a week. I got a little bit more affluent than that, and I managed to get back onto an account. But my understanding now is the utility companies that chop and change every two minutes, and I’ve had a few that have gone bankrupt, and now you’re with somebody else. And it’s like, oh, I didn’t know that. That they are sort of the middlemen. They’re not generating anything. They’re just collecting money for the national grid, and you’re paying them, and then presumably they’re paying the national grid. Is that, is that it?

No, well, there’s so much information. But the national grid already gets paid through our income taxes, via the government. So, National Grid are not interested if you change a meter, or you don’t pay these middlemen, E.ON, Scottish Power, etc. They’re not interested.

So, hold on, just stop there, because that’s the fundamental, very important thing to get across. So, the electricity is already bought and paid for.

Yes, energy consumption. Not the meters, but the energy consumption.

So, in other words, I mean, if you just sort of look at it as like potatoes, there’s a big load of potatoes. They’re already paid for. So, really, and truly, the only thing that you, in theory, should be paying for is I’d like some potatoes. Could you just deliver them to me? And they’re going, “How many do you want?” I’ll have all that lot. Great. So, presumably, what we’re paying for is just the delivery of it.

Not even the delivery, just the actual rental of the meter that’s taken the readings. You can do freedom of information requests to these E.ONs, Scottish power, etc., to ask them, do you supply electric and gas? Do you own the wires, the pipes? Do you own the meters? Do you make gas and electric? You can ask about all these in a series of information requests. They’ve been very reluctant to answer certain questions as well. They always most likely refer you back to the national grid as well. So, we’ve had a couple of them in email, which again, we’ve got it on our group, whose evidence took when you’re trawling through all the pin messages to show that they will tell you, you can change your meters if you’re like, but it’s got to be by a qualified engineer.

And depending on which approach you take because a lot of people are halfway through a two-year fixed deal with Scottish Power, or they might already be on a pre-payment, you know, you mentioned the key cards. They’re a lot of people are on those because they can top it up at the shop, etc. And there’s various different types of meters. And we can change them all. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a smart meter. The point being that you’re removing the meter that’s in the property. Because you don’t want to use a meter that the group has had on their database because that’s what they’re charging you for, the service of that meter.

So the idea is, you have your meter that you own, that’s your property. You have that put back in, and you’re getting energy in exactly the same way as you did before. You just don’t have to send meter readings anywhere.

No. Because you can look at it yourself and decide how much you want to pay for your own electricity, which would be naught.

We’re not doing anything untoward, or that we’re not contributing to society because it’s already prepaid, through our income taxes. We’ve got a government expenditure report from 2021 as a PDF document on the group. Have a look through that. (02) (03)

There’s loads of information, and people join the group because they’re newbies. And they’re like, how can this be possible? They just don’t believe it. But they’ve got to spend their own time researching through the group. If they need more help, that’s fine. We’ve got the mechanisms to do that. We’ve got group sessions and one-to-one. We do all stuff like that as well. But really, it’s about you going through your consciousness awakening and understanding who you are, what’s happened at birth, if you do have a birth certificate. Because that helps you understand everything else that follows.

Not just to do a free electric gas and electric, but water. Water is another one that’s already prepaid. I mean, it comes from the sky, but we’re still paying for it. (04)

I suppose they say they’re treating it out there, and they’re making it.

Well, not treating it, they’re poisoning it.

Well, poisoning it. You’re paying for some lovely poisoned water. We’ll add a bit of fluoride in there, and God knows what …

20 to 30 chemicals. When you do a freedom of information request.

And you’re paying for it.

And we’re paying for it. And people are like, oh, I’m not bothered about my water. Well, it doesn’t matter if it was five pounds or 50 pounds of water. It’s not about the money in this. I know that’s what attracts people too. For us, it wasn’t about the money, it was about actually finding out the fraud that’s gone with it.

Well, absolutely. And we’ve been talking about on this channel, you know, the various different frauds with council tax and all these other things. So the fundamental… Let’s go back to the fundamentals. The electricity is bought and paid for. You’re renting a meter, which then the government or your utility bills will say, oh, it’s all gone up, or it’s all gone down, or you know, the fluctuating price of electricity, and you go, well, hang on a minute. If I’m just renting the meter, why isn’t the meter five pound a month rental? You know, or I’ve been in my house 32 years. So surely I’ve paid for that meter by now. And actually, that meter has cost me tens of thousands, I should think, over 30 years of whatever it is. It’s like, at some point, how much do you want that meter to cost me? So then it seems to make sense. Change the meter. So you become your own billing agent. You don’t need these other people anymore.

Yeah. I mean, you don’t need them, do you? Because you are getting energy directly anyway because they’re not doing anything. They don’t own the meter, they don’t own the pipe work, they don’t own the wire, they don’t own anything.

So you’re telling me, as I call them up on the phone, they’re not sitting there peddling like mad, generating the electricity.

No, National grid is harvesting the energy. That’s what distributes it. So you don’t need a an energy suppliers to actually get energy to your house direct, it doesn’t work like that. You don’t need them.

Right. So it’s a massive scam. It’s a huge scam.

It’s a massive scam. It’s fraud.

(Transcript up to 14min mark).

History of why meters were installed

History of why meters were installed

After the Napoleonic wars of 1815, the Rothschilds bankrupted the United Kingdom by selling all their stocks and shares. They knew that because of their status within the financial world as the main player, everyone would copy and do the same (which they did!). When the value was at rock bottom they came back in and bought everything. To this day, they (Blackrock and Vanguard) still own every industry in the world including oil and pharmaceutical companies, all mainstream media organisations, education (large universities, schools) and more – all of these seemingly disparate systems are connected and funded by the same hand.

This is very important to understand. The Rothschilds are just one faction of the Black Nobility bloodline who rule above them (a more complex topic for another conversation).

After this orchestrated bankruptcy, people were ordered to hand in their gold and silver in exchange for promissory notes (the cash system we have today) and the gold standard was officially removed in 1931 (UK) and 1933 (US) meaning money is backed by nothing and so was the birth of a new control system.

Since people were essentially forced to hand over their wealth and were now being used as collateral for the central bank loans, a deal was struck that every man and woman would have a share of the natural resources (i.e. energy, water etc) which basically meant free access to energy! This was part of the deal. The main resource at the time was coal and this was given freely to everyone.

Soon the use of coal advanced in to the production of electricity & gas – which again, was free for the people based on this original exchange deal. It wasn’t long before the Rothschild empire + the elitist bankers wanted to expand business and gain monopoly over these new energy sources.

At the time there were strikes from the coal miners who weren’t being paid fairly & demanded better working conditions. Governments were instructed to orchestrate power cuts so the public would be frustrated thinking it was due to the coal miner strikes.

Using propaganda and PR trickery, the idea was sold that in order to solve these problems in the mines and stop power cuts, energy distribution would need to be monitored in order to keep track of how much power was being used in each household. This vague, almost nonsensical reason was promoted heavily using psychologically manipulative slogans/techniques and media campaigns to convince people to allow the installation of a meter in their home for ‘just a very small cost’ per month.

Using quotes such as ‘to make it fair for everyone!’ and ‘to keep you and your neighbours safe!’ this new, fraudulent system was accepted by the masses without any questioning or understanding that this went against the initial deal and was essentially a giant scam by the bankers to expand business.

The public were desperate to have running electricity again. What reason did they have to disbelieve what they were being told? They just wanted to heat and light their home without issues!

It is important to understand that the monthly charge was NOT and still to this day is not for the usage of electricity like we are told, but rather for the rental of the meter.


Energy Companies DO NOT own your meters

Energy Companies DO NOT own your meters.

Yes you heard me right.

Let’s get out of the habit also of calling energy companies suppliers when they aren’t any such thing. There BROKERS! Selling you debt. Which is fraud.


Let me explain about energy companies and what they can and CANNOT do.

The electric and gas supply to the house or company cannot be cut off ever. Well, not in the UK.

The world of the movies is different. Once installed that supply of Gas or Elec or Water will be maintained because the National grid is not the energy billing company.

It’s a separate company called the National Grid who have a contract with the government and they will not breach that contract and the judge has no authority to override that contract.

So not even a court order can have that Gas/Elec/Water feed cut off. This is why they want to get in your house and fit a prepay meter.

Now this is Civil and in the world of Civil the Judge CANNOT give that order, and he won’t.

WHY? The contempt of court reporting restriction does restrain the Judge and if he breaches this it’s a Judicial review at the Royal Courts of Justice and he gets fired.

So in brief there is no chance in hell that the feed supply will ever be cut off.

I can’t say that this is the same in every country. But they have to dig a hole in the street to get that done. I’m not saying that it can’t be done but the National grid will tell the Judge to fuck off.

They can do anything in the Movies. The Bureaucratic red tape for digging a hole in the street alone can take months.

The Billing Company is just that. It’s a metering and Billing service also licensed by the criminal cabal dba Government, Which also means in economic terms the Gas/Elec is 92% Tax the same as fuel.

A Billing company does not provide any Gas/Elec.
It’s just an extension of government by the license Billing company.

The Gas/Elec meter is NOT owned by the Billing company either and all they have is the serial number of the meter on record.

So without that serial number on record which gets moved from Billing company to billing company when you change billing company, they have no reason to Bill you or enter your home.

I am now using the words Billing company because they do not provide the Gas/Elec. Can you see how the language they use is also fraud??

The very contract is Fraud and there can never be that full disclosure of the Fact that they are just a Billing company under licence from the government OFGEM office.

The Government do not have the legal authority to sign that OFGEM Billing company licence because the people have never signed that Legal Consent. NONE of the Acts and Statutes are legally enforceable without the consent of the governed.

So it’s end-to-end fraud and the unsigned paper they never sign is the proof of that fact. Companies Act 2006 section 44. Please go read it. (05)

Everything has to be signed by an authorised person. Well the Billing Company itself is not the authorised person, is it? This is why nothing is ever signed.

Fraud Act 2006 section 4(2)
Fraud by abuse of position when it is an act of omission. It’s not signed. AND they can’t legally sign it so they don’t. It’s all about the Paper evidence and they send that to you. (06)

It is in your hand. Material evidence of fraud sent by the fraudsters, This brings us once again back to the Claim and the MAXIM…

“He who makes a claim carries the OBLIGATION to provide the Material substance of the Claim. Otherwise, the claim is fraudulent and it is also a known CHARGEABLE, Criminal offence. “

The signed authorization does not exist.

You don’t need to go to court.


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